Dee Does Daddy Ch. 02


Dee and her father continued their torrid sexual relationship up to the day she left for college. Her grandparents lived about an hour from the school and approximately every other weekend she visits them.

* * * * *

“Dad I hope it’s not too late to call you… I miss you too… I’m so horny… the boys here are such dorks or they think their god’s gift to women… When can we see each other?”

“What about next weekend, are you going to visit grandma and grandpa?”

“I can if you will be there… you will… great. I’ll see you Friday night. It will be so good to fuck again daddy… Yes I know we will have to be careful… Okay daddy.. goodnight… have a wet dream about me.”

* * * * *

“Hi grandma and grandpa… is daddy here yet? Oh around supper time? Okay with you I study until he gets here?”

“You know Dee your grandma and me are concerned that you are not getting out enough… all you do is study… Shouldn’t a pretty girl like you be having a boyfriend?”

“Oh gramps… Their all such boys… I prefer more mature men… You know like you… and daddy.”

“That’s no way for a young lady to talk. What if your granny heard you?”

“Well gramps you seem to like my talk… I gotta go study.”

“Dee… Dee..”

“Yes grandma?”

“Your daddy is here and it’s dinner time.”

“Be right there.”

“Hi princes… How have you been?”

“Better now that you are here daddy.”

“Come on you two grandpa is ready to eat… I don’t know what’s his hurry.”

“That was a great dinner Mom. Don’t you think so Dee?”

“Yes grandma it was delicious.”

“Boy I don’t know about you kids but grandpa is awfully tired. I think I’m ready for bed.”

“What’s a matter Ordu Escort with you old man… we just finished eating. You not very polite to your son and granddaughter.”

“Oh they haven’t seen each other for a while and would like to do some catching up… I’ll bet.”

“Well I would like to spend some time… to catch up and see how my little girl is doing.”

“Well if you must… you two know where your rooms are… Old man you’re going to stay here and help me with these dishes.”

“Boy I didn’t think they would ever leave.”

“What do you mean old man? Your acting mighty peculiar tonight.”

“Listen Emma, I went to the doctor this morning and got some of them little blue pills… you know the ones that will get me hard… and I thought we could try ’em out tonight.”

“You old fool… Hurry drying those dishes… We haven’t had a good fuck in ages and this old lady is horny as hell.”

* * * * *

“Oh daddy it’s so good to see you. Mmmmm I love the feel of your wet tongue in my mouth… Ooo… On my tits… Oh yah daddy suck my hard nipples.”

“Baby I’ve missed you so very much… yes baby stroke daddy’s cock… Uhoo.”

“Daddy can we do a sixty-nine?”

“Sure baby just kneel above me… Mmm looking up at your wet pussy… Oh this is the most beautiful view in the world.”

“Daddy I missed Mr. Cock sooo much.. Your big purple head is just bobbing up and down begging me to suckkk… Mmmm.”

“Oh Dee your pussy is so sweet… and juicy… and hot.

“Daddy I just love how your cock grows in my mouth… I can feel it get longer and thicker… and… Uhhhuu precum… I love the taste… Yes daddy my clit Ooohh Oh daddy I’m going to explode!!!”

“Slow down Ordu Escort Bayan princess… Daddy doesn’t want to cum yet… Got to feel those lovely pussy lips wrapped around my cock.”

“Oh let me just slide forward… Mmmmm I love the feel of my pussy riding over your body.”

“Baby what another wonderful view… Your beautiful butt easing back on my dick… My cock sliding up between your buns and into your passion pit… Ohh… baby.”

Oh daddy your so big… I swear I can feel your cock up in my throat.”

* * * * *

“When did you take that pill? You know it takes a while to work… At least that’s what Edna said about Bill.”

“Don’t fret little lady. If you stroke it and kiss it should come around.

That’s it… Here let me play with those huge nipples of yours… Yes it’s helping…”

“It takes you so long to cum I hope my sucking doesn’t speed it up too much.”

“Oh shit.. it’s going down…”

“Yah old man just when my pussy is wet and ready for a good fuck.

Fuck me you old prick… I gota have a cock in my cunt tonight!”

“Well at least I can eat your pussy… Will that help?”

“Yah stick that dildo up my ass and bit my clit you cunt lapper… suck it hard.”

* * * * *

“Oh daddy I’m ready to cum… You?”

“Huh yah baby.. Yah… daddy is Cuuuumm..”

“I like it when you hold me like this after we fuck… you’re so warm and loving…”

“Baby, daddy has got to pee.”

“Hurry back daddy.”

* * * * *

“Upps.. Sorry mom and dad I just peed an opened the wrong door… Mom you all right?”

“Son I need a good fuck and your dad can’t get it up…”


“You know like you used to fuck Escort Ordu me son… it’s all right dad knows about it… My you got a big hard-on.. is that for me or have you been fucking that cute little daughter of yours?… I see your staring at my tits.”

“Oh mom… god your tits are so big and beautiful… can I?”

“Yes son come at let your mommy nurse you… You’re never too old to suck a tit…”

“That’s right son… I sure enjoy them.”

“Oh mom I love sucking your big nipples.. Mmmmm.”

“Look Emma watching you two has got me hard.”

“Well you’ll just have to wait… I’m fucking your son now.”

“I’m not waiting. You can take two cocks at once…”

“Daddy?… what… what…?”

“Come on in little granddaughter… join the fun.”

“Gramps you’re so hard.. why aren’t you…”

“Suck your grandpa’s cock baby show him how you do it for daddy.”

“Okay enough messing around son… stick that big cock in your momma’s pussy… Oh yah baby.. fuck your mommy.”

“Grandpa.. lets match them… Uhhoo yah… slide your hard cock in my little cunny. Oh yes Grandpa fuck me fuck your little granddaughter… Ooooohh… grandpa!”

“Yes sweetness ride my cock… ride my cock… Oh baby… fuck grandpa… fuck grandpa”

“Oh grandpa I love your cock in my cunt… Now I know where daddy gets his big bonner from.”

“Ohhh little one… grandpa is a cumming…”

Uuhhh… grandpa… me toouuuuu…”

“Oh son shoot your hot cum in your momma’s cunt… fill me up baby…

“Yes mom that’s it lick my cock clean me up.”

“Uhh grandpa… that looks like fun. let me clean you too.. Mmmm… Yummy.”

“Grandpa and grandma can I visit every weekend?”

“Oh yes baby we’d love to have you ‘literally’… when ever you can make it.. right grandpa?”

“You betcha… do you mind son?”

“No dad as long as we keep it in the family. But don’t be surprised if you see me more often”

“I think your mom would like that son.”

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