Dreamtime Ch. 01


John blinked his eyes trying to get a clear picture of the room. His vision seemed to be blurred as he looked around his living room. It was as if his eyes were filled with tears causing everything to have a soft blur to it. He began to wonder if his eyesight was failing him wondering what it was he had been doing just a moment ago but the memory eluded him.

The sound of someone walking in hard soled shoes was coming down the hallway which drew his attention towards the doorway that led into the room. In a striking contrast to the blurry surroundings the woman who entered the room was crystal clear to him. He could see the black high heels that made the sound. His eyes followed the black leggings up that fit snuggly around the slim but shapely legs. At mid thigh the leggings ended but for a small strap the shone in stark contrast to soft olive skin. She wore black panties that matched the leggings. Her stomach showed up to the bottom of a black corset which pushed up small breasts giving them a bit more cleavage than they would have had left unsupported. Her full lips were coated in bright red lipstick and were turned up into a gentle smile. She had a proud nose, deep brown almond shaped eyes, and straight hair that was as black as night.

“Well hello,” she said with a soft throaty voice.

“How…how did you get in here,” John’s memory was still failing him. He had no idea who this woman was or how she had gotten into his house.

“Now John,” Yalova Escort she started to move around the couch towards him,” don’t you remember?” Without waiting for a response she continued on,” you have been calling for me. So here I am.”

Her arms gestured at her whole body and John’s eyes drank it all in. He could see the lace up the back of her leggings, her soft curving hips, her beautiful stomach, the small amount of cleavage, her gentle neck…it was almost a sensory overload. “I don’t…don’t remember,” he stammered. It was trouble latching on to any thoughts. His mind had become fuzzy.

“But sweetie you seem so excited to see me,” her smile returned as her eyes looked down to his underwear. “Underwear?!?” he thought,” where are my clothes” this time the words come out of his mouth.

“You won’t be needing them John,” she stepped up and put a hand on his chest. “Why are you fighting me now?” Her hand began trailing down his chest,” I am here after all this time,” he felt the gentle caresses just above the waistband of his underwear. “Feel that John,” his mind was fuzzy, his cock was hard, and he was so horny. “You can’t fight it,” her hand slowly moved down and she began to trace his cock through his underwear. “You have wanted so badly to give in to this feeling, to give in to me.” Her hands moved around to each side of the waistband and she pulled his underwear down to mid thigh before pushing him backwards onto Yalova Escort Bayan the couch.

“Wait…wait…please,” his words had no force behind them. The fuzziness in his head only grew as the pleasurable sensations took over.

“I’ll make a deal with you John,” she said as she moved up onto the couch to straddle him,” if you tell me to stop,” she leaned down to brush his lips with hers,” I will.” She leaned back in for a deeper kiss. Her lips were so soft he could not help but kiss back. He did not remember a woman who was a better kisser. Her hands ran over his body and as her kissing further stoked the lust in him his hands moved to the back of her thighs. He relished the feeling of the leggings leading up to her soft skin.

She moved her head around to the side of his and breathed into his ear,” how long have you dreamed of me taking you like this?” The feel of her hot breath combined with her words made him feel dizzy. “Oh you’re getting so weak for me right now,” she moved her crotch into his hard cock. The fabric covering her pussy glided up and down the underside of his member. “Yes John,” she moaned softly as she grinded into him.

She gently grabbed each side of his face to make sure he was looking into her eyes, “the next step is yours John,” her hips continued to move, grinding into him,” you have to ask me to take you.”

“Oh god,” John moaned as she pulled her panties to the side and he felt Escort Yalova her wetness glide along his cock.

“We can stop here and you can be safe John…or you can give yourself to me the way you’ve dreamed about.”

John could not think of why he should not ask this gorgeous woman to fuck him right here and now. Did he have a wife? Wait maybe that was it…he was promised to another.

“Just ask John,” she leaned in and kissed him again. Her wet mouth and her wet pussy lips were caressing him.

Lust was winning…had won, “Yes please,” he moaned.

“Please what John?”

“Please fuck me,” as soon as the words left his mouth he felt her envelope him. As his cock was enveloped by her pussy he felt like his whole body was being wrapped up in it. His entire being was being ridden up and down by this woman. The pleasure was something he had never before experienced. It was limitless. All he wanted was to cum but he knew if he did the ecstasy would end.

“That’s it John,” her voice cooed,” surrender to me now.”

He felt the pressure in his very core building to a point that he could no longer hold it back.

“Just let yourself go John.”

He cried out as the pressure released in a rush that cannot be described only experienced.

“Yessss John, that’s it,” she hissed,” give yourself to me.”

His hips moved up and down uncontrollably as he continued to be consumed by the pleasure. Slowly the sensation subsided. John opened his eyes and the woman was gone. He looked down to see he was wearing pants but his underwear felt less than dry. He had only laid down to take a nap on the couch. The dream seemed so real. He could only shake his head as he headed back to the bedroom to change clothes.

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