Electric Night


For the Champion of Khorne… Thank you.


She stared into the fire, bringing the metal bottle in her hand up to her lips. The sweet mix of vodka and juice passed over her tongue and ran to warm her belly as she sipped it.

His arm was wrapped around her waist, fingers caressing her side slightly as he talked with the people next to him, sipping from his own glass. Her arm circled his waist as well, tucked under his coat to find the sliver of skin exposed by her questing fingers.

Thunder rumbled around their group, lightning illuminating the pitch black sky for moments of time above the tall trees all around.

He waited for a break in the conversation and then leaned down to say he wanted to look for someone at the main fire. She replied that she would come with him. With a parting remark, he tightened his hold on her waist and led her away from the group.

They wandered down the dirt road, stumbling slightly, leaning on each other and laughing at their drunken swagger. Their way was lit only by the occasional brilliant flashes of lightning and the orange glow of coals in the distance.

The main fire was reduced to simmering coals and the area was deserted. She prepared to turn around and walk back to their group of friends, but he pulled her close instead and brought his heated lips down to hers.

The kiss was fiery and spoke of wanting more. She clung to him, pressed against his hard chest as he kissed her again and again, his whiskers scratching her face slightly. His tongue darted out to tease over her lips and hers reached out to respond in kind.

The smell of rain in Van Escort the air and his body surrounded her, his heady kisses making her more light headed than the alcohol that swirled through her veins. His lips were soft, yet urgent on hers and made her want nothing more than his bare skin against her own.

Slight sighs and moans escaped them both as they pressed together, their hands grasping at each other’s bodies. Hers clutched at his shoulders and neck, pulling his mouth back to hers when it threatened to leave. His curled around her waist to hold her ass and pull her against his heated core.

He gently walked her backwards until her thighs pressed against a plastic table that had been left next to the fire, exposed to the elements. She shifted to sit down on it and twined her legs on either side of his as he continued to capture her lips with his.

His hands moved purposefully up her body, grasping a breast and squeezing. She broke their kiss with a gasp, breathing heavily, and then brought the side of his head down to her mouth. She teased her tongue along the rim of his ear and sucked the lobe into her mouth, breathing hotly into it. She could hear his responding breath deepening in her own ear, slight moans escaping him.

She brought her lips back to his and he leaned her back onto the table, covering her body with his and resting his warm weight on her as they kissed urgently. His hands moved over her hip and down one of her long legs until he found the hem of her skirt.

He reached a hand under and moved it up her smooth leg, taking the skirt up with him, clutching and massaging her Van Escort Bayan pale calf and thigh. Thunder rumbled and lightning flashed, illuminating their surroundings for a moment and she saw his head come up and look around.

He stood up and she followed him as he said,

“Someone might walk by here.”

She nodded and followed him as he held her hand and led them further back into the field, away from the road. A wooden platform had been set up there for the performances earlier and he laid her down on it now.

He immediately pressed his weight onto her as he brought his lips to hers, his mouth hot against her lips, his tongue dancing with her own, teasing just inside her mouth. His hands moved over her body, caressing her neck, shoulders, breasts, waist, and hips. He lifted her skirts again, bunching them around her waist, palming her thighs and teasing her soft lips through the thin cloth of her panties.

Her breath came heavier, her hands clutching at his waist, her legs coming up to wrap around his hips. She looked up into his face, mostly hidden by the night, seeing the lighting flash above the trees in the sky behind his head, hearing the thunder booming louder around them.

“You want me inside of you?” He breathed into her ear.

“Yes.” She murmured back.

She felt his hands reach to untie his pants and pull his hard length out into the night air. She reached down to pull aside the fabric of her panties and gasped as she felt his swollen head probe her hot entrance.

He slowly pushed inside of her, moaning at her tightness. She wrapped her legs around Escort Van his waist and raised herself up to meet his hips with her own, sighing at the sensation of him filling her completely.

He thrust into her, lifting himself up on his arms to change the angle slightly. She clutched at his bared ass and pulled him to her, arching against the platform at the delicious slide of him inside of her again and again.

“Told you I’m better when I’m drunk.”

He murmured to her as he continued his exquisite torture. Her laugh was swallowed by a moan as he picked up speed, driving his hips into hers, thrusting his hard length deep inside of her again and again.

She kept her eyes open, excited by the lightning flashing all around, reveling in the thrusts that came with the claps of thunder. As his thrusting grew more frantic and his breath came heavier, the sky opened and the warm, summer rain began to fall, dropping onto their heated bodies.

He didn’t slow, barely seemed to notice that the heavens had opened, as he gripped her waist and moved his hips with hers, thrusting deep once, twice more, before succumbing to his climax and spilling his seed deep inside of her.

They lay there for a moment in this electric night as the rain continued to fall. Their panting breaths were only audible to the other as the storm continued to boom and crackle around them.

He lifted himself off of her, slipping from inside her as she shuddered. He retied his pants and lifted her to her feet, helping her to fix her skirts as she rose. He caressed her cheek and kissed her gently before wrapping his arm around her and leading her back across the field.

She wrapped her arm around him as well and they walked back to camp, heading for her dry tent and the warm sleeping bag inside…


“I embrace death without regret as I embrace life without fear.”

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