Coma Ch. 02


Note from Slickman: I was happy and surprised to receive so much great feedback oncerning “Coma”. And, so many of you wrote saying you wanted it to continue. I’ve included some of your suggestions into “Coma II”. Jake has the power to know what women want and sometimes or should I say most of the time it’s not what men think it is. If you have not read “Coma” please do so before starting “Coma II”. Make sure you are at least 18 and enjoy.

The next week the women of the family stayed away from any sexual relations with Jake. He was building his strength and except for a hand-job from his physical therapist Lena he had no sensual action at all. It seemed as if the women came to their moral senses and realized what they were doing was wrong now that he had recovered.

It was almost two weeks from the time he woke from the coma before something sexual happened again with a family member. Jake was eating breakfast when Annie walked in wearing her normally short nightgown. As she leaned over to take the milk out of the refrigerator Jake slowly moved his hand down under the silky gown and lightly touched her ass.

“Jake!” She said jumping forward away from his hand. “Mom will kill us if she catches us.”

“Why? Mom and I did it too.” He said wondering why everyone was acting like nothing happened.

“She told us all that we only did what we did because you were in a coma and it now had to stop.” Annie said holding the container of milk up between their bodies as a shield.

“God. I wish he was not my brother and we could just let it all out.” Annie thought looking at his bare chest and huge bulge in his pajama bottoms.

Jake grinned as he read her thoughts and looked at the carton of milk. “Annie. We are home alone. Mom left early this morning for a meeting at work. Why don’t you just take off your gown and just let me see you?”

Annie didn’t say anything as she thought about his question. “Mom didn’t say anything about being naked around him.”

Jake smile knowing what she was going to say next. “OK. But, just look no touching.” She said as she placed the milk on the table and reached down to pinch the bottom of her gown in her tiny fingers. She stood only inches from his knees as she pulled the gown up over her skimpy black bikini panties, her stomach, firm mounds and finally her head. As the gown moved to her head Jake moved his fingers quickly to cup her delicious young orbs.

“Jake.” She said grinning as she threw the gown next to the milk carton.

“No touching remember?” But, she did not make an attempt to pull his hands away.

His fingertips found her hard nipples and gently toyed with them. “But, they told me they want me to touch them.” Jake joked.

“My tits do not talk.” Annie laughed.

“Oh, yes they do.” Jake chuckled. “Listen. They just told me they wanted me to suck them.”

Annie closed her eyes as her brother’s mouth moved forward and engulfed her tiny buds. His lips moved from one nip to the other.

“Hear them now?” He asked with a laugh.

“God yes. They are screaming. Suck me Jake!” She moaned.

“I can’t stop him. He can do whatever he wants.” She thought.

It was all Jake needed to know. His fingers slowly moved up the outsides of her smooth thighs and dipped into the top of her black panties. His teeth gently nibbled on her nipples as he pulled her last covering down her naked ass and legs. He dropped them when he reached her ankles and she lifted her feet and kicked them aside.

Annie’s golden bush rested only inches from his face. His eyes looked up at her baby blues as he moved his mouth forward until his nose pushed into her soft mound of fleece. His tongue slithered out to explore her teenage pink lips.

“Jake.” Was all she moaned while her hands moved behind his head to pull it closer. His tongue pushed into her pussy lips and quickly found her hard clit. Her muscular thighs opened to allow his mouth and tongue more room. He quickly flicked and licked her rigid nub until she was ready to climb the wall.

“OH YES. I’M GOING TO COME.” Annie thought. Jake swiftly pulled his head away.

“Oh no. Why did you do that?” She groaned.

“I need you to do something for me.” Jake said knowing she would do just about anything for him as long as he made her come.

“Yes. Anything!” She said pulling his head back to finish her off. Jake quickly moved this tongue to her passion point. “OH GOD JAKE! I’M COMING!” She screamed. Jake continued to lightly taste her clit until she came back to earth.

“Yes. Like that. Nice and slow.” She thought as she came down from the roller coaster.

Jake was surprised to read her thoughts about how good it felt to gently keep kissing her pussy as she relaxed. In the past when his women climaxed he had stopped his caressing and petting. He was finally figuring out what women really want.

“What do you want me to do?” Annie asked as she found her black panties and pulled them up over her firm ass.

“I want you to invite your cheerleading Nevşehir Escort squad over here this weekend for a sleepover.” He said smiling.

“Yes. And….?” She asked with a grin. “What is my horny brother thinking of now?”

“Mom will be out of town with Aunt Janet so we will have the house alone. What do you think about having a cheerleading contest here with me being the only judge?” Jake said while taking another bite of cereal.

“Yes. And….?” She asked again.

“The loser of each round must remove a piece of their cheerleading outfit.” Jake answered.

“I don’t think they will go for it. They all have boyfriends you know.” Annie said.

“Why don’t you let me worry about that?” He laughed.

“OK. But, don’t get me into trouble with my cheerleading squad.” She said.

“Actually, you might be elected captain.” Jake grinned. “And, only invite the girls that are at least eighteen. I don’t want to get into in trouble with minors.”

Annie thought about how many had turned eighteen. “There are six of us.” She answered.

Jake kissed her hard on the lips and they swapped tongues for a couple of minutes. “You better get to school.” He said while smacking her on the ass.

Brenda tried to forget what had happened between her and her son. She kept telling herself it was only to bring him back but, she couldn’t lie to her own sex-starved body which wanted more every time she saw him. She tried to spend more time away from home and now was waiting for her sister Janet. They had always been close enough to tell each other all of their secrets. However, she was not sure how Janet would take the news that she, their mother and her daughters had fucked Jake out of his Coma.

Janet smiled as she sat next to her sister. They knew each other so well it took only seconds for Janet to see something wrong was going on. “OK. Tell me.” She said.

“What? Did you talk to Mother?” She asked.

“No. What’s Mom got to do with it? Are you two feuding again?”

“No. It’s something else.” Brenda said looking around to make sure no one else was near enough to hear what she was going to say.

“It’s Jake.” Brenda whispered.

“He’s alright. Right?” Janet asked with a worried look.

“Yes. He’s fine. The doctor’s are amazed he came out of the coma so fast because he took quite a blow from the accident. It’s the way he came out of it that’s worrying me.” Brenda sighed.

“I have no idea what you are talking about.” Janet said shaking her head.

“We….I mean Annie, Page, Mother and I….We….” She stuttered.

“Tell me damnit.” Janet said flustered.

“We touched him.” Brenda said. There she said it and couldn’t take it back.

“What do you mean you touched him?”

“We touched HIM!” She shouted so loud a man at the next table looked over at her.

“We have to get out of here.” Brenda said putting some cash down on the table. She only had a glass of wine.

They hurried to leave the restaurant and drive to Janet’s home only a few blocks away. Janet took her sister’s hand and led her to the sofa. “OK. No one can hear.”

Brenda gulped and continued. “The nurse said if we touched his whole body he might come out of the coma faster.”

“What do you mean by whole body?” Janet asked finally getting what she was saying.


“You mean?”

“Yes. We all touched his penis.” Brenda confessed. She actually felt better that she had said it.

“You didn’t.” Janet gasped while putting her hand over her mouth.

“Yes. We all did it. We jerked him off everyday while he was in a coma.”

“The nurse told you to do it?” Janet said wondering what kind of nurse worked at the big hospital.

“Yes. But, we did it on our own. It helped bring him back to us Janet.” Brenda said smiling.

“Well. If it worked fine. You did what you had to do.”

“That’s not all.” Brenda whispered again.

“Oh don’t tell me you….” Janet again gasped.

Brenda didn’t answer but her look gave Janet her answer.

“God. What were you all thinking?” Janet said. “And Mother too?”

“She was the first to do it with … with him.” Brenda said.

“And little Annie too?” Brenda shook her head yes.

“We all wanted to do whatever we could and when we saw how big he was I guess we couldn’t resist.” Brenda answered.

“How big is he?” Janet asked.

“At least this long.” Brenda said holding her hands about a foot apart.

“I thought they were only that big in porno movies?”

Brenda and Janet both sat silent for a couple of minutes.

“Well you still did what you thought would bring him back and it did.” Janet said. She couldn’t get the size of her nephew’s prick out of her mind. Instead of being upset with her sister, nieces and mother she was now jealous. She reached over and gave her sister a big hug and kissed her on the cheek as they parted. She thought maybe she should stop over to see Jake to make sure he wasn’t damaged by what the Nevşehir Escort Bayan women did to him.

Brenda felt better after she left her sister’s home. Janet accepted the fact that they only did it to help bring him out of the coma.

Janet took a quick shower and took her time dressing for her visit to see her nephew. She didn’t think much about it when she selected her new sheer bikini panties and matching bra. She had bought them to spark some interest in her husband but he laughed when she wore them to bed.

Jake was napping when the doorbell sounded. He was wearing his normal lounging wear which consisted of loose cotton shorts and a tee. He was surprised to see his Aunt Janet standing at the door.

“Aunt Janet.” He said opening the door and watching her stroll by him into the foyer.

“Hi Jake. I was in the neighborhood and thought I would stop by to see how you were.” She said. She had always thought her nephew was one of the most handsome men she had ever met. Up until about two hours ago she had never thought of him in a sexual way.

“I’m doing great.” Jake said. “Thanks for coming by. It’s gets kind of boring during the day.”

“Your mother and I had lunch today and she brought me up on your progress so far.” Janet said wondering if he would pick up on what she was trying to say.

“Actually I’m feeling better and better everyday. I think it’s the tender loving care I’m getting from my mother and sisters.” He said with a smile.

“Well, I had to see you in good health myself.” She said glancing down to see his prick pushing up his shorts until the outline of his hard-on was well defined through the thin cotton cloth.

“I really came by to see if your prick is as big as my sister says it is.” Janet thought with a grin. “I was wondering too if size doesn’t matter.” Her thoughts continued.

Jake smiled as he walked by. So my mother is out there bragging about me? He thought as he checked out his aunt’s ass as he followed her into the den.

Jake sat down next to her on the sofa and leaned back against the pillow. Her thoughts had fired up his boiler and his shorts were slowly inching upward.

Janet tried to look at his face while they talked but she could see movement in his shorts only inches from her hand which was resting on the sofa between their legs. All she really wanted was to see his prick. Her own husband’s tool was barely five inches hard and was pretty thin. “I wonder how I can get him to show it to me.” She thought.

“Remember when I was young and you used to pretend to spank me when I was bad?” Jake asked hoping she would remember.

“Yes. You were so cute. I told you I was going to spank your tail and you would lie across my legs. I would pretend to spank you.” She laughed.

“Well I have been pretty bad lately.” He laughed.

“OK across my legs!” She laughed not thinking he would really do it.

Before she could stop laughing Jake leaned forward and dropped his body across the top of her thighs. She wanted to say it was just a joke but she felt his hard-on pressing down into her thighs.

“Umm…Jake you’ve been a bad boy. I should give you a spanking.” She giggled.

Jake on her cue reached back and pushed his shorts down off his naked buttocks. He stopped his shorts at the middle of his thighs and lay back down across her thighs. His bare prick was now touching her thin sundress.

Janet stared down at his firm and muscular ass cheeks. Even if she didn’t see his penis she was happy just seeing his manly buttocks.

“My but you have grown.” She laughed as she gently spanked across both cheeks and wiggled her thighs. His prick was lying across both thighs. He was as large as Brenda said he was.

“So tell me what you have been doing making you bad.” She said wondering if he would confess.

“I did bad things with my sisters.” He said. She tapped him a little harder.

“What kind of bad things?” She asked. Her panties were dripping.

“I touched them and they touched me.” Jake confessed. “Smack. Smack.” Her spanks hit hard enough to make noise.

“You’ve been a real bad boy.” She said with sweat pouring off her forehead. Her breath was becoming short and her face was flushed. She had not been with another man other than her husband for over 28 years.

“We also had intercourse.” He said enjoying his role as the bad little boy. He could feel her body squirming under him.

“SMACK SMACK.” Her fingers caused some pink marks on his white ass cheeks.

Her fingers did not move off this time. They stayed and gently squeezed and caressed his tight muscles. “God. I wish I could bite them.” She thought as her caresses moved down into the crack.

Jake’s ass tensed as she checked out the valley between his cheeks. Her small fingers brushed against his rear hole and he flinched. She continued down until she pressed at his tight thighs to have them open for her. She was now the one being naughty as her fingers squeezed into the small Escort Nevşehir opening of his thighs and cupped around his balls.

As she rolled them gently in her palms he said. “Aunt Janet. I think you are the one now being a bad girl. I think I should spank you for being bad.”

Before she could object Jake pushed back off of her thighs and sat down next to her with his shorts still wrapped around his thighs. His grand hard-on stuck up between his legs like the Eiffel Tower. Her mouth opened wide as she looked how gigantic it was. She didn’t complain as his arms gently pushed her shoulders down and across his naked lap. Her arm brushed against his steel rod as she pushed her body forward to place her lower stomach across his thighs.

“You don’t mind do you?” He asked as his fingers pinched the hem on her sundress and slowly pulled it up over her scantly covered ass.

“No Daddy. I was a bad girl.” Janet giggled feeling the cool air hit across her naked thighs.

“I’ll have to take these down.” Jake said while reaching up to pull the waistband of her panties over her naked butt cheeks. She slightly raised her stomach to allow him to pull her panties down to her knees. She kept her legs tightly pressed together to prevent him from seeing her dripping pussy lips.

“Very nice. I didn’t know my aunt had such a cute ass.” Jake laughed. “Tap. Tap.” He lightly pressed down into her warm softness.

Janet’s arm and hand was resting between their thighs. She knew she could touch his prick if she moved it a couple of inches. “If only he would move forward a little bit.” She thought.

Jake’s body did as she wished. The side of her hand pressed against his hardness. She curled her hand until she could grasp the base of his prick. She couldn’t even get her hand around it.

“You’re being bad again.” Jake said looking down to see her fingers explore his length. “Spank. Spank.” Her thighs slightly opened enough to allow him to see some tiny dark hairs at the base of her ass.

“You have grown. A LOT!” She exclaimed as her fingers moved up to the tip and back down to the base.

“Naughty. Naughty.” Jake said. “SMACK. SMACK.” Her white cheeks glowed from the contact.

“Oh please Daddy. Don’t spank me. I’ll do anything. Just don’t spank me anymore.” She giggled. “I’ll do anything he wants me to do.” She thought as she gently jerked him off.

“I think you need to stand up before me and remove your clothing.” Jake said toughly wondering if she would really do it.

“Yes sir.” She laughed as she pushed up off his lap. Her eyes locked onto his tower of power as she pushed the shoulder straps of her dress off her shoulders. Without the aid of the straps the dress fell quickly to the floor at her feet. She smiled as she reached behind her and released her bra. It fell on top of her dress. Her full naked mounds and hard nipples stood erect to match his prick.

“Go on.” He commanded seeing her frozen in front of him with only her panties around her knees. Her dark bush glistened from the moisture flowing from within.

She leaned forward as she pushed her panties over her calves and down to her feet. She moved back up and stood naked at attention for his inspection.

“Let me see.” Jake said while moving forward to sit on the edge of the seat. His hands moved out and curled around her ass. He gently pulled her forward until her dark pubis was only an inch from his nose.

“I think you might be wet in here.” He said as his hand moved around her hip and curled opened to allow his fingers to snake into her dense hairy mound. Her legs opened to give him access to her pink pussy lips.

“God. I want him to fuck me.” She thought when his fingers touched her hard clit.

“Tell me what you want.” He said wanting to hear her say it out loud.

She hesitated because it would not be a spanking game anymore. She closed her eyes and said. “Fuck me.”

“What?” Jake asked wanting her to say it louder. His middle finger moved up into her soaked hole.

“Fuck me!” She said louder.

“I can’t hear you.” He lied. Two fingers moved up inside. He was surprised how tight she was.

“FUCK ME JAKE. FUCK ME NOW!” She screamed as she lunged forward spreading her thighs wide. She rested her hands on his shoulders as she reached down to guide the tip of his prick into her fuzzy nest. “Ahh!” She moaned as the tip moved inside. She slowly lowered her body until she was fully implanted on him.

Jake’s tongue snaked out and licked her hard nipple. “Tell me what my mother told you today.” He said feeling her body shaking as she lifted up his shaft.

“What? I didn’t say she told me anything.” She moaned. She didn’t want him to know they had talked about the sex.

Jakes hands moved around to cup and hold her ass still. “Tell me.”

Janet had to keep moving. “OK. She told me what she and the other’s did to you. Please!” She begged him to release her body.

Jake relaxed his hands and she moved back down. “God. You fill me up.” She moaned.

“Did she say she liked it?” Jake asked.

“No. But I knew she did. That’s why I came over here.” Janet was close to climaxing so she pushed down quickly against his pubic mound with her clitoris. As she came Jake gently patted her ass. “You are a good girl.” He laughed.

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