Cody and Daisy


Cody and Daisy

Keeping it in the family

It’s the little things I miss. The feel of a woman’s hand on my arm, her nails on my back. The feel of her ass in my hand. My wife passed away three years ago, barely into her 30s. I just can’t bring myself to look at another woman. She was my friend, my lover, my soulmate. Cancer sucks.

I wandered around in a haze the first year. The second year was only slightly better. My divorced and single friends kept encouraging me to go to the bar with them, I even tried a couple of times, but the singles scene just wasn’t my thing. A couple of women I ran across at work also tried to get me to go out, but my heart wasn’t in it. Nobody could ever be what my wife had been to me.

By the third year I was lonely, but not lonely enough to do anything about it. When my sister called to announce she had been accepted into a graduate program in my city, I was happy. Daisy was nine years younger than me, so when I was in high school she was just starting school. We never really knew each other growing up and I moved away after high school, got a job, got married. She grew up without me. Oh, we saw each other a couple of times a year, but we were never what you would call close.

Nobody would guess we are siblings, we don’t look anything alike. I am sturdy and dark haired, she is blonde and lithe. She is a dancer, an athlete, a scholar. All of that talent seems to have missed me. Oh, I am no dummy, but I’m not grad school material.

She pulled up around midnight Saturday night. Her car was packed to the gills with boxes and clothes.

Daisy stepped out of the car and stretched. “Hey, Cody, it’s good to see you, brother,” Daisy said as she threw her arms around my neck.

We had a late snack and drank a beer and caught up a little before heading to bed. I had cleared my stuff off the guest room bed to have it ready for Daisy. “You can have the guest room until you find your own place.”

“Aww, you’re so sweet, Cody.”

“No problem. Good night, sis,” and I gave her a peck on her forehead.

I stepped across the hall and went through my bedtime routine which mainly consisted of peeing off the deck before I went to bed. (I do my best thinking outdoors with my dick in my hand.) And I crashed.

Sunday morning I wandered out to the kitchen to find Daisy making pancakes. “Hey, sleepyhead,” she greeted me.

“Wow, this roommate thing is great!” Daisy’s hair was pulled back in a ponytail. She had clearly raided the closet in my spare room and dug out an old shirt of mine to sleep in. It was from my high school wrestling days. I had cut the sleeves off and enlarged the arm holes. This morning I was treated to a great shot of side-boob. My sister’s side-boob.

As a red-blooded guy who hadn’t seen a boob (side or otherwise) for a couple of years, I got a little aroused at this sight. “That’s your sister, you perv,” went through my mind as I opened the fridge to get out the juice.

“I borrowed your shirt, hope that’s okay. After my shower this morning, I didn’t want to put my grungy clothes on again.” That’s when I realized she hadn’t borrowed any shorts from the closet. She was clearly not wearing anything under my shirt. Maybe a thong. There wasn’t room for much else under there. She was tiny and the shirt was pretty long on her, but I could see most of her muscular thighs under the shirt.

We shared the Sunday paper over breakfast, looking through the apartments for rent section together. My table was a high-top I had pushed against a corner in my kitchen, so there were only places for two to sit, around the corner from each other. I watched with interest as Daisy clambered into the chair. I got to see her boob again, this time all the way to a pert nipple. It peeked out at me a moment as she jostled her way up into the chair then slid shyly back under her shirt, leaving only a tiny bump in the shirt fabric.

Dear god, this wasn’t going to be easy. I couldn’t believe how turned on I was. I hadn’t felt this way in forever. I shifted uncomfortably in my chair trying to make room for my growing member.

We passed sections of the paper back and forth, both of us enjoying a leisurely breakfast. When Daisy climbed down from her chair to refill her coffee, her shirt caught on the edge of the seat treating me to a great view of a side bun, (if that is a thing). As she walked off, my eyes were drawn to the seat she had just vacated. She left behind a damp pussy kiss on the seat of her chair. I stared in disbelief at the little patch of moisture on the chair seat. She wasn’t wearing a thong after all.

Her nipple played hide and seek again as she clambered back into the chair. This time, my gaze fell to her thighs as she sat. I could see a dark shadow between her upper thighs, but no more.

In the want ads, we found a couple likely apartments and Daisy made notes to view them on Monday.

“When is your stuff getting here?”

“I just brought what fit in the car, I thought I would look for a furnished Muğla Escort apartment. I am traveling light these days.”

“That’s pretty light, where is your furniture?”

“I sold it all. It wasn’t anything special anyway.”

“Oh.” This seemed odd, but I didn’t pursue the topic as Daisy climbed off the chair again and headed down the hall to get dressed while I tided up the kitchen.

“What shall we do today, then?”

“Until you called, I had planned to watch a Rocky marathon on TV and just hang out.

it’s been years since I’ve seen Rocky.”

It was a gloomy wet day so we curled up in the living room furniture and hit play. We ordered pizza, shared some beers and watched Sly at his best.

Along about Rocky III when I lit the fireplace, Daisy moved from the recliner to the couch beside me. By Rocky IV she was under a blanket, dozing on my shoulder. Her golden hair spilled across the blanket. I found myself idly running my fingers through her hair, separating out the strands and enjoying the silky, smooth feel. It was nice to have a woman close to me, even though it was my sister.

“Daisy?” I shook her gently when the movie was over, “did you have a nice nap?”

“Ugh. My brain is fried, I should just go to bed.” She stretched and yawned. She had spent the day in my old shirt. I watched her body move under the shirt as she stretched, her nipples poking through the front of the shirt, but it was the exposed skin of her side boob again that about did me in.

“I am headed there myself, good night, Daisy-girl,”

“Good night Cody-toady,” she said using the name she called me when she was little. We went to our separate rooms.

I went through my evening ablutions. As I peed off the deck I thought about how nice it was to have Daisy around, someone to talk to again.

Next morning, I called into work and let them know I would be off for a few days. Daisy and I visited about 20 different apartments in different areas of the city over the next few days, but none were very suitable for one reason or another. Daisy and I enjoyed the time in each other’s company, finding many things in common, beyond our family to talk about.

Over supper the third evening, I asked: “Why did you choose grad school here, instead of back home where you got your undergrad? Not that I don’t enjoy the company.”

“Uh, it’s a long story, but partially because I wanted to be under Dr. Royce, she is the best in the field. Some other stuff happened at school and it was just time to move on.”

“So you left Jim behind? You guys were together since high school.”

“Yeah, turns out he wasn’t such a nice guy after all.”

“What happened?”

“Eh, let’s talk about that later ok? I’m just not ready to go into it.” She turned her head away from me, exposing the long line of her neck.

To change the subject I said, “Okay, which of those apartments was the worst?”

Daisy laughed, “I liked the one with the honey bee on the toilet seat.”

“I vote for the one with the bathroom the size of a small closet.”

“Yes, But the closet was the size of a small bathroom.”

“What about the one with the hole in the wall where someone punched it?”

“I didn’t like that one much either.”

“I had no idea an apartment that size would cost so much, what’s your budget?”

“About half that.”

“I don’t want you living in a place half that nice.”

“I can’t stay here forever.”

“Why not?”

“You have your own life, you don’t need your little sister hanging around all the time.”

“You have grad school. Back in high school I might have cared, but you won’t get in the way now.”

“Are you sure?”

“I have three bedrooms here, why don’t you save yourself the money and stay with me. I have been lonely since Bren passed away. I didn’t realize just how lonely until I had someone to come home to at night.”

“Grad students are notoriously busy and grouchy.”

“I can deal with that. You can have the master bedroom, there is room for a desk in there and a private bathroom. You can hole up and do what you need to do without me bothering you. That is better than some of those apartments we looked at. A change of bedroom might do me some good.”

“I can’t take your bedroom.”

“Sure you can.”

“I’ll think about it. I hate to move you out of your room.”

“I will happily move across the hall, just let me know.”

I went back to work and school started for Daisy. True to her word, she was grouchy and reclusive most of the time, but she was also a human presence in the house. Something to keep my mind off the loneliness and the ghosts of the past.

We got along well, my house felt like a home for the first time in years. Life was good those first few weeks. I got a promotion. The guys from work insisted on taking me out. Everyone bought me shots to celebrate. I was too drunk to drive home, so I climbed in with one of my work buddies.

He left me off at the front Muğla Escort Bayan door to my house. I remember peeing off the deck and staggering into bed. That night I dreamed about a woman in my bed. Her soft warmth filled my senses. I had my hand on her breast and a hard-on between her ass cheeks. The weight of her breast filled my hand. I ran my thumb across her nipple causing it to clench into a tight little marble. I pinched it and gave it a little tug.

The dream was so vivid I could smell her shampoo. Then the woman shifted. That woke me up and all the sudden my dream became a little too real. I carefully removed my hand from the breast and slid backwards out of the bed. Daisy flung her arm across the warm sheets I had just vacated, and the blanket shifted to expose her left breast. “Where ja goin’?” she mumbled.

With my heart in my throat, I stepped back into the shadows and watched her breast rise and fall in the moonlight. It was a thing of beauty; her perky nipple cast a shadow in the moonlight, rising and falling with her breath. She didn’t sense me in the room.

What was I doing? What had I done? It hit me I had forgotten Daisy had moved her stuff into my room. I had crawled into my old bed and groped my sister while I was asleep! And my sister sleeps nude! Ashamed, I stole silently across the hall to my new bedroom. I crawled into bed and tossed and turned until daylight when I finally dozed off.

I awoke to the smell of cinnamon rolls. After a shower I wandered out to the kitchen, to be greeted by a smiling Daisy wearing her (and my) new favorite shirt.

“Hey you! Congrats on the raise.”

“Ugh. Last night was rough. I am too old for that, but thanks.”

“You must have stayed out late last night, I didn’t hear you come in.”

“I was pretty drunk.” I decided she must not remember.

Daisy whistled and danced around in the kitchen while she finished breakfast.

“Why are you so happy?”

“Well, I had a great dream last night.”


“It was a sex dream,” she blushed, and I swallowed a lump in my throat. “Thanks for switching rooms with me. I am sure that was a huge thing, to give up your room. It’s so pleasant with the deck and all the extra room for my research. And your bed is so comfortable.”

“No worries. I am glad you are settling in.”

She leaned over to place the dish on the table and I had a view of not just her side boob, but her entire breast.

She sat across the table from me, leaning on her left elbow. Pushing a wisp of hair from her eyes, she asked, “Do you think I am pretty?”

“Of course! You’re gorgeous.”

“Jim didn’t think so. The only time he touched me was when he wanted sex.”

“He was a bum, then.” I thought about how much I missed just the touch of a woman and here this guy had a beautiful woman and he treated her like crap.

“Let’s enjoy this nice fall day, want to go for a walk around the lake?” I asked.

“That sounds good to me, I need some sunshine after being cooped up in class all day yesterday.”

It was a beautiful late September day, sunny with a hit of a nip in the air. Speaking of nips, Daisy had put on a pink tank top with several criss cross straps around her chest and back. It showed a lot of skin and clung to her slender torso. She was not wearing a bra. Her nipples perched proudly for everyone to see on the ends of her small, firm breasts. The shirt ended near her bellybutton. She folded down the waistband of her shorts to expose some skin between her shirt and her hips and we left the house, headed for the walking trail that would lead to the lake.

“Are we going to run into anyone you know on the trail?”

“Probably, I have lived here for 15 years now. I know lots of my neighbors by sight.”

“Don’t tell them I’m you sister.”

“Why not?”

“I don’t know, I just want them to think you have a girlfriend, I guess.”

Right then we came across a couple I knew from down the block.

“Hey, this is my si-new roommate, Daisy. Daisy these are the Browns from down the block.”

She greeted them and we chatted a while. Dave raised his eyebrow to me in silent question as we moved off to continue our walk. I simply gave him a smile. I knew he would be calling with questions later. I wondered what I would tell him.

We saw several people we knew along the trail. I still wanted to introduce Daisy as my sister, so she finally took over by introducing herself first. The bite in the air brought out the nip in her nipples and not a man walked by us who didn’t notice my hot sister’s breasts. We got several frowns from wives, but overall, people seemed to enjoy the sights.

“What a refreshing walk! And your neighborhood is so friendly!” Daisy commented as we walked the final block to our house. “Jim threw out all of my bras. Do you think anyone noticed I wasn’t wearing one today?”

She caught me drinking out of my water bottle. I gasped at her question and inhaled a mouthful of water. Escort Muğla When I got done coughing and spluttering, she asked again.

“I think everyone noticed. You have a beautiful body, Daisy. Sorry I can’t help but admire it sometimes.”

“I like the way you look at me. You look at me with love in your eyes, not just greed.”

“But not a very brotherly way, I am afraid.”

“I don’t mind at all. I want to take you out for supper tonight, somewhere nice. I need to tell you more about how I ended up here.”

“You don’t have to, you know.”

“I think you deserve to know more about my past.”

I said I had a place in mind, so we showered and changed into nice clothes. I rustled up a suit.

My sister came out of her room in a clingy beige dress with spaghetti straps and a deep v neckline, extending well below her breasts. If they were larger, it would show cleavage, but I was treated to a wide expanse of bare skin and the hint of nipples through the lightweight material. She didn’t need cleavage to make this dress work. The skirt of her dress was tight enough to keep my attention divided between the prospect of a stray nipple and the sight of no panty lines.

She gave a little spin and I saw the back of her dress fell below her waist, leaving her entire back bare, with her blonde curls cascading between her shoulder blades.

“Damn, you look nice.”

“Thanks,” she reached up and gave me a sisterly peck on my cheek.

We parked the car on the street and I watched Daisy’s breasts jiggle under her thin top as we approached the restaurant. We were seated in a dark corner of the room and our waiter was eager to give us good service. After we ordered drinks, Daisy started in on her story.

“Things were okay at first, but after we moved away to college, Jim got mean. He kept nagging me to get breast enhancement surgery, but I didn’t want to lose my dancer’s figure. He would point out women with larger breasts and tell me how nice I would look with larger breasts.”

As she said the word, “breasts,” she looked up to see our waiter with our drinks in hand, blushing and looking awkwardly at the table.

I thanked him and told him we would like some more time with the menu. “Before you continue your story Daisy, I want you to know your breasts are beautiful, what I have seen of them.”

“Are you sure?” She tentatively moved her hand across her top, making her nipples stick out even further if that was possible.

“Positive. Now continue.”

“Jim kept telling me I was worthless and nobody would want me but that other women wanted him, so I needed to do what he told me to so I could keep him around. He got me a job at a topless bar, all the while shaming me for my small breasts.”

At the word “breasts,” the waiter showed up again and I took the liberty of ordering for both of us.

“Okay, Daze, keep going with your story.”

She looked absently across the room as she recalled, “Jim would sit at the bar and hit on the other waitresses who would fall all over him. I felt like nothing I could do would be good enough for him, but I kept trying because I thought he was the only one for me. Nobody else would want me. I got okay tips, but only half what Jim told me the other girls got. Even the guys at the bar didn’t like my body.”

I put my hand on her arm, “that can’t be true. He must have been lying to you.”

“Maybe. Jim threw away all my bras and panties and made me wear thin tops to show off my braless tits even when I wasn’t at work. But he never seemed to want me, just wanted to make me feel worthless. I am sure he was running around on me with my co-workers. I would go home after work and weep while Jim stayed out all night.”

“I buried myself in my courses and finished a semester early. Jim thought I was still in school, but I picked up day shifts at the bar and I saved up and applied to grad school. I kept working at the bar all summer, saving my tips. I finally got the nerve to escape one night when he was with another woman. That is how I ended up on your doorstep with almost nothing.”

I lifted her chin and placed a warm kiss on her lips. “Sorry you had to go through that, Daze. You are safe here with me.”

Our meal came so we moved to lighter topics of discussion while we ate. Our waiter did a nice job filling our drinks and taking care of us, I think mostly to admire my sister’s nipples. I commented that our waiter didn’t seem to mind her small tits.

Daisy looked down and blushed, “I sort of became addicted to exposure when I worked at the bar and now I can’t stop myself. I want men to see me and notice my body, but I am terrified they will be cruel and mock me. I am afraid to trust a guy again. I just need someone safe. I need you, Cody.” She leaned into my ear and whispered, “I want you Cody. I want you to make love to me, to love me, to appreciate me.”

The waiter was headed our way with the bill but stopped in his tracks several feet away. I glanced down and saw as she had leaned over to whisper in my ear Daisy’s top gapped and slid below her right nipple. I put my left arm around her and gave her a little side squeeze while reaching with my right hand to run my knuckles across her nipple. She sat up in surprise and gave the waiter a sheepish smile.

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