Desire Ch. 01


This was a tiring day, I was unable to study and my exams were approaching. I decided to start studying from next day early morning. So i went to bed early. It was 12 I went to sleep.

But I woke up at 3 as I couldn’t sleep anymore, thinking about what I should do I called my boyfriend.

“Hello”, he just woke up.

“Hey baby, I can’t sleep.”

“Okay, then I shall help you a little or make you do something else?”

“Something else…?”

“Is everyone asleep?”

“I … think so.”

“Good, so take off your shorts.”


“No questions”, he ordered.

That turned me on a little, l felt like butterflies in my stomach. Within a minute I did what he asked for.

“Yeah, it’s done.”

“Good, now you will do whatever I will ask you to. Take your panties off too and get out of your bed.”

I followed his instructions, with my heart beating so fast I pulled myself out of my panties, removed the sheet wrapping me and stood by side of my double bed.

“Are you done?”


“Are you turned on?”


“Tuck you top and bra so that your breast is visible.”

I was liking it already, I was controlled and his instructions were making Marmaris Escort me dance in joy.


“Turn on lights of your room, I want you to feel that you are naked.”

I walked to the switches and did what he instructed. I was turned on but fear of being at home was lingering in my head.


“Now go in front of door.”

I walked there. “Yeah .. m here”

“Unlock it”

That made my exposed nipples erect. A shiver went down me.

“What if anyone came?”

“I already said no questions, just do it.”


I unlocked the door.

“Now turn with your bare ass in front of door.”


“Be on your hands and knees.”

“Okay… i .. am.”

“Grab your breast and move your ass.”


I held my right breast with right hand and started moving my bare ass back & forth there in front of door. I was wishing that no one get to see my lights on so they won’t come in.

“Now put your cheek down.”

What my cheek down. My heart missed several beats. But I was liking it. No wonder I was wet with that thought only. I did as he said.


“Pull your ass apart and spread Marmaris Escort Bayan your legs as much as you can.”


My breast was touching the cold floor and i was unbelievably wet.

“How are you feeling? Tell me every thought you are having.”

“I am wet but scared too that someone might come in.”


“And I am feeling exposed.”

“Is that it?”

“It’s embarrassing.”

“But you are liking it. Aren’t you?”, I know he was teasing me, he knew it well how wet I am and how much I wanted him that time.

“Now start moving back and forth, so that your breast can rub against floor.”


“I will count till 10 you are not supposed to touch anywhere or look at door.”

“Be fast please.”

“1…2…3…4 …10…11…12…13”, like that he went till 25.

“You were supposed to stop at 10.”

“But I was enjoying it, and I know your thighs are feeling wetness too.”

I blushed, “Are we done? Can I please stand up?”

“Say can i please stand up, sir.”


“Say it.”

“Can I please stand up, sir.”

“Yes, baby… go to the side of your bed … and get naked now.”

I Escort Marmaris took off my top and bra, they were already tucked exposing my breast, still being naked made me more wet and I wanted to touch my self.

“Are you done?” his voice brought me back to reality.

“Yes… yes, sir.”

“Now go and stand near the wall with your back facing wall.”

“Done, sir.”

“Bend here and let your ass rub on wall.”


The wall was cold, but it was heavenly feeling.

“Both of your hands on your breast… squeeze them.”

“I am doing it…”

After like 15 secs, he spoke again, “Now turn around, sit on your knees… but whole of your upper body must rub against wall.”


“Rub your nipples little faster and move your ass too, while your hands rubbing your wet pussy.”

Doing that for around 30 secs, made me so horny, I wanted to make out with him.

“Now stand up, bend at side of your bed… caress your body.”


I was shivering with pleasure and cold air touching me.

“Lay down on your bed.”


“So describe me your situation.”

“I am in sheets, wet and yearning to touch myself.”

“Who said you can cover with sheets.”

“What if someone saw me?”

“You have to ask me before doing anything, take off sheets… you deserve a punishment.”

———- ——————- ————

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