Dad and Son Dialogues Ch. 05


It was late when Alex Walker ascended the stairs to his bedroom. Though he’d intended to speak with Bobby about what he’d discovered in his closet, he still hadn’t found the nerve. His father would know what to do, but Alex had never had the older man’s boldness. He was always afraid of stepping over boundaries, or damaging someone’s feelings. He was much more like his mother than his father.

Bobby had gone to bed early in the evening with the excuse of completing some reading for a school assignment that he’d not turned in.

“But you’re graduating in two days, son,” Alex had queried. “Why still turning in assignments?”

“I promised Mrs. Anderson that I’d get it in, Dad. She’s okay with me getting it in late,” he spoke heading for the stairs.

After a short while, Alex went upstairs, passing Bobby’s closed room; he noticed a light coming from under the doorway. “I’ll just check on how he’s coming on the assignment,” he thought before knocking lightly on the door. “Come in,” he heard his son say from inside the room. Alex turned the knob and entered.

Bobby was propped up on his bed with his lap top open, which he promptly closed saying, “What’s up Dad?”

Immediately upon entering Alex noticed that his son was wearing the pair of very brief underwear that Bobby had asked him to order from a specialty site. “I see you’re got on your new underwear,” Alex said, while staring at the lithe young man sprawled on his bed.

“What’s wrong, Dad; why are you staring at me?”

“Uh,” Alex stammered before deciding to tell the truth, “It’s that underwear you wanted, it sure doesn’t hide very much,” he concluded with a forced chuckle. The thongs that Bobby had wanted barely covered his crotch. In fact his ball sack peeked out of the sides.

“Yeah,” Bobby replied stretching his body as though posing. “Do you like them, think they’re sexy on me?” he asked his father jokingly, twisting on his stomach to expose his butt cheeks. “Great ass, huh Dad?” the boy laughed. .

“Well,” Alex answered stammering and feeling his face redden from embarrassment, “You certainly fill them out, uh,” he searched for a word to describe his son’s big cock in the scanty shorts, “adequately, at least what there is to fill out? I didn’t realize they were so brief when we ordered them. “But I guess that’s what you wanted.”

Bobby laughingly grabbed his bulge with his hand and said, “Do you like them Dad? Did you ever wear something like this when you were young?” He looked down admiringly at his body as he spoke.

Taken back by his son’s forwardness, Alex searched for a reply while feeling his prick began rising beneath the robe he was wearing. “No son,” he replied, “I don’t think we even had clothes like that when I was young.”

“Then why don’t you get yourself a pair now Dad; with your bod you’d look great in something like these,” the boy pressed the subject.

Desperate to change the subject, Alex said, “We’ll see, I’ll have to think about that. But there is something I wanted to talk to you about son. Do you mind if I sit on the edge of the bed,” he said as he sat down attempting to hide his cock beginning to swell beneath his robe.

Bobby glanced at his dad’s hand pushing down on the edge of his bath robe, “No problem, Dad, go for it.” Cupping the bulge filling his underwear he added, “What did you want to talk about?”

It seemed to Alex that his son had intentionally shifted his position in the bed, displaying the pronounced bulge even more. The fabric around the leg opening was stretched beyond what it could contain. His son’s balls and pubic hair were partially exposed beneath the briefs.

“Are you uncomfortable talking to me when I’m like this,” Bobby’s motioned down his body.

Alex tried to cover his embarrassment by an attempting to sound casual. “Not at all, uh no, I mean of course I am, comfortable that is,” Alex knew that he was sounding awkward. In frustration with himself he blurted, “What the hell, I ordered the underwear Ordu Escort for you, you can wear anything you want around our house.. I’ve always told you that,” pausing he added, “It doesn’t matter whether I am or am not comfortable with what you’re wearing.”

“I know Dad, I know what you said. But,” he paused to think of his words, “you never go around in your underwear, you’re always completely dressed, so I’m never sure you completely approve of how I run around.”

“Of course I don’t mind, son, this is your home too, and I’ve always wanted you to be comfortable doing or saying anything around me. As far as how I dress, I’m just more modest than you.” Alex didn’t know how to explain that he loved nudity in the company of other men, but wasn’t sure how this would affect the boy.

Alex continued even though he was torn between saying ‘good night’ and leaving, or staying. He was certain that the boy was unaware of feelings his father was having when he lusted for his son.

“Anyway Bobby, that’s not what I wanted to talk to you about,” he spoke, wanted to steer the topic back to Bobby using tissues to cum on instead of underwear. He wanted any change in subject that might stop what was going on under his robe.

“Okay, Dad.”

“Well,” he paused struggling with how to begin, “I was in your room the other day and I’m just not pleased with how you’re keeping the place.” He glanced around the disordered room. He watched as Bobby slightly shrugged. “I mean Bobby, this room is your responsibility and I wish you’d learn to practice some order in here.”

Bobby sat implacably watching his father. Alex did notice that the bulge in his son’s briefs had gone down a bit.

“Okay, this is what really bothered me son, here it is.” He concentrated on watching the boy’s reaction while he spoke. “Something drew me to your closet where I found a couple of things that I hadn’t noticed before. To begin with, I noticed a chip in the dry wall on the back of the closet. Why didn’t you tell me,” he paused then blurted out, “so that I could get a repair man in here?” His voice next became more firm when he continued, “You’ve got to tell me things thing son.”

As he spoke, he placed his hand over Bobby’s thigh on the leg that was extended closest to him. Leaning toward the young man in an effort to appear serious, the charge that shot through him at the feel of the smooth skin of his son’s leg shocked him.

Bobby startled at the touch and then looking down at his father’s hand said, “I’m sorry, Dad; I’ll really try to do better in here.” He scooted his leg closer to his father and his cock began rising in his underwear again.

Alex lightly squeezed the smooth flesh over his son’s muscular thigh. “And son,” he continued, “what’s a pair of your underwear doing wadded up in your closet with, well frankly,” he hesitated, “with dried semen crusted on them.” Alex took a deep breath and at the same time, pushing down on his stiffening cock. “Why do you think we keep tissues in the hall closet; they’re for you to use?” he asked. He also could no longer take his eyes of his son’s swollen crotch.

“Oh jeeze,” Bobby said covering his face, “I forgot Dad.” The boy responded looking pleadingly at his father, “They’re not mine, Dad.” His father sat up with a start on this revelation, “They’re Marty’s,” the boy continued. “Well, I mean,” he stammered, “The underwear are mine, but the cum is Marty’s.”

Alex looked at his son incredulously. “Is there some reasonable explanation for this Bobby?” At the same time he could imagine how his own father would be laughing at this situation should he be here now. He really wanted to slide his finger under the skimpy underwear.

“Dad,” he paused before beginning to sit up in the bed and spreading his legs. The bulge in the underwear was pronounced and unavoidable. His father looked down and slowly slide his hand closer to the boy’s crotch.

“Okay, remember,” Bobby continued, “you have always said that what Ordu Escort Bayan I do in this room is my own business. Well, Marty and I jack off together after school some times. And that’s how his cum wound up on my shorts, he was looking for something to clean off himself with.” Bobby laid back giving an inviting look at his father.

Surprised by his son’s behavior but intrigued at the thought of his son and a friend masturbating, Alex said, “Of course I meant what I said, son; but you need to think of Olga having to handle that underwear with the wash. What do you think she will think, Bobby?” At the same time his finger began probing under the leg band of his son’s skimpy garment.

“That someone in this house jacks off?” Bobby responded with a grin on his face. The boy twisted his body so his head was close to his father’s leg. “Don’t you jack off sometimes, Dad?” With a slight smirk he added, “And do you always look for a tissue?” Using his finger, Bobby lightly lifted an edge of his father’s robe and peered under.

Alex shifted uncomfortably on the bed drawing his robe more tightly around him. “Sure I do sometimes son, every now and then,” he lied, he did it nightly. He couldn’t believe that he was answering his son’s question, “But I never use underwear to catch my,” pausing searching for a word, “ejaculate.” He also was aware that his prick was now completely hard from the topic and from staring at his son’s body.

“What about this, Dad,” Bobby reached and abruptly pulled the fold of his father’s robe back revealing a hard cock now sprung from its hiding. “Wow, Dad, wow look at that,” Bobby exclaimed loudly leaning upward beside his dad and looking at the uncaged erection. “Dad, wow, you’re huge,” he said as his father attempted to close his robe.

“No don’t, Dad,” the man’s son said as he held the flap secure, even pulling it more aside to reveal his father’s leg along with his cock and balls. “Please don’t hide this Dad, I want to see you down here.

Alex sat torn between the thrill of exposing himself to his son, and a feeling that this must somehow be wrong. Counter to what he felt when his own father began sexual overtures when he was Bobby’s age, he hadn’t been certain about his own son.

Raising up, Bobby he whispered in his father’s ear, “can I touch your cock Dad?”

Facing for the first time the irreversible reality of what to do next, Alex placed his hand on his son’s shoulder and looking him direct in the eyes said, “Are you sure Bobby? Are you sure you want to do this?”

“Daddy,” the boy said, “yes I want to do this. I think I’ve always wanted to do this,” as he reached for his father’s swollen rod.

Alex relaxed his grip on the robe and lay back across the bed with a deep sigh. Bobby lifted the robe open completely, revealing his dad’s erection standing upward like a mast. “Go ahead Bobby, yes you can do what you want,” he spoke covering his eyes with his arm.

His son’s fingers grasped the shaft of his dad’s bone. Bobby gave a slight whistle at the size of him. “How big is it, Dad? Have you ever measured?” the boy asked.

Realizing that it was now too late to reverse what was happening between he and his son he said, “Yeah, It’s between nine and nine and a half inches, closer to nine and a half actually.”

“Over nine inches,” the boy whispered to himself while beginning to stroke his dad’s prick, “Damn I’m jealous.” Bobby looked at his dad and said, “I want to jack you, Daddy, is that be okay?

Alex was reminded of the first time between him and his own father. How excited he became when he held his father’ cock for the first time; and what it felt like when it became hard. He hoped that Bobby was feeling something of the same right now and whispered “Yes.”

While Bobby began stroking on his father’s prick, Alex reached to grasp his son’s bulge, now threatening to tear loose from the underwear. He squeezed the cock before sliding his fingers under the fabric. Stretching Escort Ordu the leg opening aside, his pulled his sons’ engorged cock through the opening saying, “It seems that you’re pretty big yourself, son.”

“Yeah, but nothing like this one,” Bobby replied. Then he said, “Oh Dad; that feels so good when you touch me like that,” the boy spoke softly, still engrossed in stroking his dad’s hard prick.

Alex wanted to tell his son that his cock size was more like his grandfather’s prick than his. But he wasn’t willing to go there, this was still so new.

The men lay beside each other, Bobby on one elbow watching his father while he stroked him, and Alex on his back reaching to grasp his son’s hard cock with his hand. Pre-cum was discharging all over Alex’s fingers.

“I’m sorry I drip so much, Dad,” the boy said, looking at his father’s wet hand.

“That’s okay son,” he replied. “That’s a sign of youth.” Then he chucked, “Don’t worry as it will eventually slow down.”

Bobby leaned over to swipe his tongue over his father’s swollen cock head, now covered in pre-cum.. “Looks like you haven’t slowed down much Dad,” he said after his licked. “And you taste good too,” the boy added with a grin.

Alex pushed the boy’s head away from his cock, “I’m not ready for this yet, son, just keep jacking.”

Bobby was the first to say he was nearing an orgasm. “I’m getting close, Dad.”

“Go ahead when you’re ready,” was the reply, accompanied by his father stroking his son’s prick faster. “Go ahead and cum Bobby, go ahead son,” his voice faded when suddenly a shot of cum spurt over Alex’s arm landing on his bicep. Then there was another, and another, following by a stream of white discharge from his son’s penis.

The boy gyrated while moaning on the bed and continuing to squeeze on his father’s erection.

Alex began rolling his head backward with the sensation rising inside of his balls. “I’m getting close son, getting close.” Starting in his balls, then spreading upward through his cock white cum shot out of his cock head, to the exclaim of his son continuing to pound on him.

“Woah, Dad, wow, what a load,” the boy shouted while his father jerked about on the bed as more streams of hot cream shot from him. As the fluid slowed to small squirts, the boy looked down at his dad and said, “Wow, man that was spectacular,” then adding, “at least we’re alike in some ways, Dad. We bust our nuts alike. Man,” he added, “we’ve both got cum everywhere.”

Both father and son, both now spent of their excitement, continued to lie beside each other. Bobby’s head was slightly off the edge against his father’s thigh, his own shrinking cock up toward his father’s head. This time it was Alex who leaned over and kissed his son’s prick head. The sharp taste of his boy’s cum exploded over his lips when Alex’s tongue snapped out to capture the flavor. The familiar taste, though this time specific to his son, pleased him. Despite all of his misgivings, he reveled in the glory that he now felt lying beside his son.

Breaking through their silence Bobby sat upright before speaking, “Dad, I’ve been thinking.”

His father responded with “Thinking what?”

“Well,” his son sat upright saying, “you said I could have any wish I wanted for graduation, remember?”

“With reason, Bobby, yes I said that. You haven’t said anything so I thought you didn’t care.”

“Well, now I know what I want, Daddy. I want you and me, and granddad too, to all go up to the lake for a few days. We haven’t had a family fishing trip in ages. That’s what I want, Dad, to go fishing with both of you and stay up there in our cabin for a few days.” And I want to do this again with you, the boy thought to himself.

Alex lay there while he considered his son’s request. He hadn’t expected Bobby to request that his grandfather go along. He knew that offered many possibilities.

“Sure, son, sure, if that’s what you want, that’s what we’ll do.” With that he sat upright and began gathering himself to continue to his own room as he wonder what his own father will think of this turn of events. And he had a hunch that many more surprises awaited them. “Good night, my son.” Then he leaned over the bed to kiss the young man on his cheek.

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