Daddy’s Little Girl Ch. 03


It was nice to be home eating dinner as a family after a long week at work. Our daughter was on a break from school for the summer, and we all seemed to be growing closer as a family. Things have been great for my wife at work, and she has also been very satisfied with our sex lives and just seemed to be in a good place. Even though I was ashamed of some of the things my daughter and I were keeping secret, I was happy that we were closer as a family than we had ever been.

“How was work Dad?” My daughter asked.

“It was ok baby, just the usual stuff I guess, but I will be going to Las Vegas next Friday for six days, to meet with another firm about a possible merger. There are consecutive meetings through the week depending on how much progress is made, but I’m just hoping the weather won’t be too hot.” I said.

“Las Vegas? You’re so lucky Daddy. Why don’t you take me with you?” My daughter asked wide-eyed and giddy.

“Well, we could make a family trip out of it if it’s ok with your mom,” I said, inviting both of them.

“I think that would be great. I have at least the weekend free. Lets do it. We need it.” My wife said.

“Yay, Oh… Emm…Geeee. Going to Vegas!” My daughter said.

“Don’t get too excited. It might be a little boring.” I said.

“Can we stay at a hotel that has pool parties at least? A friend from school told me about one that has frozen towels and poolside massages.” She said.

“The hotel has already been chosen for both firms, and while I don’t think they have frozen towels, they do have a very nice pool,” I said, smiling.

“It’s probably not even as nice as hours, but I’m bringing my new bikini!” She said.

“It will be a nice trip. I’ll check my calendar and give your dad the dates I can be there.” Mom said.

The following week went by quickly. I arranged to drive to Las Vegas with my daughter on Friday, and my wife would fly in later that evening after work and stay for the weekend and fly back home on Sunday night. I would then attend the first meeting on Monday, another on Tuesday and possibly a third on Wednesday, and my daughter and I would drive back on Thursday early morning.

I always prefer to avoid airports when possible, and I love the open road and anything involving a road trip, even a short one from the Laguna Hills to Las Vegas. I had made the trip before many times and knew the road well.

I packed up the car and got an early start. My daughter slept for the first few hours and woke up about two hours into the trip.

“Can we stop? I need to pee.” She said.

A few minutes later I pulled off the freeway onto an exit that had the usual mix of gas stations and fast food establishments. She went to pee, and I topped off the tank and also took a break to the facilities.

Back in the car drinking high priced bottled water my daughter said.

“Dad. Can I ask you something?”

“Sure Baby. What is it?” I said, praying it wasn’t that she wanted to tell mom or her friends what we had been doing, a thought that had been weighing heavily on my conscience.

“Is taking a girl’s virginity gross for guys?” She asked.

“Of course, not baby, it’s a very natural normal thing. For many guys it is an extremely powerful and erotic thing. Why would you think that?” I asked.

“Can you not use the word ‘erotic’ dad? It’s kinda weird. Ok, I have to tell you something, but promise me you’re not going to say anything.” She said.

“I promise,” I said, looking out her outstretched long smooth tan legs and bare feet up on the dashboard with her perfectly painted toes twinkling in the morning light. I tried to block any memories of playing with her in her room and any new thoughts of licking every inch of her skin, but it wasn’t easy seeing her legs on display as I drove across the desert.

“Well, last week… See, there is this girl at school Dad. She is kinda a loner, but not really a loser or anything. She is pretty and everything, and smart and stuff like that. Just not really the most popular girl.” She said.

“Ok…” I said, in a relaxed, non-judgmental tone, encouraging her to go on, trying to focus on the road ahead and not my daughter’s legs glistening in the light.

“Well, one of the guys at school took her virginity at this party last weekend, and she bled everywhere, all over the guy and the bed, and everyone was laughing at her and calling her names.” She said.

“I’m sorry to hear that. That’s awful. What kind of names did they call her?” I asked.

“Well her name is Mary, and at the party they kept chanting, calling her ‘Bloody Mary’, and she left the party crying, totally humiliated.” She said.

“Ouch, I’m so sorry,” I said, remembering how abusive and cruel teenagers can be toward one another.

“I’m not letting one of the boys at school take my virginity.” She said.

“What does that mean exactly?” I asked.

“It means I’m gonna let a stranger do it.” She said.

“Baby, your virginity is not something to just hand over to some stranger, and I hope Muğla Escort your not thinking of doing it this week when we are in Las Vegas,” I said.

“It has kinda crossed my mind.” She admitted.

“Look, my little princess, I’m glad you are talking with me about it, and I appreciate your honesty, I know things like this can be difficult for girls. Just promise your going to think about it some more before making a decision.” I said.

“Ok Daddy, I will, but I know I’m not going to do it with a boy at school, that’s for sure.” She said.

For the next few miles I imagined this girl Mary, the horrible feeling of her branded as ‘Bloody Mary’ probably for the rest of her life among the people that knew her, and I shuttered at the thought of having my daughter have to endure something so terrible. Maybe having a stranger take her virginity wasn’t a terrible idea, but what about disease or pregnancy? A stranger might be less likely to be careful when it comes to those kinds of things. Being a teenager is so hard, I thought.

“Can we practice Daddy? Pretend you’re my boyfriend.” She said, interrupting my thoughts about teenage bullying.

“No way we are doing anything while I’m driving young lady. We could get into an accident.” I said.

“Then pull over, or let’s get a room. I’m never going to get good unless I practice.” She said, rubbing her hand on my thigh.

“Umm… later baby.” I assured her, surprised at myself for letting this practicing thing go on with my daughter as long as it has.

We checked into the lavish hotel and I knew if we went back to the room something was sure to happen. I tried not to picture it, but the likely scenarios played in my brain as the receptionist gave me our room key.

“We’re going to walk around for a while. Can you have our bags sent to the room?” I told the blonde at the front desk proud of allowing such quick thinking to make it’s way to my executive, decision-making white matter.

“Yay!” My daughter said presumably excited to take some Vegas selfies.

We arrived back at the room just in time for my daughter, and I drove to the airport to pick up my wife. When we pulled up, my daughter hopped in back to let her sit in the front seat. I saw my little girl in the rear-view mirror applying lip stick with this little compact mirror that plugs into her smart phone. I’m not sure if she was trying to tease me on purpose or not, but I had to keep the small talk going with my wife to prevent a seriously embarrassing tent in my pants from interrupting our drive back to the hotel. I looked into the mirror watching her apply her apply it, seeing her pouty little lips drag under the push of the red tipped stick in the rearview mirror as I drove back to the hotel was distracting to say the least.

Next few days with my wife and daughter were wonderful. We went out to eat, laughed and had fun. I loved my girls. We took lots of photos and really enjoyed each other.

“Honey?” I called out, hearing the door to the bathroom open, and peeking through the water speckled glass.

“It’s me. I need to pee.” My daughter said, tip-toeing over to the toilet, hooking her thumbs into her panties, and pulling them down to her knees as she sat to pee.

“Dad?” She asked, wiping her self and standing up, opening the shower door and looking at me, her panties still around her knees, her flat tummy falling off into her perfectly shaven mound.

“Can I come in?” She asked.

“Baby, this is not a good idea, please now is not a good time. I don’t want mom to think…” I said as she looked down at my now hardened cock.

“It looks happy.” She said, giggling.

“Please baby…don’t” I said, and she held the bottle of conditioner she brought over my cock and let the silky white liquid cascade all over my cock and followed it up with the tight grip of her hand.

“Don’t worry, I locked the door.” She said, sliding her hand up and down my shaft twisting her wrist.

“Baby, please…now is not the best time…to…” I said, hearing the door to our room close.

“Oh shit, that’s probably mom. She went to get ice.” She said, and left the bathroom.

“Whew…Can you lock it please baby?” I said.

“Sure Daddy.” She said.

Needless to say, it didn’t take much for me to make myself cum in the shower. I knew it was wrong, and hiding it from my wife wasn’t helping either, but I felt twenty years younger partly due to a slow and steady infusion of the purest form of lust there is pumping through my veins.

My wife stayed the weekend and then caught a flight home Sunday evening. I would have dropped her at the airport, but I was busy greeting the incoming batch of suits from the firm we were meeting with during the week. A cut throat group of guys and younger than the usual partners.

Monday during the day we had a long meeting. Monday night I went out with a few of the partners from the other firm, and one of the guys, in particular, was on top of his ‘game’ if there is such a thing, I don’t Muğla Escort Bayan remember his name, but it was something Latino or Spanish.

His game was good. He didn’t seem to have any worked out material or pick up lines. He just knew what to say to girls and surprised all of us when he took the girl home he said would at the beginning of the night that no one, including myself thought he would be able to. She was there with another guy for one, and secondly she was by far the most beautiful girl there. It seemed impossible, but he did it. He was the Alpha male if I’ve ever seen one. I tried to imagine what inventive lie the girl would have had to have come up to prevent the guy she was there with from ending their relationship.

After the meetings on Tuesday, the guys went out for drinks and back to relax and keep the night going at the hotel’s lavish pool. I didn’t mention to them that I was in Las Vegas with my daughter as the topics mainly focused on girls and none of them were there with their wives or families of their own, probably too young to have either.

“Damn, look at that ass.” The Alpha said, and we all looked to one of the girls walking by in a short denim skirt, her red bikini ties visible peeking out from her parading hips as she walked like a runway model. She was holding a drink, had white earbuds in her ears, and had a tiny hooded sweatshirt that was unzipped showing her perfect breasts held in a red bikini top and perfectly flat stomach. As she walked by the whole group of guys sitting around the covered poolside table area watched her ass as she made her way back to her towel covered deck chair. It was my daughter, and there was no possible way of mentioning that was my daughter after a comment like that. It would be better just to let it go I decided. I figured they would move on to other subjects in a moment.

“Do you think you could fuck her?” One of the other guys said to him, and we all seemed to glance over at her only about ten feet away. I wondered if she heard us.

“What do you think?” One of the guys asked me.

“Umm… I’m not sure, she does look hot, and a little young.” I said, hoping the music in her earbuds was loud enough to drown out the rude comments coming from our table.

“Why don’t you invite her over?” The alpha said, looking at one of his buddies, surely his wing-man on previous occasions I concluded.

“Ok man, but then I’m outta here. I’ve gotta get some rest. If you fuck her, you better tell me all about it.” He said and walked over to her.

“Hey, umm, my friends and I are here on business and saw you sitting over here alone and was wondering if you want to join us in the hot tub?” He asked.

“Which friends?” She asked, as she looked over and was noticeably shocked seeing I was one of the ‘guys’ at the table here on business, but she decided to keep it to herself.

“Umm, I’ll think about it.” She said and went back to flipping the pages of her magazine. A few minutes later we saw her taking her ear buds out and picking up her magazines and towel. She gathered her things and walked over to the table nearest the hot tub and rested her stuff down.

We all got in the hot tub and watched as the jets swirled the hot water into clouds of white foam. She slipped her skirt off, and took her sweatshirt off and tossed it on the table behind her and the four of us watched her intently as she put her feet in, seated at the edge.

“So what brings a girl like you to Vegas?” The Alpha asked.

“I’m here with my Mom and Dad.” She said, wondering what exactly he meant by ‘girl like you’.

“Do they know you’re in a hot tub with four strangers?” He continued.

“I don’t think they’ll mind, but I do think they’ll mind the things you guys were saying before I walked over here.” She said, and I couldn’t believe she was flirting back with this guy right in front of me. I mean, he was obviously a player, and I just never expected my daughter to respond to this kind of thing. I didn’t even know she liked Latino guys either.

“Why don’t you come all the way in the water?” He asked and made room for her beside him and stretched his arm out grasping her hand, guiding her slowly into the hot tub next to him.

This was unbelievable, here I was in a hot tub with my daughter and four guys and one of them was flirting with her and trying to fuck her.

All three guys were chatting her up with the usual flirty questions, and I couldn’t believe with such ease she was answering and teasing them, but it was clear the Alpha was in control.

“Hey ‘yall, I think I’m gonna head in.” One of the guys said a few minutes later.

“Me too.” The other quickly followed, grabbing the opportunity knowing they had no chance competing with this guy. Now it was just my daughter and me in the hot tub with this guy who clearly had his aim set on my daughter.

“I’m getting a little tired too,” I said, seeing if she would take the hint and break away to come upstairs.

“Awe, that’s too bad, I just got Escort Muğla in, and the water feels so good.” She said to make it clear she wasn’t going anywhere anytime soon.

“Can I get you something to drink?” He asked her.

“Sure. Surprise me.” She replied.

“How about you?” He asked me.

“No, thank you,” I replied, smiling.

He walked to the bar and brought back a few drinks, and I wondered if he opted to do this to avoid her getting carded by a waiter or to show off his perfectly sculpted body. Either way, my little girl was captivated by this guy, and my mind was wrestling with what might happen. Was she seriously considering giving her virginity to a stranger? Was this sleazy guy going to fuck my daughter tonight?

He returned and handed her a drink, and they kept flirting as she became noticeably buzzed.

“Do your parents know your drinking?” I said, realizing quickly that might have come out wrong. I followed up that odd question with a friendly smile.

“Well my parents aren’t stopping me, so I guess it’s all good.” She giggled, enjoying the attention.

“Is it wrong that I said you have a nice ass?” He asked.

“Um…no, I guess not.” She answered obediently.

She lifted her body out of the hot tub taking a break from the apparent heat and was on display for the both of us to look at. She sat with her arms holding onto the edge of the concrete, her beautiful dripping breasts pushed forward, her nipples hard and clearly visible through her tight bikini top. Her body looked so amazing covered in droplets of water. I was picturing licking every drop off of her, and probably so was the other guy.

“Hey, can you take our picture?” He said, and handed me his phone, easing his body out of the hot tub and next to her, wrapping his muscular body around her, both of them dripping wet, smiling for the camera.

I pressed the small button on the screen to take a photo and handed the phone back to him. He took a moment to look at the photo with her and repeated the process asking me to take another, this time with flash, this time holding drinks, all the while piling on excuses to make physical contact with her, rubbing up against her, hugging her, putting his arm around her neck, her waist.

I was starting to get dizzy, and I didn’t know if it was from the alcohol earlier or because I was getting jealous or something. I mean, here I was in the hot tub while some guy is trying to get inside my daughter. My daughter who recently told me she wants to give her virginity away, and here she was in the hands of a wolf. The strangest thing about this experience is that my cock was really hard watching her behave this way, but I was so scared what she was able to do with the knowledge I had passed down to her. Is this what I created? Was she going to practice the things I taught her on this guy? Was she trying to make him hard so she could suck his cock? I tried to reassure myself that something like that was extremely far fetched, but it was impossible to stop my train of thought.

“What would you do if I kissed you?” He asked her.

“Umm, I’m not sure…” She answered, her face turning red.

“Do you find me attractive?” He asked.

“Yeah, I guess so, even though you’re like a lot older than me.” She said.

“How old are you guys?” She asked.

“Thirty-Eight.” He answered.

“Forty-Six,” I said.

“And you?” He asked.

“Eighteen, but don’t tell anyone I’m drinking ok?” She said, holding her finger to her lips as if to say. ‘Shhh.’

“I won’t tell if you won’t.” He said to her.

“I bet you can’t even guess who is who in a blindfolded kissing contest.” He said.

“I bet I can.” She said, a little tipsy.

“Yeah right.” He teased.

What the fuck was my daughter doing. This was way too dangerous. I couldn’t imagine a way that she could tease this guy with her pussy and her pussy would make it out without getting pounded to oblivion. She didn’t know what she was getting herself into.

He handed her his shirt and helped tie it around her, making sure she couldn’t see asking her how many fingers he was holding up, making sure to get the wrong answer, knowing she was unable to see.

“Ok, now every one needs to turn around and move around for a few minutes or else it would be cheating.” He said, and we all moved to different areas of the hot tub, occasionally bumping into one another until we were all in different positions, and there was no way that she knew where we were seated. The hot tub was making me extremely horny, and I don’t think I was alone in that regard. I could see the other guy stroking his cock under the water with his hand on the outside of his shorts getting ready to stick his tongue down my daughter’s throat.

“Ok, the rule is, you need to kiss each one of us for one minute each and can only repeat either the first or the last kisser to make a decision. Got it?” He said, and looked at me as if to take notes on how to get laid.

“Ready?” He asked.

“Ready.” She replied.

He gestured for me to kiss her, but I couldn’t move, I was paralyzed and couldn’t believe what was happening. Things escalated so quickly, and I really didn’t know how to stop it now. Too much time had passed for me to stop and say that this girl was my daughter.

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