Daddy’s Angel Ch. 2


It’s been a couple of days since I saw my daughter masturbate. My wife was going to be out of town for a couple of days. On a “business trip”, which I didn’t believe for a second. But I didn’t really care about that right now.

My daughter prances around in just tank tops and underwear. Her PJs. I get hard just watching her! But I don’t have the nerve to tell her to but something less revealing on. And frankly I don’t want to do to that. I want her to have less on.

I plan out what I am going to do. Not sharing with no one. Not giving any hints about what I am going to do.

My wife finally leaves the next day, I rub my hands together and grin. I wait until night and know my daughter is in her room. She usually gets a drink or something before going to bed. So I pop in a porn, a fave of mine. One with two girls and a guy having a threesome.

I sit on the couch with my cock out in my hands. I hear the tell tale sound of my daughter coming down the stairs. Mersin Escort But she doesn’t come down all the way. She stops half way down. I want to take a peak at her, but then that might give me away.

I continue to stroke my cock as I watch the movie, and my daughter watches me. I groan softly, resting my head back against the couch. I repeat the same things as I did last time. But this time I said my daughters name softly. “Oh yeah Sarah, that’s how to suck daddy’s cock. How did you become so good?” I grin to myself as I hear a little gasp come from the stairs. Then I hear a cough and footsteps coming down the stairs.

I seemed shocked as I see my daughter and try to cover myself up. She took one look at me then went into the kitchen. I put my cock away and followed her, hoping to explain things to her.

“Sarah, I am sorry about what you saw. I didn’t mean for you to. But it is perfectly natural to think of people while playing with Mersin Escort Bayan yourself. And you… are just to beautiful.” I tried to look ashamed.

She bought it. She came over to me and wrapped her arms around me, pressing her hips into mine. “Oh daddy. It’s okay, I know about these things.” Or did she buy it? Why is she pressing into me. Surely she can feel my hard meat on her.

I look down at my daughter wrapping my arms around her. She surprises me with what comes out of her mouth next. “Oh daddy. You are so hard! Can I help you with it!?” With that she goes down on her knees, unzipping my pants and sliding them down my hips. My hard cock springs out and seems to point straight at her face. To my utter amazement she starts to lick the slit, precum oozing out.

I wonder who is seducing who now. But you cares, I am getting what I wanted. And it seems what she wanted too.

I run my hands through her hair as she starts Escort Mersin to suck on my head, her tongue rubbing the underneath. I can feel my balls tightening, and I calm myself. This has just started, no need going and blowing my load so fast.

She starts to take more and more of me into her mouth, her hand squeezing my balls. My cock gets to her throat and slides down, choking her a bit. She does not stop. I think she wants something. Maybe… my cum?

I grin down at her and start to fuck her face, then I moan out, arching as I shoot my warm seed down her throat. I grin in amazement as she swallows everything.

“My baby girl. That was sweet, and you swallowed all of daddy’s cum. Do you want more, Sarah?” I speak softly, panting a bit still.

At the moment, a car pulls into the driveway. ‘Oh no I think. That sounds like my wife’s car.’ “Sarah hurry up back into your room!” I scramble to pull my pants back up and go back into the living room. I switch on the news and I hear Sarah slam the door.

Someone walks into the door. But let me tell you it is not my wife.

I want to spread this out a bit. I’m sorry if its not long enough! And I want to thank the people for their feedback! I am doing this for you guys.

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