Derek’s Story


*Author’s Note: Although this functions as a stand-alone story, if you have read “Losing Control at the Lake” you will recognize the characters and events in this story. Derek’s perspective is explored here, which is a bit new for me. I welcome any feedback about how it works – either on its own or as a supplement to the LCL series. Thanks for reading – I hope you enjoy it!


It was the summer from Hell.

I was eighteen. I was leaving for college. It should have been the best summer of my life: girls, parties, everything I thought it would be. Instead, it was very few lame parties, a lot of Xbox, and no girls. Well, worse than that. It was no girls and in particular not the girl I wanted.

But that was …complicated.

So I’m sort of shy, or whatever, but I’ve always had girlfriends. I didn’t have the problem some guys have, where they literally never have girls. Having a sister helps. First of all, girls are always around. I’ve dated like five of my sister’s friends, and it was easy because they were always at my house and easy to get to know and then ask out. And second of all, a sister can be a go-between if you’re a little nervous about telling a girl you like her or if you just need some information about a girl before you ask her out. She can be a good spy, like Dana always was for me. Dana always knew which girls thought which guys were cute (or douches), and she had the inside scoop on who was getting ready to break up. (I’m not ashamed to say I got a couple amazing rebound dates that way.)

Anyway, this summer there were no girls. Or should I say, all the girls were coupled up. And my sister…she was no help in that respect. No help whatsoever. I even ran into a girl I’d dated for a pretty long time back in high school, and I took her out once, thinking that might turn back into…something. A summer fling, or a one-night stand, or anything. (It didn’t.) To be honest, I wasn’t that into her. I hadn’t even been that into her when I’d dated her in school. But she was cute enough, and it was summer, and I was horny as fuck. It was like my dick literally did not know how to be soft. I woke up hard and was hard all day. I jerked off so much that I chafed myself on several occasions, and it didn’t even begin to satisfy my cravings. It was a prison of sexual suffering.

So I watched a lot of porn. I watched amateur porn and professional porn and porn that was so gross and wrong I felt ashamed of myself for even being able to stay hard through it. But I did. I was a sick fuck, all summer long, my hand on my cock like I just grew it and was afraid it would get up and walk away. I would wake up, my cock pressing against my boxers, straining for release, a wet spot of pre-cum already on the front. I fell asleep many nights with my cock still in my hand, cum on my stomach, the memories of whatever sordid fantasy I’d just rubbed one off to still fading from my memory. Safe to say it was a summer of extreme sexual frustration.

And then there was this incident.

There’s actually not a way to talk about this incident without first confessing that I am incredible perv. I happen to have a really hot sister and I am ridiculously attracted to her. I think I’m in love with her; it’s all mixed up in my head, really. All I know is that I look at her every day, I watch her, I fantasize about her. I know her every movement and her smell and her moods. I know her better than I know anyone else in the world, and I would say that she knows me the same way, except that she doesn’t. She doesn’t know that I want her, she doesn’t know that I am always jealous of her boyfriends, she doesn’t know that I think about her when I’m looking at porn and when I’m jerking off. And actually, sometimes I’m jerking off and I’m thinking about fucking some other girl, and right as I’m about to cum the girl turns into Dana, and she looks at me and tells me to cum inside her, and I just lose it. Those are the hottest orgasms, but afterwards I feel like throwing up.

I don’t want to be a fucking perv who lusts after his own sister. I know it’s sick. I probably need some kind of therapy for it. I’m probably going to be fucked up for life. I’ve never even had actual sex, and I probably can’t now, because I’m too obsessed with my sister to really desire another girl. And believe me, I’ve tried. But every time I am interested in another girl, I start comparing her to Dana and it all gets really confusing in my head. So I’ve resigned myself to this fucked-up state.

But back to the incident.

We have this uncle. Not an old uncle, a young one, in his 20’s. He’s my mom’s younger brother, and he’s really cool. He’s always been our favorite uncle, because he’s really more like a cousin. He comes to stay with us all the time, because he and my mom are super close. It’s like having an older brother who’s on your side, because every time he comes we break rules like crazy and he either covers for us or sweet-talks Mom into not Ordu Escort punishing us. Summers are always the best with him, and we look forward to them all year. I’ve always loved having Jayme around.

Until this summer.

So, I should say that I totally knew something was up with Dana this summer. She gets this glow about her when she’s being sneaky, especially if it has to do with a guy. And for weeks she’d been acting all sketchy, and walking around the house done up all the time, which she normally doesn’t do. Usually at the lake house it’s cutoffs and flip-flops and she throws her hair in a ponytail, and she might wear makeup if we go out to dinner or something. This summer she started wearing skimpier clothes, and push-up bras, and more makeup, and fixing her hair all the time. And she moved like…I can’t explain it. She moved like she was making love to the entire world. She wouldn’t touch things, she would caress them. She ate her food like it was the most delicious thing she ever tasted. She had this look on her face almost all the time of sheer bliss.

And my sister is gorgeous. Both of us get really tan, and her hair gets these beautiful blonde streaks that look like she’s had them done in a salon, only they’re totally natural. She’s got big brown eyes that just melt you, long eyelashes, and her mouth – Jesus, her mouth. That’s a mouth you want to kiss and touch and do unspeakable things to. Her mouth is luscious, pouty, with full lips, and I can’t tell you how many times I have cum thinking of my sister’s lips around my cock. I told you, I’m a sick fuck. I can make myself cum in seconds thinking about fucking my sister’s sweet mouth.

She’s also got an amazing body, so the fact that she was showing it off all summer did nothing to ease my aching balls. She has great legs, long and toned and tan, and though her ass is on the small side it is round and tight. But her tits are perfect, just perfect, a handful with maybe just a bit more for good measure, perky and bouncy with nipples that always seem to be poking through the fabric of whatever tiny outfit she has on. And she’s so comfortable in herself that she’s almost too casual, at least at home. She flings herself into furniture, she sits on chairs with one leg slung over the arm, and I mean, I’m a guy. I notice. And I react. That part of it is normal (I think), although I get that being in love with her is not. So it’s hard to cure myself of this obsession when she’s always there, right under my nose, flaunting her body, making me crazy.

She has this one bikini… I actually stole the bottoms out of her hamper earlier this summer. She was walking around with it all day and never even went into the water. She was just sunning herself in it. And when she came back in to shower, she untied the strings of the top and was pulling it off before she even passed my room, so I got a good peek of her delicious tits as she walked past. It was enough to get me hard again, and after she’d dressed and gone back downstairs I crept into her room and fished them out of the hamper. I know they weren’t still warm from her body, but they felt like they were. And when I held them to my nose I could smell them. Oh, fuck, the thrill of smelling my sister’s cunt…the most forbidden act, the sickest fucking thing, and yet I loved it. I loved the smell of her and the thought of that fabric clinging to her pussy all day. I was rock-hard before I even took them out of the hamper, and once I was smelling them I thought I would cum right then and there. I lay on my bed with her panties on my face and I stroked my cock and breathed in the scent of her, her perfume and her sweat and her musky girl scent, a smell I recognized from one other time. And that memory along with the very real smell of my sister’s juices drove my spunk up out of my balls again and again and again. I masturbated half the afternoon with her bikini bottoms, first with them on my face and then with them wrapped around my cock with just enough lube on them to make them slick, so I could pretend she’d just peeled them off her wet cunt. It was a challenge sneaking them into the wash at the right time, but I got away with it, and after that I just started stealing her panties more often. It was almost as much of a sexual thrill to creep in her room and get them as it was to smell them and jerk off with them.

And then one time, they didn’t smell like my sister.

They smelled like some guy’s cum.

I couldn’t figure it out. She didn’t have a boyfriend. She didn’t go out much, and she spent most of her time around the house hanging out with Uncle Jayme. I tried to read her diary, but there were no entries from summer. It hadn’t been touched since mid-June. It was a mystery.

But one day it all became crystal clear.

There’s this little island, accessible by boat, that’s in the lake just upriver from where all the houses are, where the coastline gets rockier. We call it Spider Island, Ordu Escort Bayan even though it doesn’t actually have a name. And technically, it’s not even a real island. But it has a beach and an old fort and we used to love to go there when we were kids. We still go at least once every summer, because it’s sort of a tradition. Anyway, one day Dana and Jayme decided to go there, and they asked me to go, but I said no. My sister was pissing me off so bad that day; she was just being bitchy, and I didn’t feel like dealing with her. (A hot sister is still as much of a pain in the ass as any other girl, I promise.) So I said I was going to stay home and play video games. But I got bored with that, so I decided to take my kayak and go out to the island to meet them.

And that’s when I got the shock of my life.

When I pulled up on the shore, I saw their kayaks, so I started walking down the beach. I heard my sister’s voice and then Jayme, and then I couldn’t hear them anymore. And then I saw a couple, or what looked like a couple, on the beach. They were in the sand, hot and heavy, and I could hear the girl moaning and begging. And yeah, of course I got turned on. I mean, when does it ever happen that you see an actual couple fucking at the beach?

I didn’t have my glasses on, but even without them I could see pretty well. They were definitely naked and definitely fucking, or about to.

And all of the sudden, I was closer than I expected, I was right up next to them, because I saw that it was my sister and my uncle and I just couldn’t stop from walking up to them to be sure it was really them. But it was them – my sister, on top of our uncle, her tanned body glistening without a stitch of clothing. As I watched I saw him pull her down hard on his cock and heard her little cries of ecstasy, saw her satisfied face as she drew him in for a deep kiss. She worked herself on him in a way that told me this was not the first time. And it all at once made sense – her weird behavior, her happiness all summer, the cum in her bikini. The secret, the guy she was fucking, all of it. It was Uncle Jayme.

I was stunned. And while my brain tried to process the information, my cock was processing the sight of my beautiful sister as I had envisioned her so many times: gloriously nude, sweaty, loving the cock she was impaled on. She was moaning and her nipples were hard and my cock responded to the sight of her, to the thrill of seeing her the way I’d seen girls in porn. She wanted it, she was hot for it, and oh, fuck, I wished desperately to trade places with my uncle just then, to be buried balls deep in her sweet, hot clutch, to be touching her and feeling her and pleasuring her, making her moan like that, making her move like that. Making her happy. Making her cum.

“Dana!” I choked, before I could even stop myself.

She froze. She opened her eyes and looked right at me, her hands flying to her mouth like they did when she was in shock. Her chest heaved and I couldn’t keep my eyes off those lovely tits, completely bared to me, quivering as she trembled. Beneath her Jayme struggled to look at me, a look of horror and shame on his face. And my cock was still damnably erect, some miscommunication with my brain that was registering only horror and shock and –

And rage. It was registering a bit of rage.

Uncle Jayme spoke first. I heard “dude” and a question, but there was this roaring in my ears, an odd rushing noise, like a waterfall. I felt slightly faint and I’m not even sure what I said in response. I just turned and started down the beach. What happened after that is a blur. I know she tried to explain it to me, but I can’t tell you anything she said, really. It didn’t make any sense then and it doesn’t make much more now.

So that was the incident, and for the next few weeks I was tortured by fantasies about my sister. I barely slept because of these dreams. They were so charged and so real that I often woke afraid that they had actually happened.

I had this recurring dream where she came in from swimming, her hair dripping and her skin still moist from the lake, and she walked past my room, peeling off her top as she often did. I followed her out. And then she stopped in her doorway, her tits bare, just that tiny scrap of a bathing suit bottom covering her, and she smiled and turned away and began tugging her bikini bottoms off her hips, her little ass revealed a bit at a time until she bent all the way over and slid the bottoms down her ankles, giving me a full view of her beautiful cheeks and just a flash of the prize between them. She stepped out of them then, and went and lay down on the bed, her knees bent and her legs spread, and beckoned me over with one finger, a sly look in her big, dark eyes. She never said a word, just reached her hand out to me, and when I walked over to her I was somehow naked, my cock bigger than it actually was, and she reached for it with her Escort Ordu other hand, too, so that she was tugging on it with both hands. It was so real, so incredible to have my sister’s soft hands on my hard shaft, her delicate fingers rubbing the oozing pre-cum around on the sensitive head, slipping down to cup and squeeze my balls. And then she said, “Derek, I need you,” and at that point I always woke up, hard and ready to cum and disoriented.

You should also know that once, a while back, something actually happened between my sister and me. It wasn’t supposed to happen, but it did, and I know it didn’t help my obsession with her. And although we vowed to keep it a secret between us, to forget it and never discuss it again, there isn’t a day that goes by that I don’t think about that night. What happened, what could have happened. What I wanted to happen.

It was during spring break, a few months back. This kid we knew had this huge party at his house, and Dana and I went to it. I think I had just broken up with Cate, and I was in kind of a mood. I definitely drank way too much. Anyhow, I don’t remember how it happened, but from what Dana told me later it seems I got wasted and starting acting like an asshole and she got me into the guest bedroom in Jimmy’s basement. And how did I repay that kindness? Well, apparently – and I should add that I don’t remember doing this, either – I started feeling her up while we were both sleeping in the guest bedroom.

But what I do remember – and I remember this vividly; it is the fuel for many a fantasy about my sister – is waking up with her in the dark, disoriented, my arms wrapped around her. She was pressed into me, and my nose was buried in her hair, and she sort of nestled into me. At the time I knew it was her, but I thought it was a dream. She was so soft in my arms, and I couldn’t help running my fingers across her stomach and her breasts, teasing her nipples with my fingertips, just barely touching her. I was afraid that if I touched her the way I wanted to she would disappear, I would wake up, it would all be over. I nuzzled into her, and my lips touched her bare skin, and I just started kissing her neck, but lightly, so lightly. She seemed to melt against me, so I didn’t stop. I tweaked her nipple and felt it spring up under my finger. He bra was some fabric that seemed like it wasn’t even there, and I could feel the heat of her skin through the thin fabric as I teased that nipple and sucked on her neck, wishing I was sucking on that little pop of flesh inside her bra. Fuck, I was so hard. I do remember that. She was right in my arms and even though at the time I thought I was dreaming I was going to make the most of it.

So I started unbuttoning her shorts. She had these little cutoffs on, so small that they were barely there, but they were tighter than they looked, so I unbuttoned them and it took me a minute to wrestle them off her. And I could feel her through my pants, her bare legs, the heat of her, and all that stood between my fingers and her pussy was the sheerest scrap of fabric. I ran my hand over her ass, again and again, loving the feel of it under my hand, so soft, and then I pulled her in close so my hard cock was nestled against those sweet cheeks while I slid my hand over her belly and down onto her soft mound. I could feel the curls crushed inside the slippery fabric, and I lost my breath for a moment. I was actually touching my twin sister’s pussy. It was happening. I dared to slide my fingers down a little farther and my God, she was soaking wet. My fingers slipped into a hot, slick crevice that wasn’t even yet her actual cunt. She had soaked through her panties. And as I touched her she let out this moan, like she really wanted me. She was breathing heavily now. She was turned on. I had done it.

At that point I was sure it was a dream, so I pulled her on top of me and started kissing her like my life depended on it. My tongue was in her mouth so deep and she was giving it right back to me, warm and willing as she ground herself on my cock. I clenched her ass tightly in my hands, pressing her down harder on my swollen dick, which felt like it was about to burst from her pressure and her heat and the thrill of my sister being so willing with me. I could taste her, smell her, feel her weight on me. I was devouring her mouth and she was panting and kissing me back and rubbing herself on me with abandon, so hot and so willing. I was ready to cum but I wanted to be inside her. I wanted to feel that wetness and that heat wrapped around my straining cock; I wanted to be buried in her sweet sheath, to fill her completely and empty my balls into her. I wanted to feel her cum on me, to make my cock even wetter with her juices. Jesus. I couldn’t take it anymore, the delicious grinding and pressing and hot fucking wet needy amazing ecstasy.

“Dana, I need you,” I whispered, tugging aside her panties, my fingers slipping into her secret flesh, the destination of my virgin cock. Her face was close to mine, her forehead resting against mine, and it was perfect. All I wanted was for us to stay that way, just that way – except with my cock inside her. And I would make beautiful love to my sister and die a happy man.

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