David , Elena Ch. 09


In December, we buy our first home just a few weeks after the wedding. It has four bedrooms, three baths, a spacious kitchen and an infinity pool. The home’s open floor plan included three floors, a master suite with both a living room and lounge. After dinner one evening where I wore an insertable vibrator, I take your hand and lead you to the guest room.

“Are you ready?” You say as you set the to go container of cake down on the dresser.

“Oh yes.” I lay down, kicking my heels off at the foot of the bed.

I watch you as you take a light finger of frosting and bring it to my lips. I let my tongue peek out from my teeth and have a taste. It’s divine, heavenly rich and deep in flavor.

“Mmm” I moan.

“That good baby?” We lay down on the bed together as you begin to strip off my clothes. Your gentle hands caress my skin, ever so often taking frosting to my lips.

“Thank you Daddy.” I whisper.

“You’re welcome Princess.” You say as your mischievous grin flashes back. “Now it’s Daddy’s turn for a taste.”

I watch as your hands travel down my nearly naked body. I wrap my arms around your neck and we kiss passionately.

“Baby you’re mine.” You growl.

“Yes Daddy.” I blush. I feel your fingers now at my waist, pulling my panties down revealing the vibrating toy still inside my pussy.

“Shall we play?” You ask and I nodd. I watch as you reach into your pocket and pull out the remote activating the toy. I shiver with the vibrations.

“Come for me sweetheart. You have permission to squirt all over this bed.” Your fingers comb through my hair as you kiss me again.

“Daddy fuck…” I whimper.

“That’s it baby.” I watch as you take frosting from the cake and drag it across my breasts. You suck the frosting gently from each nipple as my body arches up to meet you, unable to feel you close enough. Then you take more from the cake and spread it down my waist. You lick my body lovingly, removing each line of frosting from my skin. Vibrations roar from my body as you continue to tongue and teeth at my breasts.

“Daddy please fuck me.” I beg.

“Not yet baby.” you tease.

“Daddy please!” I cry out.

“Not yet princess.” You say sternly.

Your mouth moves down my body to the space between my navel and pussy. More frosting coats my Mardin Escort skin as your lips move down to my clit. You lick and suck, teasing and taunting as I inch closer to orgasm with your mouth and the toy. Too soon, My orgasm rolls through my body in waves. I feel my muscles tighten, squeezing my pelvic floor as I soak the bed with my come.

“Daddy!” I cry out. Embarrassed and overwhelmed with sensation.

“Good girl.” you praise, removing the toy, slipping your cock inside me and making no notice of my released wetness.

Your cock pulses inside me, you shower me with kisses as I moan into your ear.

“You’re such a good girl Elena. Daddy is so happy knowing you are mine.” I can’t see your smile, but I know it’s there. “Daddy’s turn to come now.”

You growl once again in my ear. I feel your possessive take over. You pin me down, taking each wrist in one of your hands. Your body slams into mine with a hardness, moving fast without regard for gentleness – you’re crazed with lust.

“Daddy I love you so much.” I whisper.

“Daddy loves you too baby.” You kiss me. “And he’s about to come for the second time today thinking of you.”

“Oh Daddy please!”

You release yourself inside me and we lay there quietly together for a moment

“Now it’s time to get you cleaned up.” You whisper. You rise from the bed and I can hear water running in the bath down the hall. You then guide me to the tub overflowing with bubbles. We get in together and you wash me from head to toe, soaping up my hair, neck, back, legs and feet.

“Daddy will you tuck me in?” I ask meekly when you dry me off.

“Of course sweetheart.” You kiss the top of my head.

Once in bed, you tell me you’re heading to the garage to carry in the bag from our shopping trip earlier in the day. I fall asleep before you return.

We wake the next morning to enjoy a beautiful breakfast of french toast and fruit with americanos made from our newly purchased espresso machine. We make out like teenagers, watching old black and white movies for hours before waking up and I begin cleaning the house while you work in the office, taking extra care with the guest room sheet remembering last night’s incredible rendezvous. The cake was mistakenly left out and I put it in the fridge with a smile.

“Daddy?” Mardin Escort Bayan I ask, calling across the house.

“Yes angel?”

“Can we put up the decorations? Put up the tree?” I smile.

“Absolutely we can. Hold on baby.” You kiss me gently and whisper to me “I think you have a surprise for me too.” You wink handing me the bag from the lingerie shop we visited yesterday.

“Oh Daddy I can’t wait to show you.” I take the bag back into the bedroom and try on the white set first. It’s silvery accents lay deliciously against my olive skin tone. I select a pair of strappy silver heels to complete the look. I walk to see you in front of the tree.

“Ta Da!” I smile brightly.

“Oh baby you look incredible. Like an angel for sure.” You kiss me deeply and spin me around to get a full view.

“You like Daddy?” I ask excitedly.

“Oh yes!” You grin.

“There’s more Daddy.” I say returning to the bedroom for the green set this time with black trimming. Your grin widens as I come into the light of the living room.

“Oh Elena you look amazing!” You exclaim as I model the emerald bra and panties with a garter belt and knee-high black boots.

“Do you like this better?” I muse, raising an eyebrow.

“I love those boots. I want you in those and nothing else.” You grab my hips with conviction.

“Daddy there’s still one more outfit I want you to see.”

“One more? Good. Because I need you now.” Your hand guides me to your hard cock.

I go back into the bedroom for my final outfit – a candy red corset and G-string. I keep the boots on because you like them so much.

“Sweetheart you’re going to give Daddy a heart attack!” Your hands pull me into your body.

“How do you feel about this one Daddy?” I ask even though I already know the answer.

“Baby I love it.”

“The tree looks lovely Daddy.” I say admiring the glow of the Douglas Fir.

“So do you. Mmm…” You lick your lips hungrily. “Come now baby.”

You lead me up to the bedroom and kiss my skin, keeping on the lingerie set and boots. If last night you were in a primal craze, now you were tender and soft.

“You are so beautiful.” You whisper. We make quiet love as I softly pant into your neck as you thrust inside me.

“I love Escort Mardin you Daddy.” I say holding your face in my hands.

“I love you too princess.” You kiss me again as we both finish together in a heap.

“I’ll be downstairs sweetheart.” You say as I step into the bathroom. I pull a brush through my hair. What I notice is that it’s next to a box of tampons I haven’t opened yet. It occurs to me I haven’t opened the box in what must be months.

Can it be? I think. Can it?

I reach for my phone and scroll through my calendar. Nothing… Oh!

I quickly get dressed in jeans and a white turtleneck sweater. I grab my bag and take the Lexus to the drug store in town. I’m in there for one thing only, but something else catches my eye and return home before you hopefully suspect anything.

“Baby?” I hear your voice down the hall as I slip back into the house. “Everything alright?”

“Yes!” I say a little too loud and you raise a curious eyebrow at me.

“Ok… well hurry so we can decorate the tree together.”

“Of course Daddy” I smile, hiding my bag behind my back.

I return to the bathroom and try not to cry with the nerves. I wait, and I look at it all too hopeful. I can’t believe it. I cry, big sobs falling down my cheeks.

“Elena?” I hear the knock at the bathroom door.

“I’ll be out in a moment.” My voice cracks, giving myself away.

“Sweetheart, what’s the matter?”

“Nothing I’m fine.” I reach for the door and open it. “I’m fine.”

“Are you sick?” You ask me, visibly concerned. I shake my head and I give you what’s in my hand – an ornament reading Baby’s First Christmas.

“Oh Elena…” Your arms wrap around me tightly. “Are you sure?” I show you my other hand – a positive pregnancy test

“You’re not upset?” I ask as you kiss me.

“Upset? I couldn’t be happier.” You pick me up and spin me around with the biggest smile on your face.

“Oh Daddy! I’m so happy! We kiss once again. “Let’s put the first ornament on the tree.” We walk together and place the ornament on the tree. We follow with sparkly bulbs and golden lights. I feel your arms around me, caressing my stomach.

“Hello little one.” You kiss my neck softly. “I can’t wait to meet you.”

I turn on Christmas music and we decorate the house together. Before we know it, the whole house is beautifully festive with garland, lights and poinsettias. When the house is complete, we find one another in the hall and dance arm and arm.

“We’re going to be the perfect family.” I smile.

“Yes Elena we are.” You smile back.

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