Daddy’s Sunshine


***All participants are 18 or older.***


I’ve just turned 18 and I’m helping clean up the huge birthday bash my Daddy has thrown me. I watch my Mother laugh drunkenly with one of our male neighbors, the low cut dress she’s wearing showing more of the new cleavage Daddy bought her than is decent. My eyes drift over the dwindling crowd to find my Daddy collecting garbage from the backyard while shooting eye daggers at my Mother and our neighbor; I shake my head and sigh.

Daddy and I were inseparable until my Mother made a big deal of the boobs I grew at 14.

No more sitting on his lap, no more kisses on the lips, no more squeezy hugs.

My Mom is a bitch and I hate her stupid alcoholic ass.

Speaking of which…I run upstairs to check on my drunk best friend. I find her passed out cold on my bed, my toothbrush in her hand, and I shake my head with a sigh. This isn’t the first time she’s done this, but never when my parents have been home. I can’t let my Mother know she’s here or that she’s drunk or I’ll never be allowed to hang out with her, again. I take off her shoes, then cover her with my extra blanket before heading back downstairs to finish the clean up; I look around and see that even more guests have taken off.

I’m grateful. I’m freaking tired.

“Happy birthday, Sunshine.”

I turn to smile up at my Daddy. “Thank you, Daddy.”

“It’s officially your birthday.” he says, then he positions himself behind me and pulls the back of my body against the front of his before draping his arm over my shoulder to show me his watch. “It’s after midnight.” he whispers right in my ear, his warm breath drifting along my sensitive neck and causing goosebumps to erupt along my skin; I feel my pussy clench and cream as I shiver and lean against him. “Happy birthday to you…”

I smile hugely when he sings the entire song to me, press myself even tighter against him so that his soft cock is nestled between my ass cheeks when his free arm wraps around me, his hand resting on my collar bone above my breast. I want to reach up and place his hand over my aching tit, the nipple hard and needy; but I don’t. I shouldn’t. I can’t. I laugh when he kisses the back of my head and I’m about to thank him, again, when my Mother’s shrill voice cuts in.

“Don’t you think she’s a little to grown for you to be holding her like that, anymore, Charleston?” she demands, her white-knuckled fists resting on her hips and her eyes narrowed as she watches us together. “You shouldn’t be touching her like that and she sure as fuck shouldn’t be pressed against your body like that, either!” she snaps nastily, loudly enough for the few remaining guests in the back yard to hear and peek in to see what’s happening.

“Don’t be disgusting, Luna!” he snaps back; but her words work. He drops his arms from me and takes a step away from me leaving me cold without his warmth; I’m pretty sure that I had even felt the onset of a boner before my bitch mother doused those flames. “I was just wishing her a happy birthday privately. Why do you have to make everything so damned…vulgar?” he demands with a shake of his head as he approaches her only to freeze and sniff. “Are you…” another sniff, then a glare. “Are you drunk, Luna?”

I sigh as I feel the tension in the room and hurry toward the backyard as the argument erupts; my mother is a “recovering” alcoholic and my Daddy has been there for every relapse masked as “a social rite of passage.” I hurry to slide the glass doors closed and turn to the last of the guests. “Thank you all so much for coming.” I say in a hurry to get them to leave. I hear something shatter in the house, see people turn curious gazes toward the interior. I step to block their view and smile hugely. “You can leave the garbage on the table. Daddy and I will get it. Thank you, again.” I say and Vanna White-style present the side exit so that they’ll leave.

I hurry to lock the gate behind the last guest, then run to the back door and head inside to hear shrieking. I sigh and slide the doors closed, then lock it behind me. I hear my Mother tell my father that he’s being too strict about her having one beer, then I hear my father yell back that she never stops at one as I head to the front door to lock that.

They’re still arguing as I sneak upstairs unseen. In the shadows of the second landing, I sit Indian style against the wall and listen to the world war happening in my living room, hatred for my mother boiling deeply in my belly. I have always hated her and now, on my birthday of all days, she had to get drunk to ruin what should be my special day? I hate her so much.

“Why do you have to treat me like a fucking child while you treat our child like a queen?”

I roll my eyes and shake my head. My mother’s favorite accusation when she’s drunk.

“You leave Shay out of this!” my Daddy growls back.

My Mother laughs. “Oh. Right.” she scoffs nastily. “We mustn’t speak badly about Nevşehir Escort your precious Sunshine!” she slurs angrily, hatred burning in her eyes. “We can’t say anything negative about Daddy’s Darling Little Girl, his beloved little princess.”

“I thought she was a queen. Make up your mind.”

I snort, then cover my mouth though I’m sure they hadn’t heard me.

“Don’t mock me!” my Mother screams.

“Well, stop being ridiculous. You know that I love you both. Your drinking is–“

“My drinking is my business!” she growls, then I see her shadow pass along the stairs indicating she’s moving toward the door. “If I want to spend the night drinking my way across a dozen bars, then that’s what I’m going to do!”

I gasp, then turn my body and hurry down the stairs. “Mom!” I call as I reach the bottom step, my wide eyes focused on her. “Don’t drive!” I plead with her; I may hate her, but that doesn’t mean that I want anything to happen to her. “You can’t drive like this.”

She laughs maniacally. “There she is. The princess. No! The queen.”

“Mom…please.” I whisper as she glares at me angrily.

“Luna…” Daddy growls warningly, every inch the Detective in that moment.

“Why do you have to call her Sunshine?” my Mother demands as she snatches up her purse. “Why?” she demands, again, then hiccups. “Luna means moon, you know…I am all of the light you should have needed!” she snaps, then she unlocks the door and bolts outside.

“Luna!” Daddy screams.

“Mom!” I scream.

Her car has a remote starter, though, and she’s already down the driveway when we get to the door. She doesn’t even turn on her lights as she zooms down the block, her tires screeching loudly and lights turning on in some of the houses as people peer out of their windows.

Daddy curses, then reaches for his cell phone as I close and lock the door.

“Daddy, you can’t.” I plead, but he’s already on the phone.

“This is Detective Soleil…I need to speak to the shift lead, please.”

“Daddy, you can’t. She’ll get arrested!”

He sighs. “I have no choice, Baby. If she hits anyone…” he says, then he returns to business. “Boss, Soleil. I have a situation.” he says, then he walks away explaining how my Mother is driving drunk and gives all of the car’s information as well as the name of our local bars.

I give up on the night and head to take a shower. Once I’m clean, I put on my nightgown and check on my best friend. I try to shove her over to make room on my bed, but she’s dead weight and snoring like a tiger at the zoo. I roll my eyes, then sigh and decide that I might as well clean up the living room while I wait for news of my Mother; there’s a sofa bed under the mess down there. I hear Daddy’s shower running as I step out into the hall and walk downstairs.

It’s just a few minutes later that Daddy joins me. “What are you doing?”

I tie the garbage bag that I’ve just filled to bursting and toss it toward the front door, then grab the next empty one. “Cleaning up.” I say as I shake the bag open and reach for the next pile of plastic cups and streamers. “Anything on Mom, yet? Did they find her?”

Daddy grabs a pile of garbage and walks over to me. He’s wearing basketball shorts and nothing else, his chest muscular and hair free; he’s tanned from the top of his raven haired head to the flats of his bare feet and in the best of shape for a man his age.

I feel my stomach clench and my virgin pussy moisten. I inhale sharply, my eyes going wide. I started seeing my Daddy as a sexual being around age 15, but never ever thought about acting on it. I looked at him, though; all of the damned time, especially when my friends keep telling me how hot he is. Even my bestie sleeping upstairs has been desperate to know what my Daddy is packing in his police uniform other than his gun; my eyes automatically drift to the outline of his cock which looks to be swinging freely beneath his shorts.

“They haven’t spotted her car driving around the neighborhood, yet.” he confirms with a sigh as he dumps his arm load of trash into the bag that I’m holding open. He reaches over to slide my nightgown strap back in to place when it falls off of my shoulder, then he fingers the material between his thumb and index finger. “This is nice. Is it new?”

I glance down at the tiny nightgown, something that I bought for myself as an eighteenth birthday present; my first “big girl” pajamas. “Yes.” I reply, then swallow hard as I watch my Daddy examine the short bit of satin. It’s a spaghetti-strap, tank top style that falls to mid-thigh in a light peach color that is just a shade or two lighter than our tanned skin, the bodice fitted to my firm breasts and outlined in white lace that screams, “LOOK AT THESE BABIES!”

It’s both adult and pure, like me, which is why I bought it.

Daddy’s eyes settle on my breasts as they press to the front of the night gown, hanging braless and free, the nipples Nevşehir Escort Bayan tightening as he watches. His eyes skim down my trim waist to the lace-lined hem of the dress as it drifts loosely against my thighs, his hand releasing the strap and the his knuckles sweeping down the soft skin of my arm from shoulder to elbow.

I shiver, this touch different from any that we have shared previously.

Daddy’s eyes darken, then he frowns and his gaze snaps down to between his legs.

My gaze follows his a second before he turns away from me.

“Maybe you should go on to bed. I’ll clean up.”

My eyes widen; I saw my Daddy’s erection before he could turn away from me. “Daddy–“

“Go ahead. Go to bed. I’ll wake you up if there’s news of your Mother.”

I cross my arms over my chest to hide my pebbled nipples, my body responding to Daddy’s in a whole new way. “I can’t.” I tell him as I move to stand in front of him. “Kenzie is asleep in my bed, dead to the world. She’s too heavy for me to move over, so I was cleaning up the living room to pull out the sofa bed.” I explain, my gaze drifting back down to my father’s crotch.

“Don’t look there!” he growls, the erection growing even more.

“Why not?” I ask when he turns away from me, again. “Why can’t I see it? I’m 18 now.”

“I’m your FATHER, Sunshine. It isn’t appropriate!”

“You got…hard, though…looking at me. Right?” I challenge him and blush shyly.

“Sunshine, please.” he growls, his hands covering his arousal even though his back is still to me. “It isn’t appropriate. None of this is appropriate!” he growls, his gaze dropping down to his erection. He hasn’t gotten hard for his little girl in years! Thought he was over it…

“Says whom?” I demand as I walk around toward his front, again, my eyes on his face.

“Says the law, Sunshine.” he replies, his dick growing harder when he sees my stiff nipples.

I smirk what I hope is sexily. “But you are the law, Daddy.”

Daddy’s eyes widen, then he groans and shakes his head. “You’re killing me, Baby.”

I hadn’t thought of asking for this before, hadn’t thought of asking to fuck my Daddy, but now? Now I kind of want it. “When was the last time you were with her, Daddy?” I ask him as my strap falls down my shoulder, again, revealing the top curve of my right tit. “When was the last time Mom allowed you fuck her?” I ask softly and step closer to him.

“Shayenne!” my Daddy growls, his eyes wide. “Don’t speak that way and don’t ask questions like that. You need to go on up to bed. I don’t care how you do it, just do it.” he commands, his left arm extending and his index finger pointing at the stairwell. “NOW.” he growls when I don’t move. “I mean it, Shayenne.” he warns, his eyes narrowing.

I smile, my nipples hardening even further as I take a step toward him.

“Are you out of your mind?!” he demands and takes a step backward. “I am your Father, Shayenne, and you are being absolutely inappropriate. Go up to bed right this fucking minute or, so help me, I’ll–” he trails off as I keep approaching him, his cock hardening even more in his thin basketball shorts; he collides with the nearby wall.

“You’ll what, Daddy?” I ask as I saunter closer to him. “You’ll spank me? Is that why you’re so hard right now?” I giggle and blush, my eyes darting down to glance at the thick erection his hands aren’t big enough to hide from my seeking eyes. “Does the idea of slapping my soft, firm ass with your bare hand get you hotter for me, Daddy?” I purr as I paste my body against his, the knuckles of his hand covering his cock brushing my aching pussy over my panties. “Does it turn you on to think of touching me, Daddy? It sure turns me on…”

“Sunshine–” he croaks, his eyes widening.

I moan at the nickname. “I love when you call me that, Daddy…”

“This is wrong, baby…so wrong.” he groans, his knuckles pressing to the wet crotch of my panties. “Sunshine, please. I’m your Father. You’re my daughter. This is very, very wrong. Go up to bed and we will pretend this never happened.”

I moan and rub my panty-clad pussy against his knuckles, my right hand reaching up to caress his face. “It doesn’t feel wrong, Daddy.” I assure him, my hand drifting upward into his shortly cropped hair where I run my nails along his scalp; he’s always loved it when I did it before and I’m rewarded with a shiver from him. I watch goosebumps erupt along his skin, feel his hands shift because his cock jumped beneath them. “You know I’m right, Daddy…you know it feels good and I now I know what I want to do for my birthday.”

Daddy’s eyes widen; six months ago he had offered me the opportunity to do anything that I wanted on the day of my 18th birthday, that all I had to do was let him know what it was when I decided and then he promised me that he would make it happen. He even swore to it, his hand over his heart and other hand raised. He swallows hard Escort Nevşehir as the conversation echoes in his head. “Sunshine…” he whispers, examining my face as his heart rate kicks up in his chest. “We can’t.”

“You promised me, Daddy.” I pout as I look up into his eyes. “Swore to me.”

“Not this!” he snaps as I press my body to his fully. “This is wrong!”

“Says who, Daddy?” I counter, my nails scratching along his scalp once more. “I’m 18 now. An adult as far as the law is concerned, right? That makes me responsible for my own decisions and I’ve made this one.” I state matter-of-factly and lick my lips as I tiptoe to lick along his bottom lip. “I want to go to bed with you, Daddy. I want to give you my virginity. That’s what I want for my birthday, Daddy, and you promised me you would make it happen. You swore.”

“We can’t, Shayenne.” he moans, but he leans down to make it easier for my tongue to sweep along his lower lip once more. He sucks my tongue into his mouth and bites the tip of it before pulling back to look deeply into my eyes when I moan for him. “This is so wrong.” he whispers, his hands sliding away from his erection to grip my waist; he pulls my body closer, his cock nestling against my pulsing and needy pussy. “So wrong.” he whispers, but then he lowers his head to press his mouth to mine.

I inhale sharply at the first brush of his lips against mine and moan.

The house phone rings loudly making us both jump.

Daddy pulls back, his wide eyes locking with mine. “Go to bed. Now.” he growls, then he steps away from me and hurries toward the house phone mounted in the kitchen. “Now, Shayenne. I won’t tell you, again.” he bites out angrily, then he yanks the cordless phone off of the wall. “Yeah, hello?” he growls angrily, his eyes glaring at me. He points at the stairs.

My eyes fill with angry tears as I rush upstairs. I get to my bedroom door and want to slam it, but a snore disrupts my actions. I turn to glare at my bed, at my drunk best friend sprawled across the surface, and stomp toward her fully intending to shove her off to the floor only to freeze as an idea strikes me. I smile almost evilly at my idea.

Daddy said to go to bed.

He didn’t specify my bed, though, did he?

I smile wider, check on my friend, cover her, then close the door carefully and creep on my tiptoes down the hall to my parents’ bedroom. I step in the room and look around; subtle hints of my father are in the decoration, but it’s mostly my mother’s space. I snort disdainfully, then cover my mouth and peek back down the dark hallway before I step over to the bedside. I can smell my daddy on the pillow as I lay down, the cool sheets bringing goosebumps to my overheated flesh; my heart takes flight in my chest as I hear daddy curse downstairs.

I reach my right hand in to my panties and brush the pads of my index and middle fingers over my aching clit. I don’t remember the last time my pussy was this wet, this needy for my daddy; I moan as I inhale his scent from the pillow, press harder to my clit and lick my lips. “I need you so badly, Daddy…” I groan, circling my clit faster as I pinch my nipple with the other hand. I thrust my hips up at my fingers, my orgasm approaching in a rush of heat; but I don’t want to cum on my own fingers. I want to cum for my daddy…


Charleston slams the phone down in frustration at his wife. He can’t believe that she assaulted an officer during a traffic stop, then took off before he could get back to his feet; a fucking driving while intoxicated bad enough, but there was no getting her off easily with a groin shot to a male cop and evading arrest. “Damn it, Luna!” he growls as he double-checks all of the locks and shuts down all of the lights; he’s done with the day and will tackle clean up tomorrow.

He stomps up the stairs and stops at his daughter’s bedroom door. His deflated cock instantly jumps to full erection as he thinks of her soft skin, her plump mouth he had only briefly tasted, and her virgin pussy. “A fucking virgin…” he whispers and shakes his head as he presses his hand to her door, then leans forward to rest his forehead against it. He can’t believe that his daughter is a virgin or that she wanted him to take it.

His cock pulses and he reaches down to grip it; he strokes it once, then jumps in fright as a loud snore echoes inside her bedroom. He releases his cock, disgusted with himself, and stomps toward his bedroom. He turns to shut the door and freezes, his cop instincts telling him that he isn’t alone. He reaches for the light switch and turns toward the bed only to gasp.

I bite my lower lips as daddy’s eyes settle on my body; I lowered one side of my bodice to free one tit so that I could pinch it while my other hand masturbated my pussy. I licked my lips, then moan and arched as my pussy creamed with need; my hungry eyes locked with my father’s then drift down to see that his cock is a rock-hard tent in his shorts. I smile.

“Little girl, you are playing with fire.” Daddy warns me and I smile harder.

“No, Daddy…” I say as I thrust my hips up and moan, again. “I’m playing with my pussy.”

It works; he laughs.

I smile hugely and pinch my nipple, again. “I need to cum, Daddy…”

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