Double Penetration

It’s the first time I write in third-person so feedback will be much appreciated. Also Aunt’s Plan will be finished. There will be a couple more chapters since there’s not as many people reading them. I took a break from that to write this instead but I will surely finish Aunt’s Plan. Thanks for reading.


Dagny watched. His young body held a unique attraction to her. Why? She should be ashamed. He’s only 19, she thought.

At the mature age of 50 Dagny’s obsession with the younger male body had only gotten worse.

At the gym or at work she constantly encountered men with beautiful attractive bodies of all ages but as moths to flames so did Dagny follow the just flowering men of 20, 19, or 18.

She wouldn’t dare act on it. A successful woman like herself had so much to lose. So much to put in the line for a fleeting sexual want. Her reputation would be shattered, her family would suffer, even financial ruin.

She knew her boss well. Jeff was the type of man that would feel offended if Dagny was found to be having some fun with a much younger man. Jeff wouldn’t say a word but he would find any insignificant excuse to get rid of her. They would shame her with whispers. People were cowardly they wouldn’t dare come straight and name her alleged ‘sins’.

That was the way Dagny saw the world. The older she got the less sympathy she had left in her. They all had desires just like her but the world was afraid to name them. Desires can be treacherous but she knew that her own desires were good. She knew men of legal age were fair game except from the judgement of the watchful eyes of the world.

It was impossible to satisfy her particular need. Her need stood at around 6 feet tall with a skinny frame, with wide but bony shoulders, with skinny strong arms and big hands, a few hairs on the chest, and with those firm abs men developed so easily at that age. All these were attractive to her but she imagined them all with one more characteristic. The skinny frame of a 19 year old paired with one of those hung… veiny… large and eager cocks, her mouth would drool.

She took noticed of all the men of around that age that passed through. Except she had never noticed one until a few months ago.

Since, she got in the habit of ogling that perfect body every morning, in her own shower.

It was a matter of chance that transformed the desires she liked to indulge in to shameful sin. Dagny had renovated various parts of her house to start off a new year.

First she had been angry at the expensive mistake of one of the workers she had hired.

Various parts of her home had been worked on. Her bathroom had been completely renovated in every aspect. One of which was the expensive sliding glass door for the shower. It was a two way mirror. She didn’t give it much thought when she had bought it since it was only one more thing on top of everything else but she excited nonetheless when she first walked in to check it out.

The glass would be useful as a full body mirror for when she was getting ready in the bathroom. On the inside it would only be a see through glass.

Some people are simply incompetent and the worker had installed the glass in reverse. She didn’t even notice it until she got into the shower for the first time and saw her reflection.

She had called the company that night in anger even though no one would be there to answer the call. She had left an angry voice message for them to find the next day.

But by the next day her opinion had changed. She had stood in that bathroom, just where she now stood, paralyzed by a new revelation.

It was early in the morning when she opened the door to her bathroom and at the same instant he turned on the shower. Her eyes jumped to the unexpected noise and for an instant her reaction was to move back, to turn around, to walk away but she stopped. She looked.

She saw the water pouring down on his young body crystal clear through the glass. What perfection. Her son had grown without her realizing it. She didn’t dare approach any closer but she appreciated every inch of him from where she stood. His short dark hair, his just growing facial hair, his chest which was beginning to pack some muscle, and down her eyes continued.

He had a flat stomach and his upper four abdominal muscles were pronounced. It never crossed her mind to stop there, she looked lower. His penis wasn’t hard, it wasn’t erect, it was completely unaware to her prying eyes. Yet she immediately felt her urges expose themselves at the sight. The word that entered her mind was one she had fantasized about for years. Hung. Her son was hung, he had developed a nice big cock.

She stood there watching him shower, never mind she would be late for work. She fought the impulse to touch herself while he touched himself everywhere, while he cleaned everything and rubbed everything she so badly wanted to rub herself.

When the water stopped she walked Nevşehir Escort backwards out of the room. With her mind racing she left to work and spent the rest of the day distracted.

When she came home the thoughts still plagued her head. The young body of a man was to be admired and touched and licked with all the intensity Dagny could give. But this was new territory. Society would openly frown and condemn this new development in her sexual desires and worst of all she would have to agree.

This was her son. This wasn’t the same thing she had allowed herself to fantasize about for the better part of her mature years.

Yet after a tortured night of thinking she woke up the next day with glowing enthusiasm. She didn’t want to admit the reason for this feeling, she didn’t want to think about it until the moment came.

Outside the bathroom door she had stood silently holding her breath. When she heard the running water her hand grabbed the door’s knob. Please be unlocked. She slowly turned and felt the knob give way, all the way.

In the next moment she prepared herself to open the door and act surprised if need be.

Thankfully she didn’t have to act. He was in the shower just like the day before and he would be the days after. Day after day she watched him feeling her pussy warming up and getting wet.

She felt guilt but it wouldn’t stop her.

In the middle of a shower a couple weeks later there was a new development. A new development ‘grew’ one could say. Unexpectedly her son had turned towards her. Her breathing had stopped completely as he stared straight at her.

She knew what he saw could only be his own reflection in the mirror but his stare was intense and frightening.

He looked up and down and proceeded to grab his cock. With his right hand he grabbed his sleeping companion and started waking him up. As young cocks should her son’s cock was erect in no time. He looked at it on the mirror and she looked at it while her upper teeth bit her lower lip.

He started jerking it, stretching it, and she began to sweat at the enlarging attraction.

How could she resist the temptation? Her hand acted on its own as far as she was concerned. Her hand found it easy to enter her pants and squeeze into her nylon panties. She was wet enough that her hand didn’t waste time.

She rubbed her clit intensely. She kept her eyes on him as he increased the intensity on his large cock.

Dagny parted her pussy lips and put a finger inside of her pushing it in and out as her palm rubbed against her clit.

She made barely audible moans and she allowed herself the pleasure of hearing them. He can’t hear, ah, ah, ooh!

The minutes went by in sinful pleasure until he moaned louder than her and came shooting his sperm against the mirror. In her direction. Give me more!

Dagny had to press her free hand into her mouth to stop her groan. She came too, closing her legs with her finger still inside her legs trembled. Her feet barely stood in place and clumsily and dripping wet she exited the room slowly.

What had she done? The image of her son looking her way while jerking his cock became implanted in her brain.

The intensity of her desire scared her. She knew she didn’t have the power to stop these voyeuristic ventures. That was out of the question, but would she go farther? Could she lose her head in the heat of things and dare to make the sinful fantasies that now played in her head day and night a reality?

Of course not. Besides she knew this was a one sided affair. Her son would never, would he?

Things did not slow down after that.

After that day for no apparent reason she could think of, her son repeated that morning routine.

She went into the shower and made sure the mirror was still there. It was so strange to her that from that day on her son masturbated every morning staring into that glass.

He would stare in her direction with his massive cock in hand and start pulling away. Dagny didn’t have to fantasize, alive and in the flesh she would get closer and closer to that glass every day.

There was no end to her pleasure. The routine became so regular that Dagny had dared to escape from her work place for a couple hours one Wednesday afternoon.

She found herself walking into a sex shop where a lovely young woman offered no judgement. She hesitated at first but the young woman encouraged her to buy a bigger dildo than the one she had intended.

A purple dildo a little less thick and little less long than what she saw her son carrying. It turned her on to know he was bigger than the dildo she was putting inside her right in front of him.

She sat on the floor as he showered and comfortably would start to play with her pussy. By the time he started masturbating she was wet and ready to start inserting her new purple toy. She had never had a bigger thing inside, it opened her, it filled her, and Nevşehir Escort Bayan her orgasm grew in intensity each morning.

She began to surf the web for ways to increase her pleasure and visited the sex shop one more time.

“Well, I feel a little embarrassed to say much about the particular situation I’m in but I’ll put it this way.” Blushing she continued telling the girl. “In this situation I can’t make noise. It’s difficult to keep quiet.”

Understandingly the sales girl made a few suggestions. So Dagny walked out of the shop with a new toy to try.

As soon as she got home she made sure no one was around. Tightly she secured the ball gag around her head. Her mouth was stretched by the ball. She had picked a big one because it would help her purpose better.

With the ball in her mouth she touched herself thinking of that perfect body until she could freely and realistically make her pleasure audible. She bit the ball and moaned and discovered that it wouldn’t drown out her roars completely. She could hear her moans but the volume had been reduced considerably.

It will do for now.

And on the days continued as she spied on her own son. Deep down she knew that it was impossible for things not to escalate. Eventually she would want more than watching but she wouldn’t dare think about that.

After a few more weeks she began to spy in other forms. The internet is an endless black hole of information. Her work output had started to drop due to the constant distractions. The internet provided many ideas, and while she mentally set aside some for a distant and frankly unrealistic future, she found others she could use presently.

She knew that she didn’t know her son well enough. I’m always working. She also knew that she didn’t do the best job raising him. He was working which was good but he didn’t seem to have many ambitions. He had decided not to continue his education and he didn’t plan on moving out of her house. Of course now she didn’t want him leaving.

Those facts didn’t matter to her much anymore. What she really needed to know about him was more sex related per se.

He didn’t seem to have a girlfriend. It also struck her pretty strange that he liked masturbating while looking at himself in the mirror. What could that mean?

Surprisingly he didn’t have a password protecting his computer. Sadly she didn’t find anything useful in his computer. There was nothing in his search history, no pornography, not even lewd videos on YouTube.

She had hoped to find the all too common fetish men his age have today. She wanted to find him watching older women performing the most obscene acts but she was disappointed.

She managed to get hold of his phone one night while he slept. She used his sleeping finger to unlock it and for an hour she sat in her room looking through it.

He had no pictures of himself. He had no pornography. He had no sexting or nude pictures sent to him. She could confirm now that he didn’t even have a girlfriend. There was not a hint of lust to be found. She had nothing.

For a couple days she carried the disappointment around until she realized how stupid she had been.

There was one hint of lust she had overlooked, those morning showers. He liked to play with his cock and that was enough hope for her. She began to see the possibilities again. He was innocent, pure, and full of sexual energy. This energy was never wasted in pornography or on a girl and it was surely building up in him. She just had to tap into it, to open it and to liberate the lust for her use.

At first Dagny approached it like work. She needed to excite her son and this required actions she had never thought about before. It was beneath her in her professional life but what had to be done had to be done. She didn’t realize how gratifying it would be to her.

In her life she had become the voyeur. She was the prying eyes but now she had to be the opposite. She had to be the object to be desired. She had never tried to be such. In fact, Dagny prided herself in never wearing anything provocative. She was professional through and through. Even so she knew men looked at her sexually without her help. She liked that a bit but never gave it much thought.

Now she would have to try. She went shopping and bought the necessary garments. Her son would come home from work and she would have the dinner ready like usual, only this time she would eat with him.

One thing she had cultivated in her son was independence. Dagny didn’t need to do much for him and despite his lack of ambition he never complained about having to do anything. That day things would change. That independence had to be messed with if Dagny would be able to get anywhere.

She put on her new blouse and cooked until her son came home.

“I just felt like cooking for you today.” She explained.

He sat to eat and she served. Dagny had nice 36DD smooth breasts. Escort Nevşehir In her day to day life the twins were of not much help. She liked how they looked under her clothes but mostly she would rather have smaller boobs to carry around. That day they were useful.

As she leaned in to serve her son a plate of food her new blouse didn’t leave much to the imagination.

He wasn’t expecting two big breast to hang right in front of him. His eyes opened wide for the seconds she allowed him.

She placed a glass next to the plate and leaned in again, unnecessarily one might add, to pour her son water.

She had expected surprise the first time. Her nipples were almost visible and she felt them harden when he looked. Yet she knew it meant nothing. The real test would come next when he knew what was approaching.

He failed at first. When she poured the drink his face turned away blushing with an expression of embarrassment. He didn’t look. Disappointed she didn’t try anything during the dinner as they ate.

Well here goes nothing. She picked up her plate and threw away the rest of her food. Away from him at the sink, she dug into her bra and moved made it loose.

She walked back to the table. As she feared her son diverted his eyes from her direction again so she knocked his glass down with a breast.

“Oops!” There wasn’t much water left in the glass.

Bingo! She kept her eyes on his face. Unintentionally he looked after the glass fell but his eyes found nipples.

Dagny had never felt like that before. She liked being checked out by men around the office, especially married men and the younger ones. But at that moment she enjoyed it to the point it made her pussy tingle with craving want. She felt exposed and yet in power.

As she stretched her hand for a napkin and began to wipe the table, her son looked on at the two large breasts hanging with free nipples. He had never seen naked breasts before. Dagny’s white soft skin adorned by her light brown and erect nipples. No one would forget that sight.

He couldn’t look away and she took her time. She celebrated the small victory. After cleaning up and taking the plate away she came back.

“It’s okay honey, I’ll pour you some more water.” She bent down again and he didn’t disappoint her. He may have looked a bit ashamed but faithfully he watched the show Dagny was putting on.

Turned on or just curious? Either way Dagny was happy with the results and began imagining and performing new schemes.

Cleaning the living room while he watched TV, check. ‘Oops, I didn’t see you there’ as she sat on him for a second, check. Would he help her stretch her leg? He would, check.

Sometimes it was simple. To the point of absurdity she took the habit of dropping her keys, or anything in her hands, as the excuse to bend down and push her butt out for her son.

She liked the way her new leggings hugged her skin or the way her son bumped into her when she dropped her phone while wearing those new tight jeans.

Young men are so gullible. After a couple of weeks Dagny didn’t need to try very hard to find herself in those situations. Her son began to seek out the opportunities himself. One Saturday evening she nervously took it up a notch.

Dagny tried out a black Babydoll Chemise. It was flowy, uncomfortably short, and in good lighting you could see her black panties through the fabric. She matched it with thigh high lace stockings. She felt exposed, nervous, and her pussy wanted it.

Awkwardly she marched down the hallway through the living room and to the kitchen. Her son was watching TV in the living room as she passed him. While she was in the kitchen he fumbled as he looked for the remote.

Dagny stood in the kitchen alone and felt unable to do anything. She didn’t feel yet capable. Her immediate plan didn’t go very far, she was just going to sit with her son in the living room but now she didn’t want to, scared to have taken it too far. Her nerves got the better of her and she decided to just go back to bed.

She walked through the living room again but her son was on his feet this time. She glanced at him and continued. He followed.

She felt his presence just behind. Nothing was on her hands. She stopped.

Feeling her heart beat faster Dagny looked down to the floor and began to bend her body. There was nothing to pick up, there was nothing to wipe, so there was no excuse.

Her panties were new too. Black lace panties that found their way in-between her ass cheeks. Slowly she just touched the floor and allowed her ass to be exposed.

The stockings made everything sexier and the chemise lifted over to her hips creating an excellent and delicate altar on which she offered to her son her ass.

It lasted long enough to imprint the image. Dagny stood up and kept on to her room. She couldn’t sleep well that night. It’s working! She had his attention, her schemes were working, but what was she working towards?

She had a sweaty night. She was horny but also nervous at the possibility of…

That very next day she masturbated while her son jerked himself in the shower.

Even though she had made herself cum her body wanted more now so her dildo was put to some intense good use.

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