Crowded House Ch. 01


Part One: Home is where you hang your hard on.

I share a house with my three sisters. We’re all living in the same city because we all went to the same college. My younger sister Bethany (Beth) is still attending; I’m taking a year off to work, and my older sisters, Anastasia (Ana) and Francesca (Fran). I’m Rupert Forrest III, but I go by my middle name, Jonas.

Bethany is a language studies major, Ana dropped out and became a hair stylist, I’m working on my history degree, and Fran finished in prehistoric science, which means she is working at the post office until the museum has an opening. I’m currently doing security for an office building. I do four nights a week, 12 hour shifts, watching a parking garage to make sure there aren’t any bums sleeping in the stairwells or druggies shooting up in the corners. Pretty much, I sit in a booth for 45 minutes at a time, and patrol the four floors of underground parking. It’s not very exciting, which is why I bought a laptop computer. Now I can watch movies, play games, or whatever while I’m not patrolling.

Recently, a coffee store moved into the front of the building, and they have a wireless access point, which they don’t turn off at night, so I’ve been doing some web surfing late at night. So far, I have yet to be caught looking at erotic stories late at night. I guess the coffee shop never checks with their ISP to see who is browsing what. I have to say, I’ve been fortunate so far.

In the morning, there’s usually no one home when I get back from my shift, so I can have the house to myself. I get the basic three S’s out of the way: shit, shower and shave, then I make breakfast, and go to bed. It leaves me little time for a social life, since I sleep for eight hours, and then have to get ready to go back to work. My days off are at he beginning of the week, so there’s nothing much going on for me to do besides watch TV or go to the bar and hope to get lucky. Unfortunately, I haven’t been laid in many weeks, so the internet is my outlet. I’ve sort of had a routine going now for a few months, and I was getting bored with the monotony. I guess you could say I got careless.

I came home one morning, and as was my usual routine, I went to shower, leaving my clothes in a heap outside the bathroom door. After washing and shaving, I went to fix breakfast, wearing only a bathrobe. I was surprised as I came down the stairs to see my younger sister, Bethany, sitting on the couch in the living room, my laptop open on her lap.

“What are you doing home?” I asked.

“No school today. There’s a break. I told you last week, Jonas.”

“Oh. I guess I forgot. Listen, I’m going to get something to eat and then go to bed. So you had better be quiet. Oh, and put down my computer. There’s some personal stuff on there.”

“I’ll Niğde Escort say.” Beth replied. Suddenly, a feeling of dread came over me.

“What do you mean by that?”

“Oh, I was just going to look up something, and I saw a few interesting items in your browser history.”

“Uh…listen. That’s my computer, and what I do with it is my own business. Put it down now. If you want your own, go and buy one.” I was starting to get annoyed.

“Oh, sure. I’ll put it down as soon as you explain your history to me.”

“I don’t have to explain anything, now put it down!”

“Well, I’m just curious.” Beth said, “What’s with all these stories you’ve been reading? You know, about guys and their sisters. I mean, should I be worried?”

I tried to cover. “Hey, it’s just fiction,” I said.

“Is that so? Then it won’t be a problem if I tell Fran and Ana.” She replied, trying to sound casual. I didn’t like where this was going.

“Well,” I said, trying to salvage the situation, “there’s really no need to tell them about this.”

“Oh, I don’t know Jonas. I mean, they might be concerned. I should probably let them know what you’ve been reading about.”

“Shit, Beth, you know they’d flip out. It’s just harmless fiction, you know that. It’s something to keep me awake while I’m working.”

“Yeah. About that – I wonder what your boss would say if I told her what you were doing on company time.”

“You can’t do that.” I protested. I couldn’t afford to get fired.

“I could if I wanted to.”

“But you don’t want to, right?”

“I could be persuaded.”

“How?” I asked, desperate. I knew she had me right where she wanted me. “You want me to fix you breakfast? Do your laundry, what?”

“No, you don’t have to do anything difficult. I just want you to explain a few things.”

“Uh…what do you want explained?”

“Well,” she began, coyly, “I was wondering what you liked about these stories. What makes you want to read these kinds of stories? What is it about incest that turns you on?”

I wasn’t sure how to begin, although I could feel the blood rushing to my face – among other places.

“Okay, well, how do I explain this? I guess, the fantasy of incest is so…forbidden. You know. It’s like, because it’s so off limits, it appeals to me. It’s like a wall that you want to climb, just to see what’s on the other side.” I was having trouble putting it into words.

“Uh huh. And do you think about doing it while you read these stories?”

“Well, yeah, I mean, I put myself in the characters’ places while I’m reading.”

“Do you masturbate?” Beth’s voice grew husky, filled with desire.

“Yeah. Sometimes.”

“And do you fantasize while you’re doing it?”

“Yeah,” I Niğde Escort Bayan had to answer truthfully.

“Do you fantasize about me?” Beth asked.

Suddenly, the game was going too far, and I had to put the brakes on; “Um…I’m hungry,” I said, “and tired too. Really tired. Can we do this another time?”

“Sure, Jonas. Maybe we should wait until Ana and Fran are home.”

“Beth, please. I have to work again tonight.”

“Well, we can talk about this while you make your breakfast.”

“Look, I just need some down time, okay.” It was a lame excuse and we both knew it. Beth called my bluff.

“Yeah, sure. Because your work is so challenging, you must exhaust yourself masturbating all night.”

“Look, it’s not all night, for fuck’s sake.”

“Oh? How often do you do it?” Now she was just curious.

“I really don’t want to talk about it anymore.”

“I really don’t think you have much choice here.”

“Okay. Once or twice a night. That’s it.”

“Once or twice a night? I do it more than that.”

“I didn’t need to know that, Beth.”

“Well, maybe I wanted you to know. Maybe I wanted you to know that I was masturbating while you were in the shower. Maybe I wanted you to know that I read the same kind of stories. That I think about you when I do it. That I was waiting for you to come home, and that I wanted to get in the shower with you. I’m glad you left your computer out today, because now I know that you want me too.”

“I never said that,” I protested.

“Take off your bathrobe and I’ll prove it.” She replied.


“Why not? Don’t want me to see your hard-on? I know you have one.”

I turned to go into the kitchen, but Beth followed me.

“Don’t run away from your feelings, Jonas. Show me your cock.”

“Beth, no. We shouldn’t.”

“I’ll show you mine.” She said. Before I could say anything else, she pulled her t-shirt over her head, exposing her breasts. My eyes betrayed me, fixating on her firm tits, her luscious nipples. Knowing she had my attention, she undid the drawstring on her sweats, easing them past her hips and letting them fall to the floor. She stepped out of the legs and stood before me, naked and beautiful. She was an erotic goddess, firm figured, athletic, her dark pubes trimmed into a tight V. I stared, dumbfounded, as Beth sashayed over to me, hips swaying alluringly. She stopped, her boobs inches from my chest and reached down to untie the belt holding my bathrobe closed.

My fingers were trembling, unsure of what to do, and so I was unable to stop her as she parted my robe, her fingers trailing across my chest to my shoulders, pushing the bathrobe off of me. It crumpled to the floor, but neither of us noticed. We were busy gazing Escort Niğde deeply into each other’s eyes. For a second that seemed to be an eternity, we stood there, looking into the depths of each other’s souls. And then, magically, our lips came together and we kissed. I held my eyes shut, hoping that the moment could last forever as her soft, warm lips came against mine, her body folded into my embrace, her breasts pressed into my chest as my erection pressed against her belly. Instinctively, our arms wrapped around each other, and we held each other tightly as we stood there, kissing in the middle of the kitchen. Brother and sister, we may have been, but in that moment there, we became soul mates, never to be separated.

I had never felt more alive in all my life, never more excited, never more passionate, or aroused, or invigorated. My skin veritably tingled as we stood there, naked and pressed together. Suddenly, desire awoke within me, and life came back into my limbs. My hands knew what to do, and they began to touch her, cupping her ass, running up and down her spine, pulling her face towards mine.

When at last we broke our kiss, we both knew what would happen next. Forgetting everything, we raced for my bed, where we made love, deeply and passionately. We explored each other’s bodies, discovering this person we had grown up with but never known. It was not sex, that brutish rutting for pleasure, but a coupling that was far beyond any experience we had ever shared, uniting us in a way we could never have imagined previously.

I took her like a husband for the first time, and it seemed like that’s what it was for us, the first love of marriage, for we were tied to each other. As I slipped inside her, I knew that what we had started with that kiss was irrevocable, that I was pledging myself to her and she was giving herself to me.

As I slid in and out of her, and she bucked against me, the feelings of pleasure went deeper than just the animalistic sensations of our nerves being stimulated. The sense of unity, of tying ourselves together forever added to the feelings in my hardness, the tingle in her loins. Our bodies came together like they belonged, like hand in glove, or like two puzzle pieces that fit. We both knew that it was perfect, and that as lovers, this went beyond any other experience.

The thrusting of our hips was nothing compared to the joining of our hearts. As she accepted my body inside hers, so she was accepting my life as her own. As she gave to me her body, so she gave to me her soul. And when we climaxed, it was the winding down of our lovemaking, but the very beginning of something beautiful that we would never take back.

Afterwards, when we lay there in the glow of our act, we realized what we had done. “You’re my sister.” I said.

“I know, silly.”

“What we did…” I started, but couldn’t complete the thought.

“Was beautiful.” She finished.

“Yeah.” It was all that needed to be said. We fell asleep like that, with her curled against me, her naked form wrapped around mine.

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