Elsa Van Dirk Ch. 01


Elsa Van Dirk finished drying off her legs and then wrapped the thick, plush towel around her chest, and stepped out of the shower. Wet long blonde and brown streaked hair fell against her smooth, tanned shoulders, creating strips of light and dark. And the towel, big as it was, barely hung below her crotch, leaving her strong, curvaceous, golden brown legs exposed.

As Elsa walked towards the full length mirror, she stared at her reflection for a moment. Standing nearly 5’6, Elsa wasn’t tall, but her body was both athletic and very voluptuous. Her leg muscles were strong and taunt, and now, after the shower, satiny smooth to the touch. The three inch scar on her upper left leg served as a reminder of a particularly eventful trip to South America three years ago.

Twisting the towel, so that it would not slip away, Elsa continued to look at her image in the mirror. Her breasts thrust the towel forward; they were the focus of many a man’s gaze, and the envy of most women. Elsa’s golden colour wasn’t broken by any tan lines, and it wasn’t one of those bright orange spray-on complexions either, but rather the one perk of her latest adventure away from New York.

And, as her eyes flicked up along her neck, she saw her face looking back. Round, with too-soft cheeks, and too-pink full lips, Elsa’s face conveyed youthful charm. Her doe eyes always seemed far too innocent for someone so worldly, and they helped get Elsa out of – and into – trouble. Then her perfectly shaped dark eyebrows drew Elsa’s eye either up to her long flowing blonde hair, or back down along her cheeks… Though others would extol the beauty of her lips or her eyes, for Elsa, it was her eyebrows that she thought her most attractive feature.

Elsa knew her face evoked both intense desire and an overwhelming sense of protectiveness in those she met. She tried not to exploit this, but Elsa wasn’t so ‘deep’ that she didn’t enjoy the hungry, lingering gazes that her appearance elicited.

Elsa finished drying and straightening her hair, so that the lightest blonde layers fell over her shoulders, skimming above her cleavage, and the brunette streaks slipped down across her back. Then, she lightly dabbed her signature perfume along her neck, and threw the wet towel onto the edge of the washroom door.

Elsa walked into the living room, the warmth of the shower trailing out behind her, and softly padded through her condo; enjoying the air conditioning as it cooled her skin. It had been over a month since she had last been able to appreciate the comforts of home. Elsa lived in MePa, in a very upscale converted warehouse condo that looked out to an incredible view of the Manhattan skyline. While Elsa had several degrees, including one as a child psychiatrist, it was her work with the international organization DFA which afforded Elsa such a comfortable lifestyle… when she was here long enough to enjoy it.

Elsa stopped for a moment, appreciating the twinkling lights that shone in through her windows — cast from skyscrapers, nightclubs and billboards across New York. As Elsa revelled in the quiet rush of the city around her, she reached up with her arms, feeling her splendid, soft, naked body stretch in the darkness of her home.

Suddenly, Elsa caught the reflection of a movement in the room behind her. Spinning about swiftly, she saw a man moving quickly out of the shadows from her bedroom, rushing towards her.

The man Van Escort was tall, with broad shoulders, and a mess of wild auburn hair. His arms strained as he grabbed Elsa, and she could see the taunt muscles of his upper body as he pulled her close. Then a beam of light from a nightclub spotlight shone through her living room, and Elsa saw the man’s face more clearly.

High cheekbones, and a strong jaw that was covered in 3 days worth of thick red stubble, contrasted against his light blue eyes, which burned with hunger and desire. Elsa knew him.

“Jacob, you beast! How did you get in here?” She gasped, her face turning red with fury and embarrassment. They were standing in the center of her living room, her naked body pressed close to his powerful arms.

His only reply was a deep growl of lust, as his hands slipped along Elsa’s shoulders and drew her closer, so that her perfume teased his senses. Then, Jacob’s hands moved across Elsa’s breasts, but just before brushing against her nipples, he moved them lower.

Elsa could feel her legs beginning to tremble with excitement from his touch, but refusing to let it show, she tried to move away from his embrace. Jacob had other intentions, and while still managing to keep her close against his chest, he moved backwards, pulling the two of them towards the L-shaped sectional couch that faced her floor length windows. And it certainly was no accident, that as she lost her footing, Jacob caught Elsa in his arms, gently placing her on the leather cushions, before sliding his body on top.

Jacob’s left hand returned to exploring Elsa’s smooth naked body – trailing up along her strong, satin legs. One finger paused for a moment, grazing her scar, and she could hear him sigh softly.

Elsa arched her back, pushing him away just enough so that she could see his face in the light from outside her windows.

“Jacob… how did you find me here? I thought you didn’t want to leave the jungle and your little smuggling operation?” Her voice taunted him, and now Jacob looked her in the eyes, and whispered deeply,

“Smugglers? You didn’t seem to be complaining when we saved the village you were working with… I tracked you all the way to New York for one reason …”

Elsa could feel the deep vibrations coming from Jacob, as he growled again, moving his hand to her inner thigh, his fingers squeezing against her soft, firm skin. Elsa shivered under his touch, and she felt her nipples growing hard in the cold air of the apartment. Still, Elsa was not going to relent to this intruder, even if she was enjoying his attention. And she certainly wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of knowing how turned on he was making her… yet. Elsa drew her knees upward, preparing to push Jacob off her, but in the moment before she could send him sailing from the couch, his rough fingers swept up from her thigh and started to graze against her nipples.

“Ohhh…” Elsa couldn’t stifle her gasp, and with that, Jacob began to tease her breasts with a mix of tender caresses and rough kisses. Pinching her nipples hard, till Elsa’s head pushed back and her mouth opened in a silent cry of pleasure and pain, Jacob then trailed his lips up along her neck. His tongue licked softly, before his teeth nipped playfully. Finally his kisses came to rest just above her collarbone, as every time he licked this spot, Elsa’s body shook with delight.

Jacob moaned against Van Escort Bayan her sweet, soft skin, and his groans were joined by hers, as his right hand began to slide along her smooth stomach, making its way lower and lower. Elsa, who was now dripping wet with desire, still refused to let Jacob take control of the situation. Pulling her legs up, she shifted her hips, and sent him sprawling onto his back on the other branch of the couch.

Elsa hated to feel forced into anything — even when it came to pleasure — and Jacob’s surprise visit had set her against giving him what he wanted. Still, Elsa thought, to deny him, was to deny her own satisfaction. She could barely focus beyond the desire radiating from below, and Jacob was a fantastic lover… always delivering her to incredible heights of orgasmic intensity.

Elsa felt a familiar mix of frustration and lust within, and based on past encounters, the only cure was to fuck till they both couldn’t walk for hours. Elsa knew she would make Jacob pay for playing this game with her — tomorrow. Tonight, they would both get what they wanted.

Moving till she was above him, Elsa began to tease Jacob, pulling his shirt off and kissing her way along his neck. He answered with a deep moan and his hands slipped into her hair, pulling roughly, till Elsa gasped, on the threshold of pain.

Elsa ran her fingers along his chest and shoulders, and she was startled to discover the number of scars that marked his muscled frame. Dipping her head slightly, she slipped her mouth over one of his nipples, and when he trembled in excitement, she bit down roughly to pay him back for pulling her hair…

His grip on her blonde locks loosened in the shock, and Elsa moved her lips to his, drawing him in for a passionate kiss. Her tongue danced across his upper lip, and she knew he was under her spell, as Jacob’s whole body shook with heat and desire.

Elsa’s hands moved down his body, feeling Jacob’s muscles ripple and tighten in anticipation of her touch. Reaching his belt, she quickly unbuckled it. With a quick twist between the two of them, Jacob’s pants were on the floor, and Elsa reached down and brushed her hand along the length of his hard cock. Swollen and hot, it jumped at her touch.

Elsa grabbed his throbbing dick more firmly, and gave it a tight squeeze, so that cum shone at the top. Taking one finger, Elsa gently swirled the liquid just below the tip of his cock. Faster and faster she flicked, till Jacob was moaning loudly beneath her, begging for more. Giving his shaft another squeeze, Elsa said softly in a sultry voice,

“Jacob… Darling… Don’t ever come here and try to surprise me again. I am not yours to be taken… To be fucked at your desire… If I want you… You will know it…”

As Elsa spoke, she moved, so that her wet pussy was now directly above Jacob’s slick cock. And, to add emphasis to her final words, as Elsa finished speaking, she drove her body down, spearing Jacob’s hard flesh into her wet cunt.

Elsa started to rock herself up and down, and very quickly Jacob found the rhythm, pushing his hips upwards as she ground down onto him. His cock drove into Elsa, and when she leant back, his thrusts angled even deeper, till Elsa was moaning loudly, and calling out his name.

Her pussy was soaking wet, and felt perfect around him — tight while still allowing for his movements to be passionate Escort Van and primal. Again and again they moved into each other. For Jacob and Elsa, the rest of the world melted away, and all their energies pooled together — they felt fused together. As Elsa cried out that she was close to cumming, Jacob wrapped his hands around her waist, and kept lifting her up and then driving her pussy back down onto his throbbing shaft.

“Ohhh… Yes…. Jacob!” Elsa’s voice groaned out in the darkness of the living room, and she collapsed her head against his chest. Yet Jacob didn’t slow, but instead, shifted the angle of his legs, so that he was now thrusting like a piston, in and out of her contracting, pulsating pussy.

Elsa moaned with deep satisfaction, and then slowly drew her head up, till she was looking down at Jacob again. Her hair flowed around her face and over her shoulders, and as Elsa resumed riding Jacob, it bounced in time with her movements.

Jacob had travelled the world and he had known, and slept with, many women, but he had never felt such desire and lust as when he was with Elsa. She was a wild, primal goddess, riding him at a gallop. Forward, faster, more, more… always towards a greater intensity of pleasure. She had him at her mercy, and all he could do was moan guttural sounds at how amazing she felt.

Faster and faster their movements became, till once more, Elsa was grinding hard against Jacob’s cock, crying out with lust. A deep spark was building inside her, and every time he thrust in, the spark seemed to leap out along her nerves, sending waves of pleasure crashing through her body.

As Elsa gasped out that she was cumming again, Jacob’s movements became even faster and intense, till his growls became a loud shout of release. Elsa could feel his cock throbbing powerfully, and a heat spread through her pussy. Again and again Jacob drove into her till he collapsed and all Elsa could feel was the deep pulsing of his cock inside of her, as he continued to cum.

Just when she thought she could handle no more, the pressure broke, and the spark that had been building became a lightning storm that leapt from her pussy to her head, and an intense orgasm filled her body with supreme bliss.

Elsa relaxed her body, but remained on top of Jacob, enjoying the feeling of having him still within. Jacob lay beneath her, his head to the side as his breathing slowed. Sweat shone on his forehead and his chest rose and fell with the thundering of his heart.

Slowly, Elsa slid down till her body was entwined with his. As she felt Jacob’s heart slowing, he wrapped his arms around Elsa’s shoulders, making her feel safe and protected.

Hearing him whisper something just below his breath, Elsa propped herself up to listen better, and looked closely at his face. For the first time since she had met him three years ago, Elsa was in a position to watch him without trying to dodge bullets or climb out of a wrecked plane. And Jacob was far more handsome than she had given him credit for.

Elsa thought that when you washed away the mud, grease, and devilish smirk, Jacob was definitely good looking. But she had never noticed before tonight just how many marks and scratches littered his skin. Tracing her finger along his jaw, and then his cheek, she felt the scar that she had given him the first time they had met. As Elsa waited for Jacob to speak again, her mind slipped into the past and began to remember that night, three years ago.

It had been dark and raining, on a road somewhere in the foothills of the Andes, and the Doctors For Aid team had just come under fire from local criminals…

To Be Continued…

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