It was a lazy summer night and Tasha lounged on the couch watching television. She flipped through the channels several times before stopping on the home shopping channel. With a deep sigh she closed her eyes and leaned her head back. One of her hands slid up onto her thigh and she slid her fingers up and down the soft skin.

Tasha’s fingers lazily caressed her smooth tan skin. She smiled as goosebumps made their way from her toes to her head as she touched the middle of her tight shorts where her pussy was. With her middle finger she rubbed along the seam of the short shorts where her clit ring lay. She tickled it slightly and moaned quietly as her pussy quivered a little.

Heat started welling up inside her and she opened her eyes. With a devilish smile she giggled at an idea forming in her head. She opened her legs wide and ran her fingers over her hot pussy under her clothes and picked up the phone with the other hand…

30 minutes later there was a knock at the door and she opened it slowly. Her tight white shirt showed off her rock hard nipples even under her white lacy bra. The pizza boy handed her the box and told her the total, but she didn’t even hear him. She set the pizza down on the table and invited him in. She dug through her purse for a moment before holding it upside down and pouting, “I don’t have that much…”

The boy, Jeremy by what his name tag said, frowned and made to take her pizza back. Tasha’s hand slowly found it’s way onto his arm and she looked into his eyes with her big green childlike eyes, “Maybe we could work something out.” She blinked and smiled deviantly at him, but he didn’t get it.

He looked down and spoke quietly, “I have to take the pizza back and…” Suddenly he looked up at her realizing what she was hinting at. His face flushed and Jeremy stared at her in semi shock. This couldn’t be right, or could it? Did she want him?

Tasha slid a hand up her firm stomach, over a perky breast and to her neck. Her body glistened slightly with a light sweat from the hot summer night. She walked slowly behind him, her hand tracing Marmaris Escort a path from his arm to her shoulder, and she shut the door. Leaning up seductively against it she put two fingers to her red pouty lips and smiled.

She tugged at her tight shirt and pulled it up slowly and took it off to reveal her beautiful full tits held back by her skimpy lacy bra. Jeremy gasped and looked down. He was cute, but shy. Tasha took his face in her warm soft hand and pulled it up to look at her. She smiled and stepped back so he could see her whole body as she unbuttoned her shorts.

Tasha wiggled slightly and pulled them down over her white bikini underwear. Jeremy’s jaw dropped. She moved closer to him and grabbed his shirt at the waist. She smiled, looking into his eyes, as she pulled it up and off. He then smiled faintly, a shy little grin. He had nothing to be shy about, he had a great, tan muscular body.

She traced her fingers along his chest and shoulders leaving a warm trail along his already hot body. He looked her up and down, losing some of his shyness, and felt his cock getting hard at the site of her perfect trim body in front of him.

Tasha could feel wetness seeping into her panties and she moaned, closing her eyes and leaning her head back seductively. She moved over to the couch and motioned for him to follow. Jeremy walked over to the couch and she immediately grabbed his belt. She deftly worked at his belt and pants and slid them down along with his boxers. He had a thick full cock and her eyes widened at the site of beautiful dick.

She pushed him down on the couch and stood in front of him and undid her bra. Letting it fall, her perfect breasts seemed to spring free and hang on her body alluringly. Next she slid her panties down painfully slowly showing off her dark muff.

She now stood before him completely naked and he could smell her excitement. The scent aroused him even further and he felt a burning in his loins for the stranger. Tasha reached down into a cup and produced an ice cube. She ran it over her neck and Marmaris Escort Bayan down over her chest making her nipples grow even harder and stand erect.

Tasha knelt on the floor in front of Jeremy and touched the cold ice to his hot skin. She ran it down his chest and made him gasp and goosebumps rise all over his body. She ran the ice down over his hips and thighs and finally she took it into her mouth. She bent down and kissed him on the thigh letting the ice touch him between her lips. The mixture of hot and cold made Jeremy moan. She kissed him a few times before touching the head of his hard cock with the ice and her lips.

Jeremy clutched the couch and closed his eyes tight, the feeling was sensational. Tasha took some of his dick into her mouth and he could feel her hot, wet mouth and the cold hard ice all at once and he almost came right there like that but she pulled back. She slowly did it again, taking in more of his cock and more until she took it all the way in. He could feel the back of her throat and that ice in her mouth.

She sucked him and twirled her cold tongue all around his cock until the ice melted and she took him all the way into her mouth a few times until he exploded in the back of her throat. She swallowed happily and sucked him until he was dry.

Tasha got another ice cube and ran it over his body, licking and biting where it slid over his hot skin, until he was hard again. And it didn’t take long at all! She straddled Jeremy on the couch and lowered herself until his cock lay between her pussy lips. He could feel the heat from her wet pussy and the juices flowing onto his cock. She rubbed on him, sliding up and down on his dick until he moaned and clutched her hips with his hands.

She reached a hand down and slid the tip of his cock into her soaked pussy and she slid down on him, taking him deep inside her. Jeremy leaned his head back as she slowly rode him, rocking her hips and twisting just right. Tasha closed her eyes and arched her back, riding him faster and faster, taking him all the way in, Escort Marmaris so deep.

Tasha soon clutched his shoulders tightly and cried out, shaking her head from side to side and gasping as her body trembled. Jeremy could feel her pussy tighten as she came and he moaned loudly as he also came deep inside her hot cunt.

Tasha sat on him, sweating and breathing heavily. She smiled again and kissed him. She moved her head down to his neck and bit and kissed there a while. She slid her hands all over his body and soon he was hard once more. It ached slightly, but he loved the feeling.

She climbed off of him and knelt on the floor. She leaned down onto her hands and knees and wiggled her perfect rump at him. She smiled and winked at him and he knew what she wanted. He got up and knelt behind her and slid his rock hard cock into her dripping wet pussy. Jeremy started a slow deep rhythm making Tasha moan in delight. He slid into her, rocking her forward while he held her perfect hips. Her back and waist where beautiful, especially in this position!

Tasha moaned and put her head down between her arms, offering her ass up even higher so he could feel deep inside her. She panted and gasped out, “Fuck me…in the ass!”

Jeremy’s eyes widened and he smiled. He slid out of her slowly, very slowly, and placed the head of his cock up against her tight asshole. He slowly pushed inside her and she screamed out in pain and pleasure. He pulled her back onto him by the hips, ramming inside of her. She put two fingers into her mouth to keep from screaming again. Her tight hole held his cock firmly as he pushed deep inside of her again and again.

Soon her muffled cries rang out and an orgasm shook her body once more. She whimpered and clawed at the white carpet. Her ass tightened more around Jeremy’s cock and he moaned loud, fucking her wildly. Soon he came deep inside her ass, letting his hot seed fill her up.

Exhausted he fell back, panting hard. Tasha rolled over onto her back and touched her clit ring lightly, feeling electricity ride through her trembling body as she did so. She sat up and grinned at Jeremy as she played with herself, sliding two fingers along her soaked muff and into her tight pussy. She reached onto the table and handed him the phone, “Think you better call in sick…” Tasha smiled and spread her legs wide, inviting him in once again.

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