Cosmic Conditions Ch. 02

Big Tits

The strange dreams filled my head so at times I could not think of any thing else but having sex with my mother. After dinner I went to my room and laid down to rest. I went into a deep sleep. I don’t remember anything after going up stairs to my room.

I was so uncomfortable I hurt and my bed was so hard. I was cold; I was naked and cold except for a small spot on my back side. It felt warm as if it were pressed to a heating pad. I tried to open my eyes but they hurt and the light was so bright. After two or three tries at opening my eyes I cover my eyes with a hand and slowly opened my eyes. Peeking between my fingers I saw the kitchen sink. The morning sun was coming through the window above the sink that is why it was so bright. If that was the kitchen sink then were the hell was I? I was on the kitchen table naked as the day I was born. I moved to get away from the bright light but something was in back of me and it did not want to move. It was mother and she was as naked as I was.

Rolling away to the other side of the table I slipped off and stood up. Mother moaned blinked and sat up. I could see by her expression she was as lost as to where she was as I was. Then she slowly came around and saw she was naked in my presents and on the kitchen table. I don’t know what was the greater shock being naked in front of her son or being naked on the kitchen table. Her eyes tried to focus on me at first then she turned away and then back again. It seemed to her she was dreaming again I was sure of it.

I had become aroused for no reason at all except seeing my mother naked was reason enough. The thick dark bush was an attractive spot to focus my eyes. Her breasts were heaving as she took deep breaths trying to wake from this dream. Only thing was I knew we were wide awake and this was no dream. I took my cock in my hand not to hide it but to show it off and wiggle it at my mother like a great worm with a bulbous tip deep purple in color.

I came around the table and moved Mother till she was on the edge of the table with her legs dangling off. I moved close with my cock in hand I mounted a charge ramming the head into her pussy. It occurred to me that if I had dreams of fucking my mother for what ever reason she may have had the same dream. If so she probably thought this was all a dream too.
She said “Oh, yes baby do it, do it put it in all the way.” How could I deny my mother anything? Closing my arms behind her hips I jerked her closer plunging deeper.

“Yes baby fuck mommy, make Mommy cum fill me up with your sweet juices.” She was delirious with lust and out of her mind. But I really did not care at this point. She circled my waist with her arms pressing her breasts into my chest.

I started to fuck her faster pushing more deeply in to her. I felt the strangeness start down around my ankles. A quivering and itchiness on my skin. It started to build till I was about to scream but I was not about to withdraw from my mother either. I was so close so very close my balls were pulled up tight ready to force a load from me into my mother. I did not care if she knew it or not I did not care that she believed it a dream I wanted to cum, cum, cum till I screamed with pleasure.

But it was mother who reached the point of no return first. She cried out in pain, in ecstatic pleasure and mournful lust all at the same time. I was inches from her face when her eyes opened only to grow wider and wider as she realized she was having sex with her own son. She felt me inside her. She felt her own passion releasing wave after wave of uncontrollable lust shaking her to the foundation of every moral conviction she had ever had. Her mouth open to cry out but only a gasp came forth. She stiffened and twisted side to side. How could this happen. It was not a dream mother had awakened to her deepest fears and knew the dreams she was having had come true.

I knew if I had dreams of lust and sex with my mother she surely had the same dreams. The only difference was while I embraced and was thrilled my theses crazy dreams she rejected them as some kind of punishment of her sins which she had few of I am sure. But she could not turn her face away from me. Her eyes were locked on mine and then she blinked as she felt the steady stream of warm pleasure fill her joyous cavity. The last swelling, last thrust and last bit of sperm was firmly planted deep in her.

I came to a halt the swelling going down as my lust slipped from me. Our eyes were still locked as I slipped from her all together. I did not move back but instead I held her close. Her breasts heaving against my chest. I wanted her to be the first to speak or move. But she did not move. I still think she wanted to believe it was all a dream as before but if she moved she would have to admit this was real and she had just been fucked to a wild climax by her loving son.
Then I saw the sadness slowly fill her eyes to flow as tears down her cheeks. Her lips started to quiver as there came the first sound of her repentance for her deadly sin. She blinked lowering Nevşehir Escort her head to my chest and there she cried softly tears rolling down my naked body. I felt sorry for her and for what I had done to this wonderful lady. To give her some thing real to hang on to I hugged her and bending my face down I kissed her on the neck. I wanted her to know I was sorry too. But also that once the deed is done there is no way you can take it back. What is done is done we can not change that so we may as well live with it even if it may never be repeated.

Pulling back I gave her space to stand up. I held her long enough to make sure her legs were going to hold her. She stood there still in my arms for only a few seconds before she stepped around me and walked slowly to her room. I went to my bedroom for a shower and rest. This had all started when I laid down before. There was something going on here and I was going to figure it out and soon.

After my shower I did not rest but got dressed and went out for a walk. Wandering aimlessly across the fields I came back the rock where I use to hide out as child. Yes this may be just want I need. I need to relax here and think. It was such a wonderful spot I was sure I would find the answer to what ever happened or caused to happen between mother and me.

There on the grass was a blanket with a picnic basket on it. I was surprised and I thought maybe someone else had found my spot. But that basket had our family’s crest on it and little silver initials on the face below the latch. But how did it get here. Kneeling I sat on my heels and let a shadow of truth fall upon me. The early dreams had they been dreams? Had I seduced my mother more than once? Had my mother been a willing soul to my advances or was it the other way around? Had my mother seduce me? Too many questions too many doubts too many answers needed to be found.

I placed the basket on the kitchen table and went to my room. There coming from under my bedroom door and around the loose frame was a bright light. A light so bright I thought the room was on fire at first. It was so bright I feared too open the door. I stood there dumbfounded and too weak to move. I was gripped by a strange fear of what might await me on the other side. Then as if the light knew I was there but too scared to enter it dimmed to a soft glow. I entered blindly, stupidly rushing head long into the valley of untold strangeness and weird happening and yes the valley of lust.
There sitting on my bed was Mother. She was smiling and her face seemed so relaxed and as pretty as I had eve seen it. I never felt my legs move but I was there beside the bed smiling down at the loveliest women in the world.

“My darling son what we did today and for the last few weeks I fear is my entire fault. I have seen the light and now know it was meant to be. You are to be my lover and father of my children. I am to receive you into my body and have a child with you. I am to give you pleasure of every kind as you may demand. You are to take me over and over again. I am to let you take me in every conceivable way known to man and beast. We are to be as one and our child will be as blessed as I and know her father as I know you.” Mother was babbling out of her mind. Her religion had driven her crazy. I had to bring her back to the here and now. But how? I thought if she is willing to give me all the pleasure I want at my command then maybe the bringing her back to relativity could wait for a bit. Maybe I should test this craziness first.

I knew I was being selfish, lustful and kind of crazy but what the hell I had ideas of us screwing all day long. I had ideas of my mother going naked around the house. I had visions of her sucking me off any time any place I wanted. I thought I would make her talk dirty to me. I would have her plead with me to screw her in the ass. Yes and I would fuck her till I fell down drunk with lust. Oh, yes this was a good thing a wonderful thing and I was going to have the time of my life. Starting now.

To get my head on straight and figure out just what I wanted I told Mom to lay back and sleep for a while. She blinked, fell back and was gone. Wow this shit maybe crazy but it seemed to work.

I paced back and forth trying to think. I looked at Mom’s wonderful body every time I turned to come back across the room. She really was as sexy lady and kind of cute. But I seemed to have a need for more than raw sex. I needed some kind of stimulation and adventure to really get hyped up. That is when I remembered the men magazines I had stashed away. Reading through only the first one gave me some really wild ideas. What got my eye first was a picture of a girl with two guys doing her at the same time. I looked at Mom and thought “Yes she could do that. But where could I get another guy to help out.”

I woke Mom and told her to get dressed we were going out for dinner. I followed her into her room and went through her wardrobe. She did not have anything sexy at all. I mean this lady never had a sexy thought in Nevşehir Escort Bayan her head.
Well we would take care of that tomorrow. But tonight we would just have to improvise. A thin material skirt that kind of clung to her rear without panties should get some attention. There was a blouse that was very thin and I thought it would be OK with out a bra. I found a garter belt that had not been in style for years but would look good with out panties. I watched as she put on stocking with the garter belt. It sure outlined her little thin patch of hair it fit well around her firm little ass too. The skirt and blouse covered her sexy little figure but it did not hide anything. She really did look sexy and a little bit immoral. Now that is jus the ticket for a good church going lady like her.

I drove out to the Riverside Motel and lounge after we had stopped to eat at a fast food joint. I told her to go in take a seat at the bar order a drink and just be friendly to everyone. I took a seat at a table off to one side where I could keep an eye on things.

It did not take long before a nice looking man in a nice suite approached her said a few words and slipped onto the stool next to her. She laughed and smiled like I had never seen her before. She was really having a good time. I counted three drinks and began to think better of what I was doing. But she did look as if she were having a good time so I waited. No one was paying any attention to me and this was good. It was still early when I walked up to the man at the bar and introduced my self as her son. He was very nice and said He thought my mother was a very attractive lady and he wondered if he might see her again. I said “If he was not busy I thought it would be OK if he wanted to follow us home.”

There was a flicker of instant understanding in his eyes. He happily paid the bar tab and walked out with mother on his arm and me right behind. He pointed to a new Jaguar parked far from any other cars. He started to move off and I told Mom to go and kiss him and tell him to follow close. She did and I could see he guy had a hard on already.

He pulled in right behind us and came up to the car to help Mom out. She took his arm and we three went around back to come in through the kitchen. I told Mom to go and get her silky robe on while I talked to Frank. I lied to Frank and said I was not really her son but a friend that she always wanted around to protect her. He asked “So she wants sex with us both is that it?”

“Frank you’re a fast study and Yes if that is just what she wants if that is OK with you”

“Sure why not? “ He said as I showed him the way to her room.
Mom was sitting on the edge of her bed looking all sexy as hell in her silky robe. I whispered to Frank to go over and let her help him undress. I stood back and just watched as Mom got the gang bang going just fine. When Mom dropped Franks pants and his cock popped out I thought I would get off. Mom smiled at me looking past him and with out any words from me she took his cock in her mouth.

I went fucking nuts. My heart pounded and my breath came in gasps. I was drawn to what mother was doing for this guy. Watching mother suck his cock was so thrilling and exciting I was totally content just to watch. Mother moved like a professional whore. She held his cock in her hands while she let it pass deep into her mouth. She held his balls and caressed them tenderly. Then she slowly pulled back to hold the head in her mouth. Then she looked up into franks face and slowly moved her mouth down his cock. The cock disappeared inch by inch. Going, going, gone! Right up to the base. Every inch of his cock was in her mouth, down her throat and he was spurting cum down her throat. Mother did not have to drink the sperm river it was flowing directly into her stomach.

His legs were the first sign he was shot. He staggered and pulled back his long limp cock sliding from her mouth. Mother smiled and fell back on the bed. I stepped u to Frank and said “You better go.” I’ll call you and we three can get together later when she is not so drunk. I of course knew mother was not drunk but under a spell of lust. But what was the cause of this strange spell I was still no sure. But for now I was going to enjoy this insane craziness fully. Frank was gone and I was in the shower with mother in my arms.

Resting on my back mother rolled on her side next to me. Her head on my shoulder, her hand clamped around my erection I said “Did you enjoy having sex with that stranger?”

“Of course darling you wanted me to do it and I saw you watching me. I saw you were so happy so I was happy to do it for you. Now baby Mommy wants you to make love to me and fill me with your sperm. So we can have a baby. Don’t you want mommy to have your baby?”

I was at a loss to stop her from sitting across me taking me deep inside her. Once she had as much of me in her as she could get she slowly moved her hips back and forth. Leaning down to kiss me she bounced her bottom up and down. Straightening Escort Nevşehir up she leaned back sowing me her flat stomach and her breasts were pointed forward nipples hard and deeper in color as she become more passionate.
She was in a trance I her own world living some place else in her mind. She was gone and I was not sure I could ever get her back. I love my mother and sure I have wanted to fuck her for a long time. But I did not want her to go crazy. I had t do something the only question was what. I climaxed she climaxed after which she got off me and wandered into the bathroom.

Twenty minutes later I came down the kitchen to find mother dressed neatly in a cotton dress, slippers with her hair freshly washed was pulled back to reveal a smiling face and bright clear eyes. She came to greet me asking what I wanted to eat. I told her only coffee for now as I had work to do. I would eat after I had been out and about for an hour or so. I like to get moving first thing before I laden myself down with a belly full of food.

I accepted a cup of coffee and stood by the back door looking out over the fields. “Mother will you walk with me this morning down to the river. I have something I want to show you.” I said with no real reason to say it.

“Of course let me get my shoes on and we can go for a nice slow walk this pretty morning.” She said in reply. A minute later she hooked her arm in mine and stood looking out the back door with me.

“Mother you know I love you don’t you?” I said with out looking at her.

“Yes of course. I love you too my darling son.” She said leaning her head on my shoulder and tightens her grip on my arm.

In my heart I wanted to stop this foolishness and let my mother be the kind moral lady she has always been. But as I looked down at her I saw her proud breasts were free of constraints under her cotton dress. I could see down her dress neck line that was slightly gapped open. The round firm globes were milky white and oh so sexy. I felt the tingle and knew I was not going to be a good boy. How was I to solve the problem at hand if all I could think of was sex and how to degrade my mother further? I had made her have sex with a stranger; I had taken advantage of her in every way I knew. Now here I was again wanting to see her naked and to have sex with her. I wanted to talk dirt to her and have her talk dirty I was as fucking nuts as she was. What was I to do?

Hand in hand we walked down the slopping back yard out the gate and slowly we turned right on the path to the river. The grass was high as I had not cut it in a week. The cows were grazing and not paying any attention to us as we crossed the pasture.
We passed between the trees along the bank and came to a halt before we turned around the big rock. I was leading her to our special spot that for years had been my spot alone. My private hiding place where I came as a child to hide from the world. A place were I could be the master and do as I wished with out wondering if I was going to get in trouble. There in my hiding place I had been one with the light. I had shared my dreams and passions even as a child I felt the pressure of growing up into an imperfect world. I would lie upon the grass and the light would come to calm me down to give me peace. It was like a mother’s love and blessing for a new day.

As a little boy I knew not why only what and the what was love a one on one love unrestricted without bounds it was a love so endless it was the universe of space and time. I saw now that when I had brought mother here the first time I had broken the bond and disturbed the force that lived behind the rock. The force that had given me its blessing and love. I had broken the covenant, the sacred packed. I knew how there was good and bad behind the rock. I had unwittingly brought out the bad and it had followed me to the house were it entered mother and I to bring upon us the worst of times. To destroy the love we had for one another as mother and child so I might return to this place and once more seek out the love of the light.

I was all clear now. But now the question was how do I repair the damage I had done and how was I to get the light to once again let me have a life out side to the grassy spot.

“Mother stay here and don’t move. Wait for me here. I’ll be right back.” I said to her. I kissed her on the cheek and steppe away from her.

There it was a tiny spot above my head. A tiny bright light like a star all by its self in a night sky. One bright start to lead the way but to where I did not know. I fell down on my knees and cried letting my tears fall like rain upon the grass. The grass that stayed green all year and never grew longer than it was right now. Maybe the grass was magical to I knew so little about this place and this entity. As a child I had not thought about it only that I felt good when I came here.

Even with my eyes closed I could see the light was brighter. It surrounded me bathing me with the feeling I had known as a child. Some how it knew now I was sorry for the transgression and was seeing forgiveness. It lifted me up off the ground turned me around several times as if washing me with the good light. Protecting me from the bad as I now knew there was two forces here. I also knew now it was going to be alright. Everything was going to be alright.

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