Coming Home to Mom and Sis


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Daniel sighed as he unlocked the front door to enter the house, glad that he had at least one day on which they all stopped working early at the garage he worked at.

Once inside he kicked the door close and dropped his backpack onto the floor before making a bee-line towards the kitchen for a much needed cold drink.

“I was already counting the minutes away while waiting for you sweetheart.”

Daniel’s mouth turned into a grin as he saw his forty-two-year-old mother Jenna standing in front of the refrigerator, blocking his path from the much needed cold drink he desperately needed.

“You know what promise we made to each other this busy week Darling, before your sister comes home we would… ‘Catch up’ to the one thing we both wanted so much for the past few days…” Said Jenna as she slowly shifted back until her body was against the refrigerator’s door.

“You really are insatiable Mom, you know that you are still wearing your work clothes, don’t you?” Responded Daniel as he slowly walked closer towards his mother.

As he made his way over he looked at his incredible beautiful mother, still dressed in her secretary outfit. High heels on her feet that were connected to dark stockings that covered her long, soft legs until her tight skirt came into view before being followed by a white blouse, already conveniently unbuttoned at the top. Her full lips turned into a smirk followed by her cute little nose and half red flushed cheeks before her sparkling light blue eyes came into view, hidden behind her stylish ‘nerdy’ glasses. Her dark auburn hair was tied into a bun with a long lock hanging freely in front of her face.

“Isn’t that the way you like it baby? Ripping them off piece by piece before showing your Mommy some love?” She said teasingly, her hands grasping onto the sides of the refrigerator and her legs parting themselves further.

Daniel laughed again as he now stood in front of his teasing mother, him towering over her already lengthy body. “You know; I was really thirsty for some water… But now, now I think that I really have something else prioritized to first place…”

Both Jenna and Daniel looked each other deep into the eyes for a few seconds, the grins still on their face. Suddenly Jenna launched herself unto her son who immediately and firmly grabbed her ass as she wrapped her legs around his waist. They wasted no time as their lips came together to kiss each other hungrily and passionately. Daniel walked himself and his mother over to the kitchen island in the middle of the room while kissing, he freed one hand off his mother’s ass for a second or two to wipe away the unnecessary items that were on it, scattering them across the floor in the process.

With the island now freed of items he carefully dropped his mother onto it while not breaking their frantic kissing. Jenna’s hands clawed up to get her son rid of his shirt while Daniel’s hands set their target onto his mother’s loose blouse. Unfortunately, their kiss had to end so they could resume the thing that they both lusted for.

Jenna managed to get her son’s shirt off before he managed to get rid of her blouse. Frustrated and filled with lust Daniel pushed his mother further onto the island and onto her back. Jenna let out a happily shrieking moan as her son ripped her blouse open, shooting buttons everywhere as her large and firm breasts bounced and jiggled free.

Her legs wrapped themselves around her son again as he lunged forward and started nibbling and kissing her neck, feeling his strong chest coming into contact with her already sweaty breasts and her rock-hard nipples. She cradled her son’s head with her hands and pushed him harder against her as he kept on kissing and licking her.

“You can’t wait to fuck Mommy’s pussy, can’t you Baby!? That’s good because Mommy can’t wait any longer as well for you to pound and give me all of your seed!” Screamed Jenna through her moans as they both wrestled on the kitchen island. She already felt that her pussy was soaked and leaking her juices along her legs.

Daniel did not respond with words but with actions as he lowered himself further down and latched onto his mother’s beautiful breasts. His strong hands cupped them from the sides and pushed them up towards his greedy mouth.

“Oh God Baby! Yes! Suck Mommy’s titties!” Moaned Jenna as she again pushed her son down onto her body, her black varnished nails running through her son’s hair as her tits were being smothered.

Daniel ran his tongue around every nook and cranny of his mother’s delicious tasting tits like a possessed person, licking and sucking onto her soft flesh before doing the same things to her erected nipples. He did this for a minute or two before he couldn’t wait any longer.

He pushed himself up again, his and his mother’s eyes briefly coming into contact again before Nevşehir Escort he acquired his new target. Hastily and clumsily he unbuttoned the buttons on the side of his mother’s skirt as she cutely mewed and cooed, teasing him further with sweet words on how he was going to take his mother.

He was greeted with his mother’s soaked white thong once he had removed the skirt and thrown it over his back. He could easily see how her lips molded around the soaked, tiny piece of garment that covered his mother’s beautiful and tight pussy, the surrounding area of her thighs and legs were already splattered with pussy juice. Her legs trembled in anticipation as she wiggled her cute little bum from left to right as if she was trying to hypnotize him.

“Show it to me baby! Show me your beautiful cock!” Whimpered an extremely aroused Jenna as she had set her eyes on her son.

Daniel pulled both his boxers and jeans down to his ankles with one quick movement, revealing his already throbbing and rigid cock to his mother’s sparkling eyes.

Jenna licked her lips as she saw the tool that had satisfied her so many times before standing at the ready. She loved seeing it throb for her, a large glob of precum forming at the tip as his veins pulsed at the sides.

Before giving his mother what she, and he, wanted he decided to tease her a bit as well, a little payback for her own teasing attitude.

He took his hard cock in one hand while pulling his mother’s thong to the side with the other, but instead of penetrating her he pushed his cock unto her pussy mound and guided it under the upper part of her thong so he was able to saw it back and forth over his mother’s drooling hot pussy.

He grasped onto both her legs and opened them up further before starting to slam against her back and forth. His thick cock ran through his mother’s soaked tuft of pubic hair and along her hard clit as he teased her hard, smearing his precum all along her neither region.

“Ooooh you bastard! I know Mommy has been teasing you now and the past few days but this is just cruel!” Shouted Jenna through her moans as she felt her son’s stiff piece of meat grinding over her hotbox.

“Don’t worry Mom! You know I can’t resist you!” Shouted Daniel in return as he kept on teasing her a bit longer, shifting his cock in different motions so it also ran along her pussy lips which seemed to latch themselves onto his shaft.

Thirty seconds this time was how long Daniel managed to regain himself from entering his mother. He finally released his cock from her thong trap and placed it right against the entrance to her cunt, running the head through her lips a few times to slick it up further with her juices and his own precum.

“You want his Mom? You want your own son’s cock buried deep inside of your pussy again?” Teased Daniel for the last time as he prodded himself against his mother.

“Do it Danny! Give Mommy what she wants! Do what we both want Baby, pound Mommy’s pussy with your hard throbbing cock!” Screamed Jenna in return, lulling her head side to side as she was already close to having a massive orgasm.

Of course Daniel couldn’t wait any longer himself, his hunger for his own mother had reached his peak again. He tightly grasped onto his mother’s legs, briefly taking in the large scar on her right leg before pulling her down onto him while he pushed his hips forward.

He slammed his cock inside of his mother’s tight cunt, nestling it against her cervix, the entrance to her womb. “Fuck! Mom!” He shouted as he felt her pussy strangling him with all the strength in the world.

Jenna let out an ear piercing scream of pleasure as her son fully entered her in one go, a small orgasm already blasted through her trembling and shaking body.

After once more feeling his mother’s insides Daniel couldn’t hold himself any longer, his body took on a robotic like routine as he started to slam in and out of his mother’s cunt. Their sweaty bodies slapped together loudly as both their screams of pleasure roamed around the whole house.

Daniel gritted his teeth as his eyes feasted on his mother’s flushed face and sparkling eyes, her big tits that bounced and jiggled due to the hard impacts, and how her succulent and tight pussy swallowed his cock whole while coating all of her juices all over it.

“Fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck meeeee!” Screamed Jenna again and again as her son manhandled her, eagle-spread on top of her kitchen island, his strong hands grasping onto her legs as he slammed their bodies together. With every angle her son fucked her she could feel how her pussy molded itself around him, grasping on to it to wring out the seed she so desperately wanted. In-between the hard fucking she brought her hands up to her breasts to pull and knead the flesh and her rock-hard nipples.

Sweat rolled off Daniel’s face as he kept on giving his mother what she wanted, and what he also had lusted for the last three days. He was slamming her so hard Nevşehir Escort Bayan that their skin started to turn red of all the impacts, their combined juices were also splattering around them while a thick creamy substance started to dribble out of Jenna’s pussy onto the kitchen island before slowly dripping down the edge and onto the kitchen floor.

“I love you Mom!” He shouted through his hard thrusts, making sure that his mother could hear the feelings he had for her just like he did when they made love for the first time.

“I love you too Baby!” Replied Jenna just as convincing through all her screams and moans of pleasure.

Three days of not cumming had been a big burden for Daniel as he could already feel that he was about to explode, usually he and his mother found one way or another to make love every day but this particular week it had been impossible for them to do so. But it did not stop him from giving his mother what she wanted, plus he knew that his mother had to be on the same boat as him as well.

He gave her a few extra slams before nestling his cock deep inside of her, feeling her cervix suckling onto the tip of his cockhead. “Mom I’m so close!” He admitted as he gasped for air.

Still trembling and shaking Jenna pushed herself up a bit with her elbows. “Darling, Mommy is close too! Please Baby, do it!” She responded with a big smile on her sweat soaked face.

Daniel smiled back as he helped his mother up by releasing her legs and putting his arms around her waist.

As soon as Jenna sat down on the edge of the island they started to French kiss passionately again, Daniel’s cock still deep inside of his mother and her large breasts now mashed against his chest. Jenna once more wrapped her legs around her son before he started to move inside of her again, their kiss never ending.

Daniel could feel his mother’s pussy muscles working overtime on him as they kissed and made love slowly, without a doubt he knew that he was going to climax in a few seconds.

With a last thrust he buried himself as deep as possible before blasting off his potent seed deep inside of his mother’s womb, spurt after spurt of seed soiled her forbidden chamber.

As soon as the first spurt of warm seed coated Jenna’s insides she came too, her whole body convulsed, bucked and trembled as her own climax exploded through her body. She moaned wildly through her kiss, refusing to get separated from her son.

Daniel felt the release of his mother as her juices managed to squirt out of the tight gap where they were connected, he felt the warm release splashing against him before it ran down his legs.

Mother and son stood there for a while, finally releasing their kiss after a minute or so past their climaxes. Jenna placed her head on Daniel’s shoulder as she breathed hard and gasped for air, she let out another soft moan when she felt that her son started to move and carry her.

Daniel had kicked his boxers and jeans off before taking his mother, still impaled on his cock, to the living room. He walked slowly, making sure that every step was safe as he too was still coming down off his orgasm.

Finally reaching the couch he dropped down onto it, together with his mother so she sat onto his lap with his cock still deep inside of her seed filled cunt.

“Jesus Mom… Just goes to show what happens when we miss our days together.” Said a tired Daniel as he stroked his mother’s back, cuddling her closer to himself.

Jenna started to giggle after hearing her son’s words. “Told you we would act like savages when it came to that… You sure filled my pussy good Baby!” She said happily.

She then pulled herself back a bit so they could look at each other again. Being the caring Mom Jenna was she wiped the sweat off her son’s forehead before gently trailing her soft fingers along the scar on Daniel’s face. “I love you darling…” She whispered to him.

Daniel smiled and did the same to his mother, wiping the sweat off her head before placing his hand on her leg scar and caressing it softly. “I love you too Mom…” He whispered in return.

The two of them embraced for a bit, silently listening to each other’s breathing as they calmed further down.

“Tonight is the night… Hope you are ready for it… to finally tell the truth…” Said Jenna after a while.

“Are you?” Asked Daniel in return.

“I’m… A bit nervous, I must admit that… But it’s time for Kira to know what is going on between us, she’s old enough now.”

“It will be a shock for her Mom… I mean, what we have is not normal… At least not in the eyes of many.” Responded Daniel.

Jenna softly giggled again before speaking. “I don’t know what it is but… I think Kira will understand it more than anyone… I even think she already knows about us being together like this…”

“W-what do you mean Mom?” Asked Daniel perplexed.

“Motherly intuition I guess, besides Danny… Your sister is Escort Nevşehir smart, possibly smarter than the two of us together. Had she not been all shy and cute like she is she probably would have confronted us right away… Maybe I’m just overthinking things but… It’s just what I feel…” Answered Jenna.

Daniel smirked. “Well she did inherited Dad’s brains after all while I’m the one who received just his looks!” He said before realizing that his statement might hurt his mother. “Oh! I… I’m sorry Mom…” He immediately added.

He slowly dared to look his at his mother’s face again, only to be confronted with a big grin. “And I’m glad you did Baby, and believe me, you received so much more from him!” She said proudly before giving a big kiss on his lips once more.

“How about we start cleaning the place up? Kira will be back in a half-an-hour and you know how we ladies have to prepare for a night out!” Suggested Jenna.

“Shower first?” Responded Daniel as he pulled himself, and his mother, up from the couch.

Jenna giggled again before speaking. “Shower first, my big hunk of a son!”


It had been eight years since the horrible accident happened to the Grayson family, the accident that made Jenna lose her husband and her children Daniel and Kira their father. A dark, rainy night and a drunk driver was all it took to destroy their perfect family. Keith Grayson was dead on impact while both Jenna and Daniel received a scar for life to remind them of that horrible night. Jenna’s right leg was sliced open by a piece of steel while Daniel’s face was struck with glass while he shielded his little sister from any danger. Of course they were mentally scarred too, especially Kira who was ten years old at that time.

But life had to resume after that dark period in their lives was over, and although Jenna received more than enough money to keep her family steady for a while, Daniel decided to quit school so he could work to help his mother and sister with the finances and the household. He knew that school was never meant for him and found a job as a mechanic pretty fast, the schoolwork was something he left to his sister who was incredibly smart.

And so their lives continued on, both Jenna and Daniel working to keep their household going strong and to support their daughter and sister with her education. As the years went by Jenna started to see her son as the man of the house and eventually something more as he was a clear copy of her diseased husband. At the same time Daniel could also feel that something was happening between his mother and him, he had started to see his mother in another light and was feeling more attracted to her with each and every day that passed.

Eventually, two years ago, on the night of his twenty-second birthday their relationship as mother and son would change forever. Jenna confessed having feelings for him out of love, but also out of lust because she reminded him so much of his father, she had fallen in love with her own son. Daniel finally had the opportunity to tell his mother his own feelings as well, and with both their feelings finally out of their system they made love on that very night.

The only problem would be Kira, both Jenna and Daniel were scared to death that if she would find out the relationship her mother and brother had that their family would be once more torn apart. That day they both also made a promise that once Kira had reached the age of eighteen that they would confess everything to her, she would be old enough to (hopefully) understand and to make a decision for herself. Would she despise her mother and brother forever, or would she understand their situation and support their decision that they had made two years ago?

And that very day was today, and it would be a day that would change their lives forever.


“Mooom! Danny! I’m home!” Shouted Kira as she came back from school, she quickly closed the door in the same way her brother had done earlier before removing the earbuds that were blasting music into her ears.

After placing her own backpack next to the one of her brother she kicked off her shoes and also went straight for the kitchen area, it had been a hot day and just like Daniel she needed a cold beverage.

When entering the kitchen Kira stopped dead in her tracks, looking over a couple of towels that were laid down onto the floor and over half of the kitchen island, further onto the floor were different things that normally stood on the kitchen island.

Before she managed to act upon what she saw her mother entered the kitchen, her body wrapped into her bathrobe while using another towel to dry her still damp hair.

“Oh! Hi Honey!” Yelped Jenna rather surprised, not expecting her daughter to arrive home early.

Kira adverted her eyes to those of her mother and gave her a questioning look. “Mom, care to tell me what happened here? I mean… It looks like someone had an accident over here.” She asked as her eyes returned to the mess in front of her.

“This? Oh… Uhm, well you see… Your brother had a little accident with a glass full of lemonade, he managed to spill it all over the island and onto the floor!” Lied Jenna to her daughter, hoping that she wouldn’t question it any further.

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