College Crush


The weather was perfect that day. No rain, or clouds just pure sun shine. I watched him there on the baseball field practicing his swinging before he was to have his turn striking the ball into oblivion. I saw him put on his batting gloves very slowly, almost sensually. He had beautiful strong hands. The kind I dreamed of caressing my body, digging into my soft curves with his powerful fingertips.

I moaned at the thought, but then I remembered I wasn’t alone. There were hundreds of people around me watching the game contently especially since it was the first of the season. I caught the attention of one or two people who heard me moan to myself. They quickly looked me over suspiciously and then resumed watching the game. I blushed furiously and tried to hide my flushed face with my long dark brown hair.

The truth was I never liked baseball…at all. The thought never crossed my mind to ever come to a baseball game. They usually lasted for hours on end and I found them completely boring and hardly stimulating. I hated sports in general and never understood the concept or attraction of them. So why was I there? Because I had to see him. Since the first time I laid my eyes on him he captivated me. I remember the day I saw him face to face outside my classmate’s apartment. I went over to bring back two books she let me borrow for a project in my Anthropology class. Outside her door we had some small talk that quickly escalated to a very “girly” conversation. Leslie, who became a good friend of mine, had just recently transferred here from another school. “Leticia, I can’t believe you don’t realize how gorgeous the guys are at this university…especially those athletic baseball players. They are just beautiful,” she gushed.

“Well I wouldn’t know because I’m not interested in sports. I wouldn’t be able to differentiate the baseball players from the basketball players,” I joked, “Oh by the way you can call me Lety.”

“You don’t know what your missing Lety. I’ve been going to the baseball games just to look at the guys strut their skills. They have amazing bodies… I sit there and imagine their large rough hands all over my body.”

“Leslie!” I said shocked, but slightly amused.

“Maybe you should come with me sometime so you can see for yourself…oh my god, Lety, here comes one of them now.” She said softly.

He was walking up the stairs when I first got a glimpse of him. He was tall, about 6’3″ with a very athletic build. His powerful shoulders were draped with a thin sweater that revealed each muscle in his arms and chest. I studied the shape of the pectorals under the material. His hands were large, but smooth. I thought of those hands on me, fondling my breasts and tickling my sides. There was something about them that made me think of a soft sensual touch. His brown hair was down eye length to emphasize his one of his best features. His were dark and mysterious. They were so deep and intense I felt almost lost in them. He held my gaze steadily as he approached us. He politely said “good afternoon, ladies,” and gave us a warm smile. My breath quickened and became shallow as he looked at me lingering with that handsome face of his. I froze before I could respond to his greeting. He broke our gaze and opened a door next to Leslie’s apartment. As he slipped in he left my friend and I flustered with arousal. Or at least I was. My face immediately turned red.

“What’s wrong?” Leslie asked.

“I never did that before…I just never…”

“Never what?”

“Looked a guy in the eye that way. I never had the guts to do it.” Feeling my embarrassment I knew I had to go before things got out of control. The truth was I am severely shy and never (my god), never be so brazen as to look a man in the eye the way I did a minute ago. I felt flushed with embarrassment and disbelief. And arousal. My attraction to him was unexpected and quite powerful. I never had that feeling with anyone…ever. It happened last semester. Since then I had taken her invitation to watch each home game and I found myself admiring him more and more. I wouldn’t miss his games (and some of their practices) for the world.

Here I was sitting in the hot sun, panting. Not because of the heat mind you. It was he at first base getting ready to hit the ball. Through his tight pants I could see his well-developed muscles tense up. His rump was just as appetizing to watch flinching when he swung the bat. It was very muscular like the rest of his body. I don’t think he had much fat on him, but he was one beautiful Italian man. I heard the comments from other girls around me when he swung his bat and hit a homerun out of the field. He ran from home plate to first, second, third base, and finally back to home. His teammates picked him up in celebration and paraded around because apparently he won the game for them.

And what a victory it was. The other team was a long time rival that they desperately wanted to beat. They’ve tried Konya Escort in the past to be on top, but it was always this team that ruined their season record. Finally they did, they’ve won. And it was all because of my baby…number 16, Eric Lombardo.

It’s not like I think he noticed. He’s never looked my way or ever acknowledged my presence in the stands. After that day I never felt his eyes on me again. He had constant admirers around him that he paid attention to all the time. To him I was probably just some girl he saw one day and wanted to make her day by politely saying hello. Even though the thought somewhat hurt me I still had strong feelings for this stranger. I say stranger because I hardly knew him even if I was always there watching from afar. I never spoke to him and for all I knew he didn’t know I existed much less felt this intense longing and desire for him. I saw him disappear from the field…probably he went to the locker room.

I jumped up and rushed back to my dorm room as fast as my long legs could take me. I had him freshly in my memory and I wanted to relieve the tension and aching between my legs. As soon as I entered my room I immediately noticed that my roommate wasn’t there. Good, I thought, because I just remember she had a class late at night. As soon as I locked my door I quickly stripped off all my clothing and threw it on the floor. I stood in front of the full-length mirror to examine my luscious body. My long wavy hair hung down over my full breasts, covering too much for me to approve at this point. I pushed back my hair quickly to find my light brown nipples erect and sensitive to the touch. They’re small, but they top a pair of beautiful D-cup breasts without any signs of sagging. They hang above my tiny elongated waist. The lines of my waist flare out at the hips and slowly but surely taper down to my long slim legs. Even my legs are shapely with slightly full thighs and calves that made women envious, eventually ending with slim ankles and cute manicured feet.

I always felt fortunate to have an hourglass body, a characteristic of many Latin women. I looked quietly at my 5’9″ frame and realized there was nothing wrong with me. But why didn’t he look at me, not even once? The feeling left me slightly depressed and annoyed, but then it dawned on me that it was my fault. He didn’t see me because I wouldn’t make myself known to him. I was just too shy. I had this problem with everyone, not just with men. In my classes I was always afraid to speak up even if I wanted to. It was just a part of me I couldn’t control and learned to live with.

Enough of that now, I thought. I wanted him to make me cum. I saw my dark brown eyes twinkle when I touched myself in that special little spot beneath my belly. I gasped and rolled my eyes back thinking of him touching me this way with his strong fingers. “Oh…” I gasped, trying to control my composure. My full lips parted and breathed heavily as I explored the deepest regions of my sweet little pussy. The hair that clothed my genitals has never been shaven except on the sides whenever I planned to wear a bikini. There was a reason for that of course. I was still very much a virgin even though I’ve had masturbated many times and have given and received oral stimulation. I didn’t know why I held out for so long. I guess before it never felt right to do so. Even at 21 years old I was very limited in my sexual experiences. I was just too afraid.

I walked towards my bed and started playing with my little rosebud. I imagined him pulling out his gorgeous cock (which I bet he had) and rubbing it between my lips making me shudder in absolute pleasure. I felt his mouth on my nipples sucking and biting while I tweaked them. His hands were sensually feeling my skin from face to my shoulders to my back and down my hips. I moaned at the thought of his hands on me. Those beautiful hands he probably uses to caress and then finger fuck any woman who offers herself to him.

He knelt down to kiss and licks my inner thighs and finally using his magnificent tongue to probe my deepest opening. “Uh yes, Eric…” I told him. My pink little slit was practically dripping all over my comforter. “Fuck my tight wet pussy.” I moaned to him. He mounted me and I felt him slid inside. I felt the sensations of his long thick organ inside me while my chest heaved and my vagina tightened. I came so long and hard that after I was done I wished that I was actually with him to experience it.

A phone rang after the last spasms of my orgasm subsided. I picked up the phone knowing it was probably my mother. I wasn’t extremely close to my family so it wasn’t the best thing I thought of doing after I was done. She basically called to complain about my father who she had divorced about five years ago. That still didn’t keep them from having problems with each other. Apparently my father owed a lot of money to my mother and she called me to announce that Konya Escort Bayan she was taking him to court. I felt myself stiffen as I lay there listening to her involve me in their problems. I wanted to scream no, but I couldn’t find my voice and the tears began to continuously fall down my cheeks. I loved both of my parents and their bickering only drove a deeper wedge between us. After I hung up the phone I just laid there holding myself crying softly on my pillow.


Two weeks later I decided to watch the team practice. The days were getting hotter as they always did in South Florida and took the opportunity to dress a little more comfortably. I wore a snug t-shirt and shorts that were a little higher than mid-thigh, but they accentuated my ass nicely. That with a pair of white sneakers I looked liked a typically college student, but just a little bit sexier. If that doesn’t get his attention nothing will. I usually see guys stop what they’re doing just to check out my curves so what was wrong with him? Didn’t he ever see me? My mind was bombarded with questions, but I decided to put it aside and enjoy seeing him practice.

When I arrived I saw a few other people doing precisely what I planned. It was nothing new to me, which is why I felt more at ease watching him. As I sat down on the stands I watched him hit a few good balls into the field. There was no question that he was good. Really good. At one point I was trying to be very incognito and walked up to higher seating where he probably wouldn’t notice me because people started leaving. It was known that practice was over, but my guy didn’t stop. He kept hitting balls like they were his enemy, hard across the field and few over and out of sight. The way he flexed his muscles while practicing was making me wet. I wanted to slip two fingers down my shorts, but if I got caught I would be horribly embarrassed. Just the thought warmed my face and I knew I was blushing. Being of a light olive complexion has its drawbacks especially when I’m so damn bashful. I was looking at his crotch the way it created a nice bulge in his pants. I wanted to know what was in there. I wanted to see for myself.

I looked at my watch and saw that it was getting late. I should head back, I thought for a second, but couldn’t convince my body to move. It was on fire. Suddenly I saw him disappear. The pitcher was walking towards the parking lot. Eric on the other hand went to the locker room or I assumed. Besides the two there was no one left on the field. I had a funny feeling in my gut. “If he was alone in the locker room maybe I can get away with watching him there.” Maybe if he didn’t catch me, but this was the perfect moment to finally see him. He never stayed so long that he went alone to the locker room.

What was I thinking? How could have such crazy thoughts. What if he was naked being comfortable in his own skin and I deceptively watch him from inside? How would I know where to hide? I never seen the locker room so how would I know if I could keep my cover?

My body decided for me. I logically said no, but I was feeling so turned on that it didn’t matter what I thought anymore. I walked towards the opening of my destination still hesitant and very afraid. I took one slow step inside and I was able to tell that no one was in there. Well, maybe just one person. I suddenly heard a bag zip open from the other side of the room. I walked slowly toward that sound and stopping just enough to be on the other side of his locker I knelt down under a bench to hide myself and to get a good view through the small openings of the locker doors. He had his back towards me and I saw he was completely naked. His body was amazing, just as I imagined it. His back had so many muscles and his buttocks were firm and just as tight. He looked so perfect I thought lying under the bench. Then he did something that made my blood pulse. He grabbed the front of his groin and started to rub himself. I couldn’t see that well because he still had his back to me, but his movements were unmistakable. And then he turned sideways and I almost gasped at the sight of his genitals for the first time. He was very aroused while he stroked his beautiful cock with his hand. It was very long and thick like I dreamt and utterly smooth with a large head that I didn’t expect. I suddenly wanted to taste it and lick it with all my desire, grab it with my hand and measure it to see if I could handle such a big boy. For all that I cared he could’ve been smaller and I still would’ve wanted him. I think I really fell for him after all this time.

He began to moan and grunt softly to himself. I couldn’t take it anymore. I had to touch myself. I slowly unzipped my shorts and pulled them softly off my hips and down my legs. I pulled my t-shirt off just as carefully to reveal myself only in my underwear. I slipped my hand down my panties to play with myself and I felt my juices soaked right Escort Konya through the soft cotton fabric. I slipped off the panties and ripped off my bra without a thought. My blood was boiling to know that I was fully naked on one side and he was on the other.

Only I knew what was really going on and I reveled in the privilege. I was rubbing my engorged clitoris at a nice and steady rhythm when I heard a load grunt coming from my baby. I saw enthralled how his penis ejaculated all over the floor. His cum sprayed pretty far and there was so much of it! I longed to walk over and politely ask him if I could clean his dick up nice and good with my tongue. I never tasted sperm, but if he asked me I would have done anything to please him. Anything.

He cleaned his spunk off the floor and grabbed a towel heading towards the open shower room. I was a little startled at his sudden movement, but I managed to stay out of his sight. Luckily I had a perfect view of the shower from where I was. I stayed down until I saw he was completely inside. I moved a little closer to get a better view of this man who one day will be mine first sooner or later. I saw him turn the shower on as I continued to rub my gleaming little mound. He passed a bar of soap all over his body, lathering up in all the right places. The water hitting his skin gleamed and I had to resist running up behind him to feel it. His skin looked so soft covering his hard muscles. I started to breathe heavier, panting as I watch him wash his genitals carefully as not to bruise them.

His dying erection became hard again and he rubbed it up and down with even more ferocity than before. I looked at his cock and imagined him ramming me hard with it over and over again. I wanted him to fuck me while he was standing. I wanted so badly to wrap my hot fucking thighs around his beautiful waist. I wanted to fuck the shit out of him so bad. Before I knew my pussy was gushing liquid like I’ve never seen before. It spit out of my pussy and onto the floor. Oh my god, oh my god I thought. I was so overcome with emotion and lust that I let out a sound so unlike my own voice. It had a harsh animalistic tone to it, but more importantly it was loud. I silenced myself nervously watching him stand perfectly still. He heard me and I knew it. Suddenly he turned his head and locked his eyes on mine.

I immediately grabbed for my clothes, and as quickly as I could, threw them on and ran the hell out of there. As soon as my thirst was quenched my logical thinking came back to me. I didn’t want him to find me there masturbating, watching, leering at his body. I came too hard and too loud. He knew I was there! How did he see me after catching me take pleasure from his shower? God I was so embarrassed. I felt like a whore. Why it had to come to this, I thought. Why couldn’t he pay attention to me like he was supposed to not have me make a fucking fool of myself? “Stupid girl,” I mumbled.

Suddenly I felt incredibly sad. I felt the tears sting my face before I stopped to catch my breath. I ran from him. He definitely saw me watching him, but that didn’t matter. He’ll never see me the way I was meant to be. I wanted to love him and I wanted for him to love me back. It wasn’t going to happen. I knew how men thought of women like me. Even if it was naïve of me to think of it or not, I just couldn’t face him ever again.


Four weeks have past and my world came crumbling down not too long after. One afternoon my father complained of chest pains and was taken to the hospital. He suffered a massive heart attack and died later that night. I got the phone call from my mother at two in the morning with the shocking news of my father’s passing. I screamed and cried in pain and anguish. I was absolutely hysterical and just about everyone from my floor heard my howls into the night. I had to be comforted by my friends, my roommates, and my floor R.A. throughout the whole night after. As soon as daybreak hit they rushed me to the school’s psychiatric office where different doctors all tried to explain to me the events that happened in my life were difficult, but they where carefully watching me. I knew they thought I would lose it and commit something as horrible as suicide. As miserable as I was I couldn’t do that to the rest of my family. I couldn’t do that to myself. I was angry and I hated everyone. I hated my mother for being so mean to my father. I hated Eric for not loving me back the way I needed him to.

After the funeral I tried my best to focus on keeping my grades up and not thinking about Eric or anyone for that matter. I was deep in mourning and not anyone could bring me out of it. I thought I was in love. I was so foolish; so stupid. The guy didn’t want me, simple as that.

Leslie has been very supportive throughout this whole ordeal. She just listened to me as I poured my feelings out from deep within. She cried with me and told me everything would be alright. I wanted to believe her, I really did. She reminded me that we were going to graduate soon and afterwards I will have a different life that I should be looking forward to. I left her apartment and went to my room. I didn’t want to deal with any more bullshit in my life.

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