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Big Tits

So, I wish you were here to play with me, or were at least accessible for virtual play. Man you have all the luck on your trips! Right now I am pretty tired, more in the mood to try to finish my library book that’s due in two days than to get up to any funny business. However I can totally imagine what would happen… one thing I’ve always fantasized about is just reading in bed with my lover. Let’s pretend that you are at a conference here, too.

I’ve just finished my work out, taken a nice long shower, and crawled into bed completely naked with my book. I’d palmed you my hotel card key at the conference lunch so there’s a little buzz of anticipation in the base of my stomach and it’s hard to concentrate on my book. But soon I become absorbed. I’m so caught up in what I’m reading that I don’t even hear you open the door. You tiptoe in and watch me from behind, my bare shoulders just visible above the sheet I’ve cuddled close around me for warmth.

You’ve come prepared with a book of your own, and you plop down next to me, on top of the covers, flipping pages to get to your bookmark. I’m not startled; I’m suppressing a smile, because I don’t want you to know that every time you get close to me, every time I know what will come next, bubbles of joy effervesce through my blood stream and I feel dizzy with excitement. I long for you, and I relish that longing when satisfaction is so close at hand. Well, predictably I glare at your derisively — you’ve no business dressed and on top of the covers in any hotel room of mine! So you take the hint and kick off your shoes and socks; you’re even a gentleman and take off your jeans, and then you crawl in next to me, but tantalizingly, stay primly on your side and flop open your book.

I try to pretend I’m not casting sidelong glances, but before too long you relent and slide a foot towards mine and start to caress the arch of my foot with your toes and to tug my toes with yours. It doesn’t take much of this before I give up any pretense of trying to read, let my head fall on my open book, my eyes watching you as you (pretend?) to read, your foot persistent in its ministrations, and as I sigh with deepest satisfaction, you start Kuşadası Escort to work your foot up my calf. I just shaved (everywhere!) with my shower and so my skin is silky smooth, and I want your body now, I want you all up against me, so I push off my pillows and slide my body across the sheets until I’ve wrapped my legs around your naked leg. You can feel the warmth of my sex high up on your thigh and I slide a hand up under your lusciously soft cashmere sweater and run it all across your back. You’re propped up on your elbows so I can feel the ridges of your back muscles supporting you. I slide a hand up through your collar to cradle your chin and then I bring my face close to nibble your ear. Your arm is caught between my soft, naked breasts, and it’s too much. You slam shut your book, fling it on the floor, and pull your sweater over your head, all in set of fluid motions so that before I know what’s happening, your naked torso is back in my arms, pushed up against my breasts.

And now it’s just that, savoring your nakedness against me, with all the time in the world for once, no rush and no goal, just the pleasure of skin on skin. I love the way your hands can be all tenderness, the sweetest lie ever told, and so sincerely, every fiber of your body testing my boundaries, pushing into my skin, my mouth, my sex. And I open up for you like I do for no one else, because every touch is bliss, every caress divinity. I can feel so intimately the slightest brush of your body against mine, your delicious stomach at once firm and yielding, sliding against mine, the reassuring feeling of your biceps, hard in my hands. You’re touching me everywhere, and as much as I react to the slightest stimulation, it’s all a blur, I’m lost in your body. Your tongue fills my mouth. If I open my eyes maybe I’ll just see your sex face, your bliss face, when you are perfectly happy exactly where you are and your mind is nowhere else, you are completely present with me, and maybe I’ll see your open eyes, with flecks of green and gold and as mysterious and uncommunicative as your body is so intimately giving.

I’m lost in your kisses, your mouth is wet and tastes clear. Kuşadası Escort Bayan I love the urgency of it, the way you hold me hard when the lust crests over you. I’m so hot for you I’d never feel it if you hurt me, if you held me viciously enough to bruise, I wouldn’t feel it, I’d fall into you. I love the feeling of your hardness growing against my belly. I lift my leg around your waist so that it will touch my lips, and they’re wet from your kisses and your fingers and your beautiful body which at this moment is entirely mine, and I relish that illusion of possession. I love the slickness of you, rubbing against my lips with your hips that can go forever and as you push a little more and a little more, my lips start to open and when your juicy glans starts to touch my clitoris I think I’ll die and the only reason I don’t cry is because your mouth is swallowing my breath.

And we’re moving together now, that slick sliding feeling and you draw back further and further now with each teasing stroke until I feel the head slide low below my clit and it starts to catch, it starts to move inside, just a quarter of an inch, barely enough to open me, but I shudder with excitement and anticipation. And because this is just a story, because there’s no reality to get in the way with pesky pregnancies and diseases, there’s a flush of fear that this time it will be different, this time it will build and there will be no pause, you won’t stop, on one of these strokes, when I’m choking back sobs of lust you will take one hand on my flank, one over my shoulder and around to my back and you will hold me firm and slice me open with one long, smooth stroke, and I’ll split for you, I’ll sheath you in my hot wetness, and in one moment of insanity it will be done, you will be caught deep inside and the shock will arrest us both.

You’ll push yourself over me then, in that moment when I am too stunned to even breathe, and when I can finally inhale, you’ll have my chin in your palms and your eyes will challenge mine, and you’ll kiss me. And I’ll feel you then, on two fronts, your tongue deep in my mouth, your cock deeper in my cunt, and everything will be heat Escort Kuşadası and moisture and excitement. My hands will pull at you — as deep as you are in me, as hard as you try to split me open, I want more of you, I want you deeper, harder, until every bit of your skin is touching every bit of my skin and I think you’ll sink right through and into me. I can’t have enough of you now, your mouth urgent, intimate, your pelvis harsh against mine. You push back, half on your knees, and grab an ankle, pulling my leg up, my thigh against your belly and my ankle over your shoulder. I rotate to accommodate, half on my side, and it’s a beautiful view, with my hair spread out like a cape behind me on the white sheets, my breasts rolling with each movement you make inside me. My face is contorted with pleasure, my hands clench at the sheets, and your pull my ankle hard up, opening me up for you and you can see yourself sliding deeper and deeper into me with each stroke and your ears are full of my little cries. Is it pleasure? Pain? You don’t know and you hardly care. You can feel your climax building, you can feel me clenching around you, milking you, sucking you almost as I catch my breath. My hands twist at the sheets knotted in my fists and my whole body spasms in a beautiful curve on the sheets and I contract hard around your penis. You explode into me, your nails digging into my ankles, my eyes on your face, my mouth open, gasping into my own orgasm and you shiver little contractions into me down the length of your penis, and I clench around you in fading aftershocks.

Exhausted, you release my leg; my body pivots around your penis, still hard inside me, and you lower your body onto mine, pressing a little deeper, and ease yourself onto the bed, onto your side, as I pivot back around. Your head is in my palm, my leg around your waist. You grasp my hip and slide in and out of me a little, slowly. You like the way my eyes close involuntarily with each stroke, the way I shudder with the pleasure of it, my fingers tight against your skin.

And you kiss me then, the little tender kisses that you use that evoke all the words I’ll never say, when you look in my eyes and see them anyway, but it doesn’t matter because all I can think of is your penis inside me, your lips on my lips, all mouth and just the occasional lick. I want to cuddle you now — I push my pelvis up against you to keep you inside and forehead to forehead, nose to nose, my fingers entwined in your hair, we sleep.

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