Confessions of a Daddy’s Girl Pt. 01

Female Ejaculation

This story is very loosely based on a fantasy Walt and I frequently play. After all, I am young enough to be his daughter.


You didn’t know it, but I’ve been aware of the way you look at me for some time, now.

You started looking at me differently after I turned eighteen. Maybe it was seeing me in a bikini, instead of the one-piece I usually wore, at my birthday pool party. You realized I was rapidly becoming a woman.

You usually watch Mom: she looks great in her slingshot. But she was wearing a tee and shorts today. Today was about me. You noticed me, and you began to look at me more.

You didn’t think I’d notice how you were always where you could watch me as I walked upstairs to my room. I would put an extra sway to my hips as I slowly climbed the stairs. I made a special effort to wear skirts or dresses that barely covered my bottom. You never realized I wore my briefest panties, or that I would ‘accidentally’ drop something and bend over, allowing you tantalizing glimpses of my bottom.

You always quickly averted your gaze when you thought I’d caught you peeking. I knew, though: I could see a slight reddening around your collar. You hid it well, but, I knew you wanted me.

You never touched me inappropriately: no lingering touches, no copped feels, only chaste hugs and kisses on my cheeks. You never made innuendos or talked suggestively. You never hovered over me, or made inadvertent contact with my body.

But, all that changed after I graduated high school.

I don’t know what brought about the change in your behavior. Was I suddenly more attractive? Was it because I was now a woman? Or was it because I became more blatantly provocative in my behavior? Maybe, it was because I was inviting a new physical closeness.

You see, I wanted you as much as you wanted me.

I measure 44DDD-30-42, although, I’m pretty sure you already know that. I’m reasonably athletic: I’m soft, but not fat.

I am built very much like Mom and her sister, Aunt Helen. We all stand about 5ft-6, with blonde hair and blue eyes, though mine were a deeper blue, like yours. We are all full-figured, voluptuous, with large, full breasts and generous hips and bottoms. Men of your age like women like us. We are built for long hours of afternoon delight, or hot, steamy nights beneath the sheets. We are women with bodies, soft and willing, made to please men like you.

I know you are drawn to women of my ‘stature’. I frequently hear you taking Mom in your bed several times a night. I know you take Aunt Helen to bed when Mom is away shopping for the afternoon. I’ve even seen you with your secretary.

Oh!! You didn’t know I saw you? Don’t worry, I won’t tell Mom. It can be Nevşehir Escort our little secret, just like this. Okay?

I can see my behavior turns you on. Whenever I sit on your lap, my breasts are almost in your face. You can see the soft, pale flesh as my mounds rise when I take a breath. I don’t protest whenever you rest your hand on my bare thigh. I moan softly as your hand slides up to my panties. I’m sure you could tell I am wet. Too bad Mom is in another room. What would she think if she knew you wanted me? Or that you turned me on?

Do you like my bikini? I hope you like it: I bought it especially for you. It leaves almost nothing to your imagination. The top just barely covers my areoles. The bottom hardly conceals my mound and exposes most of my round bottom. And the ties at the side…What do you think would happen if it were to come untied?

I’m being naughty? Shameless? Don’t you approve? I’m doing this for you!

Tomorrow is Father’s day, and I’ve come to give you your present early. Do you like what you see? Of course, you do. I can see a nice, big bulge forming in your pants.

What’s that?

Don’t worry, Mom is out shopping for your special dinner tomorrow: she won’t be back until late, knowing her.

Daddy, I’ve wanted you for a long time. The boys in school don’t measure up to you. I know you will always take care of me.

I brought you your favorite whiskey. Here, let me dip my finger into it. Watch me as I rub my moistened finger across my nipple? Doesn’t that make you want to take it in your mouth and taste it?

That’s right. Cup my breast as you lower your mouth. I want you to lick and nibble me. I want you to squeeze my full breasts. Doesn’t my nipple taste good?

Oooh, Daddy! Your lips feel wonderful on my nipple. That’s right: suck it. Suck it as hard as you want. I want you to suck it hard. Let me pull your head closer. Reach behind me and hold me close.

Run your hands down my sides and back. Caress my bottom. Squeeze my cheeks. That feels nice. You’ve been wanting to touch me a long time. You’ve wanted to play with my breasts: here they are. Feel how nice and soft they are. I like it when you play with them. You can be rough, if you like. Yes. Rough feels good, too!

I’m going to get down on my knees, now. Let me help you out of your shorts. Let’s take a look at your cock.

Wow!! That’s a nice cock. What is it? Eight inches? Nine? What’s that you say? I can’t believe you’re only seven inches! Why, I can’t close my hand around it. No wonder Mom and Aunt Helen want you to take them all night!

Let me taste it. I want you in my mouth. Let me kiss the head. What is this little droplet forming in the Nevşehir Escort Bayan slit? It tastes a little salty, but it’s delicious.

You are getting hard! Am I doing that to you? You like my mouth on your cock, don’t you! Just relax, and let me blow you. Don’t be surprised if I take my time, though. I want to enjoy this as much as you do.

Your big, hairy balls feel like they are full of your cum. I intend to empty them before I am through. Would you like that, Daddy?

Does the thought of my moist red lips surrounding your shaft turn you on? Just imagine my tongue sliding along underneath as you enter my warm mouth. Think about filling my mouth with your hot load and me swallowing as much as I can.

I can easily take your cock deep into my mouth. I’ve been practicing with Mom’s dildo: I won’t gag when you hit the back of my throat.

You didn’t know about the dildo? Why, Mom uses it every night when you are away. She calls out your name as she shoves it deep inside her. I wish I could sneak in and suck it before she has a chance to clean it.

I can tell all this excites you. I can feel you getting ready to come. But, Daddy! I’ve only been sucking you a few minutes.

Oh…very well…if you can’t hold out any longer…

Grab my head and push your cock in as deep as it will go. Make me take your load down my throat. I’m swallowing all of it. My! You sure come a lot!

Think about coming home from work and me kneeling in the living room waiting to free your cock and take it into my mouth. That would be better than any welcome home hug, wouldn’t it? And you can have a blowjob anytime you want!

Daddy, I promise. One day, I will be able to take your entire shaft down into my throat. I will have to practice on you every chance I get.

Daddy, I have something else I want to give you. You see…I’m still a virgin. I’ve been saving myself for my very special man. I’ve been saving myself for you!

Explore my lush body. I want to feel your hands and lips all over me. Roll my nipples between your fingertips. Suck my breasts until they are sore. Run your hands along my bottom like you always wanted. I’m yours, now. Yours for the taking.

I forgot to tell you: Mom is staying in town with Aunt Helen tonight. She’ll be back around ten tomorrow morning.

Your lips feel wonderful as they travel all over my body. I love the way you kiss the hollows of my hips. Your hands kneading my flesh excite me and make me wet. I can’t wait for your big cock to slide into me.

Wait!! What are you doing??

Ooohhhh!! Your mouth on my mound! And your tongue! Daddy, please don’t stop what you are doing. Keep licking my little button. Escort Nevşehir I’m going to come: please, Daddy, make me come!

That was fantastic! I’m so weak I couldn’t resist you even if I wanted. Take me: take me, now!

Your cock hurts as it breaks into me, but the pain quickly fades and I begin to feel warm and tingly inside. You fit tightly inside me. You fill me up as you slide all the way in.

I like the feel of your body pushing into mine, covering me completely. I want to wrap my legs around your hips and pull you in deeper. Cover my mouth with yours and push your tongue between my lips. Hold me close as you thrust up into me.

You feel so good inside me, Daddy. I want you to fuck me all night. Fill me with your jism over and over. I want you to drain your big, hairy balls into me. Just like you do to Mom and Aunt Helen.

Just like you do to your secretary, but, you won’t need her anymore. You can fuck me anytime you wish: I will be here. I bet I will do all the nasty things she won’t do. I might even do things Mom won’t do.

I want to be your little slut.

You LIKE that idea!

I can feel you getting ready to come again. That’s right. Fill me up. I can feel your hot juices filling me. I can feel you thrusting harder and deeper.

Daddy! You are still hard! Are you going to fuck me again? That would make me very happy. Making you happy makes me happy.

Why, yes, I can put my legs up near my head. That will let you fuck deeper? That would be very nice! Will that let you fuck me harder? Great! Pound my slutty pussy. Make me cry out in pleasure.

Oooohh, Daadddyyy! I’m Cuummmming!

That was fantastic last night! I must have come a dozen times: I know you filled me several times. The sheets are drenched. I will have to wash them before Mom gets home.

Of course you can suck me breasts! Anytime you want!

I like what you are doing with your hand. Rubbing my mound and my little button turns me on: it feels even better with you sucking my nipple. I think I’m going to come again!

Sit back and let me drain your cock again. I want to give you a long, sensual blowjob. We have thirty minutes before I have to get dressed. Mom will be home in an hour.

Why do you have your phone in your hand? You want to video me sucking you? You want to be able to watch this over and over? Why, Daddy! I’m pleased you are having such a great time! I will try my best to give you a good show.

Keep the camera steady as I take you as deep as I can. Can you hear me moan with delight? You taste wonderful. I can taste myself on your shaft: I like it. I should always suck you clean after you fuck me. Maybe you will let me suck you after you fuck Mom. Does that idea turn you on?

I can tell you are about to come: pull out and come all over my face and breasts. Watch me take my fingers and scoop some of you jism up and lick my fingers clean.

That makes you want to fuck me again? Okay. Maybe, we’ll get lucky and Mom will be late.

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