Dancing for Joy Ch. 02: Turnabout


There I was, laying on the couch in my mom’s house, with her riding my dick. I was looking up at her beautiful face and sexy body. I shot my load, but was still hard. She kept riding me.

Her rather large tits were bobbing away as she bounced faster and faster, gyrating and wiggling her hips. She was calling my name louder and louder. Then she spun around and gave me the reverse cowgirl.

I loved the sight of that big, juicy ass moving all around. I started to squeeze and play with it. Firm, yet supple. Then my mom told me to spank her. I smacked one cheek and then the other. The way they jiggled when I smacked them was such a turn on! She told me to spank her harder. As my mom continued to ride my dick, I spanked her ass harder and harder. It turned a lovely shade of pink. Those large, pink ass cheeks jiggling like wild. I was spanking her as hard as I could by this point.

Mom’s voice went up a few octaves. She tried to say “Oh God” but never quite got the “d” out. She screamed at the top of her lungs, “OOOOOOHHHHHHHHH GGGGGGGGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!” My final orgasm of the night was the biggest I had had to date, but clearly nothing next to hers.

Then she laid back, resting her entire body on mine and went limp. We told each other that we loved each other, and she quickly dozed off. I simply existed in the moment as I caught my breath. The feel of her body against mine, looking at her hot body, her heaving breasts.

It took some manipulation to be able to get to my feet. I carried her to bed. I drifted off to sleep spooning my mom, our naked bodies pressed against each other.

Over a light breakfast, mom told me, “You were amazing last night!” Before I could thank her, or return the complement, she added, “but I was bad.” I opened my mouth to disagree, but she was on a roll. “I was a very bad girl, and I need to be punished.”

Was I hearing this right? Did my mom want me to give her the same kind of spanking she used to give me years ago? Sure, giving her ass a good handspanking while she rode me was all manner of hot, but this seemed completely different. As a little boy I dreaded hearing my mom say that I was a very bad boy and needed to be punished. Or, more accurately, I dreaded what inevitably came after. I had to bring her the paddle, then go over her knee for a long hard barebottom paddling that often left bruises for a day or two. Or possibly the belt. The belt was even worse.

I used to fantasize about spanking her the same way. At the time, it wasn’t Nevşehir Escort even a sexual thing. In reality she was big and I was little, and she spanked me as hard as she could. No warmup, no mercy. I fantasized about reversing that whole thing. In more recent years, my fantasies were completely different. They were much more like what we had done last night.

I had been with just a couple of girls before, and one of them was into spanking. My frame of reference for what was generally done in a sexual spanking came from her. It was still over the knee on the bare. She had me start with just my hand, giving her light taps. It slowly built to a hard paddling, leaving her ass dark red. This was within the context of roleplaying like I was her dad. I enjoyed it, but it wasn’t a big turnon for me.

Did my mom want what that girl wanted? Or something more?

With a look full of lustful anticipation, mom said to me, “Are you going to punish me, sir? I need it bad.” She kissed me with tongue, then whispered in my ear, “The safeword is ‘Atlantic.’ Do you understand what that means?” I answered that I did. She took me by the hand, leading me back to the bedroom, saying, “It’s time for you to teach me a lesson I’ll never forget.”

I sat on my mom’s bed and she bent over my knee. At first, I caressed and squeezed that beautiful ass. Then I put my left hand on the small of her back and started spanking her with my right.

She squirmed around on my knee, saying things like “I’m sorry, sir,” “I’ll be good, I promise,” and “please stop.” She also threw in a bunch of “ouch”es and what was supposed to sound like crying but was clearly pleasurable moans. Her pussy was getting my knee and thigh all wet.

I scolded her and called her a naughty, spoiled brat as I spanked her harder and harder. Her sexy jiggling ass cheeks turned pink, and then red. I couldn’t believe how much of a turnon it was for me. I love smacking her ass over my knee. By this point I was spanking my mom as hard as I could. Clearly, not only could she take it, she was ready for more. I stopped and told her to bring me something to use as a paddle.

“Sir, please no! Please don’t paddle me!”

I started spanking her again. “I will paddle you, young lady. I will paddle you hard, I will paddle you long. Now you obey me, or it will be even worse.” Then I stopped so she could get up.

She started to walk toward the bathroom that is adjoined to her bedroom, her pussy juices dripping onto the floor. Her sexy Nevşehir Escort Bayan ass was even hotter all red from being spanked. She stopped about half way, looked over her shoulder, and said, “Please, sir, don’t make me bring you a paddle.”

I mustered as angry of a voice as I could, and just said, “Young lady!” She went on into the bathroom, and came out carrying a wooden hairbrush. She handed it to me and bent back over my knee.

I pressed my leg against the back of her legs, pinning them in place. I put my hand back on the small of her back. I slowly, gently ran the flat part of the brush over her sore bottom for a few seconds. Then I raised on the brush and brought it down hard. Whack! Mom yelped and jumped. I could tell she wasn’t ready for a whack that hard, but she still enjoyed it.

Did she want to test her limits here? Take a spanking just beyond what she could bear? I felt a twinge of sadistic glee. I was going to have fun teasing her some more and then test out that theory.

I ran the brush over her bottom some more and then gave her another hard whack. She yelped and jumped again. This time she reached back, as though to grab the brush. I took mom’s hand in mine and pinned it to the small of her back. I continued alternating between running the brush over her bottom and whacking it hard. Each time, the run got a little shorter and the whack got a little harder. It wasn’t long at all before I was simply spanking her as hard as I could. She squired and fought, moaning loudly, saying the same things she said when I spanked her with my hand.

Her ass was getting deeper shades of red, and then more of a magenta. I gave her a good, hard spanking with no mercy. But then she called out, “Atlantic!” That was the safeword. I let loose of her, and gently rubbed her very sore bottom with my hand briefly. She moved off my knee and instead knelt in front of me.

I gave her a hug and said, “Did you learn your lesson, young lady?”

She spoke no answer. Instead, she started kissing me with tongue. Then she kissed my neck some, then started working her way down my chest. Mom worked her way down my body with her tongue, lips, and hands. Slowly she worked her way down to my crotch. She wrapped her lips around my hard dick and began to suck it. Now, my experience that I could draw on for comparison is extremely limited, but I do think it’s safe to say my mom gives incredible blow jobs. It sure blew me away.

She swallowed my load. Well, what little Escort Nevşehir load I had at that point. How much could it have been? She looked up at me, and said, “Does that answer your question, sir?” I honestly didn’t know if that was a yes or a no. Anyway, I had to catch my breath again. She said, “Last night I was a bad girl and had sex with my own son even though I knew better. And then today … ” She trailed off, looking at me with doe eyes and rubbing my dick.

Ok, now I get it. The answer was no, she didn’t learn her lesson. She wanted a more severe spanking, but wanted to take a break and get some dick. It was so clear now. I didn’t even try to muster a stern or angry voice. I knew the words to say, but didn’t try to act with it. “Today you did it again. You’re going to learn your lesson, young lady. Go get the belt from my pants.”

Mom’s acting was as bad as mine. She was practically giddy with anticipation. “No! Please sir no! Anything but the belt! I did learn my lesson! I promise!” She hugged me and went back to whispering in my ear. “Don’t worry if I cry. It’s part of it.”

“Young lady, you do as you’re told.”

She practically ran out to the living room, and ran back in with the belt. She handed it to me and quickly bent back over my knee. All the while she was saying, “Please sir no! You don’t have to use the belt! It’ll never happen again! I’ll be good from now on! I promise! Please sir! Anything but the belt!”

I pinned her legs in place, and pinned her hand on the small of her back. I took the belt and laid into my mom’s already magenta ass. It took only about a dozen or so licks of the belt before she was crying like a baby. I just kept right on spanking her as hard as I could. For several minutes I strapped her naughty bottom with the belt, her crying harder and harder. Just as I was starting to think she might be crying too hard to say the safeword, she said it. So I let her loose.

Then mom got onto the bed on her knees and shoulders, bent over for dogstyle sex. In between sobs, she gave instructions on just what she wanted now. I did just as she asked. I pulled my mom’s hair and spanked her as hard as I could with the hairbrush while I fucked her hard, fast, and rough.

This time her orgasm was louder, longer, more intense than when she was riding me. She said, “Thank you sir, that was just what I needed” as she stumbled to the bathroom on rubbery legs. I was just about to check on her (Was she ok? What was she doing in there?) when I heard her gargling. Ah, yes. She should do that if she’s going to kiss me after what she’s already done.

Then mom climbed into bed with me and we made out some more. This had already been an incredible sexual adventure, and there was much more to come in the next couple of days. And even that was just the beginning.

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