Daydreams Ch. 09


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Chapter 9: Last man out


My body relaxes trying to mold itself completely into your curves. With my back pressed against your chest, I lay enclosed within your loving arms. Our breathing gradually returns to normal. The incredible waves of pleasure gradually dissipated; leaving behind an intense feeling of satisfaction.

“Tim, you are an amazing man,” I whisper. “I cannot believe that you gave me such a fantastic dream come true. You brought my deepest fantasy to reality. I adore you. My love, that was the most intense fucking I have ever experienced. Your mouth licking and sucking me while the stranger penetrated me with his huge cock was absolutely the most incredible sensation I have ever felt.” Slipping loose from your embrace, I roll over to face you. “But now, baby, I have a very personal question to ask you.”

“While he was fucking my pussy, I felt your lips and tongue wander just a bit…I must know, were you licking his cock as it slid in and out of me? Tasting my juices on him as he slipped out? Wetting him with your saliva before he slid in again?”

Looking into your eyes, I see your answer as it forms in your mind. I see the flicker then that slight glaze as you re-live the moment….as you remember the feeling of his velvet soft skin against your lips, his ridges under your tongue. A thought begins to form in my wicked little mind. Smiling, I kiss you, turning again, giving you my back to snuggle…. content with the knowledge of your unspoken answer and feeling you drift off to sleep.

Several weeks later, after much planning on my part, you stop over in my city again on your way home from yet another business meeting. Expecting you for dinner, I greet you at my door wearing your favorite teddy, matching silk robe and heels that give me the illusion of height. As you enter I take your coat, loosen your tie and you kick off your shoes. Padding across the living room floor you are greeted by the hounds and laughingly pet your way to the kitchen.

Feeding you is a favorite past time of mine. So rare are your visits, I treat you to your favorites whenever I can. Tonight it’s pizza and cold beer. Simple but beloved fair. After eating, I send you off to the sauna for a little heat and relaxation. Stripping you out of your clothes, I wrap you in a huge towel and sit you down on the padded bench. Reaching over I softly kiss your lips, running my tongue gently over the lines and across your cheek then slip it up to nuzzle your ear. I whisper, “I’m going to turn out the light. I want you to sit back and relax a bit…while I take care of putting the dogs up for the night….I’ll be back in a bit…DON’T you dare start anything with out me! Your answer is a huge sigh, a smile and a quick kiss as I step back returning your smile, reach over and adjust the stereo volume and slip out of the sauna.

When I slip back into the dark and steamy quiet, Seger lamenting Mardin Escort quietly in the background, I see your closed eyes and watch your gentle breathing as you snore softly. “Perfect”, I whisper and reach over to adjust the heat controls to a less intense level. It will cool now, gradually becoming more comfortable for the activity I have in mind.

As I stand beside the bench, gazing down at your peaceful face, I caress your face and head and slip the blindfold easily over your eyes. You snort softly and move slightly. I tell you, “Tim, honey, lie quietly and relax. Two rules…you must obey or we stop!” I whisper. “First; do not remove the blindfold and second; you may not speak. The only sounds you are allowed to make are the moans and screams of pleasure I plan to extract from your wonderful body! These are the same rules you gave me not so long ago. And I expect you to follow them as well as I did.” I am not surprised at all to see a big warm smile light up your face.

I reach down and slip the towel from around your hips letting you settle your cute ass back onto the seat pad. I stand in front of you and lean in to brush my lips across yours. Kissing those soft lips I know so well. I let my lips wander across your cheeks and then nibble your ear lobe, slipping it into my mouth for a quick little suck and then trailing my tongue down your neck and across your shoulder. As my tongue and lips graze back towards your center resting at the hollow of your throat, I let my hands run down the center of your chest.

As my small hands smooth across your chest, circling your nipples, you utter a small sigh that increases in volume to a moan as my fingers graze your nipples. Flicking them and then grasping between thumb and finger, I tweak both. The moan becomes a groan and your body reacts. Glancing down I watch as your manhood lengthens, stiffens and begins to rise up. Smiling I let one hand wander down, down, down, to lightly brush across the hardening tip. Your hips twitch as I wrap my hand around it, enclosing it like a glove.

As I allow my lips to descend from your neck down your chest and out to one nipple, my hand continues it gentle stroke along the rapidly hardening shaft. Your moans have become almost continuous. You are now totally oblivious to anything other than the pleasure that my stimulation is creating. You cannot hear the door slip open. You cannot hear the padding of bare feet as another enters the sauna. You can only feel my lips on your nipples and my hands on your cock. I let your nipple slip out of my mouth and lean in pressing my body to yours as I kiss you deeply again and lean over to whisper, “Baby, I have a surprise for you!”

“What?” you say. “No talking, remember?” I say, “Except to answer my questions, okay? Nod your head if you agree or I’ll stop right now”. You nod and say nothing else.

“My surprise is made up of sensations that you will have to try to identify. I will ask you to smell or feel or taste or kiss or lick something and then ask you what it is. Are you up for it, love?” You smile again Mardin Escort Bayan and nod your head. You are so good at taking directions!

“Okay then let’s start. Hold out your hand.” I take your hand in mine and guide it to my thigh. “Use just your fingertips, feel and then tell me what you think it is”. I let you run your fingertips over my thigh, watch you smile, and then your answer “That’s your thigh, Rita”. “Very good, baby. Now this”. Turning I place your hand on my ass. “That’s an easy one, love. Your sweet and wonderful ass.”

“Right again, Tim. Maybe this is too easy” I respond.

Silently I gesture to the stranger to stand to the right side of the bench. “Now Tim, raise your right hand straight up with the palm facing away from you.” I direct the stranger to stand beside the bench facing away and to back his ass up to your hand.

“Oh my,” you say, “that’s your ass…no…not quite…different…oh my, it’s an ass but not yours, Rita.” I hear just a touch of panic in your voice. I pick up your left hand and move to the left side of you and slip it between my legs. You smile and answer immediately, “hmmm that’s MY pussy, right?” I just laugh and say, “Yes baby, it is YOUR pussy.”

I reach down and pull you to a sitting position, with your back against the next step up; I settle you comfortably. “Now on to the next sensation, love”. I kneel between your legs pushing you wide. I lean down and say to you, “Identify this sensation, love.” And I run my tongue up the underside of your cock. “Oh, your wonderful tongue; licking me” is your answer.

I motion the stranger to kneel just to the right side of you, close but not touching. “Tim, I want you to turn your head to the right and stick out your tongue.” I gesture to the stranger to place his cock at the tip of your tongue. “Now Tim, lick!” He leans in and runs his cock over the tip of your tongue. You flick out your tongue, and lick. And then lick again. There is an instant low guttural moan that escapes from your throat. “Oh my god” is the only intelligent sound I hear.

My lips enclose over the head of your cock, lock under your tip and suck hard; holding you to the roof of my mouth. Your mouth opens and sucks in the strangers cock; imitating my motions exactly, sucking and holding him. An equally guttural sound issues from his throat. For long moments, the only sounds heard are the gentle hiss of steam, the soft refrains of Seger’s “Nightmoves”, and long intense slurping sounds emanating form three different throats.

I release your cock and without saying anything, I reached out and grabbed hold of the strangers cock, pulling him to me. I ran my hand up and down its length, feeling the power in it as it grows larger in my hand. Not looking up at him, I can hear his breathing getting faster as I rub his hard cock. I turn him back, facing Tim, kneeling he straddles your face.

“Tim, if you want this, then take his cock in your hands.” I gasped, my breathing gone ragged with excitement. You reach up and instinctively find him. You find his cock hard, Escort Mardin yet very soft and extremely warm. It has a much different feel than your own cock. His is slightly thicker but shorter. You don’t grasp it tightly, not knowing how much pressure would be too much, but gripped it as tightly as you would your own.

With your hand tightened around his cock, you can feel the hundreds of ridges inside of his skin. His cock is warm and hard. I can see that his cock head is bright red and dribbling pre-cum. With each stroke you can feel it coat your fingers.

Very slowly, I watch you begin to slide your hand up and down on his cock. I watch as your face muscles slacken and your breathing becomes a pant. It seems you pull him closer with each stroke. Your hand slips up and then down, sliding with ease down his thick shaft. I watch, my fingers slipping down to my slit, as you lower one hand to cup and roll his balls. I move back between your legs, reach up and take you in my hands. Now I match your every move. So softly I hear your voice, barely a whisper, “Rita, I want to taste him again.”

“Please may I taste him?”

“Oh god”, was all the stranger could say as he scooted his hips toward your face. As his cock entered your mouth, you are amazed at how soft, yet hard it was. The cock is so warm and slides easily in. I watch as you begin to slide your mouth back and forth, tasting the pre-cum as it is milked from his throbbing cock. You can feel dozens of small ridges all over the length of his dick. “It is awesome,” you growl as you suck and pull on the dick with as much force as your mouth can muster. It is many minutes before you realized the identical sensations that I am administering to your cock.

You reach around him and grab his cheeks, pulling him to you. He starts to slowly thrust his hips back and forth with your help. He is soon sliding in and out of your wet mouth, easily and groaning loudly. You suck as hard as you can, wanting to feel him come inside you, instinctively knowing that it won’t be long before he explodes. “I want to come in your mouth, Tim” he said, panting. Taking your vibrating groan as assent, he lets go, spurting hot, white cum deep into your throat, making you swallow quickly. I watch as he pumps his cum into you again and again; filling your throat and making you swallow faster.

I increase the speed and strength of my sucking as I feel you swell to incredible proportions in my throat. I have never felt you so hard or so large in all the time we have been together. You can feel me sucking, pulling you, tightening on your cock and I take you to the back of my throat and swallow you. My muscles clamping hard on you, holding you as you release into me, filling me with hot and hard jolts of cum. I frantically swallow, gulping your cum as you pump it into me. Never have you come so hard or so much.

The stranger, soft now, slips from your mouth and falls to the bench to your right side, I release your spent cock, lift up to curl next to your left side and you throw back your head gasping for air as you collapse back onto the bench between us. As our breathing gradually returns to normal, I lean in and kiss your cheek, nuzzle your ear. “Tim, baby, did you like my little surprise?”

…..please come back and visit with us as our adventures continue…..

Thank you Mityam! You are an amazing man!

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