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The following is a true story, based on actual events…well, some of the facts are actually as they truly happened, and some events are based on my lustful imagination. Chris is completely real, and as true as any cyber lover can be: and Dora, as many of you know personally, lives life as honestly as small, rectangular hippy glasses will permit her to be. I would caution any of you out there to be suspicious of lovers you may meet on the Net, they may not be an honest-to-goodness Chris….so, make sure you verify that you have found…the real Dude…..


Chris began to shout as his release shot first at the back of Dora’s throat, then across his belly three or four times, when she released the head of his cock. Dora lifted her eyes and looked at Chris’ face for the first time in almost an hour. His eyes were closed and his face blissful, though his chest still heaved as his lungs sought to get enough air in his body after the shouting he had been doing.


Dora watched him a moment more, thinking two things to herself: she had only laid eyes on him an hour ago and she had not yet kissed him. She knew she would have to fix that last omission; after all, Chris had really earned it.

Dora eased out of the warm bed, being careful not to disturb Chris. He looked so peaceful and relaxed. Dora padded silently toward the small bathroom attached to his bedroom. She grabbed a peach floral kimono as she glided past the armchair in the corner, leaving the door ajar and flipped the overhead sunlamp on, thus leaving the lavatory in a warm, hazy gloom that perfectly suited her present mood. It was fairly tidy for a bachelor establishment, Dora didn’t require immaculate housekeeping, but utter filth was a distraction to lust.

Dora was throwing off the remnants of her own sexual bliss as she turned on the soft, easy spray of a warm shower, She stepped in to let the water massage and relax her face and her chest; letting the water tickle her nipples. The water caresses her belly and thighs as it runs down her legs. Yum! Dora always felt a warm shower was heaven after an orgasm.

Moments later Chris steps in behind Dora, not so much interrupting her bliss as enhancing her sensuous pleasure. He puts some toys he’s carried with him on the shower’s window ledge, and then wraps his body and his arms around Dora’ s sleek wetness.


This was his reward for all his patience. She had been totally resistance to the idea of an actual meeting, wanting to keep her fantasy Internet life separate from her real life. Even Chris knew it was prudent to protect herself, but he grew to want her uncontrollably. It was an obsession that would not die.

In another time, they would have met at a bar, or cocktail party, or even in generations before: matchmakers would have made arrangements for them to meet. Even then, Chris knew he would have been instantly attracted to her. As Chris got to know her, and Dora learned all about him, honesty had been somehow more important in the anonymity of computer messaging; Dora had, in brief moments of realism, pointed out all the drawbacks to any real relationship, either long-term or even a weekend affair.

Once she explained issues of safety and security; then she pontificated about their age differences, a little more than ten years. These were not stumbling blocks that Chris was prepared to honor. What he already knew about her, her inner beauty, her insecurities, and a strength of character she, herself, never quite acknowledged, drew him like a magnate to her.


Chris’s obsession only increased with each transmission. All of her insecurities were now pressed warmly against his body, her large breasts over flowing his hands. Her belly: not perfectly flat like a young girls, but roundly firm and fitting perfectly in his palm, not so large his fingers did not easily reach into the curly public hair on her mons. Her ass was not small, either, but the smoothly rounded bump of it ground against his own groin deliciously. Her ass provided a wonderful valley between the twin globes that massaged and caressed his thick, yet still slumbering penis.

Her hair smelled of almonds, and waved gently past her shoulders. Her skin, while not translucent like the complexion of the girls he worked out with at the gym nightly, was baby smooth to his touch. Though ten years older than himself, Chris found her more arousing than any woman he had ever held in his arms.

He moaned softly in her ear, then nuzzled the soft skin right where her shoulder met her neck, it was an especially erogenous zone she had told him about and Chris had memorized just about everything Dora had ever told him about herself and Manisa Escort how she expected to be made love to.

His expertise might not match her sexual creativity, but the lust and vigor of his youth were more than equal to the task. When Chris felt the heat emanating off her body was no longer coming from the warmth of his shower, the tits between his fingers seemed as hard as pebbles, and soft sighs escaped her lips. Chris turned Dora gently away from the spray.

Dora had a sense for what was coming, so she braced her arms on the back wall of the shower as they reversed positions.


Chris squeezed some of the almond scented scrub into his hand and started rubbing it down her back from her shoulders. He had played with the scrub briefly at home before her visit. While he had never expected her to ambush him in his own house as she had, her courage totally knocked him on his ass. He had anticipated they would meet in the future, it was inevitable, and he had prepared for her accordingly. All her favorite produces were stocked and ready for her usage in his home. She would feel how welcome she was in his life.


Chris rubbed the sandy-feeling granules into her shoulders and down her arms, briefly rubbed the backs of her hands pressed against his shower wall. He then kneeled down, to get the best view and began to rub the slightly abrasive mixture onto her lower back and hips, then over her ass. It was the most erotically tactile experience he had ever felt!!

“More”, Dora whispered. It was the first word she had spoken to him in the shower. No more seemed necessary.

Chris used both his large hands, squeezing her ass muscles with vigor and rubbing the flesh tenderly between the cheeks, gently caressing his thumbs onto the puckered flesh of her anus, but most gently there. Dora moaned deeply at this intimate massage, so Chris continued a few moments more. He was enjoying his virgin experience at least as much as Dora was and his fully erect cock bobbing in front him was the proof.

Chris rubbed up and down Dora’s thighs and calves with the cleansing grains, stopping to kiss and suck at the skin behind her knees. Her soft sighs told him she enjoy that extra bit of stimulation there, as well. When Chris reached her ankles, and made to return up leg again, Dora reached her left foot up and pushed his hand down.

So he returned to her ankle and massaged the skin more before beginning his return journey up her leg to his ultimate goal. This time Dora’s displeasure was more apparent, as well as the focus of her impatience. She slapped the pad of her foot against his chin with some force, and then left her foot gently rotating in the air in front of his face. The arch of her foot flexing slowing, her toes curling and uncurling sensuously in front of his eyes.


No. The last thing in the world that Chris would ever be was intimidated by would be Dora’s lovely, erotic body! His experience might simply be lacking a certain…finesse. He latched onto her foot not as the fulfillment of lust but as a thirsty man in the desert eyes the border of an oasis. Sharp pleasure raced through ever nerve of his body. Dora’s body shivered in anticipation.

Chris massaged first her right foot, rougher in the heel and along the top of her foot. He rubbed the pad of her foot in a circular motion, inhaling the sweet, almond scent as he rubbed. Then he rubbed each individual toe, roughly between each toe.

The warm water was sluicing off her body above him, rinsing off most of the cleansing grains. Chris lifted her left foot and massaged every inch of her bare skin. Her skin was smooth as satin everywhere his fingers touched. It was no wonder she was so soft and satiny to the touch, as if her skin had been sand blasted and the skin of a newly born baby covered her from the curve of neck to arch of her foot. She smelled like heaven, Chris knew he would never get a whiff of almonds without getting a major boner for the rest of his life!

Chris knelt in his tub, water splashing off his head and back in every direction. Her perfect pedicure (is that what girls called that foot thing?) of peach color glossy on each toe. He was caressing the last of the sand from between her toes when inspiration struck his overactive libido. He could not resist. She was just too alluring.

Chris lifted her foot higher and lowered his mouth and sucked in her clean, silky pink toes into his own wetness. He had never understood the obsession dudes had with woman’s feet, but Chris could no longer articulate a thought Manisa Escort Bayan in that direction. His own body was so tense with arousal he thought he might cum without her even touching his prick.

He licked and sucked on each individual digit, enjoying the feel of her in his mouth, using his tongue to caress the pad of each toe, running his tongue around and between each toe, lightly grazing her skin with his teeth. Chris’ breath heaved with his arousal, blowing warm breaths on her skin.

Dora was moaning steadily now. Her thighs and ass were tense with her own excitement. Chris glanced up, between her thighs and could see clearly the slick wetness that owed nothing to the shower and everything to his efforts as Dora’s lover. Her arousal and her appreciation were apparent from her moans and the very heat of her skin. The great pleasure that he was giving her.

Chris knew Dora very well now, knew what turned her on, what she had yet to experience erotically, and it aroused him like no one else had in all his young life.

Chris was no kid, but twenty-nine years old and on his own for ten years. He had a successful career and was confident at the gym (he knew his buffed physique drew admiring stares), but he had always been shy with girls. He was never quite sure what they wanted at any given moment. His experience in bed might be limited but was not totally ignorant. Dora was his savior, his mentor, his inspiration, and his goddess.

His first girlfriend, not much more experienced than he was himself, had grasped his fine erection the first time they had sex and told him to just “stick IT in”. Which Chris had done to great physical satisfaction, but leaving him wondering afterwards if that was really all there was to it. That girlfriend had never wanted much more than pure sex and at nineteen and twenty years old, Chris to, was satisfied to provide all she would take. But he was older now and he yearned for a more sophisticated palate, more refinement, and a future with a real woman.

Chris released Dora’s feet, after giving each a last, wet kiss. He leaned back on his hunches, using his big wide hands to caress up and down her calves and thighs. He could not imagine being more aroused, his pecker stretched taunt and his balls tight with a great load of anticipation.

Chris knew Dora well, from her e-mails and their cyber chats, he had masturbated to her words many times but having her here, in his own house accelerated his lust almost beyond his control. He had dreamed about making love to her, not just sex, slowly making love to this mature, experienced woman. She inspired him to new heights. He wanted to soar through the heavens with his sexy lover. He wanted to know that he had brought Dora to as perfect a release as any lover had ever brought her to.

Chris stood up behind Dora, and leaned into her body, hugging her from her dark, damp hair; nuzzling her sweet, scented ear lobe and rounded shoulder; he braced his right arm alongside her arm for support, and then reached his left hand around to Dora’s tight tits. He, gently fondled the large, plump globe, but twisted and squeezed the nips. Ohhhhhhhhh, it felt so wonderful. Chris could feel Dora’s panting breath on the backs of his hands as she shook her head from side to side. He could feel her rapidly beating heart; it pulsated right out to the tip of the nipple he held between his fingertips. Her lust fed his own, lifting him even higher.

When Chris thought he could take no more stimulation, Dora reached her left hand down, clasped her hand roughly on Chris’s left ass cheek and slammed him tightly against the back of her body! It was even more wonderful. Her smooth, silky ass ground into Chris’ belly, his curly groin hair, and his fully erect, fully engorged cock nestled tightly in the valley of her ass, which caressed every inch of his sensitive shaft.

Chris would have been thrilled to slip and slide, in the valley of her ass; until he shot his full load from just this position. It had, as a matter of fact, been a fantasy of his, to squirt his cum up her back as hard as his lust would shoot it. Chris and Dora had had a whole chat, late one night, about this fantasy of his, wanting to cum between a girl’s ass cheeks. Dora thought it sounded messy but highly erotic. She imagined the warm cum massage he could caress into her skin. Mythology said there was no better moisturizer for a woman’s skin than cum, and Dora was looking to evaluate the myth, a little consumer test, if you will.

Dora was not ready to call it a night, yet. Dora used the left hand she had free, to reach his penis from her backside to between her legs. It was not so comfortable a proposition since his stiff appendage did not take to bending gracefully. Chris squatted down a bit to match her shorter size better, and succumbed to the exquisite sensations as Dora guided the head of his cock back and forth through the channel made by her thighs and the swollen lips of her labia.

She rubbed to Escort Manisa tip of his cock, the oh-so-so-sensitive slit right on her own ultimately sensitive clit! Man and female counterparts, and like a high wattage electrical connection Chris could feel the shutter that rippled through Dora’s body and the little gush of hot fluid that squirted over the helmet of his cock. Female ejaculation! He had heard about that! For him? For his ministrations? Chris nearly released himself just from the elation that cursed through his veins.

Though her body sagged a bit against Chris’s, still Dora was not finished with Chris. She rubbed his cock head a time or two back over her still swollen clit, then back again before pressing it right into her vagina and his full shaft penetrated deep into her hot body. Dora moaned aloud, and Chris could not contain the deep rumble that erupted from his mouth. Even at a slight squat he barely felt his legs. Dora was wet and tight and her release was not long in coming. A few strokes by Chris, in and out, in real deep and out nearly to her entrance, and Dora was tightening around his cock like a vise. He could feel her breaths heaving in her lungs; he used both arms to embrace her tightly and supported himself with his forehead against the shower tiles.

His own release was just beyond his eyelids. He felt her nips pucker into stone beads and gooseflesh prickle her breasts, when Dora screeched out loud, Chris loss all sense of life outside the tight passage that enclosed his cock so lovingly.

His balls tightened right up to his body, and his cum boiled like a pressure cooker out of the head of his cock. Once, and Chris yelled “oh God”. Twice, he yelled his head off. Three times, he shot is cum into Dora, the pleasure was so damned exquisite.

Chris held onto Dora so tight, he was afraid of losing her as there was no tension in her legs. Dora was limp and Chris was all that supported her as her body collapsed in the aftermath of her release. Chris chuckled to himself; guys were the ones who were supposed to be useless at post-coital appreciation. The water in the shower had run cool, unnoticed by the two occupants, their concentration on the afterglow of their ecstasy. Dora sighed with apparent contentment. It was sufficient praise for Chris.

Chris stood up and grabbed a big, fluffy peach towel (purchased especially for Dora) that was folded on the back of the commode. He enfolded Dora lovingly in the fresh, soft towel and cradling her in his arms, he laid her on his bed.

Chris covered her with his warm comforter. He flipped the dim bedside light on and picked up the small gold bottle in the top drawer of the nightstand. Chris stationed himself at the end of the bed and threw the comforter off Dora’s feet and legs. Dora cracked her eyes open a tetchy bit and gave Chris a contented smile. What was he up to, she wondered fleetingly?

Chris grinned at his satisfied lover and poured the lotion in his palm to warm it. Rubbed his palms together, then sensuous, lustful joy of joys; Chris laid his hands on the softest, silkiest skin he had ever felt in his life.

He massaged the lotion into her feet, ankles and then up her legs. Slowly, thoroughly, methodically he caressed every inch of Dora’s legs and up to her knees and thighs. His cock (which should have been down for the night) thickened and filled with renewal.

Dora sighed as his hands reached her upper thighs and the junction with her hips. She was not fashionably skinny, no pelvic or hipbones or ribs protruded from the smooth muscles of her thoroughly feminine shape. Chris relished the silky, firm flesh under his hands. Her hips were caressed and scented with the sweet almond oil; but leading Chris to a part of her body he found unexpectedly erotic: her soft, round belly. It was a wonderful belly, the skin flawless, dipping gently into a small, perfectly oval navel.

Chris had dreamed of this moment many times. Dora had told him she was a very tactile creature, the mere touch of her skin aroused her, and Chris meant to overwhelm her senses. It was his goal and it was his joy. Her responsiveness delighted him as much as anything she did with his body. He caressed every bit of the almond oil deep into her skin.

Chris moved up to her breasts and, very gently, to the soft flesh under her arms: smoothing and massaging. Chris was already half hard and Dora sighed and moaned, arched her body so that he would know how very much she liked his ministrations. He rubbed the oil into the globes and into the areoles and the nipples of her plump and aroused breasts. God, she excited him in a way he could barely imagine being excited before meeting her. Her cyber chats intoxicated his senses, but her reality overwhelmed.

Chris’ hands moved reluctantly from the great tits that Dora was as likely to complain about as to be prideful about. Chris knew that as long as he lived he would remember the glory on her chest with lust in his heart.

He massaged almond oil into each arm, into the extra smooth skin on the underside, and especially into her elbows and each individual finger (much as he had on her toes, earlier in their shower together). Chris worked gently and methodically, never foregoing a centimeter of skin, grazing his lips across each knuckle, lovingly.

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