Big Dick

He was incredible on the dance floor, and I zeroed in on him immediately despite the throngs of people thrashing in time to the music. Some girls like muscle-covered men who look like they just came from a bodybuilding contest, others like their men neat and sophisticated, or even the laid-back bachelor look. Not me. I’ve always had my wettest dreams about smooth-faced, lithe men, the “poets” or the “musician” stereotype, with their pretty eyes and soft hands and long, soft hair.

Think Keanu Reeves, Tom Cruise, Ryan Phillipe…..those were the men that got my blood pumping. My dancing boy was all that and then some: long black hair pulled back in a neat ponytail that trailed down his back, full lips, black t-shirt and black leather pants that could have been painted on his tight, lean body. The sight of him sent a tingle of heat through my body, and I set my glass down on the bar and hopped down off my seat. The song was about to end; I had to go claim him for the next dance. I pushed my way through the crowd, making my way to the section of the floor where he was at. I tapped him on the shoulder and he turned my way, bringing his dance to a finish as the DJ took a quick break.

“I want the next dance,” I announced, giving him no chance of refusal. The girl in his arms glared at me, then broke away and headed off the floor. Poor thing, probably thought she had a chance at coming home with this gorgeous one tonight. I had news for her; I was going to fight tooth and nail to be the one leaving on his arm. My pleasure at her pain must have shown on my face, for I caught him watching me with a slight grin on his face. The DJ took to the booth again, and the music started up once more. I felt his arms go around me, and we fell into a natural rhythm.

Sometimes good club music is almost like good sex, it sets you writhing, grinding, twisting, sweating into another’s arms. His eyes held me as we moved, the most beautiful eyes on a man I’d ever seen, crystal blue and pure as spring water. The beat was primal and so was our moves, his hands on my lower back, one knee between my slightly parted legs, hips grinding in time to the pounding speakers. My hands fisted into his sweat-drenched t-shirt, my stomach brushing against the fly of his leather pants. I could feel the erection growing under his clothing, and it set a chain heat through my body. His head dropped forward, and I could feel his breath hot against my neck. It set my nipples erect, brushing against his chest as we moved. I moved my hands around his neck, pushing my body harder into Maraş Escort him, his lips brushing my earlobe. His tongue came out once, tasting the sweat-and-perfume mixture on my neck in one bold lick. I moaned and dipped my hips, grinding playfully against his thigh. “Are you wet?” He asked me, the whisper sending goosebumps up my skin.

“Why don’t you find out?” I whispered back. I was only teasing him, baiting him along…..but he took it literally and I felt one hand slide from my lower back to my hip, then up my dress. We were hidden among a sea of dancing couples, so no one knew just how hot of a turn things were taking. I felt his fingers trace the damp satin of my thong, then slip past, touching lightly the pouting lips of my sex. I shuddered when I felt two fingers slide in me, testing my damp pussy with obvious skill. I stared up into his eyes, those eyes that burned into mine as he withdrew his fingers, then plunged them back in.

I groaned, and felt his hand withdrawl, bringing it up between our bodies and between our faces. He put his fingers, slick with my juices against my lips and I could smell my arousal on them. Opening my mouth, I took them in and sucked them clean, tasting the salty wetness and caressing his fingertips with my teeth and tongue. He removed his fingers and refilled my mouth with his tongue, and we shared a long and lusty kiss. We were grinding in earnest now, practically fucking on the dance floor, and he broke the kiss to lick again at my ear and neck. I couldn’t take much more of this “dance” of ours, it was intoxicating foreplay, but I needed release and I could feel he did too, the way his cock was pressing against me. “What’s your name?” I asked him throatily.

“Gavin,” he replied.

“Gavin,” I repeated softly. “Gavin, I want you. Now. Take me out of this place, somewhere we can be alone.”

“My apartment is two blocks away,” he suggested. “Let’s go.” We pushed our way through the crowd of people, making our way to the door to the club. The girl who had been Gavin’s dance partner before me gaped at us. I couldn’t resist giving her a sweet smile as we passed her. The night air was brisk and cool as he led the way, and I was riding high on my passion. His apartment was on the second floor of a beautiful old complex, and he led me down an alley and up the fire escape ladder to the back door of his place. We were on each other as soon as the door slammed behind us. His hands came under my ass, lifting me up and wrapping my legs around his waist. He pressed me back against the Maraş Escort Bayan door we’d just come through, and I cried out when I felt his mouth on my mouth.

“I can smell you,” he groaned against my lips. “I can feel your heat.” I cupped his face in my palms, then threading my fingers in his hair and pulling it free of the ponytail. It cascaded around his shoulders, flowing freely now down to his lower back. “Not like this, I want to see you,” he begged. He set me down and led me to his bedroom. Once there, I set about undressing him. I tugged the T-shirt free of his pants, pulling it up and over his head, and tossing it on the floor. His hands came down, stopping mine, and he told me to undress myself while he finished. I kicked off my heels eagerly, and grabbed the hem of my little black dress and pulled it off in one fluid moment. I glanced over and found him naked, standing beside and watching me.

“Don’t stop,” he urged, and I made more of a show out of it, standing there in my bra, thong, garter belt and thigh-highs. I reached around and unhooked my black bra, letting it slide away slowly and watching the pupils dilate in hunger. I knew what he was looking at; I was no model, but I was quite attractive. My large breasts hung full on my chest, the rose-pink nipples already hardened. I smoothed my hands down to my garter belt, but Gavin stopped me.

“Leave those on,” he ordered, drinking in the sight of my full hips and the way the smoky stockings flattered my legs. He was a marvel to me; his body pale-skinned and tightly muscled, chest and face hairless, hips lean and a beautiful ass. The dark hair spilling over his white skin was an incredible sight, but not as incredible as the beautiful cock that rose up hard and proud from his groin. It was normal in length, but was thicker than most, and jutted proudly from a nest of pubic hair the same raven-black as his hair. “My god, Gavin,” I muttered in appreciation and fell to my knees before him.

Taking that thick organ in my palm, I ran my tongue over the head, tasting the juices already coating its crown. I cupped his ass, my fingernails digging into the flesh as I sank my mouth down, deep-throating its length. He groaned and twisted his fingers in my blonde hair, pulling my head up the shaft, then back down to engulf it again. I caressed his thighs, his balls, his ass while I used my considerable skill at pleasing him with my lips and tongue. He pulled free of my lips, and tugged me to my feet, lying me back on his bed. My eyes fixed on his head as Escort Maraş he brought his lips to my left breast, teasing the already-hard bud of my nipple, biting and sucking me into a frenzy. He spent equal time with both of my breasts, until my breath was coming fast and I was dying to feel him move lower.

He didn’t disappoint me, raining kisses down my stomach towards my thong. Looking up at me, he gave me a smile that melted me while he fingered the black thong teasingly. His blue eyes dark, he ripped the scrap of cloth with one jerk, exposing my pink sex to his will as I cried out. When he lowered his tongue to my shaved pussy, I closed my eyes, savoring the feel of the wetness tracing my outer lips. He found my clit, already a small hard pearl, and flicked light licks over it until I was bucking my hips up with every one, sobbing aloud. He covered my clit with his lips and sucked hard, and I felt my orgasm growing close.

“Please, Gavin,” I pleaded. “Please, I need you now.” He rolled me to my stomach, and I crawled to my knees, spreading my thighs for him. His body came up mine covering me, then I felt his mouth working my neck as the head of his cock probed my slit. And then he was sliding in me fully, and I felt his hips flush against my buttocks. I was crying his name over and over, and he was fucking me in a slow, unhurried manner. He licked and sucked my neck, which was one of my biggest turn-on areas, and I felt the heat boiling up in me.

“Oh, god,” I sobbed. “Gavin, don’t stop….you’re going to make me come….” He quickened his pace for me, and one hand snaked around to my front to lightly finger my clit until I was at the edge. As the pleasure slammed me, overtaking me, I felt him bite my neck hard, which sent me headlong into another orgasm before I even finished my first. It was like a thousand pleasurable explosions were going off in me, and I dimly felt him still sucking on my neck, and felt his hardness pumping me faster and more purposefully. When he came, he grabbed my hips and held me on his cock, so I could feel his hot spurts of fluid filling my pussy. We collapsed to the bed, exhausted, spent, happy.

When I woke up, it was nearly four a.m. and Gavin was still sleeping soundly beside me. I admired his naked beauty for a long moment, remembering all the pleasure he’d brought me. I left my name and my number on his bedside table, giggling quietly when I realized I’d never even told him my name. As an afterthought I dropped the ripped thong panties on top of the letter, to remind him of our escapade. Then I slipped my dress over my head, and left my dancing boy’s apartment. Daydreaming on the taxi ride home, I hoped it wouldn’t be long before Gavin called me again. We’d dance again, but this time it would be in my apartment, and I’d have a lot more “moves” to teach him.

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