Daddy Satisfies Ch. 02


Around noon, mom walked in the front door to the house. I was in the family room aimlessly watching the television. There was nothing on the tube, except reruns, so I was suffering through. As mom walked through the family room, she dropped her luggage and dropped in the recliner.

“Oh, it’s good to be home” she said with a sigh.

“So, I’m guessing you had a bad time?” I asked while more important questions swam through my mind. Questions like, can dad and I continue having sex? Will you join us? Can I eat your pussy? Will you eat my pussy? But I did not ask those, it was way too soon.

“Yes Sandy, it was a long, boring trip” mom declared as she leaned over to take her stiletto heels off. “Where is your dad?”

“He has gone out to the garage to work out.” As I remembered him walking through the room earlier in his shorts and tee shirt. Like I’ve said, my dad is built with all the right shapes in all the right places. His rear was burned into my brain as he walked out the door towards the garage earlier.

“Hmm, that actually sounds like what I need, a good workout.” Mom said as her face was revealing her mind may have a different type of workout going on. With that said, she popped up out of the recliner and drug her luggage back to her room. She wasn’t one to worry whether her door was shut or not so I gave her a two second head start and then I followed her to her room. I stopped just outside of her room where I could see mom’s reflection in the dresser mirror.

I watched as, with her back to the mirror, she unzipped her blouse and slid it over her head. She tossed it to the bed and reached to her side and unzipped her short black skirt and slid it down her well toned legs. As it hit the floor, she stepped out and with a slight kick, sent it flying to the bed. She reached up and slowly scratched the place where the top of her skirt had just been.

My mom takes great pride in her body. She eats healthy, works out regularly, and even jogs every day. She loves being outside so, her skin tone is to die for. Here I stood, in the hall just outside my parent’s bedroom, staring at my mom’s near naked body. I couldn’t stand it any longer so I stepped into the room.

“Mom, I have a question” I said, as I stepped around their king sized bed and fell across it, facing her.

“What’s on your mind, baby?” She asked as she continued to stand in front of me. My mind was trying to stay focused as I looked at my mom standing in front of me wearing a pink, lacy bra and matching thong.

“I was thinking about laying out by the pool and wondered if you wanna join me?” As I thought of laying out beside her and getting to ogle her body, basking in the sun.

“Okay, but I want to go work out first. Then I can join you by the pool.” She said as she reached behind her and I clasped her bra. Pulling it from around her sides, she pulled it down her arms and it fell to the bed. There she stood, braless! Right in front of me! I couldn’t help but look at her perfectly shaped breasts, that did not have a tan line. She scratched her ribs where her bra was as her skin was now free from confinement. As she scratched, her nipples became almost instantly erect and she let out a muffled groan of pleasure.

I just lay there in awe. My pussy started to get wet as I stared at mom’s nipples pointing at me as if inviting me to come suck on them. As her scratch fest came to an end, she reaches her thumbs into each side of her thong and with one single tug, dropped them to the floor. Stepping out of them, she stood about a foot from my face and I was looking directly at her totally shaven pussy. She reached down, picked them up and tossed them to the bed.

She turned to the dresser, her back to me, and bent over to retrieve a set of workout clothes from the bottom drawer of her dresser. From my vantage point, I got a clear shot of her pussy lips as she bent over and I thought I could see some wetness right down the middle so her slit. As she stood up, she caught me looking at her ass and just smiled and walked into their bathroom.

I just lay there, on their bed, replaying that entire scene over in my head. I heard my mom talking to me from inside the bathroom but I could not understand her. “What mom? I can’t hear you.”

I climbed off the bed and walked to the bathroom door where I froze. My mom wasn’t talking to me at all. She was sitting on the toilet, legs spread, fingers inserted in her, now wet, pussy. My eyes bugged out and my mouth dropped open as I had a clear view of her inserting her fingers. Her head was leaning back and she was moaning softly.

“Mom” was all I could say as she brought her head back to facing me. She didn’t seem bothered by the fact that I was staring at her masturbation session as she kept pushing her two fingers in and out of her soaked lips.

“Mmm” she moaned as she had that fuck me look on her face. “Sorry baby, I couldn’t resist it. I haven’t had sex in a week and you sent me over the top Rize Escort looking at me in the bedroom.” She brought her fingers out of her pussy, stood up, and put her fingers I. Her mouth and licked them clean. Watching this, I almost came just standing there.

With that, my mom slipped her shorts on and put her shirt on. As she walked by me, her erect nipples were poking out under her thin shirt and one of them brushed against My arm. I shivered with excitement at what just happened.

Mom disappeared out of the bedroom door, heading to work out with my dad.

After what seemed like an eternity, I walked to my room and stripped. I replayed that bathroom scene in my head as I inserted two fingers in my now sopping wet pussy. It only took a few minutes of finger pumping to bring me to orgasm. After I settled down, I sucked my fingers clean thinking what my mom must taste like.

When I was finished cleaning my fingers, I went into my bathroom to get a towel. I took my towel and went out to the pool. When I got to the pool, I realized that I had forgotten to put on my bikini. I had gotten use to being without it for the past week so today just seemed like a continuum of days past. I figured, at this point, it really didn’t matter. I had seen mom, naked and masturbating, I had fucked my dad, unbeknownst to mom, so me being naked was nothing.

I spread my towel out on the deck as it would allow more of my body to get direct sunlight as well as a better view for whomever may want to see me. Before I laid down, I took the suntan oil and coated the front of my body with it, taking special care around my aching pussy and tits. As I lay on the towel, I heard the garage door begin to open so I knew that if mom or dad walked out of the garage and looked to the left through the iron fence, they would have a direct view of my body from feet to head.

My cunt began to get wetter as I thought about it. I lay there for a short time before I heard my mom say, “honey you better roll over soon or your cute pussy is going to get burned.”

Did I just hear my mom say my pussy was cute!? My mind was about to explode. “I can’t mom, I don’t have any suntan lotion on my backside” I said in a loud voice. I was hoping my dad would hear me and join my mom as she was looking at me.

“Roll over and I’ll come put lotion on you” she said as she entered the gate and walked toward me.

I hesitated to roll until mom was standing over me as I wanted her to see me up close like had with her earlier.

“Well, roll over” she said as she reached the suntan bottle which I had set right beside me at my waist.

“Thanks mom” as I rolled over on my stomach and spread my legs a little to give mom a better view of my wet pussy. Mom sat on her knees beside me as she poured suntan lotion on my back. She sat the bottle down and used both hands to rub the lotion all over my back and arms.

She picked up the bottle of lotion and repositioned herself so that she was on her knees between my legs. I had to open my legs a bit more so she would have room to apply the lotion. I felt the breeze blow between my legs as mom poured the lotion on my legs. She sat the bottle down and rubbed the lotion on my legs and as she moved up my legs, I notice she is rubbing much slower. When she got to my ass, she took the bottle in her hand and drizzled some lotion across my ass. She sat the bottle down and slowly rubbed my ass and her index finger slipped between my cheeks. Her coated fingers hesitated as they crossed the pucker hole of my ass.

When she paused at my pucker hole, she applied a small amount of pressure and I felt the tip of her finger enter. Pulling her fingertip out, she ran her fingers down further until she found the wetness of my pussy lips. Almost instantly, mom took her hand away and proclaimed, “all done.”

If she had inserted a finger in my pussy, she would have sent my into an orgasm. Alas, she didn’t. Mom stood up and stepped toward the back door to the house advising me “I’ll be right back.”

When mom came back outside, she was completely naked, minus the towel in her hand. “You don’t mind if I lay out naked with you, do you sweetie?” Mom asked as she spread her towel next to mine.

“I don’t mind at all mom” I said as I raised up on my elbows.

Mom laid down on her towel and asked “sweetie, could you return the favor and put lotion on me?”

“Sure” I said as I jumped up to grab the suntan lotion bottle. Turning to face my mom, I almost dropped the bottle when I saw her face up. “Front first?” I asked as I poured lotion into my shaky hand.

“Please sweetie?” Mom purred as she ran her fingertips lightly up and down her tanned stomach.

My mom lay before me as a flesh buffet. She has a golden tan, with no tan lines to speak of. Her nipples are small stubs that stick out about a half an inch and are surrounded by areoles that are a bit smaller than a half dollar.

I kneeled down beside her, Rize Escort Bayan sat the bottle down and began to rub the lotion on her stomach first. Gradually, I worked my courage up enough to move up between her tits just below her neck, Ever so slowly, I worked my way onto each tit with both hands.

As I rubbed and massaged each breast, mom’s stomach flexed as if she was getting off in reaction to my hand rub. I noticed that her nipples were now erect and sticking out about a half inch and much to my surprise, felt and looked exactly like mine. I did a visual comparison and sure enough mine were just as erect.

I reached for more lotion and my mom automatically spread her legs as if she knew where I was headed next. The air filled with the smell of sex and I could not determine if it was me or mom. I was on the edge as I took lotion in my hand and moved my position to between my mom’s spread legs. From here, I had a perfect view of her wet pussy. Her juices had already begun to run into the crack of her ass. It was clear that she was enjoying this.

I started at her feet and slowly worked my way to her thighs where I had to stop and put more lotion in my hand. I could has sworn I saw her roll her hips up as if to reach for my hands with her pussy. With more lotion now in my hands, I caressed her thighs as I moved closer and closer to her pussy. Just as I reached her pussy, her stomach flexed again. My thumbs were first as they glided up her pussy lips from the inside of her thighs. Up and over to her mons my thumbs traveled and as I pulled my hands back down, I let my fingers travel across her wet pussy. When I reached her mid-thigh, I paused and moved my hands back up towards her pussy. Mom immediately spread her legs more, knees out to the side. Her pussy opened like a flower ready to be picked.

I was on autopilot at this point. My pussy was aching for relief as my hands were on another woman’s pussy. I have never touched another woman’s pussy. Up my fingers went till they touched the wet flesh of mom’s pussy. My fingertips moved up and down the wet lips of her pussy and ever so slowly, my forefingers pushed into her hole.

“Oh yes” was all mom could say as she arched her back up. I didn’t want to go to far so I let my fingers slide up and down her slit as her clear liquid coated my fingers. When I reached her clit, she gasped again. Her legs widened and she rolled her hips towards me even more. At this point my pussy was dripping down onto my foot as I sat between my mom’s legs finger her pussy.

“Thank you baby” she said as I removed my fingers from her pussy. She relaxed her body and appeared to drift off to sleep. I looked over my shoulder to see if dad had been watching. When I saw he wasn’t, I brought my fingers to my nose and inhaled. It smelled exactly like me so I slipped them into my mouth and sucked then clean. The taste was exactly like my juices.

I gathered my composure, stood up and moved back to my towel, face up, where I quietly inserted my previously wet fingers into my soaked pussy. I had to have some relief.

Inserting my two fingers and finding my g spot was all it took. My body began to shake and my mind seemed to explode with ecstasy.

As I came down from my orgasmic rush, I looked over at my mom and she was looking at me smiling. “Doesn’t that feel wonderful?” she asked.

“How long were you watching me?” Fear gripping my emotions.

“Long enough to make me hot, again”

I knew I had made her hot the first time but watching me did it for her again? As quickly as she said it, she reached for my hand. I hadn’t taken my fingers out of my pussy so you can imagine the look on my face when she pulled them out and stuck them into her mouth.

“Mmm sweetie, we taste alike” mom whispered as she continued to suck my fingers. After the cleaning was over, she took my hand and placed it on my stomach. As she released my hand she took hers and moved down to my pussy and let her middle finger enter me. I gasped as I felt her go straight for my clit.

“Oh God” was all that could get out of my mouth as I then bit my lower lip. Mom was quick and I was cumming almost immediately. As quick as she started, she quit and laid back down on her towel. I was left to settle my body twitches down. Soon both of us were fast asleep.

We were awakened to splashes in the pool. Dad had jumped in and began splashing water on us. It felt wonderful and cold at the same time. Mom and I scrambled to our feet, I had forgotten that I was naked till I stood up only to try to cover with my hands.

“What’s with the hand cover? We’ve both seen you naked before.” Dad exclaimed. Good thing he didn’t say how recently or how naked. Mom agreed so I slowly dropped my hands. It felt kinda strange being totally naked in front of both parents but also kinda freeing as well. No longer did I have to really worry about covering up in front of either of them.

My once non-nudist family Escort Rize was now all nude and playing together in the pool. Wow, I like this change. Now I had to work on being next to my dad without mom freaking out and ending this fun.

“I’m gonna get you for that” and I jumped into the pool towards my dad. I landed a few feet away from him as he began to move back from me as if to run away.

“Can’t catch me!” He said as he turned away and tried to swim away. I leaped when I felt my feet hit the pool floor and landed on dad’s back, wrapping my arms around him.

“Gotcha” I shouted so he could hear me over the water splashes. I felt my tits against his back as dad reached down, feeling for my legs from behind. It was as if he was trying to put me on his back, piggyback style. I raised my legs to meet his hands and he wrapped them around his waist. I felt my bare pussy push against his lower back. He swung us around a few times and I held on tight. I pressed my tits tight against his back and ground my pussy hard into his lower back.

When he stopped, we were facing mom who had a grin on her face. “What am I going to do with you two?” she said. Her hands were on her hips as she watched our silliness. As dad stood still, I sank down his lower back a bit only to realize that he didn’t have on any trunks!

Mom walked around the pool to the shallow end and sat on the step that was just under the water. “Are you going to just sit there or are you going to ride him?” Mom asked.

I wasn’t sure what she meant but to keep it fun I tightened my grip on my dad’s waist, raised myself up and motioned to move on like you would on a real horse. Dad obliged and we were off. I noticed when I spurred him to start, dad was sporting a full erection. He didn’t try to hide it as he started moving around the pool.

Mom laughed as I rode dad like a horse around the pool. I kept my feet on dad’s hug erection and pumped them as I bounced on his back. Mom never noticed as she grew bored of watching, grabbed a float and before long was floating in the pool, absorbing the sun totally naked. Dad slowed his pace so I slowed my pace on his cock. We paused at mom’s float and dad reached over and gave mom a slow kiss. When they broke off, I let go of dad and before I could get far, he reached for me and brought me to him, face to face.

Dad hugged me and told me that I was a great daughter. As he hugged me, I felt his erection slip right up in my pussy with one try. He buried his cock all the way up in me. My head jolted back in shock and I immediately looked at mom to see if she noticed. Mom was floating away and hadn’t noticed a thing. Dad began slow fucking me as we continued to twirl around in the pool. At one point, I thought mom was watching but she never moved.

I could feel my orgasm building and I didn’t want to stop but I knew if I did have an orgasm, mom would know it. I felt dad’s cock swelling inside me and I knew he was close too. What to do?

“Hold your breath” dad said as he raised us up a little. I breathed deep, held it, then we went under the water. At that very moment, we both came. It was amazing. We stayed under for what seemed like forever but it was only for like thirty seconds. When we surfaced, we both sucked in fresh air as we had used the good air on the orgasms.

Mom said “are you two trying to break your old record?”

I didn’t know we had one but I said “sure we are but we may have to try some more. I don’t think that one did it.”

“Whatever” she said as she turned over on the float and entered the water. Mom stayed in the water for a few minutes then returned to the float, other side up.

“You want to try that some more and try to best our old record?” I asked with that look in my eyes.

“Let me rest a minute then we will try” dad said as a shit eating grin crossed his face.

“I’ll be right back, you rest” I said as I walked to the shallow end and stepped out of the pool. I was hoping mom wasn’t looking as dad’s cum was oozing out of my pussy and down my leg. I hurried into the house, reached down and wiped his cum on my hand and eagerly ate it.

After cleaning out my pussy, I returned to the pool to find mom riding dad much like I was,face to face. I was jealous as mom rode dad and I knew what they were doing.

“Should I leave you two alone?” I asked as I approached the pool.

“No sweetie, come on in. I’m just taking care of my man.” She said as I saw her raise and lower herself on dad’s wonderful cock.

I entered the pool but left some distance between so they could have some privacy. Mom had great control as she talked to dad while riding him. It was pretty cool to watch.

“Come here baby, I want you to show you something” mom said as she motioned me over.

I moved slowly and kept my head just out of the water in an attempt to prevent looking down at the act in process. Mom reached for my hand and pulled me closer.

“Feel this” as she pulled my hand down to meet where she and dad were joined at their sex. Dad pulled almost out of mom and my hand wrapped around his cock. “How does that feel?” She said, staring into my eyes.

“Umm, it…feels…hard…?” I said not knowing what else to say.

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