Danny’s Butt Mom Ch. 04


When Danny got up his mother was in her gown and panties making breakfast. She stood over the stove cooking eggs and bacon as her son sat down to table rubbing his eyes.

“Good morning sweetie.”


“You slept so soundly with Mommy last night. Do you remember any of it? Well, you enjoyed yourself quite a lot suckling my nipples.”

Danny was a little embarrassed. But he vaguely remembered the wonderful sensation of his mother’s full tit in his wet mouth, drooling and sucking.

“I loved that dear. Maybe we can do that some more later. Here you go!” She served her son his breakfast. Scrambled eggs, bacon, toast.

Dianne sat down to eat opposite her son. “What are your plans today honey?”

“Oh nothing.”

“Nothing? You want to play with Mom all day, don’t you?” She smiled. He smiled back. “Honey, I will do anything you want me to.” She kept repeating this idea to her son, with the nastiest of hopes in mind. She wanted to explore his body and have him explore hers; she wanted to share all her nasty pleasures with her wonderful son. Most of all, Dianne wanted her son to come to worship her big butt, for him to lay around the house all day exploring her ass.

Danny was still half asleep, eating breakfast in his boxers with his morning hard-on. She cleared the table and started doing dishes in the sink while chatting about normal things with her son.

“I’ve got to run some errands this afternoon after we finish-” As she turned to look at him while talking and scrubbing the dishes, she noticed he had a totally fixed stare as he played with his penis.

“You like looking at my big butt, baby?” She pulled her nightgown up to expose her wide hips and juicy ass while continuing to wash the dishes. “Does it make you excited to see my big round bottom honey?” She stuck Nevşehir Escort it out a little, still looking at the dishes.

“Yeah, it does Mom.” And he just stared with his jaw dropped, a huge rock hard erection that he was now holding firmly from the fly of his boxers.

“I’ll bet you want to feel it, don’t you Danny?” Her voice even became a little raunchy. “I love it when your Daddy gets down behind me and rubs his face against my bottom. I just love to have my big butt played with.”

He was stroking his penis watching his mother’s fat ass “Mom, can I do it?” He excitedly asked.

“Yes honey. Come here and get behind me.” He got up from his chair and onto his knees directly behind his mother. He put his hands on her wide hips and took a look at her fat, round, shapely ass tightly squeezed into her cotton panties. His nose was inches away, and he turned his cheek and rubbed the side of his face back and forth over his mother’s big, soft ass.

“Oh honey, that’s nice. Love Momma’s bottom.”

She had an enormous tear-dropped ass with a big long crack that curved deeply inward. Her son rubbed his face softly into that space, pressing his nose up into his mom’s ass crack.

“Oh honey, yes. Really get up in there and get a big smell for me!” She said warmly.

Each of his mother’s cheeks was bigger than his head, and he almost shot his load right there. He moved his hand slightly onto the fat sides of her enormous butt cheeks and grabbed wonderful handfulls of his mommy’s voluptuous butt. He pushed his face up deeper into his mother’s ass, his nose instinctively going for her shitter, and he took in a breath of her farty smelling panties.

“Go ahead and ram your face up my bottom honey!”

“MMMmm, Mom, I love it.” Danny loved the smell of his Mom’s butt. Nevşehir Escort Bayan He couldn’t believe how huge her ass was and how good it felt to bury his face in it.

She reached around with one hand and gently ran her fingers through her son’s soft hair. He sunk his face in completely into his mom’s butt and he pulled apart each fat butt cheek, rubbing his face deeper and deeper, inhaling the wonderful smells of his mom’s potent butt hole mixed with her wet pussy seeping into her panties.

She pressed her butt back into her son’s face, grinding her hips. “Oh Danny, that feels SO good! Oh, Mommy loves it!” He was down on his knees in the kitchen with his face pressed into his mother’s butt, totally lost loving that huge, soft, stinky crevasse.

“Oh honey” She said, and let out a huge, hot stinky fart in her son’s face. He breathed it in deeply and they both were in ecstasy, and a moment later they giggled and he pulled his face from his Mother’s rear. “Oh Danny, did you like that, baby?”

“Mom, I love your bottom!”

“Good honey, I’m glad. There’s a lot more fun we can have then!”

She turned around and looked down at her horny son who was kneeling in front of her crotch. She ran her fingers through his soft hair and looking at him lovingly, giving her son another warm smile. He put his hands on her thick thighs, squeezing them, and looked straight in front of his face at his mother’s panties covering her fat crotch.

“Go ahead sweetheart. Rub your face in there.”

Danny buried his face between his mom’s juicy thighs and onto her panty covered pussy. She took the back of his head with both hands and rubbed her son’s sweet face into her hot, soaking panty pussy. Pretty soon his hands were reaching around her ass and his mouth was right on the wet Escort Nevşehir part of her panty pussy, making it wetter. Dianne loved the nasty scene of her son’s face hungrily eating her cunt and pushed her hips into him. She gave a huge shiver watching her son, as she shook a wonderful orgasm onto her sons face.

He loved the smell and taste of his mother’s panties so much. She knelt down on the floor with her son and gave him a passionate kiss. Her long hot tongue shot deep in his mouth and they kissed like that as she groped his big hard on. Finally she told him what to do.

“Lie down still honey and just enjoy what mommy’s got for her baby.”

He sprawled on his back on the kitchen floor. Then his mother stood over him, straddling her son, and turned around. She bent down and shoved her big butt just above her son’s little face. Then she reached into her wet panties for some lube and began giving a masterful massage of her son’s big cock. She rubbed and stroked and pulled wonderfully at his balls.

“Pffffffff.” A long fart came out of his mother’s butt and right into his face. She could feel her son’s nose poke against her rectum.

“You like that honey? MMMmmm here’s some more.” And she couldn’t help rubbing her butt hole back and forth onto her sons face as she stroked his big meat. He held on to her wide hips as his mother grinded her stink hole in his face.

“Oh yes Danny! Ohhh, yeah! Cum for me sweetheart!

“Oh yeah mom! Oh, here I cum!”

“Yes baby, shoot it for your mother!”

He was eating her ass over her panties and she milked creamy rope after rope of her son’s sperm, shooting it finally all over her gown, cleavage, and one thick rope wonderfully to her face. He lay there prone on the kitchen floor with his mother’s big butt over his face. She got up and lay down next to her son, cum still fresh on her mouth.

“That’s my sweetheart. Now give Mommy a kiss.” She pressed her mouth, cum and all, warmly onto her son’s mouth. “Baby, I’m glad you like my ass. We can do that some more when I come home from errands, OK darling?”

“Oh Mom, that’ll be great…”

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