Daddy Does Daphne


Daphne felt his big dick pound into her innocent little pussy. He lay on her back while he pressed her stomach and tits into the mattress of her bed. She felt his hot breath in her neck, while he thrust his cock in and out of her wet slit. Her pussy was getting sore: his dick might have been an average size – about six inches -but it had a big diameter, stretching Daphne’s tight cunt to the max. He was already fucking her for fifteen minutes, which made this the third time this week.

Somewhere in her mind she knew this must be wrong. Usually daddies didn’t fuck their daughters, right? Maybe she had to resist him – but she didn’t want to. Not anymore.

Her dad pulled his hard cock out of her pussy, just leaving the head of his cock at her entrance, savouring the feeling of his daughter’s lovely cunt. “Ooh, Daphne, I just love fucking your nice pussy. You make me so happy,” he said, kissing her neck. Daphne smiled. She was glad that she was able to give her daddy such pleasure. She was used to his regular visits to her bedroom at night, which usually happened three times a week, give or take a few sessions.

However, Daphne knew she didn’t start out quite this obedient. While her dad reinserted his cock into her raw-fucked pussy, her mind went back in time.

It was three months ago when this all started. A fateful night, that would change their lives completely and would turn their relationship upside down. But she knew it must have been fate, intended by a higher being maybe, because in hindsight it made perfectly good sense to her.

Daphne was a cute looking girl. Small in size – 5 feet and three inches tall, long dark blond hair, bright blue eyes with little brown dots in them. Her body had the right proportions except for her tits: she had a nice round ass, but small breasts. Her breasts were a respectable a-size, but soft and cute. She was nineteen, still attending high school, although she hated studying and wasn’t really good at it. Her talents lay somewhere else. She had been sexually active for a while and lately she started to fool around with Billy, a guy from the neighbourhood. He was her age, a bit taller, with freckles on his face. They saw each other on a regular basis, and a couple of weeks ago they had fucked for the first time. It was Billy’s first time. Daphne didn’t really enjoy it that much, since the kid didn’t know what the hell he was doing. So usually she sucked him off, which she really liked to do. Billy had a nice cock, and Daphne just loved the feeling of his boner inside her mouth.

One afternoon in January, Daphne and Billy were alone in the house. They fooled around on her parent’s bed. Daphne was naked from the waste up and Billy was totally naked. They kissed on the bed, while Daphne jerked off his cock.

“Hmm, baby, that feels great,” Billy sighed. He pinched her hard nipples. He thought her tits were too small, but he definitely liked her ass. He loved shoving his cock inside her ass-crack, making fuck movements that way. At a certain moment Daphne let go of his cock and got off the bed.

“Hey, where you going?” Billy asked.

“Just getting something to drink. All that kissing is making my mouth dry. And I want it nice wet when I go down on you.”

Billy liked that prospect. While he was alone in the room, he looked around. Daphne’s parents didn’t have good taste, or hadn’t redecorated the bedroom since the eighties. Billy started to check out the drawers, trying to find something interesting. In the third drawer he found a vibrator hidden under some panties. He took the thing out and started it. The wirring sound startled him, but the feeling made him laugh.

“What are you doing?” Daphne asked when she came back. She saw Billy with the vibrator. “Put it back, that’s my mum’s.” She put her glass on the nightstand and tried to grab it from Billy. He held it up high, so she couldn’t reach it.

“Maybe I should put it into you!” he said smiling. He threw Daphne on the bed and tried to open up her jeans. Daphne protested. “No way! That’s my mum’s. It’s been in her pussy. I don’t want it in mine. Put it back. Billy realised she was right. It probably had been in her mother’s pussy. He put the thing close to his nose, but he only smelled the rubber the vibrator was made of. Too bad.

“Man, that’s gross. You smelling it. What’s the matter with you?”

“Shut up,” Billy said angrily. “I am just curious.” He put the vibrator on the bed. Then his face cleared up. “You think your dad has got some porn?”

Daphne was shocked at first, but then remembered seeing some tapes in the closet. She got up and took a couple of them out. She figured if she and Billy watched some good porn, he might learn something.

“Yes!” Billy cheered. “Let’s go watch them.”

He took the first cassette and put it in the vcr in the corner. Billy switched the tv on, and moaning sounds were coming from the set. Daphne’s mouth dropped when she saw a young girl getting fucked by two guys in their fifties. They double Rize Escort penetrated the girl: one fucked her pussy while the other fucked her little asshole. The girl looked her age. “Wow, look at that shit,” Billy said while he started wanking his cock. Watching Billy jerk off got Daphne aroused again and she started to unbutton her jeans.

She pulled down her jeans and her panties and lay next to Billy. She inserted a finger in her pussy and pressed her thumb against her clit. “Yeah, come Daphne, fuck yourself with your fingers!” They both masturbated for a while. The girl on the screen was cumming when the guys came all over her body.

This made Daphne hot even more. And so did Billy. At one point he grabbed Daphne’s head and pulled her onto his cock. She willingly opened her mouth and sucked his cock like there was no tomorrow. While she gave Billy the best blow job he ever had, her fingers were stroking her clit and pussy. Daphne was on the verge of cumming herself and she wasn’t the only one.

Five minutes earlier her dad, Seymour, came home. He walked in the house and put the groceries away. He felt dirty and sweaty from work and decided to take a quick shower before dinner. When he walked up the stairs, he heard the sounds of a porn movie coming from his room. Instead of opening the door right away, he decided to take a peek through the key hole. He sat down on his knees and saw his daughter fingering herself while her boyfriend Billy was stroking his hard cock.

Seymour looked at his daughter’s lovely wet pussy and he got an instant hard-on. Without hesitation he pulled out his cock and started to stroke himself in the same rhythm as Billy. For Seymour a dream had come true. Since a couple of months, he had fantasies about his darling daughter. Sometimes he even stroked his cock while he fantasized about her little body. He didn’t see anything wrong in fantasizing, because it was a different thing from actually doing anything with it. But lately he was wondering how Daphne’s naked body would look like and how it would be to shove his thick cock inside her young pussy. Probably a lot better than fucking his wife, who didn’t seem to like sex a lot lately. So watching his daughter masturbate, really got Seymour hot for more.

Things got even better when Daphne started to suck on Billy’s prick. Seymour could see she had a lot of talent in that department, and he wondered what it would feel like to get sucked off by his daughter. Billy couldn’t hold it anymore, and screamed that he was cumming. This didn’t stop Daphne from sucking him and when the boy came, he filled her mouth with his cum. Seeing his daughter swallow a nice load of cum, took him over the edge too and Seymour shot his load against the door.

Seymour started to feel jealous. He wanted to be the one to be sucked. He pulled up his pants and decided to do the parental thing. He burst into the room and yelled: “What the fuck is going on in here?!” He almost gave Daphne and Billy a heart attack. Billy jumped off the bed, and started to look for his clothes in panic. His cock had shrunk to a pathetic size – you could say it was scared to death when Daphne’s dad walked in the room.

Daphne lay frozen on the bed, not sure what to do – her fingers still buried inside her cunt. “D-dad?”

Her dad switched off the porn and sternly looked at the kids. “What the hell do you think you were doing? Billy, get the fuck out of my house!” Billy nodded his head “Yessir”. He gathered his clothes and when he left the room, Seymour literally kicked his ass. “I don’t want to see you near my daughter again, you hear!” he yelled. Billy didn’t know how fast he had to run down the stairs and leave the house. Daphne pulled her fingers out of her cunt and pulled up her underwear and jeans.

“And you young lady. Go to your room, I’ll deal with you later.” Daphne started to cry and went straight to her room. Seymour sat down on his bed, and started to laugh. He would learn that little bitch a lesson, that was certain.

That night he came into her room. Daphne had spent the rest of the day in her room, not daring to go downstairs. She didn’t dare face her dad or mother for that matter. First she cried in bed, feeling miserable for being caught by her dad and his anger. When her dad didn’t come within the hour she started to read some homework, but had a hard time concentrating. When her dad finally came into her room she was exhausted with fear. Daphne sat on her bed. She wore panties and a t-shirt. Her dad sat in front of her on the bed.

“Daphne, we have to talk.”

Daphne started to cry again. “I am sorry, daddy. I…”

“Shut up. Let me speak,” Seymour said sternly. “Now, I am very angry with you because you had sex in my bedroom. Not because you had sex, but that you and Billy watched my porn and then you sucked him off on my bed.” He stopped for a moment, letting his words linger in the air. Daphne didn’t dare look at him, she intently watched her hands instead.

“Try to understand: Rize Escort Bayan a man’s porn is a private thing, not something he wants his daughter or her boyfriend to see. And look at me when I speak to you!” He held up her head by her chin. Daphne looked at him, her eyes wet with tears. Her dad caressed her cheek.

“Daphne, you are becoming a woman now. A beautiful woman. I am not mad for you having sex. Not at all. But why the hell did you do it in my and mum’s bedroom. Don’t you know she would have a heart attack if she saw you having sex before marriage? You know how she thinks about it.”

Daphne nodded. Her mother was a stuck up religious woman, who probably saw sex as a necessary evil. (Her husband could vouch for that.)

Seymour continued. “Now, I don’t mind you having sex. I am not as religious as your mum is. Sex is a natural and healthy thing. I was wondering when the moment would arrive that you’d become sexually active. It seemed to take ages…” he said while his hand lingered down her body. Daphne felt startled when she felt her dad’s hand caress her left breast.

“Daddy…what…” she started to say, but halfway through her sentence, a big moan came out of her mouth when he pinched her nipple. She looked at him: he had a look in his eyes she had never seen before – a look of pure lust. Her dad started to mould the other breast with his hands too. It was like his mind was controlled. Seymour didn’t think straight anymore. Al those months of wondering about Daphne’s body, all those nights jerking off on the fantasy of fucking his daughter, all those times his wife said she had a headache and didn’t want to fuck…it had all lead to this moment. He had reached to point of no return and his daughter was going to be the victim of that. But Seymour didn’t care.

“Yess,” he hissed. “Moan for me baby, moan for your daddy.” Seymour loved his daughter’s titties.

“Daddy, please stop. What are you doing?” Daphne tried to no avail. Seymour grabbed her t-shirt at the sides and pulled it over her head, releasing her upper body, and her small tits. “Daddy? Please stop!” Daphne pleaded. “This isn’t right!”

Her dad replied sternly “Listen! I am your dad and I know what’s good for you. You need to be punished for your indulgence and I will punish you for it, understand?” He caressed her tit with his left hand, while he shoved his right hand straight into her panties. He felt her coarse pubic hair, then her hot little pussy lips. Greedily he caressed her labia before he slipped a finger inside her pussy.

Daphne gasped when the finger entered her dry pussy. She didn’t want this, she didn’t want to be violated by her dad. She tried to push his hand away. “Daddy.. no, this ain’t right. Please stop..Please daddy.” This got Seymour mad. He grabbed her panties and practically ripped them from her mound. He was in awe when he saw Daphne’s sweet pussy exposed to him. His cock was about to burst out of his pants. He pulled at Daphne’s legs so she fell away from the wall and shoved her on her back. Then he zipped open his fly, releasing his fat cock. Daphne couldn’t believe what he was about to do, and figured he was just teasing her. Boy, was she wrong. Seymour took his pants off and lay down on top of her. Daphne tried to push him off, but he just held her hands and pushed them into the mattress.

“Now, you’ll get your punishment little lady,” Seymour hissed at his daughter. She felt his heavy body on top of her, and she felt his cock-head press against her entrance. She was dry as the sand in the desert, but that didn’t stop him. Slowly but sternly he pressed his cock-head inside his daughter’s little cunt, stretching her pussy walls to limits they’d never been before.

“ hurts…it hurts badly!” Daphne cried.

Her dad pulled out the head, but just for a second. He began to push back and then pulled out again. Everytime his cock-head went a little further inside her pussy. Seymour repeated this action until his whole cock was enveloped by his daughter’s tight cunt. She felt filled up to a hilt. Her daddy’s cock was real thick and she never had anything like it in her little cunt.

Seymour kissed his daughter on the lips. “Don’t worry baby. Just relax your muscles”

Daphne tried it one more time. “Please daddy, stop. Your cock is too big, it doesn’t fit…” But of course it was no use. Her dad started to thrust his cock in and out of her pussy. She could feel every vein on the huge cock that was splitting her open.

First she stayed dry, which made it all a painful experience. But she noticed that after a minute or so after her dad had entered her, her pussy started to moisten, making it easier for his shaft to poke inside her slit. When she finally was wet, the fucking went a lot easier. Seymour was picking up the pace and pounded into his daughter’s little pussy like there was no tomorrow.

“I am going to fuck you senseless, baby. I know you want me to,” he panted between thrusts.

Daphne Escort Rize could only reply with little pants and moans. She had never felt this way and didn’t know that fucking could feel this good. Her daddy certainly did a better job than Billy. But it was her daddy for Christ sake. How could he rape her like this? she wondered. How could it feel this good? Between his humping into her she moaned: “Daddy, daddy stop…aaah… daddy daddy…aah, stop…..aaah, daddy daddy!” This turned him on even more.

He felt Daphne’s pussy pulsating around him, holding him inside her. Her dad started to groan. “God, Daphne. Your cunt is so tight. I haven’t fucked such a tight cunt in ages. This is great. This is oooh aaah…” he moaned. He felt his balls tighten and then he released a big load inside his daughter’s cunt. He shot four salvo’s of big juicy sperm inside his daughter’s fuck hole. When she felt her father’s cum enter her, Daphne’s pussy walls contracted and a big orgasm washed over her. She cried, she screamed, she felt like her orgasm would rip her body apart.

When she regained consciousness, she still felt her daddy’s heavy body on top of her. He slipped his deflated cock out of her worn out cunt. Her pussy would feel raw for a couple of days and when it was finally healed, she would be fucked by her daddy again.

Her daddy looked lovingly into her eyes. “Are you alright Daphne? You did good baby, you did very good. Remember, mum cannot know about this. If you tell her, I will punish you hard and I will tell mom about you and Billy and the porn and she will be very mad.You’re your brother Rick can’t know about this either. He wouldn’t understand.” Daphne nodded. She had to obey, this was her father. Besides, she didn’t want her mom to know. She would certainly be mad and she probably would make Daphne marry Billy whether she wanted it or not, Daphne thought.

When her dad picked up his trousers, he kissed her on the forehead one last time. She would never forget the words he said after that. “I love you Daphne, you’re my daughter. Remember, you are mine. Everything that belongs to you is mine. You’re pussy is mine too, from now on.” Then he left her alone in the room. Alone with her mixed feelings of guilt and pleasure, alone with her pussy filled with his cum.

After that first night, he would visit her room on a regular basis. About three times a week. Usually when the wife was off working or doing some community work. He and his wife had a marriage of understanding, but the love had left it long ago. She let him inside her pussy once a week, like it was a chore. Sex between them was one of the items on the list that had to be done. Seymour’s sex-life had been miserable for a while, except for the occasional fuck with his secretary. But now that would all change. Now he did have a fresh new pussy to fuck and he loved it. And his daughter started to love it too.

The second time he fucked her, she was as defensive as the first time. She was already sleeping when he entered her room. He crawled into bed next to her and pushed her underwear down. Daphne woke up when she felt her dad’s cock push against her cunt. “Daddy, what? Oh, daddy, no…no…aaahhhh!” she sighed when his cock entered her cunt. At first she wanted to push him away, but again he held her arms with his hands and she couldn’t move. After he pounded in her for a minute or so, her resistance disappeared. She accepted the predicament she was in. After the first couple of fucks, she started to anticipate his arrival. Nowadays, she would take off her panties as soon as he entered her room. Her pussy would be wet with anticipation.

Like this night, when he walked in her room and she was lying on her stomach. She took off her panties and showed her daddy her nice round ass. He had penetrated her from behind and fucked her silly. He reinserted his cock and felt her warm cheeks press against his stomach.

“Oooh baby, I am about to cum inside your hot little cunt. I love your cunt and I love your ass too. Tomorrow I will fuck you in your ass, would you like that?”

“Yes daddy, yes. I would love that!” she replied not really sure what it meant to be fucked in the ass, but if it felt anything like the fucking they did now, she was game. The thought of fucking his daughter’s little asshole made him cum instantly. “Ooh, Daphne, I am cumming, I am cumming!” he screamed while shooting another big load inside his daughter’s womb.

“Ooh yes daddy, that was wonderful,” Daphne sighed while she turned and lay down on her back. Her dad looked at her little cunt and his sperm dripping out. “It was great baby. Did you come?” he wondered. “Almost,” she said shyly. “Oh, you must make yourself cum. We can’t leave you hanging like this,” her dad said. He refused to go down on a woman, he didn’t like to suck pussy. Daphne felt a bit odd masturbating in front of her dad. But she was so hot and so close. She started to caress her little clit and within moments she forgot all about him. She only felt the heat of her little pleasure knob. Seymour saw she was close, because her legs would stiffen everytime she had an orgasm. They would be straight then and no way to bend her legs when she came. Daphne’s cheeks flushed and then she screamed: “Ooh yeah ooh yeah!”

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