Deviant Dreams


I can hear the echoes of laughter, my laughter. It is the first thing that greets me in this dream of mine. The second sensation to greet me is the gasp and pant for air. I am running. Dodging and twisting, weaving around obstacles, jumping out of the reach of grasping hands. The realization that I am being chased greets me like a cool kiss upon my flushed cheek. I am enjoying the chase I want to be chased.

Twisting around to catch a glimpse of you, my breath catches in my throat. You are almost upon me! With renewed energy and sweet laughter, my heart thrills at the chase, the prey slipping away from the hunter once more as I dash around a corner. It is a cry of both surprise and delight as I feel strong fingers clasp around my arm, pulling me to a stop, pinning me against the wall. Bubbles of laughter dance past my panting lips as I gaze up at you, a quiver washing through me as I see the hunger, the need burning in your gaze.

You press closer to me, forcing my body to rub intimately against yours, and a smile pulls at my mouth. The mischievous twinkle sparkling in my eyes, for I have not finished having my fun yet. I remember so much now. The teasing touches, the laughter, the looks. Taunting you to come after me, wanting you to hunt and capture me. Aching to be your prize. Now, in this moment, I have become just that; your prize. Your lips claim my own, tasting the fruits of your labor, fingers delve over my body, each caress searing my skin, branding me. How I’ve longed for you…

Ah, but the game is far from over, my dear. I’ve not yet had all my fun. Another giggle escapes me, and with my palms upon your chest holding your advance at bay, I feel my knees weaken and give way, my body sliding down yours. I want to sample what my efforts have brought me.

Delicate fingers slide down your Marmaris Escort body, and my cheek slides against your thigh. My heart flutters in anticipation eyes entranced as they focus upon your cock. Tugging your pants open, pulling the fabric off your hips and down your legs, purring as I see your shaft freed from its prison of cloth. The chase has excited you. Nipping softly at your thigh, I move my lips closer to your hard length until, finally, my tongue flicks out to lave the tip, taking my first taste of you. You are intoxicating; I want so much more, that heady first taste is not enough. My tongue swirls around your cock head, a sweet moan of pleasure rippling past full, hungry lips.

Your growl of desire rockets through my veins, the blood thickening and pulsing through my body with an erotic tempo. You fist my hair, hungry for more of my attentions, needing an anchor as I tease and tantalize your senses. Slowly, I take you into my mouth; inch by glorious inch, your cock is enveloped in sweet wet warmth. Oh, you taste so wonderful. Your body shudders with pleasure, with restraint. You want the moment to last, as do I. Oh but how I love to tease, to push you to your limits. And so, once again, I begin to tease you to your very limits. Sucking and tasting, tongue wild and hungry against your shaft, pulling you in and out of my wickedly hungry mouth. Lips so soft against your shaft, milking your cock with a greedy hunger to taste your very essence.

This overwhelming need has made my own arousal blossom. I can smell my excitement filling the air between us. I slide one hand down my body, still tasting and teasing your shaft, to dip a finger against slick lips of desire. I tremble at my own touch; I am so sensitive, so wet. I’ve soaked my panties with my want for you. My eyes gaze Marmaris Escort Bayan up, searching for your face as I tease and taste you. When our gazes do meet, my body stills for a breathtaking moment. Hands slide from my hair to my shoulders and you pull me up, demanding more. My hands press to your chest, and you moan, catching my scent upon my dampened finger. Never breaking your entrancing gaze upon me, you pull my hand to your lips, sucking upon the damp finger, tasting me for the first time.

I want you to devour me, to take me. Oh God, how I’ve ached for you. As my control slides away from me, you take over. Pressing my soft body back against the hard cold wall. Hands splay down over my hips, and I feel the fabric of my skirt bunching up, being pulled aside. Hot fingers tug at my soaked panties, pushing them off slender legs, exposing my moist sex to the kiss of both cool air and your touch. Oh what a delicious, teasing touch! Fingers sliding with a feather soft caress down sensitive slick lips. I whimper, begging for more, arching to push my hips against your hand.

The sting of a bite upon my neck only encourages me. Nails rake up your chest, fingers tunneling through your hair. I feel the muscles in your shoulders bunch as you lift me, pinning me against the wall, my legs hooking around your waist. You are my anchor, and you are driving me wild. Your hot hard shaft rubbing tantalizingly against my slick entrance, so very close to sweet bliss, yet you hold back, torturing me as I have tortured you.

My whimpers and moans become louder, pleading with you to take your pleasure, to feed the raging fire within us both. And you grant my pleas. I feel the head of your cock, pressing against my snug entrance, the delicious pressure washing through me, my voice lost as Escort Marmaris you plunge inside me! My muscles instantly grip your cock, riding the thrusts, body trembling and straining against you. Oh you feel so perfect, so wonderful, buried deep inside me. I never want you to stop.

You begin to move inside me, thrusting, surging in and out. Filling me oh so completely, then pulling back. It’s a wild rush of sensation, making me moan and pant, begging for more, never wanting you to stop. Thighs quiver against your waist, pulling you tightly against me. Your moans and growls, panting against my neck, only spurn me onward. I can feel the waves of ecstasy crashing higher and higher within me. I am so close to absolute bliss.

Your hands slide up my torso, tweaking deliciously hard nipples. Cries, pleading for more, rush from my lips. Fingers tug on your hair, pulling your head back, kissing you with a fierce passion. Your thrusts become more frenzied, more demanding. You’re pushing me over the edge!

With a scream, muffled by the wild melding of our mouths, I feel the waves of desire crash over the edge, plummeting me into a world of orgasmic bliss. Trapped as I am against the wall and your demanding body, I buck and writhe against you, muscles milking your shaft with a wild frenzy of lust. Sweet nectar coats your cock, and I feel you shudder. Your own hot release licks at the heels of my own, your shaft throbbing oh so perfectly inside my hungry sex. Nails dig into your shoulders as I cling to you, feeling the hot rush of your cum filling me. My vision blurs with the heady moment, body trembling and growing limp as we both slowly come down from the heights of ecstasy.

With a final, hard thrust, you bury yourself deep inside and press against me. Both our bodies tremble and shudder with the moment. Gasping and panting, we cling to each other. As the dream fades and I slowly return to the waking world, a warm deliciously satisfied smile teases my lips. And it is you that I have upon my mind all day long. Aching to play out my dream into reality, hungry to be the prey in such an erotic hunt…

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