Dirty Girl


We sat side by side, almost on top of each other in a booth secluded in a corner of the club. His arm was secured around me as our eyes locked to study the patterns our irises made after a few drinks. Nine Inch Nails made their industrial noises about fucking like an animal over the brooding crowd. We dared each other to shoot the DJ with rewards of great conjugal sex from the clink.

“You look cute in that skirt,” he said. “You should wear it more often.”

It was a black, little knit thing that hit about three inches above the knee. Perfect for rolling up in a ball and stuffing in an overnight bag without wrinkling. On top I wore an old white cotton Cure t-shirt that hugged me in all the right spots. David ran his hand along the length of my back, toying with the clasp to my bra that rippled beneath my shirt.

In response, I ran my hand up his black-jeaned leg and felt for any extra firmness between his thighs. Finding what I was looking for, I grinned.

“Thanks,” I said. “And you look great in that shirt.” He was sporting the gray vintage Fleetwood Mac t-shirt I’d bought him for Christmas. His biceps and shoulders filled out the sleeves nicely.

“I have an idea,” he said, still playing with my clasp. “Why don’t we get out of this place and get out of these clothes?”

At that, he undid the clasp and watched my eyes widen with surprise. The sudden freedom around my breasts was invigorating. It prompted me to reach under my sleeves and pull each strap down over my arms, which enabled me to simply pull the bra out from under my shirt. I put the black piece of lingerie in his lap and smiled. I could tell he liked this game. His hand touched my knee and caressed the length of my thigh until he reached my panties. His fingers rubbed the tight fabric that covered my cunt and then moved it aside to slip a finger inside of me. I was warm and wet down there, and his strong fingers induced a pleasant reaction.

“I have an idea too,” I said in a low sigh; his fingers inside me started to make me melt a little. “Why don’t you take these panties off me right now?”

He laughed, thinking I was joking.

“No joke,” I said, pushing my hips forward into his hand beneath the table. I looked up at him to let him know he was free to undress me. It was then that he removed his finger from me, raised my skirt from beneath my ass and yanked Zonguldak Escort my panties down to my knees. I shivered a little after feeling that my pussy was directly against the warm vinyl booth. Worried that a passing stranger might see a pair of black panties around my knees, I let them drop to my ankles, then brought them up with one hand and placed them in David’s.

“They’re a little wet,” he said.

“So are your fingers.”

“Come on, let’s get out of here so we can fuck properly.”

I could tell my bare ass against the surface of our booth was too much for him. He said he wanted me before his cock exploded at an inopportune time. I didn’t blame him.

On the taxi ride home, I kept the lingerie in my bag and let David visualize my trembling cunt making contact with the seat beneath it. He kept his arm around my shoulders so as to easily feel the thin layer of cotton that separated him from my naked tits. My hand remained on the bulge in his lap until we got out of the cab.

Once inside our apartment, I dropped my bag and we stripped quickly, kissing mouths and necks on the way to the bedroom. We didn’t bother turning on any lights.

“Keep your skirt on,” David said in the middle of my climbing on top of his body laid out on the bed. “I wanna see your naked pussy sit on me for a change.”

I smiled down at him and ran my hands over my bare tits to feel how erect my nipples had gotten at this suggestion.

“Sure, babe,” I said, lifting the flimsy skirt above my waist, revealing my navel.

His hands reached out to grip my ass and hold it in place over his erection. As I came down on it, we both exhaled, remembering once again that feeling of completeness.

“You’re a dirty girl for putting your wet cunt on a public seat,” he said, grinding into me like a bull.

“Yeah?” I breathed, defiantly riding him.

I let my skirt drop around my waist and leaned forward to bite his neck. I wanted to feel his hot skin burn mine. He smelled like beer and sweat, like a man, like sex, like the club and its lingering cigarette smoke. I breathed it all in where his dark curls met his neck and I opened my mouth to taste him, consume him.

He groaned when I nipped his skin with my teeth and continued pumping steadily in and out of me. The vibrating sound of his pain sent a ripple of Zonguldak Escort Bayan pleasure through my body and I pressed myself against him to soak it all up.

“You’re a dirty girl,” he said again, driving hard into me, sliding against my clit. This drove me insane and I slammed my hips against him in time to his rhythm. He then slowed and told me to sit up so he could see my tits. I sat up and arched my back to make them appear fuller than they were. He came to a stop and cupped my breasts with his hands, thumbing my nipples to feel how hard he was making them. That skirt he told me to keep on was covering my cunt and his cock that was resting snuggly inside it. He took hold of it and yanked it up over my tits and then my head and threw it off the bed. “I wanna see what I’m fucking,” he explained.

“I wanna feel you in my mouth,” I said in response.

He smiled, slid his hands down my waist and pulled me off with a quiet squelch of our moistened sexes. “You wanna taste yourself on my cock?”


“Dirty girl.”

“I wanna suck you till you come in my mouth.”

“You wanna feel my spunk sliding down your throat?”


On all fours, I watched him spread his legs slightly and then I sat back on my heels. I could smell my cunt on his cock, strong and bitter and almost sweet. I put my hand around his firm dick. It was warm and slippery with our fucking. I cupped his balls with the other hand. They were hot and soft, and filled with cum. With little hesitation, I extended my tongue, exposing the stud that pierced it, and licked the tip of his dick in a slow, wet circle. As my tongue made its rounds against his flesh, David sighed and let out a groan of satisfaction. He let out another groan, more severe than the last, when I plunged his shaft into my mouth and closed my lips around the base.

He put his hand against the back of my head as I moved back and forth, sometimes slowly, sometimes quickly. I let my tongue go soft and lapped up the taste of my pussy that clung to his cock. I cleaned it off and swallowed my scent, replacing the hot wetness with my saliva. I swallowed that too as I pumped the base of his cock with one hand and moved my mouth along the rest of it, flicking and circling his tip with my tongue each time.

I put my fingers to his balls and stroked the fleshy Escort Zonguldak sacs that were growing with the need to burst with each passing tongue flick. My eyes peered up at his and I could see him admiring me in the dark. I took my mouth off of his shaft and slowly licked the length of it with my tongue, turning it around and making sure each angle had been covered. I then moved down to his balls and let my tongue poke at each one, lifting his sac and licking the underside.

His dick remained hard as I licked this very sensitive spot between his sac and his anus. He proceeded to let out a groan of pleasure, and I could feel my pussy dripping behind me.

“69,” I said, suddenly lifting my head and climbing over him. I turned around so that my sopping wet pussy was over his face and my thighs were on either side of his head. His cock was under my face and I situated myself so that I could still lick the spot beneath his balls.

“You’re so wet,” he said, burying his mouth in me and licking like a hungry lion.

This drove me over the edge and I had to release an unexpected groan of pleasure before I could put his dick into my mouth again.

“Oh, God,” I said. “You’re so good at this.”

“Dirty girl needs to be licked clean.”

All I could to was grunt, “Mhmm,” as his full dick pushed at the back of my throat. The way his tongue explored the folds of my skin and rubbed my throbbing little bean was enough to make me melt into a puddle. But with each lick, suck, and swallow, I found myself slowly forgetting where I was or what was happening. So concentrated was the pleasure that he and I were simultaneously receiving and giving, that behind closed eyes, I could only see a kaleidoscope of orgasmic relief just around the corner.

We continued opening our mouths to receive each other’s sexes for a time that passed without our knowing. Until, at last, with our fingers now massaging the insides of each other’s asses, my throat consuming his engorged cock, and his tongue furiously flicking my swollen clit, we came. We came into each other, with each other, for each other, and by each other. The release was a loud one. Our exhausted groans were muffled by each other’s flesh.

I rolled over onto my back, panting, feeling a sudden draft of cold air sooth and begin to evaporate the wetness between my legs. The warmth of David’s mouth on my flesh had been so inviting and comforting, but I was grateful for the cool air against my skin. He was tired and sweaty too, lying there naked and breathless like I was. We both knew it was good. There was no need to ask. But there was one question I had for him.

“Am I still a dirty girl?”

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