Dales New Path Ch. 01

Eating Pussy

Swimming Lessons

I woke up as Heidi was crawling into bed and looked at the clock, it was 2am. “Fell asleep on the couch again?” I asked as she crawled into bed.

“Yeah.” She whispered as she snuggled up against me, pressing her ass into my groin.

Was this it? Were we finally going to have sex again? I thought to myself as my cock started to grow and I pressed back into her.

“Not tonight.” She groaned, rolling onto her stomach away from me. “I just want to sleep. You have work in a few hours.”

I rolled over and tried to get back to sleep, dejected as usual, willing my cock back to sleep as well. Seven months. It had been seven long months since we’d had sex, and that was Valentine’s Day. Before that was our anniversary, eleven months ago. I could remember a time when we couldn’t go a day without making love, now we have sex two or three times a year. I finally fell back into a restless sleep.

It had been eight years since our son, Max was born. When Heidi couldn’t lose the pregnancy weight easily, she gave up. Before she got pregnant, she was 130lbs, a little chubby for 5’1″, but I loved her, inside and out. She was now at 165lbs and felt that she was too fat to be attractive, so she almost never let me touch her. I tried to tell her and show her that I still loved her, but she wouldn’t listen.

It didn’t help that I had gone from 210lbs to 175lbs in the same time. When my son was born, I realized I wanted to be alive as long as possible, and got into shape. Burning off the extra energy from pent-up sexual frustration helped too. I was in the best shape of my life, and Heidi was in her worst.

There were little bursts of sex, sometimes once a week, but it never lasted. I had been keeping track, in the past three years, we’d had sex four times. When we did have sex I felt it was more for me than for Heidi. She would surprise me by jerking me off with lube, then positioning me to her pussy. She would fake an orgasm when I came, then go clean up, forgetting that I knew exactly what her real orgasms were like.

I started to consider a divorce. I went so far as talking to a lawyer, but couldn’t go through with it. I loved Heidi, we were a great team together. I didn’t think I could justify to myself that a lack of sex was enough to end what we had. I also didn’t want Max to go through any of the things I went through as a child. My parents divorced when I was five, and my mom made some bad choices in men.

I became Max’s activity parent. Coaching his soccer team, teaching him to ride a bike and getting one for myself to keep up, and anything else that Heidi ‘couldn’t do’. I tried to encourage her to join us, but she was happier with her pop and potato chips.

When COVID happened, we did ok. I’m an accountant for a well known internet retailer, so I just worked from home. Heidi had only recently gone back to work, she was working for a chemical manufacturer as a purchaser and was able to work from home as well. Max was in grade 2, so he missed the end of the year, but we had a Chromebook for him to at least get some online learning in.

Once everything started to reopen, Heidi still worked from home and I went into the office a few days a month. We weathered the pandemic better than most, and we were both appreciative of that fact.

Now that things were settling into the new normal, Heidi enrolled Max into swimming lessons. The price was higher than normal, but we assumed that it was because of less classes and a bigger spread of students in the pool, we were wrong. The evening before his first lesson, we got an email explaining that it was a one-on-one class and because of our son’s level, a parent had to be present in the pool. Heidi was mortified, she didn’t want to be seen by anyone in a swimsuit, but I had an important meeting with the CFO that couldn’t be changed at the same time as the lesson.

When I got home, Heidi told me about the course. The parent is just there in case the child needs help, the instructor is only allowed to have contact with the child in an emergency. She told me his teacher was a nice young girl, named Megan and Heidi basically stood there in the cold water for 45 minutes. Max was a pretty good swimmer, but he had to pass his current level for us to be free of the pool ourselves. She begged me to make sure I’d make the seven remaining classes. I made sure to mark my calendar as busy for the next seven Tuesdays, and she was relieved.

When we went to Max’s swimming lessons the next Tuesday, I had a good idea of what to expect. Single lines, masks mandatory inside, no change rooms until after the lesson… What I wasn’t prepared for was the instructor. Max saw her as she approached and waved, I looked over to see her smile and wave back. Megan had blonde hair, with dark roots that was pulled back in a ponytail. Her face was young and beautiful; fair skin with a light sprinkling of freckles on her cheeks and nose, bright green eyes that sparkled, and full lips that every man could appreciate.

She was still wet from her last Manisa Escort class and her long sleeved swim shirt and tight shorts clung to her body. She was full figured, but didn’t look ‘fat’ at all, she was 5’6″ tall and the definition of thick, I figured her measurements around 36D-28-36, and probably 135lbs.

I felt guilty for ogling her like a lecherous old man, and turned my attention to Max instead. She smiled as she approached. “Hi Max! Ready for your lesson?”

“Yup!” He replied enthusiastically. “This is my Dad, he’s going to be in the pool with us today.” He added, beaming up at me.

“Hi.” I said, finally daring to look at her again. “I’m Dale.” I went to extend my hand then pulled it away sheepishly. “Sorry, old habits.”

“It’s ok.” She smiled. “I still haven’t gotten used to it yet either. Follow me, we can start after you guys shower.”

My eyes were glued to her ass as we followed her to the pool showers. Every step she took, her ass gave a slight jiggle and I was hypnotized. I was thankful for the quick cold rinse that helped me to focus, I was married, she was barely legal. What had gotten into me?

The pool had the lane ropes up and it looked like each class got a lane to itself. We got into the shallow end of the pool and Max dunked himself to get started. “So, what am I supposed to do?” I asked.

Megan gave me a smile. “Basically you’re here to assist Max if he gets into trouble. I’m not supposed to touch him unless it’s an emergency, you’re here to prevent an emergency.” She rolled her eyes. “I’m so done with this COVID crap.”

“I know what you mean.” I replied. “So I just follow you guys around?”

“If you want. Your wife just stayed at the edge of the pool last week.” She replied.

“Ok. I’ll see how it goes.” I replied.

The lesson went really good. I stayed an arms length away from Max, even in the deep end. He was easy to teach, when you know how, so I would help explain things to him if he seemed a little confused with her instructions. I kept getting odd smiles from Megan throughout the class, so I asked if I was getting too involved and being more of a hindrance than I realized.

“No.” She said, grabbing the railing. “I wish more parents would get involved. I don’t know Max, I don’t know if there’s a better way to explain things to him. Usually I have either helicopter parents or disinterested parents. You let me do my thing and helped Max understand. Thank you.” She said as she climbed out of the pool.

I couldn’t help but stare at her ass as it broke the water a few inches from my face. Megan turned her head as she ascended and I might have looked away in time, suddenly finding the floor beneath the water very interesting.

“So, will it be you or your wife next week?” Megan asked as I climbed out of the pool.

“It’ll be me every week.” I replied. “I just had a meeting that I couldn’t reschedule last week.

“Good.” She said with that same odd smile. “It’s been fun working with you.” She then turned to Max, but kept looking at me. “See you guys next week.” Then turned and walked away. I thought there might have been an extra swing to her hips as my gaze followed her, but I couldn’t be sure.

I tried to picture someone else but Megan fuelled my fantasies for the next week. Normally I would picture my wife or someone from a movie/TV show I’d seen recently, but anyone I pictured became Megan before I was done. I didn’t normally have a type, usually I was just happy imagining a woman that actually wanted to have sex with me, but Megan somehow just did it for me.

Heidi didn’t like me masturbating near her, she thought it was gross, so I would generally take care of it in the shower. Normally it would be two or three times a week, after meeting Megan, it was nightly. It was exciting to think that I would get to see the new star of my fantasies for the next six weeks.

When we went to swimming lessons the next week, I was worried that Megan would just instinctively know what I had been thinking and run away screaming for an adult. When Max saw her approaching, he waved. I looked up and instead of running away, she smiled brightly at the two of us. Today, there was no swim shirt, instead she had a top that only covered her breasts and cleavage then wrapped around the neck and bottoms that were a plain bikini style but left little to the imagination. As we followed her to the shower, I took in the view of her luscious ass, my mind going back to my fantasies of the past week. My gaze shifted up her body and I noticed that her top actually criss-crossed over her back, I could see part of a tattoo on her left shoulder blade. As I rinsed off, I tried not to think about taking her top off for a unhindered view.

As we got into the pool, I got a better look at her tattoo, it looked like a Greek sun. I didn’t know much about Greek mythology or tattoos, but I assumed it was important. “Is that a tattoo of a sun?” I asked.

“It is!” She replied. “My dad is Greek. Ever since I was little, he called Manisa Escort Bayan me Alectrona, she was the goddess of the sunrise. He said I was his reason for getting up every day. I got it last year, just after I turned 18.” She smiled and turned to Max, starting the lesson.

Today’s swimsuit made it more difficult for me to focus on the lesson, I felt like I was cataloging as much information as I could for later. I caught myself staring at her breasts as they sat just above the water line in the shallow end. Her ass as she swam out deeper with Max. Her smile when she was giving him positive reinforcement.

I swear she caught me looking several times, but it didn’t seem to bother her. If anything she seemed to be positioning herself to give me a better view.

By the end of the lesson, I had to concentrate to get my hard-on to subside, made even more difficult by the way she lingered on the ladder, giving me a long look at her ass as she exited the pool. She gave me that same odd smile when she said she’d see us next week.

I felt like I was 14 again. I masturbated at least twice a day, always picturing Megan. Heidi caught me a few times and gave me dirty looks, but that did nothing to stop me, I was like a man possessed.

The next week, Megan was wearing a purple one-piece suit that was cut fairly low in the cleavage area and high on the hips. I nearly had to pull my jaw off the floor when I realized that I could see the faint outline of her labia when she stood in front of us. She definitely caught me looking this time, but the only indication was that odd smile of hers.

Several times throughout the lesson, Megan made contact with me. They were all innocent enough, her hip brushing mine, her foot brushing my leg… every time she would apologize and carry on with Max. I was going crazy, this barely legal swim instructor was teasing me mercilessly, intentionally or not.

I tried not to stare as she climbed out of the pool, but I was too weak. She paused on the ladder as she was exiting the pool again. When I realized she had stopped, I peeled my eyes from her ass to see her looking at me. I was about to apologize, but she just winked, wiggled her ass a little, and finished climbing out. I looked around to see if anyone noticed, but the lifeguard was at the opposite end of the pool and everyone else was too busy with their phones.

I had to adjust myself to keep my erection hidden as I exited the pool. Megan gave me that same odd smile when she walked away.

The whole drive home, I was trying to process what had happened. I decided that she liked teasing the fathers, it probably gave her a thrill to get guys like me worked up for a few weeks and never see us again. I didn’t mind, there were only three weeks left, and I would soak up all of her flirting and use it to fuel my fantasies for months.

Heidi and I had a date night Saturday. We went for a nice supper together and she was even being extra affectionate, touching my thigh, holding my hand… When we got home, I was ready, but Heidi wanted to watch a movie snuggling together on the couch. She fell asleep ten minutes after the opening credits and didn’t want to go to bed when I tried to wake her. I jerked off thinking about Megan and went to sleep alone. The next morning Heidi apologized, but wasn’t in the mood to do anything before I picked Max up from my mother’s house.

All day Tuesday, I was anxious for swimming lessons. Having come to the realization that Megan was teasing me, gave me a level of excitement I could barely contain. We were a little earlier than normal to the pool, so I got to watch Megan finish her previous class. She was wearing her swim shirt today and seemed very professional with the mother and child she was with. When the lesson ended, she left the pool and went to what I assumed was the staff room and we waited for her to come get us for about ten minutes.

When Megan reappeared, her swim shirt was gone, and I felt my suspicions about her were confirmed. She was wearing another revealing one-piece, but this one was white. I had decided that the odd smile was a combination of sexy and alluring. I was never much of a ladies’ man, but I felt like Megan was subtly teaching me some things.

Once we were in the water, I noticed that I could make out her areola through her suit. I wasn’t ogling her, but I took them in whenever I could. Megan was taking full advantage of my attention, she would exaggerate her stroking motions when she was showing Max what she wanted from him, while glancing at me as she was demonstrating.

She also made more contact with me; she stroked my arm as I was holding Max in place, practicing his kicks, she put a hand on my lower back as she passed by behind me, and she even brushed her ass against my groin as she passed in front of me. Nothing overly obvious or overt to anyone that may have been watching, but I noticed.

When she exited the pool, slowly again. I noticed that the slight transparency of her suit from the water affected Escort Manisa the lower half as well, I caught a fleeting glance of her mound before she cleared the ladder. When she turned to look at me, I gave her a smile instead of looking away. I was rewarded with a smile and an obvious flush of her cheeks. She gave me a wink when she said she’d see us next week.

I had to admit, I was enjoying Megan’s game. I didn’t know what she was getting out of teasing me, but I had been having the best orgasms from jerking off ever. I didn’t feel guilty, I knew Megan would never actually have sex with me, it was just harmless fun.

I started to worry that I might have pushed back too much with Megan. If her game was to tease dads and make them feel awkward, me not shying away might have been effectively calling her bluff. I hoped she didn’t stop, it was the most exciting thing I’d experienced in a long while.

When Megan came to get us the next week, I realized my suspicions were correct, she was wearing her swim shirt again. I did enjoy the view of her bikini bottoms, but I was sad that she had seemingly ended her game.

Not long after we entered the water, I realized that she had upped her game, rather than ended it. Megan had freed her breasts from her swimsuit and I could see her rock-hard nipples under her swim shirt. When she saw that I had noticed, Megan smiled sexily at me. I tried my best to ‘keep it cool’ and smiled back.

At one point, while Max was practicing his back float, and I was unabashedly staring at Megan’s breasts, I felt something brush against my shorts. I looked down to see Megan’s foot move up to caress my cock, which rapidly sprang from half mast to full erection in the blink of an eye. I looked at Megan, she was staring right back at me, biting her lower lip. I looked around, but there was nobody paying attention to us. I looked back to Megan and she smiled, pulling her foot away. I just stood there, dumbfounded, as she congratulated Max on floating long enough. I snapped out of it and congratulated him as well.

The end of every lesson was a game in the shallow end. I was standing in the corner, trying to will my erection down before we got out. Megan came over to where I was standing and grabbed the rings she would throw out for Max to dive and retrieve. She had her back to me and threw each of the rings, four in total.

When Max dove, she leaned forward and ground her ass into my crotch, it was so firm but soft. I still had a full erection and she gave a slight wiggle before pulling away as Max came up with the first one. I was so shocked that I froze. When he went down again, she pressed into me again. I pushed back this time, but she pulled away as Max broke the surface, second ring in hand. When he dove the third time, I was ready. My hand went to her hip as I ground myself into her when she pressed back. I let out a quiet groan when she pulled away as Max came back up. When he dove for the last one, I had both hands ready, we pressed into each other and I heard her let out a little moan. When Max had the last one up, I let go of her and she slid away from me.

Megan had Max put the rings on the edge of the pool, giving me time to tuck my erection into my waistband and her to somewhat fix her top under her swim shirt. Her face was flushed and I assumed I looked the same. I couldn’t believe what we had just done and that none of the people around the pool noticed.

When Megan exited the pool, I was close enough that I thought I could smell her arousal over the chemicals from the water. She had to take a deep breath before reminding us that next week was the last lesson, and she would be testing Max on all of the specific techniques she had covered. She gave me a wink before she turned and left.

I was a mess on the drive home. Things had gone much further than I ever expected, and I didn’t put up an ounce of resistance. I still hadn’t cheated, but the line was getting fuzzy. If Max wasn’t there, I think I might have tried to fuck her, regardless of the people around. I never thought of myself as someone who would cheat, but this girl was pushing buttons that I didn’t know I had, at a time in my life when I was at my weakest. If this was just a game for Megan, I couldn’t wait to see what she had in store for the last class.

The guilt I felt for what had happened with Megan was slowly being overtaken by the excitement for the final class. I knew it was wrong, but I was so turned on that I didn’t care.

I was anxious all week. Every day seemed to take longer than the previous one. I spent more time on my elliptical, trying to burn off the extra energy, it didn’t help. I dreamt of Megan; taking her in the pool, on the deck, bending her over the ladder and eating her out until she begged me to stop… By the time Tuesday arrived, I was a ball of nervous energy.

Max was more anxious than I was as we waited. He was very rewards driven, and the thought that he could do his next round of lessons without us in the pool was his motivator. He didn’t know why his mom didn’t want to be in the pool, but he wanted her to see him do well too. When Megan appeared, we both smiled at her. She was wearing the same swimsuit as a few weeks ago, a purple one-piece. The smile she gave Max, turned into a sexy smile when she looked at me.

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