Date for a Wedding



Billy, Allie’s 5 year-old nephew ran towards the man at the end of the aisle in the grocery store and surprised him.


As Allie, her brother, and sister and law made it to the end of the aisle, Shawn had grabbed Billy in his arms and was hugging him. With Shawn were two teenagers, his daughter and his son. Introductions were made and small talk ensued. Shawn was a co-worker of Allie’s at the open pit mine and had graciously agreed to take Billy and his dad on a giant truck ride, something little Billy would not soon forget. What better for a 5-year-old than a big truck ride?

Shawn asked Allie’s brother how much longer they were in town and was told they were only going to be in town another two days, they’d be leaving that Friday morning.

Shawn’s daughter was eyeing Allie with great interest and when Allie noticed, the 15-year old asked point blank “Are you married?”

“Cynthia!” Shawn exclaimed.

Allie laughed and said “It’s okay. No, I’m not married.”

“Seeing anyone?”


Still laughing, Allie answered “You are a curious one, aren’t you? Nope, not seeing anyone. Now tell me why you’re so curious.”

“Well, if you’re single, do you think you could be my dad’s date for my aunt’s wedding on Saturday. After all, your family won’t be here so you should be free!”


By then, Shawn was really embarrassed. Allie smiled and asked “Cynthia, do you have a date for the wedding?”

“No, what’s that got to do with anything?”

“Well, I’m just wondering how you’d feel if your dad tried to arrange a date for you…”

Cynthia bit her lower lip and then said “I guess you’re right, I’d be mortified. Sorry dad. But you seem to be so nice and you certainly know how to talk to people and I think you could stand up to the rest of the family. Dad would need that.”

Allie turned to Shawn. “Call me Friday night if, after sleeping on it a few nights, you like your daughter’s idea.”

With that, they all went their own way to finish getting groceries. Of course, that night, Allie took a lot of ribbing from her brother but, as Cynthia had guessed, Allie could take it.

After seeing her brother and his family to the airport on Friday, Allie went back home and cleaned up her home. It was only after 8 pm that night that the phone rang. It was Shawn.

After a few niceties, Shawn apologized for his daughter’s behaviour. That prompted Allie to ask “Why would your daughter be worried about you needing someone to stand up to your family?”

“It’s not really my family but my ex wife’s family. Her sister is marrying a good friend of mine and he insisted I had to be there. Cynthia figures I would need help facing my ex and her family. I think I’d be fine but she was really impressed by you and firmly believes I’d be even better with you on my arm.”

“So, what do you want to do?”

“Well, Cynthia did have some very good points and besides, I kind of like you. What I know of you anyway. On the other hand, I’m not sure it’s fair to put you in this situation right on what would be our first date.”

“I kind of like you too but I’m not sure about dating a coworker.”

“I work in the mine and you work in the office. We have no dealings with each other. The only time we see each other is during courses that the company gets us all to take. I don’t think we’d be in any conflict of interest situation. You know, I don’t think anyone at work would care actually and if you prefer, we could keep it quiet.”

“Good point and yes, I’d like to keep it quiet to start with. But tell me, how bad was your breakup? And how special is that ex family-in-law of yours?”

Shawn and Allie spoke on the phone for over two hours, discussing his family and hers and the wedding the next day. As they talked, they found that they had a lot in common despite growing up at opposite ends of the country. The conversation was easy and comfortable. Finally, they agreed that Allie, a designated driver for life, would pick up Shawn at 2:30 in the afternoon for the 3 o’clock ceremony in town.

The next day, Allie let herself sleep in so she could stay up later that night without feeling too tired. Getting ready for the wedding, Allie took special care of her hair and make up, wanting to look nice for Shawn. Fortunately, she’d been shopping a few weeks before and had a nice summery cotton dress she could wear with a short jacket in case it got cool.

As she was putting on her pantyhose, she punctured them with one of her nails and had to throw that pair out. She was down to her last pair so she was very careful in putting them on. She was ready in lots of time to get to Shawn’s place.

When Allie rang the door bell, she was surprised to see Cynthia open the door. Cynthia had on a very cute strapless dress in a deep green that accentuated her natural colouring.

Both of them at the same time said “Wow, you look great!” And laughed about it. Cynthia motioned for Allie to come in and said “Dad’s just struggling with his tie.”

Allie asked “Where’s Mardin Escort your brother?”

Cynthia answered “He’s with mom. I insisted on being here to help dad choose his shirt and tie.”

Then, they heard Shawn exclaim “Oh man! Why are ties so darn complicated?”

Allie called out “Shawn, come on out here, I can help with that.”

Shawn came out to the living room where Allie was still standing and sheepishly asked “Really? You can help?”

Allie said “I learned from my dad. He said that it could come in useful someday. He was right!”

As she said that, she pulled the tie apart from the poor excuse for a knot Shawn had put in and quickly re-knotted it into the perfect position. Cynthia watched and said “Wow, that is great! Maybe you should teach me sometime! You know, you look like an old couple. This is perfect!”

Allie put her hands on her hips and turned to Cynthia “Who are you calling old, young lady?”

“Not old as in age, but more like you’ve been together a while!”

Shawn then intervened “Well, that’s all fine and dandy but you need to keep those thoughts to yourself.”


“Well, for one, it’s a bit embarrassing but most importantly, considering you’re the one who wants us to act like the perfect couple, you shouldn’t be pointing out how good a job we’re doing as if it’s the first time you see it!”

“Oh! That makes sense! All right then, no more gushing on my part! But you two do look great you know!”

After thanking Allie for the knot and Cynthia for the compliment, Shawn asked Cynthia to grab her purse and the camera while he grabbed his house keys. Within a few minutes, they were leaving.

When they got to the church, Shawn was a perfect gentleman, going around the car to hold both doors open and help the ladies get out. As they made their way to their assigned pew, Shawn put his hand on the small of Allie’s back to have her go in first. Allie felt the warmth of his hand through her dress and thought of how natural it felt.

As they waited for the ceremony to begin, Shawn introduced Allie to friends in the pew ahead and they quietly talked for a bit. Shawn was slightly turned towards Allie and had his arm on the pew back rest and rested his hand gently on Allie’s back. Again, she felt the warmth and the simple familiarity of the gesture, as if, as Cynthia had put it, they were an old couple.

As Shawn was busy talking to his friends, Allie noticed a woman come up to their pew and stand there. To get Shawn’s attention, Allie put her hand on his knee and said “Shawn, I think someone wants to say hello.” Then, she heard Cynthia say “hi mom!”

Shawn turned around and faced his ex-wife, never taking his arm away from Allie. He smiled and said “Hi Helen! You’re looking good. How are you? Oh, I’d like you to meet Allie. Allie, Cynthia’s mom, Helen.”

Allie extended her hand but Helen didn’t take it. Allie nonetheless said “Nice to meet you Helen. Cynthia and Adam are really nice. You raised them well.” Still, Helen remained of stone and looking only at Shawn, asked “How much did you have to pay her to say that?” It was Cynthia who reacted first “Mom! Aren’t you the one who says that if I can’t say anything nice, I shouldn’t say anything at all? Allie is really nice!”

Shawn, remaining calm, said “The ceremony is about to start, we wouldn’t want to ruin their special day, would we?”

Helen simply walked away and went to sit with a man who appeared to be her boyfriend as well as Adam who looked mortified.

Cynthia started to apologize for her mom and Allie stopped her “You don’t have to apologize for your mom’s behaviour. It has nothing to do with you and to be honest, I don’t really care what she says.”

Shawn’s friends, who had witnessed the whole encounter, said “Don’t worry, we all know what she’s like and won’t be paying any attention, nobody will.”

The ceremony started and was beautiful, as almost all weddings are. After the ceremony was done, the guests were invited to go to this hotel a few streets away and have cocktails in the gardens while the bride and groom would get their pictures taken. Once there, Shawn made sure to get both Cynthia and Allie some non-alcoholic drinks while he got a beer. Cynthia left them to go spend time with some cousins. Shawn and Allie chatted with some friends and were having a good time when Helen appeared again, this time with her boyfriend who looked embarrassed already.

Completely ignoring Allie, Helen started talking with the other couple. Seeing they were a bit uncomfortable, Allie smiled, winked and discreetly nodded at them to just go with the flow. Despite their attempts to keep the conversation neutral, Helen managed to get in a few digs on Shawn and Allie. After a while, Shawn said “Would you excuse us, I want to have Allie meet John and Vanessa over there.” Then, he gently guided Allie away to meet his other friends. Within ten minutes, Helen dragged her boyfriend over to where Shawn and Allie were and proceeded to diss them in front of John and Vanessa. Again, after a few Mardin Escort Bayan minutes, Shawn made excuses and took Allie to talk with another couple. A third time, Helen followed within 15 minutes. The boyfriend, Troy, looked mortified and at one point, while Helen was pontificating, Allie made eye contact with him, smiled and shrugged, indicating that there was nothing much they could do about it. He mouthed “I’m sorry” and Allie nodded. Helen caught sight of the last bit of this silent exchange and exclaimed “Are you going to steal him too?”

Allie turned and faced Helen. “Nope. I didn’t steal this one and I won’t be stealing anyone. Now what I’m wondering is if you’re that worried about me stealing your man, why do you keep dragging him to wherever I am?”

Receiving no answer from a shocked Helen, Allie continued. “How about you stop following us around and then we can all relax and have fun.” With that, Allie turned to Shawn and said “Let’s go refresh our drinks, shall we?”

Repressing a smile, Shawn nodded and followed Allie as she walked towards the bar. Within a few minutes, the guest were asked to be seated and to Allie’s relief, they were seated on the other side of the room from Helen and Troy and facing away from them. Dinner was very enjoyable and several times, Allie notice just how attentive Shawn was to her and her needs and how sweet he was. From the conversation around the table, it was obvious that this was the “natural” Shawn, not him being nice just to impress her. This guy was a genuinely nice guy. When the plates came and had zucchini, a vegetable Allie didn’t like and baked tomatoes, something Shawn didn’t like, it felt totally natural for them to swap the veggies on their plates.

When dinner was over and the speeches started, Shawn got up discreetly, turned his chair around to face the head table and helped turn Allie’s chair so she too could face the happy couple and the speech givers. Shawn put his arm on the back of her chair and leaned in to whisper in her ear “I’m so glad Cynthia insisted and you came. I’m really enjoying having you here.” Allie smiled and winked at him as she put her hand on his knee. He covered her hand with his free hand and they both went back to listening to the speeches.

After the speeches were done and the tables cleared, the music started and when the happy couple were done the first waltz and then the dances with fathers and mothers, everyone was invited to join in. Allie was pleasantly surprised that Shawn liked dancing so they stayed on the dance floor, having fun.

When the first slow song played, Shawn pulled Allie against him and held her close while dancing. Their bodies fit well together and Allie lost herself in the slow, sensual dance. Looking into his eyes, she saw that he was enjoying it too. “I could get used to this.” She whispered to him. Pulling her closer and leaning his head against hers, he said “Me too.”

Throughout the evening, they danced, they talked with others and Allie enjoyed the little touches that felt so natural between her and Shawn. At one point, they were in need of a break so headed to a table to talk with friends of his. As they sat down, Allie heard another woman say “watch out, that chair eats nylons!” just as she felt her nylons ripping against one of the chair legs. “Oops! Too late!”

The woman said “I had to ditch mine after sitting on that chair and so did Emma and Kathy.”

Allie stood and said “Well, I’ll go inspect the damage and maybe ditch mine. I’ll be back.” She headed for the ladies’ room where she saw that her nylons were indeed ruined. Going into one of the stalls, she had a dilemma. Wearing pantyhose, the operative word being “panty”, she hadn’t worn anything under. Taking the hose off meant going “commando”. Allie thought that maybe she could tear off the hose part from the panty and tried that but ended up totally ripping the panty part so she gave up and took everything off. After washing her hands and drying them, Allie felt some air go up her dress and blushed. This would take some getting used to but it wasn’t unpleasant. In fact, it felt rather wicked. So it was with a smile that Allie made her way back to the hall.

Allie and Shawn danced some more and enjoyed the evening. When the next slow song came on, Shawn pulled Allie into his arms again and gently rubbed her back as they danced, his hand going slightly lower and lower each time. Then, as if he was searching for something, his hand moved left, right, up and down and again. He pulled away slightly and both her and Allie looked at each other with questioning looks. Allie spoke first “Something wrong?”

“Earlier, I could feel the band of your nylons and now I don’t feel anything. Are you not wearing anything under there?”

“Shhhhh. Keep your voice down!”



Pulling her closer he whispered into her ear “Seriously? You’re not wearing anything?”

“I had panty hose on and when they got ruined, I had to take them off. Panty and hose!”

He groaned against her ear and then said Escort Mardin “Have you any clue what this is doing to me?”

“Probably similar to what it’s doing to me. Now be quiet about it, I don’t want everyone to know! Can you imagine if Helen found out?”

Shawn laughed and pulled her even tighter. Then, as the song ended he said “maybe we should play it safe and get out of here before she finds out!”

“It’s way too early to leave! What would people think?”

“That I can’t wait to be alone with you?”

With that, he gave her a quick kiss on the lips and, as the next song started, he pulled apart from her and got into the rhythm of the song. After several fast songs, there was another slow song and Shawn was quick to pull Allie into his embrace. He kissed her temple and then whispered “Is it still too early for me to take you away?”

Allie smiled and replied “Have you forgotten that I’m the one driving and as such, I’d be the one taking you away?”

“So, do you want to take me away somewhere?” he asked with a big emphasis on the word “want”.

As he said that, he gently pulled her against him and she could feel his erection. “Mmmm, that’s interesting.”

“And it’s only at half mast right now. I wouldn’t want to embarrass us.”

“Oh thank you”

“So, you still haven’t answered my question. Even though this is our first date, can I talk you into taking me home? I really like you and find you incredibly sexy.”

“You’re only saying that because you know I don’t have any underwear on.”

“I’ll admit that does help but even before I knew, I felt a strong attraction. I’d want you to take me home even if you were wearing the ugliest granny panties.”

Allie laughed as he whispered that last bit in her ear.

Then, they heard Helen’s voice. “Oh will you two just get a room already!”

Pulling away, Allie turned and faced Helen. “That sounds like a great idea! Thanks for suggesting it Helen! And thank you for taking the kids tonight so we can enjoy the rest of the night!”

And with that, Allie took Shawn’s hand and pulled him away. She pulled him to where the newlyweds were and they said their good nights. Then, they grabbed Allie’s purse and Shawn’s jacket and left.

As they laughed their way to Allie’s car, they never let go of each other’s hand. When they got to her car, Shawn turned her around and said “I can’t believe you said that! Did you see the look on her face?”

Sobering up, Allie apologized “Shawn, I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that, not in front of family and friend and especially your kids.”

“Oh no, that was perfect. My kids are old enough to understand that their mother’s been nasty to you all night. Cynthia actually came to see me earlier to ask if her and Adam could stay with their cousins tonight so they weren’t coming home with me anyway. So don’t worry. I loved it.”

And with that, he put his hand on her cheek. Then, he gently wrapped it around her neck and pulled her up to him, kissing her. Allie melted into the kiss, opening her lips and allowing him access. His tongue sought hers and she could taste the mild taste of the beer he’d had. They kissed for a few minutes and then Allie broke the kiss to say “Let’s not give a show here, get in the car.”

Shawn didn’t argue, with one last quick kiss, he left her side and hurried over to the passenger side. They both got into the car and as soon as it was possible, they held hands. When they got to her place, Allie parked in the garage and after shutting off the engine, closed the garage door. Shawn reached over and pulled her to him over the center console and kissed her, setting her on fire.

Pulling away, Allie asked “wouldn’t we be more comfortable in my room?”

“Yes we would. I just don’t know if I can make it that far.”

“Oh, I think you can if you make a little effort.”

They got out of Allie’s car and made their way to her room. Once there, they resumed kissing. Shawn’s hands went to Allie’s waist and then moved down, as if looking for her panty line, knowing he wouldn’t find any. Allie busied herself with unbuttoning his shirt, the tie having been removed a few hours ago already. Shawn lifted her dress and caressed her bare behind. He pulled her against the erection straining his pants. He was right, this was definitely bigger than what she’d felt earlier. She finished unbuttoning his shirt and he helped her take it off and then took off his undershirt, allowing her access to his chest. Her hands caressed his chest, his nipples and his back while he continued caressing her back side and kissing her neck and shoulders.

“Allie, I need out of these pants.” He sounded almost in pain.

Allie reached for the front of his pants and felt how tight they were around his hardening cock. Quickly, she released him and pushed his pants down. He was huge. Allie’s hand barely fit around his now rock hard cock. Shawn barely gave her any time to play with his cock and pushed her down on her bed.

He immediately raised up her dress and dove between her legs. Allie gasped as he made contact with her already dripping wet pussy. He licked her up and down and then flicked his tongue on her clit. Soon, he had her moaning and panting yet he didn’t slow down. He focused on her clit and brought her to a mind-numbing orgasm, leaving her breathless.

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