Daughter’s Surprise Ch. 03


The next morning is the usual scramble to get ready for work and school. Before they head out the door, Dan reaches out and pulls Samantha to him. He gives her a lingering kiss.

“I love you Samantha, I can’t wait until I see you this evening.”

“I love you too! I’ll have supper waiting for you when you get home.”

“Give Robin a hug and kiss for me and tell her I love her.”

The drive to Dan’s work is pretty much average, Stopping for a coffee, donut, a couple scratch tickets and a state lottery ticket. Getting in the car, he scratches the tickets.

“Well how about that! I won five bucks.” Dan chuckles to himself. “How lucky am I to have a winning lottery ticket and two beautiful women that love me?”

Sam pulls into the school parking lot. Getting out of her car she see Robin just parking. She trots over and hugs hugs Robin as soon as she gets out of the car. Looking around to see if anyone is looking the Sam kisses her on the lips.

“That was from both me and Dan, and he wants me to tell you he loves you.”

“And you don’t?” Robin teases.

“Smart ass! I’ll show you how much I love you after school! It’s going to be tough keeping my hands off of you until then!”

After school the girls burst through the front door and begin kissing, their hands working on removing each others clothes. They pause in front of Sam’s room.

“Do we stop here or go down to Dad’s room?” Robin asks.

“I think you mean our room now. We’re keeping this bedroom for appearance sake now.”

Jumping onto the bed, the naked girls embrace and kiss each other. Robin rolls Sam onto her back and starts kissing her way down Sam’s neck, down to her tits where she sucks on a nipple. Robin’s hand slides between Sam”s legs and rubs over her already wet pussy.

“Damn Robin, I’m so horny you’re going to make me cum so fast!”

“Cum fast? Wait here for a second and make you cum real fast!”

Robin bends down and quickly kisses Sam’s pussy.

“Stay just like this and close your eyes, Promise not to peek?”

Sam closes her eyes. “I promise.”

Robin runs back down the hall and rummages through her backpack. Grinning she goes back to the bedroom. She stops at the door to make sure Sam’s eyes are still closed and to appreciate the site of her naked body.

Sam hears Robin come back into the room and forces herself not to sneak a peek. She feels Robin spread her legs open a little wider. Suddenly Sam feels something cold touch her clit then a jolt of surprise and pleasure as Robin turns the vibrator on.

“What the fuck is that?” Sam gasps as her eyes fly open.

“Just my pocket penis.” Robin laughs. “You’ve never used one before?”

Sam just shakes her head as the vibrations take over her world. Sam grabs her own tits and squeezes, bringing her nipples to full attention. Robin rubs the head of the vibrator over Sam’s clit, increasing and decreasing the pressure, making Sam wild with pleasure.

“Oh fuck, I’m gonna cum! Robin you’re making me cum!”

Sam’s body trembles all over as she cums. Robin slides the vibrator from Sam’s clit on into her pussy, holding it still, letting the vibrations work on her inside. Slowly Robin slides it in and out, watching Sam’s pussy lips surround the dildo. Sam’s head is rolling all over the pillow as Robin fucks her pussy. Robin picks up the pace, ramming the dildo faster into Sam.

“No more, I can’t again… feels so good…please stop. Sam babbles.

“Do you really want me to stop? Robin asks.

“Yes…no…fuck…no…gonna cum again.”

Robin continues fucking Sam. “Cum for me again, cum all over my cock. Cum now!”

Sam suppresses a scream as another orgasm thunders through her body. Sam collapses to the bed, exhausted. Robin slides it out of Sam’s pussy and turns it off.

“That was incredible!” Sam pants. “My heart is still pounding. I want to do something for you, but you wiped me out.”

“No worries, I got you covered. Just scoot over a little and put your arm out.

Sam does as asked and Robin lays next the her, Sam’s arm under her.

“I still have lots of battery left in this toy. Time to put it to work!”

Turning it back on Robin slides the toy straight into her pussy, intermingling their juices.

“Mmm, you warmed this up nice for me.” I’ve never had anyone watch me do this before.”

“I’m glad it’s me.” Sam replies, reaching over stroking Robins face.

Robin strokes the dildo in and out making slick with her wetness. She finally pulls it out and presses it to her clit, feeling the vibration full force. She slowly rubs the head all over her clit.

“Fuck, I love this thing!” Robin gasps.

“Fuck I love you!” Sam whispers in Robin’s ear.

“I love you too Sam! So much I want to cum for you while you watch.”

Sam reaches over with her free arm and grabs Robin’s tit squeezing gently and lazily playing with her nipple.

Robin can feel the orgasm rising in her, she holds the vibrator still on her clit, feeling the internal pressure rise.

“I’m Niğde Escort going to cum for you Sam! This cum is all for you!”

Robin’s hips thrust as Sam twists Robin’s nipple.

“Oh yes! I’m cumming, I’m …”

Robin’s hips rise one last time as she cums. She relaxes next to Sam and cuddles in. Both girls fall asleep. They sleep for about forty five minutes.

Robin wakes first and looks at the clock on the nightstand.

“Oh fuck!”

“What’s wrong?” Sam asks.

“I told my parents I’d be home for dinner, I’ve got to run!”

Dressing quickly, they meet at the door to say goodbye.

“I hate to see you go.” Sam pouts, “But at least we’ll be together forever soon.”

“Yes,” Robin replies excitedly, “One more final tomorrow, graduation Friday, and off to Mexico on Saturday! Oh yeah, I’ve got a couple guys from school bringing my stuff over here on Friday before graduation.”

“Give Dad a kiss for me, tell him I love him, and to save some cum for me!”

“I will. I have a surprize for him tonight. I’ll send you a pic later! No questions!”

Robin heads home and Sam starts to make dinner.

Dan opens the door and smells the dinner that Sam has prepared. He walks into the kitchen to see food on the table and Sam standing next to the table wearing just an apron. It covers just enough on top to hide her nipples and goes low enough to hide her pussy from his eyes. He feels his cock start to harden in his pants.

“I think I could skip the food and have something else for dinner!”

“Oh no! I cooked this for you,so we’re going to eat. After we can have each other for desert!”

Even though the food was good, they both ate very fast, wanting to get to desert. After putting everything in the dishwasher, Dan takes Samantha’s hand and leads her to the bedroom. He stops short when he enters the room.

“Why is there a sheet spread out over the bed?”

“You promised I could do some trimming. The sheet is there to catch the hair.”

She walks over to the nightstand and grabs a small set of clippers.

“These are what I use to keep clean down there.”

“I guess I did promise. Are you sure that nothing will be clipped by accident? Dan asks nervously.

“These are designed for this. Just relax.”

Sam reaches behind her head and pulled the string holding the apron up. It drops to the floor, revealing her naked body. She reaches out and opens the front of Dan’s pants, letting them fall to the floor as well. Once naked, Sam pushes him onto his back on the bed.

Being nervous, Dan’s cock has lost it’s erection. On an impulse Sam quickly takes the cock in her mouth and begins to suck it. It starts to grow immediately and is fully hard in seconds.

“I’ve never had a cock get hard in my mouth before. That was fun. We have to get Robin to try it!”

Sam switches on the clippers and starts removing hair above Dan’s cock. That falls away quickly and Sam moves to his balls. She stretches out the skin as she goes, so as not to clip any skin. She lifts his balls to make sure all the hair is gone underneath. She finishes by trimming down his legs just a little. Turning the clippers off, she sits back to admire her work. Stroking his cock to keep it hard, she reaches over and grabs her phone. She quickly takes a few pictures of Dan’s now smooth groin.

“Selfie time!” Sam exclaims as she leans in and puts her tongue on his hairless balls. She snaps a couple more pictures of her licking his balls.

“I like licking your balls like this. Want to see the pics?”

Laying next to him she scrolls through the pictures.

“I have to admit you were right Samantha, my cock does look bigger with no hair around it.

Sam fiddles with her phone for a couple of seconds.

“There! Sent!”

“Sent? To where?”

As if to reply, Sam’s phone dings. She turns the phone so that Dan sees the message comes from Robin.

The text read “OMG! That’s awesome! I want it!”

A new message came in and it was a picture of Robin’s fingers holding open her naked pussy.

Dan’s mouth hung open for a second then said. “Damn that’s hot!”

Sam sent a quick reply, then sets her phone aside.

“I told her I’d talk later. Did you like getting your balls licked? Want more?”

“Oh hell yes!”

Sam slides back down Dan’s body and licks at his balls. She wraps her hand around his hard cock and slowly strokes.

“Oh Baby, that feels so good!”

Sam licks and rolls Dan’s balls around on her tongue. She gently sucks on each ball, driving Dan crazy. He reaches down and lovingly strokes her blonde hair as the pressure in his balls rise. Her tongue circles each ball, licking under each of them. Dan can’t help but thrust his hip, almost trying to fuck her hand. Between her licking under his ball and his thrusting, her tongue came in contact with his ass and she licked across his hole. The groan that Dan let out let Sam know he liked it. She licked at his hole more, his balls resting on her nose, her hand stroking his cock.

“I’m Niğde Escort Bayan going to cum Samantha. Make me cum!”

She felt his body tighten, so decided to push hard against his hole. That put him over the edge, cum exploded from his cock with such force some lands on his cheek. He continues to release stream after stream of cum. It lands on his chest and stomach and covers Sam’s hand.

Sam milks every drop out of Dan’s cock until it softens in her hand. She moves back up along side of Dan, wiping her hand on the sheet on her way up. Seeing the drops of cum on his cheek she licks it off then kisses his cheek.

“I didn’t know you liked your ass licked.”

“Neither did I until just now!”

Dan is sitting on a folding chair in the high school gym on Friday night, waiting to see his girls graduate.

“Dan!” He hears from behind him.

Standing and turning, he see Robin’s parents walking up to him. Dan reaches his hand out.

“Ray, Dianne, how are you guys?”

“We’re good.” Ray replies. “We just wanted to thank you again for letting Robin move in with you. She was adamant about not going with us.”

“It’s not a problem at all. Like I said before, I love Robin like I love my own daughter.”

Dianne hugs Dan and says. “It makes it a little easier to leave her here knowing she still has a “Daddy” taking care of her.”

The music begins to play, signaling the start of the graduation.

After the ceremony and hugging and crying, Robin runs up to Dan and Sam.

“I’m all yours now!” Robin giggles.

“Daddy?” Sam asks. “Some of our friends are having a party at the Conners’ house. Is it okay if we go?”

“Yes, but no drinking! Or if some alcohol accidentally falls into your mouth, call me and I’ll come get you.”

“Don’t worry, we won’t drink. We have to be on a plane early tomorrow morning.”

The girls scamper off to be with their friends.

Dan goes home and watches TV for a couple of hours then goes to bed. Within a half hour the girls come home, get undressed and get into bed with him. Robin drapes an arm over him, her hand coming in contact with his groin.

“Nice and smooth, I like it. She mumbles as she drifts off to sleep.

Early the next morning the jet flies off to Mexico. Sam is next to the window, Dan is on the aisle seat, with Robin in the middle.Both girls are wearing sundresses while Dan has on shorts and a button shirt.

After dozing for a while, the girls are getting restless. Sam whispers into Robin’s ear, then pulls out a large beach towel from her carry on bag. They cover both their laps. Robin slides her hand over Sam’s thigh and under the dress until she is touching Sam’s pussy. Sam is doing the same and rubbing Robin’s pussy. Their fingers explore each others wetness. Dipping in and out of each other they slowly finger fuck each other while taking time to rub each others clits from time to time.

A moan wakes Dan from his snoozing and he looks at the girls to see four nipples poking at their dresses and both of them with their eyes closed and some movement under the towel.

“What are you guys dong?” Dan whispers.

Sam’s eyes suddenly fly open as her body shudders.

“Well, your daughter just came on my fingers.”

To prove her point, Robin brings her wet fingers to Dan’s lips and slides them into his mouth.

“Recognise the taste?”

“I’m close to cumming too. Look me in the eyes, I want you to watch me cum.”

Robin’s eyes flickered a little but never lost contact as she came on Sam’s hand. Reaching back under she dipped her fingers into her own pussy and brought them back to Dan’s lips.

“Here’s a taste of mine now.”

Dan eagerly sucks her fingers clean.

Robin explains, “We wanted to see if we could get off without anyone noticing. Except for you, we succeeded!”

The plane safely lands and the three are dropped off at the resort. They go to the desk to check in.

“Welcome to our resort!”

The clerk is a beautiful woman in her thirties.

“Let me explain the rules.This lobby is clothing mandatory. Once you go through those doors it’s clothing optional. The only exception is in the dining room for dinner. We expect our guests will be looking at each other. Please do not be offended if someone is staring at you or a loved one. Touching another guest without permission is not allowed. It may not sound fair but it is not as strictly enforced for the ladies as for the men. That being said, one “Please don’t touch.” is all that needs to be said. There is lots of security here, so it’s never a problem. Touching each other in private areas of the body is reasonably allowed. Outright sex acts are not allowed in public, you have a room for that. You may see some some things like, if I may be blunt, stroking of penises or rubbing breasts or vaginas. If it kept discrete, should be no problem. Please follow whatever security asks. Most of all have fun! Oh, and Senor, do not be embarrassed if you are walking around with an erection, they Escort Niğde are common here!”

Walking to their room, they notice that some people are fully dressed, some are naked, and others are somewhere in between,

“Robin, are you going naked or topless?” Sam asks.

“I’m here for the complete experience, so I’m going naked!”

“Me too.” Sam agrees

“That’s fine for you two, but I’m just going bottomless!” Dan jokes.

The buildings are alongside several walkways, each building has four levels, with three suites on each level. The buildings are staggered so there is not a building directly across from each other.

Entering their room, which is on the third floor Sam strips naked.

“I’m going to take a quick shower.” She announces.

Robin drops her dress as well.

“I’m going to appear naked on the balcony!”

Dan quickly drops his clothes in a pile on the floor and joins Robin, walking up behind her, he wraps his arms around her waist and pulls her close. His already stiff cock nestles between her ass cheeks. He kisses her neck as she pushes back against him. Looking diagonally across the walkway Dan see another couple on their balcony looking back at him. The are older, maybe in their early fifties. The man points at Robin and gives a thumbs up.

Dan whispers into Robin’s ear.

“It seems we have an audience.”

Robin looks over and waves at the couple then grabs her boobs and jiggles them at the couple. The man reaches over and squeezes the woman’s tit.

“We should give them a good show.” Robin smiles, as she lifts Dan’s hands onto her tits. He eagerly massages them, feeling the nipples grow under his palms. She melts into him as he starts kissing her neck again. Her hands slides around front as she brushes her fingers over her pussy.

“If it wasn’t for this half wall, I’d show them what an incredible blow job looks like!”

“I think that’s the reason for the wall to begin with, Honey.”

Dan turns Robin around, leans her against the wall and thrusts his tongue into her mouth. She gladly returns the kiss.

“So, what am I missing?”

Both Dan and Robin turn to see Sam just stepping onto the balcony.

“Giving those people over there a show.” Robin Replied.

Sam walks over and kisses Robin, while grabbing on to her tit.

Dan looks over at the other couple. They both have shocked looks on their faces Dan gives them a thumbs up, then turns Sam’s head so that he can kiss her. Sam reaches down and wraps her hand around his hard cock. She rubs his head over Robin’s clit.

“That feels so good.” Robin moans. “It’s been too long since I’ve had you in me. Sam, put his cock in me.”

It took a little wiggling to get the angle right,then Dan slide his cock all the way into Robin with one thrust. He starts a slow rhythm of sliding in and out of her,

“I love being in your pussy. It’s so fucking hot and tight!”

“I love you fucking my pussy. I want you to fill me full of your hot cum!”

“I can help with that.” Sam pipes in.

She slides her hand between the two of them and wraps her thumb and finger around his cock, jerking him a little every time he pulls out. Her other three fingers curl under his balls and gives the a gentle massage.

“Oh fuck, that is different!” Dan gasps.

Sam switches between Dan and Robin, kissing each in turn.

Moving her lips close to his ear, Sam begins to whisper.

“Fuck her Daddy. Fuck my best friend. Drive your big cock into her hot little cunt. Stretch that pussy out. That’s it, fuck her hard. Fill her cunt with your cum. Fill her full. I want to drink your cum out of her sweet pussy.

Dan glances over at the other couple and can see her arm moving in front of him, obviously jerking his cock. Between knowing other people were watching and enjoying the show, and Sam’s dirty talk, Dan couldn’t hold back.

“Oh fuck! I’m cumming. Here I cum Baby.”

Dan’s body stiffens and convulsed as he poured his cum deep into Robin.He covers Robin’s mouth with his, darting his tongue in. Sam squats down and pushes them apart. She hungrily sucks on his cock, cleaning the combined juices from it. Squeezing his cock, she milks out the last few drops of cum, licking them up as quickly as they appear. She then pivots and gets between Robin’s legs. Sam notices that some of Dan’s cum has begun to drip down the dark skin of Robins leg. Sam quickly licks it up then parts Robin’s pussy with her tongue. Reaching deep in with her tongue, Sam eagerly slurps up all the juices in Robin’s pussy.

“I heard you call it a cunt when Dad was fucking it, now clean my cunt good. Get all of that cum out of me! Lick it up you little slut!”

Sam groans at the dirty talk, puts a hand on her own pussy and begins to furiously rub her clit, while cleaning Robin’s pussy, Sam licks faster and deeper, wanting to get every drop of cum out of Robin. Satisfied that Robin’s pussy is free of cum and feeling her own orgasm getting closer, Sam shifts her attention to Robin’s clit, running her tongue all around it. Licking it, sucking on it, while her fingers work on her own clit.

Robin leans her head back against the wall and closes her eyes, enjoying the feeling of getting her clit licked. She intertwines her fingers into Sam hair, pulling her in.

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