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I have always enjoyed Back-to-School Night.

The digital clock embedded in the wall at the back of the classroom read 7:17 pm. “AP English – Mr. Michaels” was neatly written on the whiteboard at the front of the classroom. I stood politely and friendly near my desk as a small wave of parents rolled into the classroom, strangers in the familiar world of their teen student.

I offered a warm smile and friendly handshakes as if welcoming familiar friends into my home. By 7:20, the room was awash in a soft glow of comfortable conversations scattered amongst the twenty or so adults in the room. I remember the time because that is exactly when she entered the room.

I had never seen her before in my life. I did not need to. Appreciating sensual beauty and simmering seduction requires little if any relational context in the mind of a naughty man.

I certainly was not the only one who noticed her. The Indian Summer allowed the warm temperatures to linger into the evening inviting her to feel Kütahya Escort free to wear a sundress; sheer fabric, off-white with miniature pink roses splattered randomly about, mid-thigh hem and a daring, low-cut collar that didn’t seem to give a damn about covering her cleavage.

Her face was a perfect match to her body, adorable and magnetic. Her smoldering brown eyes were inviting. The natural curve to her lip-glossed lips offered a ‘Mona Lisa’ type smile.

And that body! As I compartmentalized, I balanced my outward, engaging acts of hospitality with my private, naughty cravings to explore her body. Her breasts were full, clearly braless beneath the thin veil of her sundress. As I nodded politely at the married couple in the front row and offered them a copy of the class syllabus, my eyes fed my mind visual evidence to help calculate the size and color of her nipples which were anything but shy about pressing up against the sheer fabric.

As sets of parents scanned the class syllabus and murmured politely to each other, my eyes scanned her body, freeing it of that sundress. As she sat there, the delicate Kütahya Escort Bayan straps softly sliding down her shoulders, her smile from the back row fed my lust, dared me to probe deeper into the moment.

Her breasts, by my calculations 36D, fell open to my eyes as she seductively wriggled out of her seat, now standing with her sundress having migrated down to her hips. Her nipples were pink and the size of silver dollars.

Parents admired the organization of the class, the high standards, and overall expectations which were articulated in the class syllabus.

I stood there, admiring how her body fit together seamlessly; her adorable face flowing down her neck and shoulders into the pool of seduction tethered between her breasts. I discreetly licked my lips as I marveled at how firm and perky her breasts rounded into form, capped by those nipples erect and pointing more to the ceiling than the floor.

While the parents in the room continued to read and got to the bottom of the syllabus, my mind went numb as she dared to wriggle her feet further apart and swivel her hips to draw her dress Escort Kütahya into a heap at her ankles. There she stood, legs casually parted, inviting my eyes to admire her nakedness. Her smooth flesh was uninterrupted. Smooth cheeks. Smooth neck and shoulders. Smooth breasts. Smooth tummy. Smooth pussy with folds that puckered up with a meaty offering that begged for attention.

My senses lost balance for a brief instant. All I heard was my heart thumping in my ears. All I felt was my heart thumping in my cock. All I saw was her naked body begging to be fucked as she bit her lower lip and batted her puppy-dog, brown eyes at me. All I heard was her angelic whimpers and the soft, sticky, crackling sounds of her wet pussy penetrated by a slender finger chasing pleasure and orgasm.

Before the clock advanced to 7:21, she had finger-fucked herself to her first orgasm, wrapped her warm mouth around my hard cock and sucked it to the edge of exploding, and then slid me inside of her and ground her swollen clitty against my shaft as my cum oozed from her creampie filled pussy, riding the sticky mess to a second orgasm.

By 7:21, I had begun my presentation; offered a formal welcome; spoke to the contents of the syllabus; fulfilled my role as a respectable professional and educator.

It was the first of four “flash-fucks” I would enjoy that night.

I have always enjoyed Back-to-School Night.

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