Dinner at 7, Dessert at 8


She couldn’t believe she was standing in front of the restaurant with her hand on the door, preparing to take a major step forward in her life. Indecision gripped her and her insides threatened to take on a life of their own as she tried to decide whether to go inside or not.

She had never even given any thought to ever being in this situation until several days before. When she had opened her email there was one from him waiting for her. They had chatted online for several weeks and the chats had become increasingly more sexual in content, until they were at times erotically graphic. He had sent her stories he had written, that she had found exciting and arousing.

His email had said that he would be in town in two days and then gave only the name of the restaurant and the following cryptic message : Dinner @ 7:00, Dessert @ 8:00.

Over the next 2 days she tried to decide what she was going to do, and with each thought found herself unwillingly being drawn towards this place in time. Even earlier this evening as she dressed to go out she was still questioning whether she should meet him for dinner. As she fixed her hair and put on her best perfume , she tried to decide what to wear , something elegant but not too suggestive at the same time.

She had decided on an emerald green wraparound dress that swirled around her legs as she walked. The neckline played to her cleavage without drawing attention. She stood at her underwear drawer and tried to decide what to wear underneath her dress and was quite amused and aroused as she decided “in for a penny, in for a pound” and decided to dispense with any underwear at all. As she put on the dress she could feel the soft silk slide across her nipples causing a delicious tingle to pass through her body. She pulled a conservative pair of heels from her closet and then decided to wear something with more heel.

As she left the house and got into her car she could still not believe she was actually going to do this. It was as if she was in a dream and could not wake up.

Now she was standing here at the door, the late afternoon sunshine reflecting off the windows of the restaurant, trying to decide once and for all if she was going to enter. She knew if she stepped through the door that she might not be able to turn back from the course that lay on the other side of the door.

With one last look back at her car, she pulled on the door and stepped into the cool darkness of the restaurant. After the bright of the afternoon sun it seemed extremely dark inside the restaurant. She stepped up to the hostess and told her she was meeting Derek Edge. With a flip of her hair the hostess turned and led her deeper into the interior of the restaurant to a booth set in a back corner. The man that rose from the booth was tall, with dark brown hair, graying slightly at the temples, a dark brown moustache and dark brown eyes. He was not handsome in a classic way, but something about him alluded to the fact that he was confident about himself and his place in the world.

She looked at him closer and noticed the laugh lines around his eyes and mouth and decided that he was a happy person, at least most of the time. As he reached out to take her hand he spoke in a soft rich voice, with a touch of a southern accent and said, “Welcome, won’t you sit down.” As his hand made contact with hers she felt a shiver of excitement ripple its way through her body.

She turned as if to run, but feeling his hand pull slightly on hers she turned and slid into the booth. He slid in beside her and offered her a glass of wine. She nodded her head and watched as e poured a glass for her. “I’m so glad you decided to come,” he said, a wide smile spreading across his face. “I could hardly wait to meet you”.

They exchanged pleasantries until the waiter appeared and took their hor dourves order. Without waiting he ordered Oysters Rockefeller, and a slab of brie. The waiter disappeared and he turned back to her. His eyes seemed riveted to her as his hand reached to sweep a stray strand of hair from her face. The feel of his hand as it brushed her face was one of the most erotic things she had felt in a long time. When the hair was away from her face his hand came to rest against her face, lightly cupping her chin and cheek in the palm of his hand.

Without even thinking she gently pressed her face against his hand, wanting the feeling of his skin against her face to linger awhile longer.

Gently he lifted her head up so that she was once again looking straight into his dark eyes. She watched as if paralyzed as he lowered his head toward her and gently kissed her on the lips. A gentle kiss, soft and dry, like a soft piece of cloth pressed against her lips. She felt her lips part to his kiss and felt herself kissing him back. The longer the kiss lasted the more passionate and exciting it became. She felt his lips leave hers and move slowly across her cheek to her jaw and then to her neck. His lips were warm and moist against her Zonguldak Escort skin and she could feel his breath warm on her skin.

He kissed slowly along her neck up to her ear lobe, pausing there to briefly engulf it with his lips, feeling his tongue for the first time. He moved his face slowly down her neck until he found the sensitive hollow where her neck met her shoulders. There he nuzzled and lightly let his tongue flick across her skin.

She could not believe she was sitting here in a classy restaurant with a man she knew so little about , while he was tasting her skin to her utter delight. She could not believe herself when she felt her hand move to his, feeling her fingers wrap around his hand and pull it to her breast. His hand gently cupped her breast in his palm, gently squeezing it, as if trying to judge its characteristics. She felt his thumb slide slowly across her nipple. It seemed to react to his touch in an instant, rising to almost full hardness with just this little caress.

She felt the moan she was trying to stifle, caused by the sensations of his hand and lips on her, deep in her throat, and was afraid everyone within a hundred yards could hear her. As she fought to control her body’s reactions his fingers closed around her nipple, protected only by the sheer silk of her dress. She felt him pinch lightly and begin to roll it gently between his fingers.

Slowly he pulled away; leaving her close to breathless just as the waiter rounded the corner with their appetizers. She struggled to catch her breath as the oysters and Brie was placed in front of them. The oysters still cooling in the cracked ice. He reached out and spread a large smear of Brie on a toast wedge and brought it to her mouth. She never knew for sure but later guessed that he purposely smeared some of the delicious cheese along her chin as he fed her. He reached out with a finger and gently wiped the soft cheese onto his finger. Without a thought he placed it to her lips.

She felt her lips wrap around his finger and greedily suck it into her month, savoring both the taste of the cheese and the taste of his skin. He felt her tongue lick hungrily at his finger as she cleaned the cheese away. Slowly he began to withdraw his finger only to find her hand wrapping around his, holding it in place for a second longer.

She reached out and found her glass and sipped lightly from it, inhaling the fragrance of the wine. While the glass was to her lips she felt his hands slide softly across the bare skin of her knee. Caressing and teasing at the same time. She sat still with the glass still at her lips as his hand caressed higher until it disappeared underneath her skirt. Her legs seemed to fall slack as she sat the glass down, and relaxed into her seat. His hands were warm and soft on her skin, making her tingle to each further touch.

He looked into her eyes as his hand moved closer to her growing warmth, and instructed her to finish her glass of wine. As she brought the glass to her lips his fingers found the wet lips of her pussy, already partly open and inviting his caress.

She almost bit the glass as his fingers found her clit, slowly rounding it with the tip his finger. She felt his fingers slide slowly into her hot, moist slit. Sliding slowly in and out and up and down inside her. She almost cried out when she felt his fingers abandon her heat. How could he leave her like this. She watched as hi hand reappeared above the table. Even in the dim light she could see that his fingers glistened with her juices. His hand moved carefully to her wine glass and very slowly rubbed his wet fingers around the rim of her glass. The glass seemed to shimmer like diamonds in a bright light as the moisture from his fingers caught the candle light. After he finished this very erotic act he brought his fingers to his mouth and sensuously licked each one clean.

When he finished he motioned for the waiter. When the waiter arrived he motioned for the waiter to once again fill their glasses. She watched in fascination as the waiter poured her glass almost full, never dripping the first drop down the side.When the waiter departed he instructed her to taste this new wine. He watched as she lifted her glass and brought it to her lips. She couldn’t help herself , and her tongued flicked out to drag slowly along the rim of her glass. He watched as she tasted herself on the glasses’ rim before mixing that taste with that of the wine.

She couldn’t believe she was sitting here with a virtual stranger, who had caressed her breast, wet his fingers in her moist pussy, and then rubbed her wet juices around the rim of her glass, much less that she was now tasting herself on the glass. She only wondered what would happen from here. Her senses were at a fever pitch, and she could still feel her juices leaking out between her legs.

When their food arrived he told her that tonight he would feed her so that she would have nothing to do except savor the tastes he had Zonguldak Escort Bayan had prepared for her. Through out the meal the tastes were exquisite, and the textures sensual, enhanced by the wines he brought to her lips.

After she had eaten her fill of the delicacies he presented to her , all the while his free hand continued to tease her body, he looked at his watch and stated “ its now 7:45, we must hurry or we’ll miss dessert”. At that point she had no idea how things could get any better than they already were. His hands teased and stroked her from top to bottom as he looked her in the eyes and asked if she was ready for dessert. All she could do was nod her head in response.

Without another word he laid money inside the folder the waiter had laid on the table. Taking her hand he helped her from the table and drew her close to him as they exited the restaurant. When they exited onto the street the sun was beginning to fade over the tops of the buildings nearby. Long shadows covered them in a soothing sample of the darkness that was to come. “Come you must see my project” he stated and took her hand and strode off down the sidewalk.

They walked several blocks until they reached a new building that was under construction. From the street it appeared as if the building was complete, but a glance inside showed that the facade might be complete but that the interior was still to be completed. He drew a set of keys from his pocket and unlocked the door and let them in, locking the door behind them. Once again he took her hand and led her to the elevator. Taking another key he unlocked the elevator so that they could get on. As the doors closed behind them he drew her to him and crushed her lips with a passionate kiss. His lips tasting hers.

His lips continued to explore her lips and neck as his hands moved to the sash of her dress, drawing the bow that held her dress closed slowly as he continued to kiss her. His kisses trailed down her neck onto her shoulders as his hands slowly slid her dress off her shoulders until she stood naked , except for her heels, in front of him. His hands reached to cup a firm breast in each hands. Gently caressing each one until her nipples were hard with anticipation. His tongue flicked out and slowly circled a turgid nipple before letting his lips wrap around her hardened nipple. His tongue was wet and soft on her nipple and as it licked, her nipple swelled even more until it felt as if it was going to burst.

He slowly dropped a hand and let it trail across her stomach, moving lower until she felt it barely touching her bare pussy, her legs parted as she felt his hand slide between her legs. His fingers trailed lightly across her damp slit until they were coated in the fine dew coming from her moist mound. He slowly parted her lips until she felt his wet finger slide across her hooded clit. She felt her body tremble as his finger slipped past her wet lips to slide slowly inside her wetness. She felt that if he touched her clit again that she would explode. His finger gently probed deeper inside until she could feel it hook against the back of her pelvic bone, pressing on the firm area of tissue just inside. He stroked and teased the firm button of flesh exciting her even more. She couldn’t move, all she could do was concentrate on the mouth that continued to suck on her hard nipples and his finger deep inside her.

He slowly withdrew his finger and took her arms and moved her to the side of the elevator turning her so that she was facing the wall with her breasts pressed against the side f the elevator. He reached between her legs from behind and slowly let two fingers slide inside her molten pussy. She could feel the juices beginning to flow from deep inside as his fingers probed deeper.

He reached behind him and pressed a button on the control panel and the elevator began to climb. After several seconds she was blinded by the dying sun as the elevator cleared the main shaft and she realized that they were in a glass elevator on the side of the building. She gasped as she realized that she was standing there with here hard nipples pressed against the cool glass while she raised her ass higher and thrust back at his hand.

She could see people walking along the street and thought that if they just looked up they would see her acting like a wanton slut here on the elevator, the thought that someone might see her exciting her even more.

As the elevator continued its agonizingly slow ascent he dropped to his knees behind her and buried his face between her legs. His tongue snaked its way to her wet lips and slowly licked them and then he sucked her lips into his mouth. His tongue found her swollen clit and began to lick softly as his lips wrapped around it and he began to suck on her swollen clit. Just as she could feel her orgasm begin to build, the elevator reached its stop. He rose from behind her and cradled her to him and lead her off the elevator into an expansive living Escort Zonguldak area. It was lavishly decorated and one entire wall appeared to be all glass.

He took her hand as he opened a door and led her onto the balcony. He sat her down on a chaise lounge that still was in the suns dying rays here high above the street. He slowly spread her legs and resumed where he had left off in the elevator. His lips wrapped around her clit as his hands stroked her thighs and ass.

Just as she was feeling that she would reach her orgasm he stood and backed away from the chair and removed his jacket, tossing it carelessly across the foot of the chaise. He began to loosen his tie, kicked off his shoes and slowly unbuckled his belt and let his pants fall to the floor around his ankles.

She could see his straining cock pressing against his briefs, threatening to rip the material. He slowly pulled his briefs away and down until his swollen cock popped free . He stood looking at her as his hand moved to stroke his cock. She watched as he stroked his cock from top to bottom, never taking his eyes off her. She continued to watch as he stroked. He looked at her and said “touch yourself for me”.

Her hands moved to her breasts, taking a hard nipple between her fingers and rolling them gently between her fingers. “Now wet your fingers for me” he said as he watched her hand find her wet pussy. Her finger slid across her hard clit and began to stroke it in rhythm with his hand on his cock. Her fingers traced slow circles around her hard clit each time he reached the top of his upstroke, matching the little twist he added at the end of each stroke.

As she watched him, stroking his hard cock, her fingers buried themselves into her wetness drawing more moisture out with each stroke he made of his cock. “ Taste yourself for me “ he directed, and she couldn’t wait to bring her fingers to her mouth. Tentatively at first she flicked her tongue out and licked at one finger. She had always wondered what she really tasted like but had been scared to try it. Now she found she was sucking her fingers into her mouth, sucking her juices greedily into her mouth, all the while ever letting her eyes leave his cock.

He reached out with his free hand to take her hand and pull her from the chaise lounge. He pulled her closer and took her hand and brought it to his cock. Her hand replaced his never missing a stroke. He leaned forward to kiss her lips, lips that were still wet with her juices. His lips tasted hers, his tongue licking softly across her lips.

One of his hands once again found her breast and slowly rolled a hardened nipple between his fingers , while his other hand slipped softly between her legs. He slowly slid the edge of his hand between her lips letting his thumb slowly slide across her hard wet clit.

Slowly he began to back up towards the edge of the balcony , drawing her with him, his fingers now buried inside her and using them and the fingers holding her nipple to pull her along. When he stopped he was suddenly gone from in front of her. She felt his hands reach around to find her breast again and she could feel his hard cock laying snug in the cleavage of her ass.

She felt him push her shoulders forward until she was forced to reach out and grab the railing to keep from falling. His hand never left her breast as his other hand slipped between her legs and started to once again stroke her pussy. She could feel her juices leaking form inside to coat his hand. She reached between her legs and cupped his balls in her warm hand. His balls were heavy and firm and fit in the palm of her hand as if they were made for it. She felt his hand leave her, but it was replaced by the head of his cock, nestling itself between the lips of her enflamed pussy.

She wrapped her hand around his shaft and tried to pull him into her, but he stayed firm in his position never letting her have more or less than the head of his cock. She felt his hand wrap around her upper arm drawing it away from between her legs. Urging her to place it on the railing. His hands fell to the swell of her hips and with one swift movement she felt him pull her to him, impaling her on his cock.

He remained buried inside her for a few brief moments, the skin of his upper thigh melting into that of her buttocks. with a little rocking motion he began to make long full strokes slowly into and out of her. He slowly increased his pace until he was into a steady rhythm of burying his cock deep and withdrawing until just the head remained between her lips.

Her breathing was becoming raged as he continued his strokes and she could feel her orgasm starting to build. She tried desperately to thrust back onto him but he always maintained his distance keeping just the head inside her at the end of each stroke.

At the end of one stroke he said, “stand very still and look straight ahead”. She looked straight out in front of her, and was amazed to see an apartment building only a couple of hundred feet away across the street.

Through the windows she could see people watching TV and even one couple making love on their bed. While she was watching this he was holding his cock and rubbing her clit with the head of his cock, letting the mushroom head drag teasingly back and forth.

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