Cooling Off

Cum Bukkake

It was a hot summer day and I had nothing better to do than sit around by the pool and work on my tan and watch the pool guy do his job. I wasn’t wearing very much and I defiantly had the attention of the pool guy because I could tell from across the pool that he was sporting wood. The pool guy was cute for a Latino but he wasn’t in my sights that day. The new next door neighbor was.

The new neighbor was six foot and built like the stone wall he was putting up between our property lines. We started the day by him waking me up, mowing his lawn by my bedroom window and now he was working on the wall. He was hot and sweaty and dirty, but he was still damn sexy.

I spent at least two hours at the gym every day so I had a body to die for and God given 38DDs to go with it. The tiny bikini I was wearing to screw with the pool guy left nothing to the imagination. I slid my finger down my crotch to adjust my bottoms and fingered myself ever so slightly as the pool guy watched. I tilted my head back and licked my lips as I did it and I could see him shifting his rising package in his jean shorts as he watched me. One of these days, I’d fuck him just because I could tell he had a nice package and he did a better job around the yard when I teased him like this.

My sights were on my new neighbor. He was a firefighter and you could tell there was some large diameter hose in his bunker gear. In the morning, he’d come out to get the paper in his boxer briefs and it was worth getting up early just to watch him. I adjusted the strings on my bikini top and got up out of the lounge chair. I walked over to the fence that separated the two yards and asked him if he’d like to come cool off in my pool since he looked Kütahya Escort hot.

We chatted a few minutes until he finally said yes to coming over and taking a dip in the pool with me. He was going to go inside and change. I told him to let himself in the gate because I was going to go inside and grab some beer and I’d meet him in the pool.

I was already in the pool when he finally came over. He must have taken a quick shower because his hair was wet and his suit was sticking to him nicely. I handed him a beer as he climbed into the pool. He thanked me and twisted off the cap. I reached out my hand for the cap so I could put it on the side of the pool to throw it out later. He took a long sip of beer then smiled at me and said he needed that. We sat in the pool talking and getting to know one another for a while.

I suggested we play some catch with one of the beach balls floating around in the pool. The game got a little aggressive and somehow he wound up with his arms around me trying to keep the ball away from me. I looked up at him and he came in for the kiss. We started making out. He slid his hand into the bottom of my swim suit as he kissed me harder. We made our way to the stairs at the low end of the pool. I pulled down his suit enough to release him. He was just as I expected. Long, hard and ready for action. I placed my warm mouth over his slightly cold cock and started to suck him off. He gasped every time I went down on him. He sat on the top step while I blew him. He leaned back with his elbows on the edge of the pool with his eyes closed and a smile on his face. I took as much of him as I could into my mouth. Stroking him with my lips as I went up and Kütahya Escort Bayan down on his cock. I took him in both hands and ran my tongue around the edge of his head. The more I made tiny circles around it, the more he moaned.

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the pool guy hiding around the corner of the house, watching me suck off my neighbor. I smiled and continued doing what I was doing. If he wanted to watch, he was going to get a show.

I held his balls in my hand and I could feel them tightening up as I rhythmically slid my mouth up and down on him. He begged me not to stop but I knew if I didn’t, he was going to cum and I wasn’t going to have any fun.

“My turn,” I said and removed my bottoms and tossed them on the side of the pool. We traded places on the pool step and I spread my legs wide so he could see everything I had. He placed a thumb on my clit and started expertly rubbing me to excitement.

He started kissing my inner thighs while still rolling my clit between his fingers. He licked my slit and tasted my juices. He had me soaking wet by now. He flicked my clit for a few times as I tried to move to his rhythm with my thrusts. I begged him to fuck me and he laughed. His fingers penetrated my waiting hole and I bore down on them, making my pussy tighter. I enjoyed them brushing against my g-spot as he slid them in and out of me. The more he played with me, the hotter I got and the more I wanted him to fuck my brains out. I started to cum hard and I rode the roller coaster of pleasure as he teased me with his fingers.

I opened my eyes for a moment in between waves of release and saw the pool guy standing behind the shed with his hand Escort Kütahya on his cock, stroking himself as he watched us go at it in the pool. He was easily nine inches long and he was as wide as he was long.

“Ever done anal before?” I asked the sexy fireman from next door.

“Why?” he asked.

“I’ve always wanted two guys and I think the guy who takes care of my pool would like to join us.”

“Suck me off again the way you were doing it before and I’m game.”

“Hey Esteban, want to join us?” yelled across the yard.

He was startled at first, and then he made his way over to the pool. He took off his shirt and tossed his work boots to the side. He climbed into the pool with us. I had them both take off their suits and helped Rich position himself in my ass. I almost came again as he entered me. I leaned back up against him until I was pretty much sitting in his lap with his cock balls deep in my ass, legs spread, waiting for the pool guy to take me from the front.

It took a few thrusts before the guys could before the guys could work together. Once they did, I was having a hard time not screaming as I came hard and fast. I was breathless from the intensity of my orgasm.

Esteban was the first to cum. He pulled out and shot his hot load all over my stomach. I laughed and told him that he was cleaning up the pool after that when we were done.

With that, I leaned forward and had Rich fuck my ass doggie style while Esteban played with my clit. Rich let me know he was gonna cum. Esteban rubbed me harder and faster so that Rich and I came at the same time, moaning and begging for god so loud, the entire neighborhood heard us. We fell into a pile on top of the pool steps in sheer exhaustion. Esteban got out of the pool and got dressed and left. He didn’t even ask for the check for cleaning the pool. Rich had his arms around me and was kissing my neck when he asked if I was ready to go again. I laughed and told him he’d have to feed me dinner first.

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