Cowboy Up


Belle flopped down in the fluffy yellow easy chair; she kicked off purple shoes that had five inch heels. She closed her eyes, remembering how he slid his dick deep into her shaved pussy. Her vaginal juices seeped onto the sheets. He leaned down and thrust his tongue in her mouth with the same stroke he thrust his cock inside her.


She met Chance out dancing one night. He looked exceedingly handsome in tight blue jean wranglers and an olive green Polo shirt. He defined “Texas Cowboy”. He lacked a ten gallon hat from making the picture complete. Belle sat alone; she had arrived with a friend who had taken off for lands unknown with some guy she met. As she gathered her stuff to leave, someone tapped her shoulder.

“Hey pretty lady; don’t tell me you are leaving. I just got here,” he said. “My name is Chance and I’d be honored to have this dance.”

Belle shook her head. “I have to be getting home.”

“Before you go, I have one question,” he stated. “Will you take off your shirt so I can see the tag? You look like you were made in Heaven.”

“I have heard that pick-up line before,” Belle giggled. “Think of another one.”

Chance pulled her coat from her arms and hauled her out on the raised dance floor. They two-stepped around the oval. Chance held her so close she could smell his Stetson cologne. Sighing, she gave into the feeling and rested her head on his shoulder.

“What is your name Pretty Lady?”


“My momma named me Chance because she said any woman would be lucky to get a chance with me.”

Giggling, Belle furrowed her head deeper in his shoulder as they moved around the dance floor. “I like the name.”

“I just know your Mommy named you Belle because you were so beautiful.”

“It is a family name,” she explained.

Belle felt his hand under her chin. Chance turned her face up so he could see her lips. Without asking, he bent over to brush her lips with his.

Startled, she took a step back. “What was that for?”

“Sorry, ma’am, I could not help myself. You are truly Heaven on Earth.”

“I didn’t mind it,” Belle sighed. “I just wasn’t expecting it.” Wanting another kiss, she turned her face back up to his.

Chance didn’t need to be asked twice. He danced with her until the bar closed down; stopping to kiss her now and then. As the bar closed for the evening, he helped her gather her belongings and walked her out to her Cabriolet. Before she could open the door, Chance pinned her against the side of her car and kissed her. Magic happened then. Chemistry flew. Hands roamed at will.

“Come back to my house,” Belle said breathlessly while making sure her clothes were intact. “Follow me.”

“I’d follow Malatya Escort you anywhere,” Chance replied as he held open her door. After making sure she buckled herself in, he climbed in his blue Silverado. In a matter of minutes, they were on their way. She only took made a couple of turns, but the drive seemed endless.

After pulling in her driveway, she put a mint breath strip in her mouth. When she exited the car, Chance was already there. They kissed all the way to the door. After finding her house key, Chance took them from her and opened the door.

She barely stepped over the threshold when she felt his warmth behind her. He nuzzled her neck as she reached over her head to hold him. Belle felt him fumbling with the hem on her rose baby-doll shirt. She took a step back and coyly smiled in his direction. She pulled the shirt over her head revealing the pale yellow bra which confined her voluptuous breasts.

Confidently, she stepped forward. Belle stood tall for a girl, but she did not come close to his lanky frame. As she removed his shirt, he obligingly bent over so she could get the garment over his dark hair.

“Mmm,” she thought when she saw his smooth, muscled chest. She noticed something that startled her.

“You have tattoos?”

“Have a couple,” he murmured against her neck. He never stopped nuzzling her when he answered.

“Tattoos are sexy,” Belle purred as his mouth found the sensitive spot on her neck. She made a mental note to look at them later.

Impatiently, she fumbled with the button and zipper on his wranglers. Taking the hint, he swiftly unhooked her denim mini skirt; it slid off her slender hips. He laughed to himself because he stood there with his jeans hanging around his ankles because his boots were still on. She stood there in her coordinated bra and panties.

Chance swiftly removed his boots and tucked them out of the way. He took her in his arms again. With their tongues intertwined, he removed Belle’s bra. Kissing his way across her flat stomach, he removed her lacy panties.

“Which way to your room?” he whispered as her clock chimed three times.

“Down the hall. First door on the left.”

He stood up and swept Belle off her feet as he carried her to the room and gently laid her on the bed. Not saying a word, he positioned himself in between her legs. Chance’s mouth ravished her cunt. She knew he was quite adept from the way his tongue alternated between rapidly flicking her clit and making long, leisurely licks up her slit. She moaned. He engaged his hand in the foreplay. He inserted two fingers in her already warm pussy while continuing the oral assault. Chance’s fingers found her G-Spot and she started bucking Malatya Escort Bayan against him, but like a true cowboy, he held on for the ride.

Her stomach clenched. She could not catch her breath. Belle thrashed against her bed sheets. “Oh shit!” Belle screamed in delight. “Do that again!”

Chance paid no heed. He began working his way up her torso; kissing and licking the way; his lips found her breasts. Sucking a nipple into his mouth, his right hand plied her womanhood. His tongue swirled the nipple in his mouth. He gave a playful nip to one of her buds. He intoxicated her with the headiness of his lips on her bosom. While his hand feverishly worked her pussy, Chance enjoyed the creamy taste of Belle’s nipples.

“My turn,” Belle whispered.

She pushed him back on her pillows and removed his boxer briefs. Her mouth fell agape as she got her first look at his manhood. He was so large that she wondered if he would fit inside her. She positioned her body to allow him to feel her warm breath on his burgeoning erection. While looking at him, she took the head of his cock into her mouth. He moaned as he buried his hands in her blond hair. Chase massaged her head as she stroked his penis with her tongue.

“Damn, she is good,” he thought. “Damn good.”

When she lightly bit the head of his cock, he came unglued. “You are amazing.”

Grazing her teeth along the skin of his shaft, she heard him moan, “Oh shit.” She loved the way his cock felt. Taking it to the back of her throat, Belle loved the way he tickled her tonsils. His fingers, tangled in her hair, urged her head forward. She fought the gag reflex in order to draw in the last couple inches. Chance lay there muttering, “Oh my God…”

“I love this, honey, but I want to cum while I’m buried inside you,” he soughed around moans.

Belle lay on her back. “Now I get the chance to find out how good you ride,” she expressed suggestively. “You better hang on.”

After taking a moment to don a ribbed condom, Chance quickly climbed on top of her. With her legs wrapped around his waist, he penetrated her button with one stroke. Slowly, his shaft worked its way in and out, in and out, in and out.

“Faster, please faster,” Belle begged. “Fuck me Cowboy.”

Shaking his head, Chance continued to do her slow and leisurely. Belle gasped as his hand began working her clit while the length of him was still inside her.

“You are so beautiful,” he sighed. “So beautiful…”

“Quite the handsome man yourself,” Belle managed to get out around gasps. He felt so damn good. Where had he learned to fuck a woman like this?

She began writhing in a pleasured pain. Hips bucking off the bed of Escort Malatya the bed. Nails digging into his back. Juices overflowing.

“This is one ride you won’t take by yourself,” Chance said just as the first shot came from his penis. Even though he wore the armor, he felt her walls convulse around the part of him that was buried deep in her.

“Oh my God,” erupted from Belle’s throat. She felt her knees buckle even though she was laying down. The room was spinning. She could not breathe. Her world changed orbits. Never had she experienced an orgasm as intense.

Chance continued to kiss her and he fell to the bed beside her. His chest glistened with the glow that only great sex can produce. Chance rested his head back on the pillow and let out a long, slow breath.

“Absolutely fantastic,” he proclaimed. “You little minx, that was like an outer body experience.”

Belle straddled him. “Tell me you can do that again.”

Chance laughed, “Not for thirty minutes or so.”

She climbed off him and snuggled into his side. She loved the fact that he sported very little chest hair. They snuggled; they talked. They shared hopes and dreams for their future. She really liked him and wanted know about him. After the thirty minutes, she climbed on top of him again.

“Cowboy up?”

“Cowboy up,” he agreed.


She remembered everything: the way he kissed, the way he smelled, the way he made love to her. He stayed the night with her that fateful night. They continued the primal ritual until her mom rang at noon asking her to lunch. Belle cried off from lunch, but sadly bid Chase adieu as he dressed to leave.

A telephone ringing jarred Belle out of her dream state. She answered, “Hello?”

“Hello pretty lady,” a familiar voice came over the telephone.


“What is my green-eyed siren up to,” Chance asked with a tinge of sexual frustration in his voice.

“Dreaming of our first night together,” Belle sighed. “I realized I have five more days until you get home, and I miss you.”

Belle’s doorbell peeled through the house. “Hold on, okay? Someone is at the door.”

When Belle answered the door, Chance stood in front of her.

“I guess I am five days too soon,” Chance joked. “I will leave and come back in few days.”

Belle dropped the phone and threw her arms around her man. “What are you doing here?”

“I wanted to surprise you,” he explained as he disentangled himself. “I need to ask you something that could not wait.”

Chance dropped to one knee, reached in his pocket, and held his arm out to her. In his outstretched arm, he held a black velvet box. Belle’s eyes started tearing up.

“Will you marry me and be my pretty lady forever?” Chance proposed.

“YES!” Belle shouted with glee as she showered him with kisses. “As long as I don’t ever have to be away from you again.”

Belle led him by the hand into her bedroom.

“Cowboy up?”

“Cowboy up.”

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