Dear Daddy Ch. 01


Dear daddy,

I’m writing to you because I don’t know how to tell you this in person. I never meant for this to happen but it just did. Don’t get me wrong I’m happy that it did, I just wasn’t expecting it. Here I am blabbing and you probably have no idea what I am talking about. So let me start from the beginning. It started when I was just 22 and Morgan had just turned 18. Do you remember that summer? I was home from college and you and mom left me home alone with Morgan for a week while the two of you took a second honeymoon. It was a gorgeous day. The sun was out and the temperature was just right for spending a day by the pool. I had woken up early that day and went for a nice long run. I worked up a really big sweat. After my run I went to take a shower to wash off all the sweat. While I was washing up I couldn’t help but play with my newly pierced clit. It felt so good daddy. I was so close to cuming when Morgan knocked on the door.

“What’s taking so long in there?” Morgan screamed. “I need to pee!”

“I’ll be out in a minute.” I replied, feeling all frustrated that I got interrupted. “The bathroom’s all yours. Hurry up though. It is beautiful outside. I want to go lay out by the pool. Want to join me?” I asked her hoping she’d say yes.

“Let me wash up and I’ll be right out” she replied.

I quickly changed into a new bikini I had recently purchased. There really wasn’t much too it. It was blood red and barely covered my breasts and pussy. To be honest I never planned on wearing it when I bought it but that day I was feeling kind of feisty. Besides I figured I’d just be me and Morgan laying out here and god knows she’s seen my body over the years. I was lying out for about 15 minutes when Morgan finally came out. To say my mouth dropped would be an understatement, dad. Morgan came out in the sexiest bikini I had ever seen. It was just three rain drops covering her budding breast and pussy. She must have bought it without trying it on because it was straining to break free from her boobs and gave her a bit of a camel toe by her pussy. I had never realized just how much of a woman my little sister had become. Even at 18 she looked like pure sex. To say I was turned on would have been an understatement, daddy.

“What’d you think?” Morgan asked as she spun around giving me a full view of her hot young body.

“I think mom and dad would flip if they saw you in that” I said giggling. “Where did you get that? You look hot!” I continued, trying to not seem too eager.

“You remember Tracy? Well she and I were at the Niğde Escort mall last week and she dared me to buy it. I never thought I’d get a chance to wear it considering mom and dad would flip if they saw it but since it was just the two of us I figured why not. I didn’t realize just how revealing it truly is!” she said while laughing.

“You look great. I can’t believe how much you’ve matured while I was away at school. When I was home for Christmas break you were barely an A cup, what are you now a C?” I asked curiously.

“Yep! I’m a 34C. Not bad for a 18 year old huh? All the guys in school stare at my chest. Some of the girls too!” She replied with some pride in her voice.

The next hour or so we laid there tanning. We discussed everything from school to boys to sex. We even discussed girls. She was really eager to for me to talk about my different girlfriends. It was no secret I was bi. She had even caught me making out with one of my friends when I was home for Christmas break. I was surprised by how much she seemed to enjoy talking about it.

“So what is it like?” She asked me with a glee in her eye.

“It is great. Girls pleasure other girls in a way no guy can. There is a certain sensuality that a girl has that a guy just doesn’t possess. The way they kiss you and touch you, the way they eat your pussy, it’s just so different. Besides I love eating pussy.” I told her with excitement. “Do you mind putting lotion on my back” I asked her innocently”

“Of course not” Morgan replied. She began to rub the lotion on my back. It was very innocent at first. She just rubbed it into my back. She slowly started kneading the skin. It felt really good. I must have moaned because she asked me how it felt. “Sounds like you’re enjoying the massage!” she said with glee in her voice.

“It feels incredible. It has been forever since I had a good massage” I said to her.

She continued to rub my back but slowly started moving lower down. Before I knew it she was rubbing my legs and feet. She moved her hands up and down my legs. It felt divine. To be honest I was getting a little wet. Next thing I know she starts massaging my ass.”Morgan what are you doing?” I asked her surprised.

“Oh stop being a prude Miriam. Just lay back and enjoy it” I took her advice. I closed my eyes and just concentrated on the feeling of her hands. To say she was talented was an understatement. I was in a state of bliss. I noticed that her hands started to massage my inner thighs and kept creeping closer and closer to my pussy. Niğde Escort Bayan I was a bit embarrassed because I knew she could definitely feel the heat coming from my wet pussy. I have never been a prude but the fact that my 18 year old sister was getting me this wet was insane. Then it happened…she started to massage my pussy.

“Morgan…what are you doing?” I asked in between moaning.

“Just what I’ve wanted to do since I caught you last Christmas. I want to be with a girl and I want you to show me how.” She answered with such confidence. There was nothing I could do to stop her. I didn’t want to. She rubbed up and down my bikini covered pussy. She pushed the fabric deep in between my smooth wet pussy lips. She untied my bikini top and bottom as I turned around to finally face her.

“Come here” I said to her as I grabbed her head, pulling her face to mine. Our first kiss was electric. My tongue slowly massaged her. It was like my first kiss ever. I just wanted more of it. We must have laid there on the recliner for ten minutes just kissing and massaging each other’s bodies. I touched her budding breasts. They were full in my hand and felt so good. She moaned into my mouth every time I squeezed them. She especially loved when I pulled on her nipples. Daddy she has such sensitive nipples. I ripped off her bikini top and began to nibble my way down her body. I kissed every inch of her neck. I nibbled her ear and listened to her moaning my name.

“Oh my god Miriam, don’t stop” and stop I didn’t. I kissed my way down to her gorgeous breasts. I first took the left one into my mouth, slowly licking it, nibbling on the nipple while my hand massaged her right breast. I switched back and forth, making her want me more. I know I shouldn’t have but once we started I wanted this bitch to eat me.

I started to finger her wet pussy. God she was tight dad. I could tell she was a virgin. I loved it. “Oh yes! Miriam right there! I’ve never had anyone touch me there before” she screamed.

“You like that don’t you Morgan. Well don’t worry there is plenty more where that came from but first you have to do something for me.” I told her.

“Anything! I’ll do anything for you Miriam” she replied earnestly

I spread my legs wide and told her that “I want you to eat my dripping wet pussy. You made it that way and now I want you to take care of it. Eat me now!”

She got between my legs and started to lick it. She was apprehensive at first. She explored it with her tongue. It felt good but then she started Escort Niğde to focus on my clit and got really into it. “That’s right. Just like that. Flick my clit with your tongue. Suck it in your mouth. Make sure my clit ring doesn’t hit your teeth. OOOH ya you’re a natural pussy eater aren’t you Morgan. My baby sister is a pussy slut. Finger my cunt while you lick my clit.” I commanded her. She fucked my cunt so hard daddy. Before I knew it I was cumming. “God, yes…I’m going to cum Morgan! UUUUUUh YESSSSSSS….” I screamed as I passed out from an intense orgasm.

I awoke moments later to Morgan kissing me. I could taste my juices on her lips. It was divine. “So how did you like that?” I asked her.

“It was amazing. I can’t wait to do it again. I especially loved your clit ring. I want one”. She told me.

“Well I think I may know a guy who will do it for you. Officially you have to be 18 but I think he will make an exception.” I said as I pulled her in tight for a kiss.

I kissed down her body, over her tight stomach. I kissed and licked her inner thighs. I teased her until she couldn’t take it anymore. “Miriam please I beg you, just do it already”. She pleaded with me. Then I licked her pussy for the first time. Her young pussy is so sweet daddy. It was like tasting a nectarine. I licked up and down her tight maturing pussy. I licked up every drop of pussy juice I could take into my mouth. I began to focus on her clit. She bucked and moaned. I knew she was enjoying it. I began to finger her pussy while flicking her clit and she went nuts. “Oh my god Miriam. I’ve never felt this good before. OOOOH don’t stop.” She pleaded as she began to hump my face. What happened next really surprised me. I could feel her pussy tightening so I knew her orgasm was coming. I removed my finger from her pussy and focused solely on clit. All of a sudden she let out a huge moan and liquid squirted from her pussy. Morgan’s pussy juice was all over my face. It was so delicious daddy. I licked my lips hoping to taste every last drop.

“So how’d you enjoy your first time with a girl, sis?” I asked, already knowing the answer.

“That was incredible! When can we do it again?” Morgan said with such excitement in her voice.

“Oh, Morgan we have all week to enjoy ourselves. Let go take a shower together!”

So daddy why am I telling you this now, 6 years later? Well you know how mom is going away on business next week, Morgan and I have been doing a lot of talking about that trip. We want you to join us. We want to make love to you daddy. We want you to fuck us till we are sore. I know this is a lot to take in. Take your time. Either way I hope you enjoyed the story. As you read this Morgan and I are in my room fucking each other silly. If you want you can come in and watch. Have a great night daddy!

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