Dex and the Twins at College Ch. 07


I must have been completely exhausted. The last thing I remembered from last night was reading the same paragraph of a textbook over and over again. I had rested my eyes for a moment and I was gone. The digital clock read, ‘5:34 AM’. It seemed like I had been asleep for ten minutes but I had slept all night. I hadn’t heard June and Julie come home and then it occurred to me that they might not even be home. If they were, they came home sexually satisfied because they didn’t come get into bed with me, which they often did.

I pulled one of my text books back from the edge of the bed before it crashed to the floor. I listened for any sounds of the twins getting ready for school. There was nothing. I got up and took a shower and did my bathroom stuff before returning to my room to dress for the day. I had an early class at seven-thirty. I made a cup of coffee and sipped on that as I hogged down a donut. I usually stay away from things like donuts and candy and such, but there are times when I can’t resist a donut.

Then there was a loud ‘thunk’ from upstairs. It was definitely the elephant foot of one of the twins. I guess they had come home after-all. I thought, ‘I must have been gone to the world, if Max drove his loud, rumbling Dodge Charger or Challenger or what-ever it is, into the driveway and it didn’t wake me.’

I mentally ran down through a health checklist to assess whether I was okay and concluded that I felt fantastic. The shower upstairs came on and I heard the shower door slam shut and I got up and made myself a second cup of coffee.

It was forty-minutes later before the twins came thundering down the stairs dressed for the day. They looked briefly into my bedroom and then came around the corner to the kitchen. I was sitting on a barstool sipping my coffee. They both startled when they saw me and June put a hand to her chest and said, “Fuck. You scared me.”

I said, “Sorry. I was just sitting here.” The girls went to the Keurig coffee maker and made two cups of coffee. Julie poured in a little ‘Coffee-Mate’. June took hers black. Not everything between twins was the same. Julie pulled out a barstool and sat down beside me. June leaned on the bar from the kitchen side.

Julie looked up at me and said, “Are you okay? You were gone to the world when we got home last night. It was late, but holy-shit, Dex. We tried to wake you but nothing. We figured you’d just been burning the candle from both ends and needed some down time.”

I just smiled at Julie. I had come to that conclusion yesterday afternoon but the planned downtime became fuck-time with Coach Vivian.

June said, “How are you feeling this morning, after a good night’s sleep?”

I looked at her and said, “I feel great. This second cup of coffee is getting the engines started again.”

Julie asked if I could come to their lacrosse game that afternoon and I couldn’t think of any reason why not. I nodded and she grinned and lean in and kissed me on the cheek.

Neither of the girls had classes as early as mine today but they left the house with me and we walked through the frost-covered woods to the athletic field and past the fieldhouse together before we went our separate ways. We didn’t hug or kiss each other to avoid any questions about our relationships, should someone see us. I wasn’t even sure what we were trying to hide anymore, but none of us wanted to be the talk of the campus for getting caught having sex with your sibling. That was private and we knew we had to keep it private.

After a good workout that afternoon, my muscles tingled and burned. I took a shower in the men’s locker room and I chuckled at the familiar sounds of sex coming from the men’s steam room. I glanced through the glass window in the door as I passed but the steam was so thick, I couldn’t see anything. I don’t particularly enjoy the steam room, but I do like the sauna room. I didn’t even consider stepping into the steam room for fear that the sounds were coming from two guys. I didn’t need to see that.

I’m not a homophobe. To each his, or her, own. And, even though woman-on-woman sex arouses me; men on men sex does the opposite. Go figure. To each his own.

When I left the locker room, I literally ran into Molly. She was in the hall. She was all atwitter about something with another girl dressed in a cheerleader uniform. Molly motioned for the other girl to go back in the locker room and she turned toward the end of the hall and collided with me.

She was startled and put her hands up on my chest to stop her momentum. She looked up and said, “Oh my ggawwd, Dex. I guess its not you in the Utility Room with his dick in the hole. The girls were hoping it was the same guy as last time but I guess it’s not. I’m going to go see if it is the Maintenance guy like we have thought all along.”

I had put my hands up to grab her upper arms to prevent our collision. When she finished and started to pull away from me to go check out the Utility Room, I held her and shook my head. A look of confusion Ordu Escort was on her face. “If you and your teammates like the Utility Room cock, then leave it alone. If you confront him, I guarantee that he won’t be back,” I said. She stopped trying to pull away and just stood there looking up at me. Then she smiled and nodded. She stretched up to kiss me and I bent down to receive it.

Molly hurried back to the women’s locker room door and said, “A little mystery makes it hotter. I’d better hurry or I’ll miss all the action. I’d love to watch Coach Vivian take him on when she doesn’t think anyone is watching. She’s a wild-woman.” Molly threw me an air-kiss and disappeared behind the door. I smiled to myself and whispered, “Vivian is definitely a wild-woman.”

The lacrosse game had started by the time I got there. I stood along the sidelines like the other fans and cheered our home team on. I shared my attention between the game and Coach Mandy. She was dressed in the same uniform that the twins wore. A tight short-sleeved nylon top in team colors of aqua-blue and neon-yellow, with the number ‘1’ on the back and front. If she wore a bra, it was very thin. The nipples on her smallish breasts were long and pushed on the material. She wore the same short shorts as the players and the same knee length yellow socks and aqua-blue cleats. Her long straight blonde hair was pulled up into a pony-tail at the crown of her head and fanned out behind her. When she turned to pace up and down the field as the action went back and forth, I marveled at her lavender eyes. I hadn’t noticed them before. She has sexy lips that she most likely had enhanced. Her thighs were powerful and her legs seemed to be more than half of her nearly six-foot frame. I pulled my thin nylon wind-breaker as far down as I could to hide my attempts to adjust my growing erection.

As usual, June and Julie were taking over the game. They seemed to know exactly where the other would be at any given moment to make or receive a pass. They didn’t score every time, but often enough for them to take a seven to three lead at half-time.

Coach Mandy called the team together in a huddle with her on one knee in the middle. June saw me standing ten yards from the huddle and waved at me. Julie notice June’s wave and she looked and waved at me too. I waved back to both of them and gave them thumbs-up. They grinned and bent into the scrum. Their short shorts didn’t leave much to the imagination.

I tried to get a glimpse of Coach Mandy in the middle but she was completely hidden by her circle of players taking her directions.

I felt, more than saw someone walk up beside me. I turned to see who it was. It was Molly dressed in her street clothes. Her red hair was unrestrained and cascaded down over her shoulders. She said, “I see you’re out here ogling Coach Mandy again.” She giggled. Standing right beside her was her cheerleader coach, Vivian. She was grinning at me. Every time Molly looked her way, her eyes looked away from me and her face turned serious and disinterested. When Molly turned to talk to me, Vivian would tease me with a grin or her tongue sensuously licking her lips or her tongue pushed rapidly in and out of her cheek.

Molly moved over closer to me and leaned in and whispered, “This is my coach. I think she’s interested in you. She asked who you are when we were walking down. She and Coach Mandy are good friends, if you know what I mean.” I stole a glance past Molly at Vivian and whispered, “She’s very sexy.”

Molly whispered back, “You have no idea. That glory-hole thing doesn’t begin to tell her story.” I stole another glance and Vivian was staring at me this time. She wagged her tongue at me and then looked away with a serious, disinterested look on her face when Molly turned to look at her.

Molly took my arm and led me away from Vivian and I let her. She put her back to Vivian and said, “Coach Vivian and Coach Mandy are coming over to dinner tonight. Mom has been their biggest supporter. She winked when she said that. I looked past Molly’s face and Vivian was giving me the universal signal for a hand job with the biggest grin on her face. I looked past Vivian and saw that Coach Mandy had broken up the scrum and had seen Vivian giving her hand signal. She looked to see who Vivian was signaling. She was looking right at me and I had to look away. I’m sure I had flushed with embarrassment. I could feel a sudden heat on my face.

Molly hemmed and hawed and I was able to catch up with her end of the conversation, which was an invitation to join her, her mother, Coach Vivian and Coach Mandy for dinner. My eyes must have glazed over because Molly put her face in my line of vision and said, “Dex. Where did you go? Did you hear what I said?”

I was forced to look at her and I said, “Sure. Dinner at your house, tonight.”

Molly grinned at me and whispered, “I don’t think you will be sorry if you come. Mom’s dinner parties seem to run off the rails pretty quickly.” She winked again.

I Ordu Escort Bayan smiled and said, “With or without the leather mask and the elephant trunk?”

She punched me on the arm and said, “Without silly.” I smiled.

Molly turned around and looked at Vivian and then on to Mandy and said to me, “They may not be as gorgeous or as classy as the two women you came to the party with the other night at the Pi-Phi house but they’re pretty hot.”

Molly was comparing Mandy and Vivian to Sylvia and Reece and while she may be right in her assessment, she was also right that Mandy and Vivian were pretty hot. I said, “What time should I be there.”

Molly grinned and said, “Seven?” I nodded and we walked back to Vivian. This time Molly introduced Vivian and I and we both played along. We stood there together and watched the rest of the game. Our team won sixteen to eight.

After another player scrum around the coach to cheer for the other team, they stacked their hands in a pile in the center of the scrum and yelled something that I couldn’t make out. The players split up and headed for the locker room. Coach Mandy chatted with a few fans who came over to congratulate her and then she came over to Molly, Vivian and me. The three of them hugged and kissed each other on their cheeks. It was obvious that they were all friends. It wasn’t obvious what kind of friends, but I had already formed an opinion. Mandy was checking me out as she hugged Vivian.

Molly apparently forgot that she had introduced Mandy and me already because she introduced us again. Mandy nodded and said, “We’ve met.” She offered her hand to shake and I took it and offered the same grip as she presented, just as my Dad had taught me. She had a strong grip and I couldn’t tell if this was her usual hand-shake grip or if she was trying to intimidate me or just test me. Whatever it was, she looked me right in the eye to assess my reaction. I gave her back a strong grip but I didn’t make it a competition. She held my hand as I smiled at her. She eased back on the pressure and released my hand.

We all headed back to the fieldhouse together. The three women chatted away while I walked a few paces behind. Mandy’s nylon shorts were so short one could see the crease of her butt-cheeks at the top of her thighs. She kept looking back at me as they walked and talked.

Mandy left us to go take a shower. I wondered if ‘Maintenance Guy’ would be there. The rest of us headed to the Juice Bar. We found a booth and Molly went to give our orders to Jerry. Vivian leaned in and whispered, “Did Molly invite you to dinner at her house tonight?” I nodded. She grinned and continued, “I kind of hinted for her to ask. You’ll add a spice to the group. These “dinners” are more than dinners.” She used her fingers to assign air-quotes to the word ‘dinners’. I had already gathered as much from what Molly had insinuated.

Vivian seemed to need to provide explanation and continued, “Molly’s mom used to be the Cheerleader Coach here several years ago when I was first a cheerleader and Mandy was the big hero, All-American athlete on campus. Linda would invite us to dinner all the time and we were all pretty close. Sexual close.” She looked me in the eye to check my reaction. I guess she figured that if I knew that they had sex together that I’d go screaming for the hills, or something.

I grinned at her and whispered, “I figured that out the first time Molly introduced me to Coach Mandy.”

Vivian smiled and said, “Of course you did. Obviously, we all go both ways.” I smiled and nodded my head just as Molly walked over with a tray of drinks from the bar. She passed them around and sat down beside Vivian. Molly asked what we were talking about and Vivian said, “I was just trying to get to know Dex a little bit. Don’t worry I didn’t scare him off.” Molly looked at me and smiled.

I noticed June and Julie walking across the fieldhouse toward the front doors. I finished my drink and stood up. I said, “Well. It was a pleasure meeting you Vivian. Offer my excuses to Mandy but I really have to go. I’m sure I’ll see you tonight.”

I got to my car and could see the twins across the parking lot heading back onto the field toward the short-cut through the woods. I drove around and tooted the horn and they got in the car. I congratulated them on their win and Julie said, “They weren’t much for competition but they were a good warm up for our next game, which will be tough. They are undefeated too.”

June said, “Hey, thanks for the ride. I’m exhausted.” Julie said that she was too and just that quick we were pulling into the driveway. As we piled out, I noticed that the girls were carrying their book-bags. They didn’t usually bring books home to study and I commented on it. June revealed that they had exams all week and they had to cram for one tonight.

As we headed for the front door, we saw a big box sitting under the portico by the front door. It had been delivered by FedEx. Julie unlocked and held Escort Ordu open the door as I picked up the box and carried it inside. It wasn’t particularly heavy but it was large and awkward to handle. I set it on the Dining Room table.

The twins set their book-bags down on the bottom stair and came in to see what was in the box. I pulled a butcher knife from the rack in the kitchen and sliced the top and sides. June pulled it open and the box was full of plastic bags of brightly colored and glittery uniforms or costumes. I held one up and the tag read, ‘Captain America’. The one underneath read, ‘Tinkerbell’.

Julie laughed and said, “They’re Halloween costumes for the party. Mom must have sent them.” She lifted a couple of bags and said, “Wow. These aren’t cheap. The materials are spandex or something stretchy and shiny. These will be pretty sexy. They’re cosplay costumes. Let’s try them on tonight.”

June said, “Not tonight. We have to study. We’ve been goofing off in these classes. I don’t want to flunk out in the first semester.” Julie frowned at that thought and dropped the bags back in the box. I ripped open the Captain America bag and pulled the costume out and held it up for the girls to see. June said, “Try it on Dex. That will look awesome on you. I unfolded the costume and discovered that it came with a spandex mask with the white “A” on the forehead and a pair of red spandex mid-calf boots.

I carried everything to my bedroom and stripped naked and pulled and tugged the tight pants and top on. It was a struggle, but when the costume was on, I pulled the head mask on and went back out to the Dining Room. I was still fiddling with were to put my dick when Julie groaned out, “Oh fuck Dex. That is so hot. Your ripped body looks better than the real guy who plays Captain America in the movies.” She came over and ran her fingers across the tight, form-fitted material on my chest and down my abs. The material was shiny like the actual movie costume. It must have cost a fortune.

A black molded eye-mask was included and I pulled it on. It completely hid my identity but June shook her head and said, “Nah. That ruins it.” I took it off and she smiled as Julie ran her hands down to my crotch and the problem with what to do with my dick became a harder problem to solve. Julie stood back and giggled as she gawked at my erection in the very tight material. June giggled too and said, “Fuck. We can tell your religion.”

Julie burst out laughing at June’s comment which was meant to say, “Fuck. We can see the ridge of your circumcised cock.” I looked down and she was correct. I pulled the stretchy pants out in front and noticed that there was a formed foam pocket meant to contain my package. I pulled it up in place and the situation was better but the foam pocket added to the bulge and was nowhere big enough to contain my erection. It would be barely adequate for my flaccid dick.

Julie cocked her head and nodded. “You could get away with that, I think,” she said. June gave Julie a look and burst out laughing and then nodded her head in agreement. I knew they were just shitting me. I might as well walk around at the Halloween Party with my dick out. I went back to my room and struggled to take the costume off.

I pulled and yanked on the top and then June and Julie were tugging on the pants. They weren’t interested in pulling them all the way down. Just far enough to get their hands on my erection. I looked down at them as they both went to their knees in front of me. I groaned as Julie pushed her lips over that circumcised knob. June pushed underneath and suckled on my balls. Julie was drilling her tongue into my ‘spot’ and running one hand up and down the shaft. What a delicious sight. I groaned hard and eased my hips forward trying to push more cock into Julie’s mouth.

She got the message and with her sultry eyes fixed on mine, she slowly pushed her inch-worming lips down my shaft until her nose pushed into my pubic hair. She held her position until her eyes began to tear up. Then she pulled back quickly and expelled a breath and sucked another in. Then she began her blow job and then her throat job. June pulled back to watch and when Julie pulled back to cough out a wad of saliva, June seized her opportunity and pushed on seamlessly to picked up where Julie left off.

June’s cock-sucking abilities had grown considerably since last summer. She was nearly as good as Julie who was nearly as good as Mom. June ignored Julie’s efforts to take over again and furiously began bobbing her head on my cock. Julie settled for fondling my balls and that helped push me along.

I took over the action and started fucking June’s face and her eyes revealed how much she liked it. My climax was building and June nodded as I jackhammered my cock into her mouth signaling me that she knew I was going to cum. I reached out and gently held her face on either side and moments later, my head eased back on my neck as my mouth fell open in a long, “UUUUNNNGGGGAAAAHHHH.” My eyes pinched shut and I realized that I was doing the exact same thing I had seen her do so many times. My hips pulled back as if to load the first shot and June’s lips came with me. Then she pulled back and locked her lips on the ridge of my knob and readied herself for my load of cum.

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