Daddy’s Home Ch. 06


Ch. 06: The Naughty One

Disclaimer: All characters are 18 or older.

The guest room’s silver doorknob turned, and the heavy door swung open wide. The scent of pure sex rolled out of the room like fog, freed from it’s cage, and poured itself into the hallway, rolling around the legs of the powerful figure that loomed in the door frame. Richard cut an imposing silhouette, with the light behind him, his long shadow falling across the carpet of the hallway and onto the opposite wall, concealing his features in darkness. As he stepped through the portal into the hall, the lighting began to even out, and one could see his thick, powerful slabs of rippling muscle, only further emphasized by the sheen of sweat covering his body. Between his legs swung a fearsome monster, only half-hard and still more than a foot long, struggling to support itself it’s own immense weight. The titanic shaft gleamed with the juices of the peacefully slumbering petite teen not fifteen feet behind him, her swollen womb still swimming with a gallon of potent baby-batter. He’d certainly enjoyed their intense fuck, but he shifted his attention to the task at hand, to do the same for three more girls before the day’s end. His member lurched with it’s approval of the plan.

He turned for the stairs and began to stride forward, long, confident strides quickly eating up the distance to his next target. He had to admit, he was somewhat curious as to what the girls had all been doing while he was occupied with Aiko. Almost as though to answer his unspoken question, a faint and curious sound met his ears, one he almost recognized. He paused, listening intently for the source of it for a long moment before it came to his ears once again. He turned, his previous haste forgotten as curiosity overtook him, eyes looking on the door to his daughter’s room, a sliver of light escaping into the windowless hall through the tiny gap between door and door frame. His brows furrowed as he tried to place the sound he was hearing, it was just too quiet to place it but he knew he recognized it somehow. He reached out, pushing the door open just a little bit wider. A scent rolled out to meet him, a familiar scent, but one just as unrecognizable as that odd sound. Speaking of the sound, it definitely got louder as the door opened. And now there was a new sound, a hum that rose and fell in volume, a rhythmic pulsing. He puzzled at that for a moment, before curiosity got the better of him and he pushed the door open wide enough to stick his head in.

Sam’s room was a familiar sight to him, but the intense look was shocking to many when the first laid eyes upon it. Rich was not usually one to approve of extravagant decorating, but his little girl had managed to avoid his usual objections by wearing him down for each piece one at a time. By the time he’d seen it all coming together, he room was already the ultimate goth scene. At first, she’d begged for the paint to redo her walls into their current shade of deep purple, promising to do the painting herself. She’d only asked for his help with the edges, but soon enough he’d taken over the job while she was off at school. Then she’d wanted to redo the ceiling, to black, and this time carried through on her promise to do it herself, only to drip paint on the carpet. Since if needed to be replaced anyway, she’d found just the perfect pattern to do it, a deep, plush black carpet with little purple flowers. Well, they were supposed to be flowers, they really just looked like spots as soon as they got stepped on. Then piece by piece, all her furniture had needed replacing, but she had found a great place that offered trade-ins, and had the most beautiful sets of deep ebony, ornate furniture, for a ‘great deal’. He had to admit, the pure black popped out surprisingly nicely against the purple walls. The final piece had been her bed, a massive ebony four-poster bed she’d dug up on the internet, going free to anybody who could come and get it out of some old dead lady’s creepy house. She’d made a black mesh canopy for it, and had managed to use the puppy-dog eyes to get him to buy her the purple silk sheets for it. Since then she’d kept adding details, painting black abstract patterns and shapes onto the solid purple walls. All told, it was an impressively dark abode for such a cheerful girl, but she’d always been fond of the goth style for some inexplicable reason. He never really got it, and while he had to admit he wasn’t happy about the tricks she pulled to get it, she was his little angel, and he was helpless to do anything but love her. As he glanced around the room, he noted that the closet was open for some reason, all the stuff emptied out of it and piled on either side of it. But what he saw next made him forget his curiosity on that particular point.

Anna stood at the edge of the bed, her back to him, fully dressed, if one could call that barely-there outfit dressed. She stood out amid the darkness like a beacon, every aspect of her bright against the purple and black. From her shimmering copper hair, her pale, Muğla Escort freckle-dusted skin, that tied-up white top, the micro-mini plaid skirt that stopped just short of covering her entire pale rear, to those delectable legs, emphasized by the pure white thigh-high stockings that could in no way be considered to meet up with that skirt, baring a lovely look at her tender, creamy thighs. As his gaze lingered, his eyes took note the her hips were rocking, that tiny skirt lifting and falling in time with the sound of the hum, each movement causing that pale, flawless derriere to wax and wane before his eyes. A sudden movement drew his eyes down, and he finally took note of a second pair of legs, these wrapped in black, lacy stockings, and twitched with each movement of Anna’s hips. As the sound came once again, all the pieces fell into place, and a grin spread across his face. That mysterious sound was a whimper he’d heard just the night before, the sound his little girl made when holding back an orgasm. Judging from the volume, she had buried her face in one of her pillows to muffle the noise. The mysterious hum was obvious once he saw the edge of a little black strap on Anna’s rear. He couldn’t tell what exactly it was, but from what he knew of Anna, it was probably pretty big. And the unfamiliar scent wasn’t unfamiliar at all, simply missing a common ingredient. It was the scent of sex, female juices, sweat, and arousal, but without the masculine musk he usually associated with it. It was the smell of girl-on-girl, one he’d never had the chance to enjoy before this moment.

By the time his mind had finished processing the intensely erotic display of womanly passion, his meaty member had once more returned to its full hardness, an unbreakable rod of diamond-hard cock. The fat, gleaming head once more rose skyward, the purple crown atop a pillar of manhood that knew no equal. The shaft pulsed with his heartbeat, the thick veins that supplied the beast straining as they struggled to keep up with the demand. He felt it practically pulling him toward the two of them, like a lewd divining rod, hot on the trail of a well to bore. His smile grew more wicked as he fought back the urge, deciding to play things cool for the moment. He leaned to one side, shoulder against the door frame, his massive arms crossing over his broad chest. He waited for a few seconds, enjoying the sight of that peachy, pale posterior pumping a powerful pulsing prong into perfect pink pussy, than broke his silence by clearing his throat.

The two girls visibly jumped at the sudden noise. Anna twisted her torso to look for the source of the sound, but the awkward angle and the undeniable momentum of her bra-less, basketball-sized tits conspired against her balance. She tipped, her hips twisting instinctively to try to get her legs underneath her, but they weren’t fast enough, and she spilled to the ground with an undignified thump, landing sprawled on the plush black-and-purple carpeting. The sudden hip-swing and ensuing fall had mercilessly misused the foot-long, knobby shaft of plastic that still buzzed and wiggled lewdly where it was attached to Anna’s hips, and had roughly dragged the bulbous beast from Sam’s glistening slit, in turn dragging a ragged, trembling moan from her throat as she came suddenly. Her body shivered for a long moment even as Anna picked herself back up from the spill, eyes wide with panic.

Rich’s face betrayed no emotion. “Am I… interrupting something?” He asked sarcastically as he pushed off from the door frame and sauntered into the room, with slow, deliberate steps. Anna looked frightened as she pushed herself up from the ground and struggled to get at the switch to turn off the strap-on vibe. Sam still trembled as she tried to push herself up off the bed, turning to look at her father. “D-Daddy, we were- I just-” She stammered out, nervously, still weak with shocks of pleasure. Rich settled himself down on the bed, holding up a hand for silence. “Don’t start. I’m quite upset with you, Sam.” He spoke, looking quite stern. Anna began to edge her way toward the door as subtly as possible. Sam’s lip trembled. This wasn’t how she’d wanted to let him know about how far the two of them had gone, but this wasn’t how she’d expected him to react, regardless of how the news broke. Rich’s hand rose high suddenly, and his muscles flexed as it came down, delivering a stinging slap to his daughter’s rear, right over the strap of her garter, leaving a reddened hand-print on her pale cheek. “Well, envious, really.” He explained, dropping his mask of disapproval as his face split into a grin. Sam felt as though a great weight had lifted off her shoulders, and let out a sigh as tension faded away. Anna looked visibly relieved. She’d had a few bad experiences of hooking up with girls who had less progressive parents. Ever since the one family tried to get an exorcism done on her, she’d been a little jumpy about her preferences being discovered.

Rich cleaned in and planted a soft kiss on Sam’s forehead, a moment Muğla Escort Bayan of pure affection before his hand once more returned to her reddened rear, gently kneading the flesh. “I’m fine with whatever you two want to do with each other, and to be perfectly honest, it’s hot as hell to watch. I do have some questions, but they can wait. First things first, I think somebody needs to be punished for not telling me about all this.” He grinned wickedly, his fingers creeping down between her thighs, his long digit running over her over-sensitive folds as the last of her orgasm faded away. Sam wiggled under his touch, but was still too weak to move much. “Daddy…” she pouted as the too-sharp sensations shot through her body from her hips. Anna’s eyes were now tightly focused on the scene of his thick digits as they teased her trembling pink lips. It was a deliciously naughty view, and the tip of her tongue subconsciously slipped out to wet her own lips. Richard’s eyes glanced to Anna. “And I think I know just the girl to help with it…” He commented, gesturing the redhead to come up on the bed. Anna’s eyebrows arced in a bit of surprise at the invitation. But surprised as she was, it was a pretty appealing invitation, and she wasn’t going to pass on it. She hurriedly unhooked the straps of the strap-on vibrator and cast it aside as she made her way up onto the lavender silk sheets. “With pleasure, ‘Master~’.” She giggled as her own hand came to rest upon the reddened bubble of Sam’s tasty rear. Rich looked curiously at the teen, as his fingers made tiny motions over his daughter’s sensitive folds. Sam squirmed under the delicate, teasing touches on her oversensitive slit, letting out whimpers as the merciless teasing continued. Anna simply giggled once more, giving him a knowing grin. “Nothing…”

Somehow, rich wasn’t quite convinced, but at the moment, he had bigger things on his mind. As Anna’s hand joined his on Sam’s plump bubble but, he smirked. He leaned down to Sam’s head and whispered hotly into her ear as his finger curled deeper into her tender slit, pushing the digit into her honeypot to the second knuckle. Her back arched as she let out a sharp gasp at the sudden penetration. He grinned wickedly, straightening back up once again, and turning his gaze back to Anna. “Ready to get the punishment started?” He asked. Anna bit her plump pink lip and gave a nod. Rich slowly pulled his invading finger from Sam’s trembling snatch and raised it up, the blunt digit glistening with juices, and offered it to the naughty redhead. With a saucy grin, she opened her mouth, pulling the finger into her mouth, her tongue rolling all around it, savoring sam’s savory juices as she sucked it clean for Rich.

Rich let the girl enjoy his finger for a half a moment, steering it around her mouth to let her taste all of it. But when it slipped into her cheek, suddenly, he curled the digit, and pinned the girl’s lip between thumb and forefinger. Anna’s eyes widened, and rich’s grin grew yet more wicked. “Punishment for the naughty little slut who’s been fooling around with my little girl, that is.” He clarified. With his grip on her cheek, he steered the helpless teen from her seat until she was laying back, keeping her pinned there as Sam pushed herself to her knees and moved over, gathering her wrists one by one. Once that was done, she pulled them up above the redhead’s head and pinned them to the sheets there. As he saw the pin complete, he pulled his fingers from her plump lips, freeing her to speak as he looked down upon his new captive with a satisfied smirk.

Anna pouted as the trap was sprung. “No fair~!” she whined, pulling at the pin on her hands. “I guess I should have expected this from you, ‘Master’.” she added with a little barb of spite. Rich shook his head. “Alright, now I gotta know, what’s this about ‘master’?” He asked, looking up to his daughter. Sam’s face flushed with a bit of embarrassment. “Sorry daddy… I couldn’t resist a peek.” She confessed, and gave a nod toward the closet. Rich’s eyes followed hers, and with a new angle on it, he could see all the way to the back. The stuff had been cleared out of the closet to make a path to the back, the clothes pushed to one side or the other to expose a hidden access panel. The panel was pushed open, just a bit, and on the other side one could see the darkness of the guest room’s closet. Anna smirked teasingly. “We saw all~ the good stuff. You’re a dirty old man, aren’t you, Dick, teasing an innocent little thing like Aiko, making her call you ‘master’, fucking your own daughter… Makes me wonder what you’ve got in store for little old me…” she taunted, a glint of eagerness in her eyes.

He leaned in for a moment. “Nice try, but I’m not gonna get distracted that easy. I’ve gotta pay you back for getting to taste my little girl before me.” he commented, reaching forward with a massive hand to cup one massive, pale tit, barely contained by the tight white top. His fingers roamed that enormous mound until the closed upon the thick, Escort Muğla hard pebble atop the peak, teasingly pinching and tweaking the sensitive bud and drawing a gasp from the prisoner. He shifted where he sat, throwing a leg over her to straddle her slender waist, kneeling over her prone form as she wiggled helplessly. His hands remained upon those mouth-watering mounds, constantly teasing the sensitive pillows. “Not to mention payback for all those years of teasing me with these huge knockers.” He added, punctuating the statement by roughly squeezing those enormous spheres.

Anna giggled slyly. “Why, Dick, I thought you hadn’t noticed!” she commented, wiggling her shoulders slightly, the tiny movement translating to an enormous wobble in those mountainous mammaries, making them jiggle alluringly in his hands. “It certainly took you long enough to act on it! How many years have I been wearing those enormous tees to Sam’s sleepovers? You remember them, don’t you? The ones that are all stretched out, with the neckline that goes so deep, the ones just long enough to fail to cover my panties… so loose that every time I bent over, you could see every~ inch of cleavage…” She recalled, pushing out her chest to jog his memory. “And to think, all it took was one well-placed beer bottle… If I’d known that was all it took, I’d have done it years ago.” She added, still smirking.

Rich’s mighty shaft pulsed as memories flooded to mind, images of those loose tees, all the teasing that was so obvious in hindsight. Thoughts of lust he’d long repressed in the interest of being a good father. But now, he was free of the restrictions he’d placed on himself, free to act on every erotic fantasy he’d ever struggled to contain. He growled with lust, eyes locked on that deep valley of creamy, freckled cleavage. A grin crossed his features, and one strong hand reached down. He took hold of the knot that bound her top together into the makeshift pushup bra it was at the moment, and pulled it up toward him, his muscles bulging with power. The fabric strained, compressing those bountiful breasts together and creating a perfect channel. He shifted his hips, aiming his monstrous weapon down and thrusting forward, driving the monstrous, meaty shaft into the valley of her tits. It was an incredible sensation, a soft, tight tunnel of flesh, pressing hard around his beastly pole, and he groaned with the pleasure of it.

Anna gave a saucy grin. “Ooh, you like that, huh? You like the feel of my big, juicy titties on that big, fat cock?” She asked, teasingly. Rich grunted an affirmative, pausing for a moment to shuffle his knees forward for a better angle. Anna smirked, rolling her shoulders, making her titanic sweater-puppies wobble wildly against his iron shaft. “Mmmm… You’re so hot and thick between my tits… Much bigger than the boys in school.” With his new position, he pushed forward once again, driving his monster into the fleshy valley until his churning balls slapped against the lower slopes of her tits and the fat, purple crown pushed free of the chasm, driving forward until it hovered just above her plush, pillowy lips. Her eyes crossed slightly as they tried to focus on the bulbous knob, lips parting wordlessly in surprise. Rich grinned at her stunned silence. “No commentary?” He teased. Anna swallowed. “Nobody’s ever gone all the way through… They always get buried…” She breathed out, her words hot on the purple tip, coming forth like she was in a trance. Rich grinned to himself, and flexed, making the beastly log jump between her mounds once before he started to slowly saw the fat shaft through her creamy tits. Anna’s eyes followed the pulsing head, almost as though she was hypnotized. “Nobody’s ever made it out… not even coach Black could reach my lips…” She muttered softly.

Rich began to work his hips back and forth, sawing the mighty shaft back until those pillowy mounds threatened to swallow it, then driving forward once again, making her monstrous melons wobble and shake as his hips slapped into them with each buck of his hips. Anna’s tongue slid from her mouth almost subconsciously, delicately flicking over the swollen knob at first, each touch of tongue to shaft grew longer, more intense, and soon she was lavishing long, lusty slurps upon the angry purple tip each time it came close. As his thrusts grew faster, her breath became hotter and more ragged with lust, and his grip on the knot of her top tightened, pulling at it until the fabric strained from the pressure on her titanic tits, tightening the channel of tit-flesh he fucked through. The lusty titfuck went on like this for what seemed like ages, lips, tongue, cock, and tits all coming together in a lewd waltz. But as the climax approached, and he tightened his grip one final time, there was a ripping sound, and he found himself holding the knot that had once held her top together. Looking down, he was witness to a rare sight, the enormous, pale mounds of Anna’s chest spilling out from the confines of the now-useless top, an ocean of tit-flesh, the orbs crowned with fat pink nipples that drew ragged shapes in the air as they wobbled their way apart. Anna only seemed to notice the change in wardrobe once the crown she slurped at sprang up, out of her lips, the pressure of her orbs no longer keeping it in place.

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