Crazy Cassie Ch. 02


It took a couple of hours for Cassie to wake up…time that I spent doing not a damn thing. Way too horny to even think about sleep, too worried about pressuring Cassie to wake her up, or abuse her while she slept.

Well…not entirely true. I didn’t exactly abuse her, but after what we did, with her passed out right next to me, almost naked, plastered in gallons of my sperm…I couldn’t do nothing. Between my unrelenting hard-on and my years of self-denial, I had to take advantage of the situation.

I did not fuck her; believe me, I was drooling at the thought of taking her virginity, but I wanted that moment to be a bit more special than this. I was discovering that my paternal love for Cassie could adjust suspiciously quickly to encompass deeply sexual lust…a somewhat disturbing thought, but not enough to make me reconsider this course. My daughter was to be my lover, and suspicions or not, that was not going to change.

With sex on hold until she woke up, I still had plenty to amuse myself with…namely her breasts. I’m not sure if I’ve made it abundantly clear yet, but I fucking love breasts, big ones most of all. I’ll get my time’s worth out of every part of a female body, but big, jiggly breasts are my favorite, my raison d’être, the foci of my lust, narrowly edging out fat tummies and fat pussies. Cassie’s breasts were mesmerizing, like two flawless, thickly-frosted globes of creamy pudding I wanted to eat all night…so I did. I got her flat on her back, propped myself over her, got my cock comfy between her calves and let my hands and mouth do whatever they wanted with those two swollen orbs of mammary perfection.

I smeared jizz into her skin like gooey lotion and licked those fat-tipped tits until they were stiff enough to bounce a quarter off of (a test I did not perform at that time). I squeezed her nipples together and sucked them both at once, so perky and thick that they almost filled my mouth all on their own; I did just that for a whole hour and every second was blissful. I massaged her areoles with lips, tongue, and fingers until they swelled up from the masses of her breasts like broad, shallow, rose-colored hills capped by her huge peaks. I purposefully drooled over them, spat on them, bounced and jiggled them in my hands and flicked them with my tongue. I made those breasts my chew toys and I loved every fucking second of it. I could have made myself cum twice without touching my dick, if Cassie had been awake to give me the moans and whimpers accompanying my play.

I only paused twice: once when it occurred to me that I was falling back into my old addictive habits of focusing on sex and sexuality, and again when I realized that that was fine with me. After eighteen years of celibacy, frankly, I was ready to fuck until I died, and if Cassie was happy with being my daughter and my cum-slut, well, so much the better. The way she had orgasmed every time I busted a nut on her was strong evidence that she was as naturally addicted to good sperm as her mother was; that’s a damn good sign for me.

It was three in the morning when she came to, blinking her turquoise eyes slowly and groaning quietly as she shifted and started pushing herself up. The sound her body made as she lifted off the sticky sheets was amazing, like wet velcro pulling apart; all the cum I’d hosed her in had set in, getting sticky and tacky. It was still reasonably slick on her breasts, thanks to my constant movement over them and my mouth vacuuming over them.

“Daddy?” She groaned softly, blinking at me as I rested beside her. “What…?” She mumbled before her eyes wandered past my face and took in the rest of my naked body and the ruined bedroom. Recognition flashed across her features and she smiled happily, leaning over against me and humming warmly. “Mmmf…was I dreaming, Daddy, or did we make a big mess together?”

“You weren’t dreaming, babygirl,” I murmured as I hugged her close, kissing the top of her head and giving her left breast a little squeeze to show that we really had made the change from just parent and child to lovers as well. She hummed and shifted against me at the squeeze, a hand wandering over and resting lightly on my cock, stroking it like one of her pet cats.


“Yea, babygirl?”

“Are we…are we really going to have sex?”

“Mhm,” I hummed, nodding and kissing her head again. My dick throbbed heavily beneath her hand; I could almost hear it revving like a throttle every time she touched it, eager to get going. “Not right now. Right now, I want to get you into a shower and then get us to bed…you’ve been through a lot tonight, and sex with me is not a spur of the moment occurrence. There are preparations I want to make first,” I rumbled softly as I hugged her close, meaning every word. I was almost desperate to split that pussy on my spear, but I knew that if I hurt Cassie more than necessary, I would never forgive myself. Taking her virginity with a cock thicker than her arm and almost as long would definitely hurt her without some prep work.

“Mmmmh,” Niğde Escort she whined softly, squirming a bit and squeezing my dick petulantly. “But Daddy…why can’t we have sex now?”

“Because I want that soft little cunt of yours to stay in one piece after I’m done,” I explained with a chuckle. “And because we really do need to clean up. I promise you, you do not want to let my cum sit in your hair and fur overnight…not unless you want to have to shave it off tomorrow.”

That did the trick, making Cassie wake up a little more; she’s very proud of her long black hair and even more so of her cow-fur arms and legs. She certainly looked good with them, like she was always wearing black and white stockings and long gloves; pretty fucking sexy. “So how do we clean it out, Daddy?” She asked, sufficiently interested.

“Bath,” I grunted, scooping her plump body up and pushing up onto my hooves, sighing as I felt old jizz tug on my skin and fur, muscles and testicles pleasurably sore. Cassie was still too tired to protest, curling up against my chest and nuzzling close as I carried her into my bathroom. A massive, deep bathtub filled a wall and two corners of the room, a custom job that had set me back far more than my car had; worth it, though, when it let me wash up and soak after a tiring day, or clean cum from behind my daughter’s ears. I stepped in and bumped a panel with my elbow as I knelt down, and jets all around the tub started blasting warm water across Cassie and I both. I didn’t plug the drain yet, wanting to actually get clean instead of making a cum-soup to soak in.

“Mmmm…’s nice,” Cassie said as she squirmed under the jets; I let her go into the tub, guessing correctly that the water would invigorate her and wake her up. She made me chuckle when she knelt in front of one of the jets and started trying to rinse herself off; the water made my cum soften like warm wax, but it didn’t exactly wash off.

“You could try that until dawn, babygirl, and it’s not going to help,” I chuckled, grabbing a brick of grey soap off the side of the tub. “Here,” I grunted, lathering up my hands and then spreading them over her sticky back; a few scrubs and even the half-set spunk coating her back like caramel dissolved and sloughed off, leaving her creamy skin smooth and clean.

“Ohh, that’s better, Daddy,” she mooed, leaning back into my hands and giggling a little. “Are you going to wash me every time you make me sticky?”

“I’ll have days where washing you WILL make you sticky,” I chuckled ruefully; seeing Cassie with soap suds dripping down her back was inspiring plenty of perverse thoughts, and my dick was only too happy to start drooling precum like a leaky faucet. Fortunately, the slimy substance was easier to clean off, running down the drain with the mixed water, cum, and soap that dripped off of my hands and Cassie’s back.

“Oh yeah?” She asked, looking back at me with a coy smile and licking her lips with a sultry slowness that made my mouth dry, imagining what that long tongue could do once I’d trained it. “You mean, we’ll have sex here?”

“Babygirl,” I rumbled as I steadfastly washed her back, “There’s not a room in this house, not a single piece of furniture, not a square foot of floor or wall or reasonably level surface that we won’t have sex on. But,” I said with a grin, “That’s not quite what I meant. I meant that eventually, I’m going to fill this whole bathtub with my cum and let you wash yourself in it.”

“Really?” She breathed, staring at me with her mouth open in shock. “Y-You can do that?”

I snorted and scrubbed around her shoulders. “Your mother didn’t tell you about that, eh? I’m not surprised; she usually went so crazy once I started that she barely remembered anything while it happened. Nevertheless, babygirl, I promise that I can fill this tub to overflowing, and that someday soon you will be able to completely soak yourself in it. Speaking of which,” I muttered, glancing down as more cum melted off her body, exposing black and white fur on her shoulder and the waistband of the panties she still wore. “Babygirl, we need to get you out of those…they can’t be that comfortable, with how wet they must be.”

She blinked, looked where I was looking, and gasped before laughing musically…I say musically because frankly, I could have gotten up and danced any time Cassie laughed. “Oh gods, I completely forgot about my panties! I’m so warm and tingly down there, I haven’t even thought about them!” She pushed up on her knees, slipped her sodden panties off her hips and over her round, jiggly ass, then leaned back and sat down to slide them off her legs. Behind her, I just watched in fucking awe as that juicy ass wobbled and swayed, and then plopped down on the bathtub floor, squeezed and spread, wet and sudsy…

Yeah. Priority one once she was able to take my dick was oiling her up and fucking that fat ass. It was intensely frustrating, thinking of every little thing I wanted to do with Cassie, every nasty kink and perverse twist, and still Niğde Escort Bayan having to hold them back because, well…seven foot tall deviant goat-man, five foot tall virgin cow-girl…massive dick, tight little holes…it ain’t fucking rocket science.

“Daddy?” Cassie murmured, breaking me out of my internal grumbling. “What kind of soap is this?”

“Ah!” I exclaimed, happy to have a topic to talk about that wouldn’t make me want to destroy my daughter’s body. “I sent a few samples of my sperm to a lab that makes specialty cleaners, asked for a soap that could clean it off without harming the rest of the body. And it even comes in green tea scent,” I chuckled as I refocused on washing Cassie. The soap did wonders to melt the sperm out of her fur, left thick trails of suds and bubbles and made her as slippery as a dolphin in a lube factory. I had her back and arms clean, and started working gently around her neck when she spoke.

“Mmm…I really like it. It smells like you,” she murmured, leaning her head back to let me wash over her throat, eventually scooting back to press against me. I was still smeared with my own spunk, but I sure as hell wasn’t about to try to get her away. Besides, it put me in position to start scrubbing around her sides, the plush, soft swells of her belly and waist like putty in my hands.

I have had my fair share of toned, lean women and frankly, I never really understood the appeal. So they’re healthy, and prefer to keep their bodies in fit condition; doesn’t make it any better when you don’t have shit to grab onto in bed. I’ll go for the curvy, chubby, voluptuous, FAT woman over Workout Barbie any day of the week.

“Mmmmm…that’s really good, Daddy,” Cassie hummed as I washed over her tummy, flesh spreading up between my fingers, so soft and pliant that you would never guess how strong her core really was.

“Feeling’s mutual, babygirl,” I rumbled in her ear, pulse climbing as I lathered over her pudgy midriff, trying to remind myself that I had a job to do. Of course, once I finished scrubbing the spunk off her belly, I had a whole new conundrum to deal with: reach up and scrub her breasts, or down and wash her mound? Either way, I knew my dick would take far too much interest to keep me focused on the job…but, as ever, Cassie had an idea to help, turning her head to see me once my hands paused on her waist.

“Daddy,” she murmured, shifting against my lap and sliding her slick rear against my cock, my fat length pushed over my right thigh to keep it out of the way and leaking down the drain. “If you’re worried about what’ll happen once you start washing my hot bits…why don’t I practice with my mouth, and you can wash me at the same time? I know your arms will reach, if we get in the right position.”

“Hmmm…yeah,” I replied slowly, nodding my horned head and gradually pushing up onto my knees. “Try lying down on your back with your head close to me…”

It took a minute to make happen, since neither of our hooves are really built for bathtubs and my loins took up a lot of the space she needed to move to, but we made it work. Cassie lay down on her back before me giggling and blushing as I got my knees against her shoulders, balls hanging hugely over her head, cock aiming over her, casting a long, broad shadow over her soaked body. I blocked enough of the jets to keep her from getting waterboarded, but water still fell in little falls off my sack and cock, splattering her face.

“Mmm!” She exclaimed as she let some hit her tongue, giggling louder. “It tastes better when its been on you, Daddy!”

“No surprise,” I grunted as I bent over her and started soaping up her breasts, precum drooling copiously from my tip as I cleaned her. There would be a day for fucking her fat udders, but not tonight.

She helped me by grabbing my dick and gently pulling it down, angling it until she could scoot down to reach it and then latching her lips around my tip. I had to lean forward to really make it work, but that was no hardship; it let me reach the rest of her body, and who was I to complain about a warm, tender pair of lips nursing on my pride?

I spent longer on her breasts than I needed to; wouldn’t you? Besides, I planned on sucking on them any chance I got in the future…only made sense to make sure they got niiiiiice and clean. By the time I finished, I think the only thing I could have done to make them shinier would have involved car wax and a buffer.

Cassie did not take her mouth off my dick once during the twenty minutes I swirled soap suds around her boobs, her hands controlling my cock and tracing the snaking veins that squirmed through it, her tongue swirling around and around my foreskin until I was almost dizzy with the sensation. I think it’s safe to say that she replenished the fluids she lost; she suckled down enough precum to have filled a sink. It did not help her, however, that by the time I finished, she’d started drooling from her pussy again, something I could finally see clearly after having Escort Niğde to just watch her soak her panties. I was not disappointed when I finally pried my hands off her breasts and gently pulled her thighs apart.

Just as Cassie had inherited her mother’s breast sensitivity and instinctive sperm addiction, she had also inherited her bovine sex. From without, a smooth, rosy double mound of petal-soft flesh, like a silk throw pillow folded in half and wedged between her thighs. I couldn’t resist rinsing my hands off to get a feel for her without the soap making everything uniformly smooth; pressing fingers to those bulbous lips made my cock surge inside Cassie’s mouth hard enough to make her grab it tighter to keep it there. She mooed around my tip and started sucking me harder, opening her mouth wider and pulling more of my head in, making needy, whorish slurps that tugged on skin and flesh and made my knees tremble against the tub’s floor.

Don’t lose it…you’re just washing her…wait until later, you horny motherfucker.

Whatever advice I wanted to give myself flatlined when I resolutely reloaded my hands with soap and started washing Cassie’s sex. Fuck! The softness of those outer lips alone, the elasticity of her virgin tightness! The way her lips squished and slid together, so goddamn slick with her juices! The way the damn thing FILLED my hands with its dimpled size! What the fuck had I been thinking?!? I hadn’t touched a pussy in eighteen years, and thought I could restrain myself when touching one that was fucking PERFECT?!?

My hands were squeezing at Cassie’s outer lips, soap bubbles running down her deep slit with the oils leaking out of her, my mouth watering and my dick practically streaming precum into her mouth. I didn’t mean to do it, I swear to the gods, but…my hips flexed. My cock pushed down, hard, and suddenly my whole head popped into Cassie’s mouth with a wet, loud *SCHLOCK*, crown and all, foreskin pulled back and rubbing against the backs of her teeth. She squeaked, and even without looking I knew how wide her eyes must have been, how bulged her cheeks were; a mental image that combined with the tactile bliss of a big, fat pussy in my hands and made my hips jerk again.

I was high on sensation and glorious heat. The warm, slippery tightness of Cassie’s mouth spread up my shaft, and new pressure surrounded my tip, squeezing, clenching, clamping around me; it felt familiar, but it also felt stupidly good. I grunted and pushed harder, and heard a desperate little moo that got cut off and reduced to a sticky choking sound; an alarm bell blew up in my head, but my heart was thumping in my ears like a wall of bass, and my eyes were glued onto the slippery virgin flower in front of me. I noticed Cassie’s legs starting to kick in my peripheral vision, but was too far gone to understand why.

Pressure built up until my balls felt like particle accelerators. The clenching had spread to squeeze my whole enormous head, my dick was so hard and throbbing hot, my heart was in my throat and a tense knot the size of a fire hydrant was winding tighter and tighter through my abdomen…

My eyes caught movement from Cassie’s pussy; I FELT her outer lips shiver and clench before she gushed creamy honey over my fingers. Whatever I was doing, it had made her cum.

Everything snapped at once. My hips jerked again and Cassie’s clenching engulfed the top three inches of my shaft as all the built-up pressure squeezed against me. Orgasm hit me like a rock from heaven and made me snap my head back to roar as I dumped an enormous load into Cassie’s mouth, my hands kneading tightly at her squirting pussy, my eyes finally breaking from it to watch her face as I fed her.

I couldn’t see her face; my cock was in the way, and her head had been forced back to put her mouth in line with her throat…her throat, which was bulging around the massive forms of my head and shaft. Her creamy skin was pulled so taut that I could see the ribbing of her throat pushed up around my cock, the biggest of my veins faintly visible under her skin, the whole thing rising and falling with every pulse of my dick. Smaller bulges flowed down her neck ask I force-fed huge wads of my cum to her, my cock too thick to let any flow back up to her mouth, too deep to go anywhere but down. Looking at the scene wide-eyed, a tiny voice mentioned that, considering her size and the length of my dick, I could easily sink all the way through her throat and fuck her stomach if I wanted to.

She was grabbing desperately at my cock, her legs were almost flailing, and between the loud *GLKs* and *SHLPs* that made my dick clench even harder when I heard them, I could hear her making muffled, panicked squeals as she squeezed me.


I tried to be gentle as I jerked back, but there’s really no nice way to quickly pull out of a throat; saliva and throatslop splattered from her mouth when I managed to pull out, along with a stupendous gout of cum coughed up like a half-drowned man coughing up water. I thumped down behind her, wrapped my arms beneath her shoulders, hauled her up to keep her from getting the rest of my massive orgasm dumped over her face as she choked; she grabbed at my arms and held on tightly, coughing and gasping for air with needy sobs that tugged guiltily on my heart.

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