My savings were drying up. I badly needed a part-time job to get by, and didn’t want to beg anyone else for loans.

I had classes every weekday but my afternoons and evenings were free. Club meetings were on Saturdays; that left Sundays free as well.

On my way back from school, I passed by the district post office and chanced upon a notice. They were looking for extra couriers. The job required working on two weekday afternoons only, delivering parcels to private residences.

I wasn’t not picky about work, since I had no professional skills to offer. So I took the job.

I was given a bicycle to deliver all over my district. Weeks passed and I quickly learned what the job was all about. It wasn’t so easy after all, with the heat making me wet as a fish on some days, and the rain making me wetter at other times.

My real adventure began when I was tasked to deliver to this refurbished house, amid an enclave of old colonial bungalows scattered across a small hill. This area was pretty far off the post office; no wonder it was hard for the post office to find someone to cover that area!

The uphill climb could give even athletes a good workout. Once the inclined eased out, I entered a different world. The hustle of the modern city felt far behind. There was only serenity amid large old houses and even larger, older trees.

Almost all the houses were painted in light colors, and sported architecture that no modern builder could make anymore. The area was a favorite with expatriates, who appreciated the rustic environment. They all had cars, so mobility wasn’t an issue.

I reached the address on my parcel, the largest house of the lot at the very end of the road. There was no gate, so I went straight to the door and rang.

While I waited for a reply, I noticed that the colonial bungalow also sported a swimming pool and tennis court at the back. Modern, expensive additions to an old property. The owners were very rich and privileged people who never had to deal with the problems of normal people, I surmised.

A woman, doubtless the owner, answered. She was wearing a long robe with her hair bundled up neatly, probably fresh out of a bath. Besides the fragrance she emitted, her regal, exotic look got my attention immediately. She looked oriental, but I could not make out exactly her nationality. When she spoke, I figured she must have spent a great deal of time among the rich. There was almost an old, regal air about her, but at the same time she appeared very candid and connected well with anyone.

The woman was much older than me, but hid it well. She looked like someone in her mid-thirties, but hinted of being much older. She signed for the parcel and made small talk with me, which was usual friendliness in this enclave. I took the chance to look her over. She was much older than the girls I was usually drawn to, but must have been very beautiful in her youth.

She had very dark, enchanting eyes that could bewitch men if they stared too long. I glanced down, and made out the shape of her breasts underneath the thick robe. They looked…. large; deliciously large, even when covered like this. The way that robe wrapped around her — she was like a present waiting to be opened, yet untouchable by the likes of me. I couldn’t imagine getting intimate with such a mature woman though.

The woman appeared delighted that I was delivering for her area, and chuckled melodiously when I described how hard it was to cycle up to her house. She remarked that I might not look athletic but held a lot of strength in my skinny little frame, since I made it up there.

Then she surprised me with a tidbit about herself.

Her name was Victoria. She was a Countess. Wife of a relative of some old European royalty, whose title was inherited down from centuries ago. Unfortunately I didn’t pay much attention to exactly to her family and lineage details. The ‘Countess’ title awed me enough. The house was her tropical retreat, in which she had stayed for a year to escape from the politics of the high life.

As I finally left, I turned back for a quick glance at the grandiose house, and noticed that Victoria was still at the door. She leaned on the doorway, arms crossed, watching me ride off with a keen look on her flawless face.


By now I had been delivering to Victoria every week, and it was a routine. Sign, give parcel, small talk, leave. I usually peaked a glance at her body, and when my eyes met hers, I felt she always gave me a curious look.

She wore different clothing each time we met. Sometimes she was in thin silk robes; otherwise she’d be in casual t-shirt and tight pants; but with such a body Victoria looked pleasing in all of them.

On this particular day, the sky became unusually dark when I set out. I knew it would be one of those bad days when I would get caught in rain. I got more than I bargained for — it was an all-out tropical thunderstorm.

The wind howled and the Kütahya Escort rain drenched me like I had fallen into a lake. Luckily the parcel was wrapped in a waterproof, sealed plastic sheet. If only they made bigger sheets for the couriers….

Victoria was especially concerned for me when I finally reached her doorstep. She muttered ‘Oh my God!’, and immediately asked me to come in and passed me a towel. My courier uniform was soaked through to my underwear, and I wondered how I could dry everything off. The Countess offered me hot chocolate, and I greedily accepted.

As she left me to make my drink, I looked over the interior of Victoria’s splendid bungalow. It was both cozy and impressive. The living room was dark but in a comfortable way. Knick-knacks and antiques from different countries dotted the room, in the form of furniture or ostentatious shelf displays.

The Countess reappeared with my coffee, and sat next to me as I sipped. Only now I had the chance to look over the kind woman and thank her. With an almost girlish titter, she told me it was only proper that she dried me off in this weather. We chatted a bit.

Today, Victoria was wearing one of those silk robes I saw before. This was shorter than normal, maroon in color with gleaming patterns. When seated, the robe was too short to cover her thighs, which now gave me an enticing view. The Countess had incredibly shapely legs. They were neither too firm nor too flabby, and covered by flawless skin. Her skin gave off a dull sheen, perhaps from years of luxurious maintenance.

Her robe appeared too thin to keep out the cold, but she might have been wearing it earlier today — it was hot before the thunderstorm started. The silhouette of her body was easily discernable, especially her enthralling breasts. The silk material over her robe settled on her body contours, and her upper body jutted prominently as we talked.

She must have noticed I was staring, because it was soon obvious I did not look at her face, but below it, when I talked.

Then I sneezed.

“Why don’t you change out of that wet, cold uniform?” Victoria asked. “I have something you can wear.”

I was reluctant because that felt too imposing. Then I was overcome by bouts of more sneezing.

My host was already holding out another robe when I finally said yes. It was much thicker than the one she wore, but made of very soft fabric, and warm. The Countess pointed out the other end of the living room where I could change.

There was a foldable screen, where people changed clothes behind in older days. I thought Victoria would direct me to a separate room, but I couldn’t be choosy. Once behind the screen, I quickly undressed from my drenched uniform, making a small puddle beneath me as the remaining rainwater dripped out.

While I was stripping, a sudden risqué thought came to mind. I wondered if Victoria could see my undressing shadow behind the screen. It was large but not very thick. Further, a lamp was placed behind me, which could easily cast my shadow on the screen. The Countess was sitting pretty near, and it felt as if I was giving her a little strip show.

This thought turned me on….

Out I came, sitting down beside her again to wait for the storm to subside. As I embraced the warmth of my new garment, Victoria asked me more idle things, like why I took the courier job.

She shifted closer.

She told me, in a lower voice, that she was currently living alone but would return to Europe soon. In the meantime, it was nice to have someone to keep her company…. like now. When I tried to reply, she reached out and touched my exposed thighs with one hand.

I nearly jumped at Victoria’s sudden touch. Her hand’s coldness tingled my skin.

It was flattering that the Countess seemed to be interested in me, but this felt more awkward than arousing. She seemed too old for me to be making out with, despite her deceptively young appearance. Still, I felt hot inside my own body now.

I stirred, and tried to change the subject. I asked Victoria what was in those packages I often delivered to her.

“They’re lingerie of all shapes and materials….” She crooned. “It’s my pastime to find and order interesting pieces online.” I became even more excited. So much for changing the subject!

Victoria continued, “After I receive them, I love dressing up in them and admiring my purchase in the mirror.” Her voice surged with excitement.

“Do you want to see what you delivered today?!”

I guessed it was better to be nice and said yes. Victoria opened the package excitedly, like a child unwrapping a new toy. She held up her latest purchase for my viewing pleasure.

It was a set of very thin, smooth, and skimpy grey bra and panties. “It’s just the way it appeared on the website!” she gushed.

I rubbed the material to feel their texture, and Victoria handed them to me. I looked them over and complimented her exquisite taste, then wondered how they’d look like on her…. with that voluptuous body Kütahya Escort Bayan stretching and pressing against this delicate fabric.

Victoria had walked behind the sofa while I fingered the lingerie, and I felt her hands on my shoulders. I stiffened. Victoria told me to ‘just relax’. I tried, and rested my head on the sofa to let my host pamper me. She was an excellent massager, pressing the back of my neck and kneading my shoulders. I felt relaxed already!

Her hands slipped beneath my robe and fondled my nipples.

I jerked in my seat, stammering, “Oh…. No…. don’t need…. that far…. “, holding her hands as if to restrain her. However, my body clearly favored the Countess’ touch. My cock hardened and made itself obvious beneath my robe.

Victoria seemed to have spotted my arousal, and resumed playing with my nipples despite my trying to stop her. I sighed, unable to help myself but savor her exquisite touch, unsure about what to do next.

I let her brush my nipples with her palms, then pinch and roll them with her fingers and nails. She exhaled hot and quickening breaths onto me. I was getting harder now, and there were no garments to restrict me but the robe. It easily accommodated my hard-on, which now became a bulge at my groin area. Still stuttering, I asked what she wanted.

Again, Victoria giggled in that sweet, melodious voice and coyly apologized. “Oh! I was so…. engrossed that I didn’t consider what you wanted. Here, why not I let you do the same, to make it up?”

Before I considered what she really meant, I was slowly nudged and pulled around, so that I was kneeling on my seat facing her now. After weeks of imagining what was beneath her clothing, I couldn’t resist the chance to see it for real!

The Countess untied her robe and smiling, uncovered her front. She had on a black, translucent one-piece negligee. It hung from her firm milky shoulders by tiny straps, and reached her hips, barely covering her crotch and revealing her two beautiful legs in their entirely.

The nightie could barely cover her great, delicious globes. They were…. so very delectable…. so enormous…. like they didn’t belong to that slim frame at all. Her black negligee merely concealed her nipples, and half of her chest was exposed inches from my face; those soft, milky breasts were so close to my touch! I raised one hand, instinctively, to reach for the flesh, only to see them pull away.

“My, my! You’re naughtier than you look, delivery boy!”, teased the Countess.

I felt scorching red in the ears. Here I was, trying to convince myself it was improper to fiddle with the Countess, but my instincts were dictating otherwise!

Victoria walked round to the front again, and sat next to me.

“Be patient. I already said I’d let you do the same to me. Here… touch me now.”

As if to quell my guilt, she held both my hands and guided them to rest on those globes.


Victoria’s bosom was exquisite, and my face turned very hot. I tightened my hold and the globes depressed at my touch. They were amazingly round, soft on contact, yet firm at the same time.

I pressed and rolled them tenderly for a long time, eyes mesmerized on my workings. No matter how squishy they felt and how they mashed in response to my squeezing, they would instantly bounce back into shape the moment I released my hold. I took my time to enjoy every rub and squeeze to my heart’s content.

My heart was thumping hard now.

As I played Victoria’s breasts, she took the liberty of…. cupping my groin, then reaching under the robe to stroke it lovingly. It was not the first time a woman touched my cock, but this was simply divine.

Victoria buried my member with both loving hands, fondling it in an outward motion, while her playful fingers tickled it as each hand receded and reached back for another stroke. The feeling of her tender fingers gave such a contrasting relief to the prickly wool fabric of my robe!

Panting now, I boldly grabbed her wrists and pulled them above her, to which she exclaimed with a soft ‘Oh!’. Then I pressed myself onto her still-exposed lingerie-clad chest, laying on top of her. I pecked her cheeks and neck amid more giggling.

“Hmm…. you seem very nervous. Your kissing…. they were so careful, like you are trying not to hurt me,” the Countess quipped, “I don’t think you’re very experienced at this! Don’t worry, let’s take it all very easy, okay?”

Like any self-respecting man (boy), I felt slighted by that last comment, but she continued, “How’d you like to see me in that outfit you just delivered?”

All annoyance was forgotten. Besides, who could be angry at her, who was giving me a wonderful time and even showing patience with me?

The storm continued to rage outside as I waited for her to change. She went behind that screen and sure enough, a clear silhouette was revealed. This meant that she could see how I changed my clothes earlier; and now I was my turn to enjoy Escort Kütahya her show….

I breathed harder as I watched Victoria remove every piece of clothing from her voluptuous body, then put on the two-piece lingerie. I could see how the softer parts of her body jiggle with each movement. She put her silk robe back on, and re-appeared from the screen.

Victoria gestured me to wait as she went to the upper floor of the house. Twenty minutes passed and I was getting restless. Finally, the Countess re-appeared at the top of the stairs. She beckoned me to follow her.

Once I reached the top of the stairs, she ushered me into another room. An indoor bubble bath, right in this house! It was 5 by 5 meters and deep, considering it was on the second floor. Victoria had been preparing it, and now it filled with steamy, bubbly water.

I admired the luxury I was about to immerse in, while the Countess unfastened my waist and took off my robe completely. I stood stark naked, facing her nervously. She licked her lips and asked me to go on in. As I gingerly stepped into the bath, adjusting to the hot water, I saw Victoria undo her own robe.

Victoria’s new look excited me immediately. The grey fabric of her new purchase hardly covered her body, with the bra only concealing a quarter of each fabulous breast. Her entire body stretched and pressed tight against the outfit, as I had imagined.

Her nipples visibly imprinted on the bra, and on the panties I discerned a small mound, with some strands of hair escaping the cloth’s concealment. The whole set was held by mere strings, tied around the back of her neck and sides of her hips.

As she stepped into the bath her new outfit soaked, and virtually became a thin, second skin. Her milky skin color appeared on the cloth, after it absorbed more water and turned nearly transparent. I glimpsed Victoria’s light brown nipples and the dark hairs of her crotch.

The water reached up to her chests and the bottom of my ribs. Sliding across the water to me, Victoria asked whether she looked sexy. I replied, most truthfully, that she looked great in anything.

She smiled, “You certainly know the way to a girl’s heart!” and picked up a cake of soap.

“You’re only lacking physical talents, if you know what I mean….” She lathered my chest with the soap, foaming it up. “But you can easily make up for that.”

It probably meant I wasn’t a hunk but still very charming.

“It’s so nice to have someone see me wearing my purchase. Usually it’s just me and the mirror.” Victoria confessed, as she smoothed the foam over my neck, arms, and shoulders. “Especially when that someone is also the one sending them to me!”

She wrapped her arms around me and pulled me close. “As a reward, I am giving you a bath….”

Victoria roved her hands over my nipples, twisting and pulling them. I moaned softly. I didn’t know before, but my moaning under very erotic contact seemed to be an unconscious reaction.

My host leaned on the edge of the bath, poured shampoo over my head, and washed my rain-drenched hair. I drooped my head to give her a better angle since I was taller. My lowered head inched toward her voluptuous chest. While she slowly washed my hair, I cupped her breasts with both hands again.

With my palms holding her globes, I positioned my thumbs over her nipples and drew circles on them. Then I rubbed and pulled them with my thumb and index finger. Victoria sighed and had a harder time focusing on washing me.

At last I buried my head hungrily into her, nibbling and slurping her soft mounds of flesh while my hands continued to press and pull them harder. My head twisted this way and that while licking all over her chest, while my hands pressed her so hard that she stepped back and leaned on the side of the bath.

Victoria moaned now, and rubbed my back while I was hunched on her. Then her hands went under the water to stroke my cock. I raised my head, and gave her a deep kiss.

We first pressed our lips hard, then opened our mouths and let our tongues dart inside each other. One hand groped her round shapely butt, while the other rubbed her beautiful thighs. Then my hands switched places, each taking its turn to feel Victoria’s bottom and thighs, followed by a return to squashing her tits.

She whispered in my ear in between loud sighs, “Just take it off…..”

My hands reached behind her and undid the knot of her skimpy bra. This took me a while in my excitement, and furthermore I couldn’t see the knot. I had to press her onto me, look over her shoulder and made sure I undid it right. At last it was off, and Victoria rested on the water’s edge, arms stretched out, and tilting her head upwards — inviting me to feast on her more.

I held up one of Victoria’s breasts, and delicately licked her nipple. She moaned and clasped my head with one hand, then whispered instructions on how to tongue her better: I could use the full body of my tongue, lick in circular motions, stab into her nipple, or just lick rapidly with my tip.

I did all that with the other nipple too. Then I greedily grabbed both breasts, and tried to push both nipples into my mouth. I sucked in my lips, and darted my tongue back and forth to reach both of them. Victoria let out a mixture of moans, chuckles and sighs.

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