Curfew Too Late


“I can’t believe it’s so late,” I panted while receiving a hickey, “really, Landon I have to go.”

Raindrops hit steamy car windows. We were parked at the edge of my driveway.

“Come on, Eve. Your old man’s probably asleep anyway.” He rolled down my white knee sock, caressed my calf because he thought he ought to. His sandpaper palm made its up my naked thigh, first resting on the outside, then making a quick dart for my cotton panty clad snatch.

“Don’t.” I turned my lips away from him.

“Why?” I looked into emerald green eyes.

“Because…I just have to go, okay!” I unlocked my door and covered my braided raven locks with my college notebook. I’d lied again to Daddy and told him that Landon and I had to study for an English 1A exam.

My Mary Jane shoes plodded along brick garden stones. I hurried fast as I could. Reaching the ebony door I paused, thinking of another lie of why I was an hour over curfew. About to put the key in the lock all was lost, the door clicked open on its own.

“Shit.” I cursed under pursed lips.

“It’s late.” Daddy in his chocolate brown robe and bare feet, his dark hair was tousled, his eyes groggy.

“I’m sorry. It’s just-well we got wrapped up in studying…” I shifted my feet, twiddled a braid and bit my lip.

“You’re lying,” Daddy stood aside to let me walk in, “you know I can always tell when you’re lying.” Daddy’s voice was hushed and deep with a slight remaining English accent. “Come to the library.”

I threw my book bag to the floor, tossed my notepad on the nearby hall desk, and with my head down made my way to the library.

Daddy made his way to the bar. That was how I knew I was in trouble. He kept one bottle of scotch for these occasions. He poured himself a small glass and made his way to his favorite chair. “Are you angry?” I asked with wide eyes.

Daddy now slumped on his chair shifted Ordu Escort his feet and lay rest to them on the ottoman. He sipped generously and swallowed hard.

“What do you think, Eve?” Spoken as a question that doesn’t require an answer. He continued, “Don’t think I don’t know what you’ve been doing. Studying? Ha!”

“Daddy…” I made my way to the leather couch by the fireplace.

“Don’t interrupt.” He pushed the ottoman with his feet, closer to me and sat himself down upon it, scooting in close. “Now, I’m going to ask you a question and don’t lie, because I’ll know.”

My look down cast, I opened my knees and propped myself up on elbows to give a look of full attention.

“What is it, Daddy?” I trembled

He put a cold hand on my cheek, then suddenly took hold of a braid and pulled my ear to his mouth.

“How many have there been, Eve?” His hot breath lent a chill down my spine.

“How many what, Daddy?” I feigned innocence.

“Listen to me,” he took my braid a pulled my head down to his lap, “I’m not fucking around, do you understand me. Men. I’m talking about men that you’ve fucked. How many have there been?”

“Only one, Daddy. I swear.” My response muffled by his plush robe. “Just Landon, that’s it I swear.” I pleaded my case and could feel Daddy getting hard from underneath that chocolate robe.

“Liar!” Daddy screamed as I was pushed from his lap and landed hard back onto the couch.

“No, Daddy…really, it’s the truth.” I squirmed back in my seat as he came to me quick, with a certain determination.

“No, it’s not true, because Daddy has had you as well. That makes two by my count, doesn’t it?” “Yes.”

“I’ll ask you again. How many, Eve?” He stroked my cheek lovingly.

“Two, Daddy.” Lamely I held up two tiny fingers.

“That’s right, good girl.” His voice became soft and placating. “Now you know Ordu Escort Bayan what happens to girls who first tell lies, don’t you?”

I untied Daddy’s robe and wetted my lips, looked up with my big brown eyes. Daddy grabbed hold of my wrist and snatched my hand off the tie of his robe with a quick reprehensive touch.

“Oh, no, no, no. You don’t get it yet.” A light stinging slap was delivered to my left cheek. “Stand up.”

I stood and swung my hips back and forth like an impatient child. I felt a tingle in my pussy; it readied itself for Daddy.

“Daddy, I…” His hand came quickly down over my mouth before I could finish my sentence.

“Shhhh! Now pull your shirt up.” My white ribbed turtle neck sweater lifted, the elasticity of the band lay across my chest, my C-cup breasts too luscious in size and proportion.

Daddy pinched my nipples between cold fingers. “You like that, don’t you, you little slut.”

I nodded with chin trembling.

“You’re getting to be a big girl now. Just look at those tits.” Daddy took each one in hand and gave a light squeeze. “Daddy likes nice big tits.” Running his fingers gently over my nipples they hardened quickly under his paternal touch.

I fingered the folds of my pleats and soon lifted my skirt. My white cotton panties were nearly soaked through.

“Mmmm. Very nice.” Daddy inhaled deeply. “I can smell you, Eve. Are you nice and wet for Daddy.” He grinned like the devil.

“Yes, Daddy.” I batted my eyes, licked my lips and made motion towards my cotton clad snatch. I wanted to touch it.

“No!” Daddy slapped the top of my hand quick and severe with a snap of his wrist.

His hot palm was on my belly; his thumb ran over my clothed slit, as he pushed me back further on the leather couch.

My head I tossed back in anticipated ecstasy. I felt big hands pulling my panties down Escort Ordu over my legs and off my ankles.

“Tell me what you want, Eve.”

“You, Daddy.” My eyes closed and I felt a hard cock against my thigh.

Daddy ran two fingers up and down my pink slit, and then sucked greedily off of them. “Too fucking good. Now spread your legs wider. It’s time to fuck you.”

He grabbed hold of my hips and pulled me closer to his crotch. A look of fear crossed my face

“Shhhh,” Daddy’s voice soft and placating, “you want to make Daddy happy, now don’t you?”

A well-acted tear fell down my cheek and Daddy covered my lip-glossed mouth with his hand.

He entered, “Oh…such a good girl.”

A muffled moan escaped clasped fingers. I felt my cunt spasm around his cock.

A slap was firmly delivered to my tender inner thigh.

“Such a dirty girl,” said with a Cheshire grin, “I can feel you tightening round my cock. You’re such a ready, eager little slut.”

A hard thrust was made. The back of my head hit the hard back of the stiff leather couch. I moaned and writhed in pleasure.

“Are you gonna cum…cum nice and hard on Daddy’s cock?”

I nodded in blissful excitement.

“Daddy’s gonna fuck you really, really hard.”

I gripped the leather of the couch, my fingernails nearly tearing into it.

“That’s so fucking good.” Daddy purred and his paced quickened.

I came hard. My body tensed and just as quickly relaxed. I lay rag doll like on my father’s couch.

Through clenched teeth Daddy spoke of gratefulness, “My favorite, best little girl.” A bead of sweat fell on my stomach, and Daddy thrust all the more furiously.

My father, now spent, pulled himself out ever so slowly and lowered himself to the rug below. I made a move to straighten myself but was reprimanded fast.

“Don’t! Spread your legs, and let me see.”

I could feel cum pouring out of my well fucked, now raw cunt.

“That’s so lovely.” Daddy moved in for a closer look.

With one long stroke, his index finger ran down my slit, catching droplets of cum on his fingertips; feeding me till there was nothing left.

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