Emma’s Christmas Adventure


It was late on Christmas Eve, Emma lay in bed, restless and alone. The holidays always made her extra horny and she lay there contemplating using her favorite toy. She began to stroke her nipples through her thin T Shirt at the thought, they were hard and sensitive, it felt good, the sensation travelled south as it always did and she began to feel a familiar warm sensation between her legs. She allowed one of her hands to drift down there and began to rub gently against her lace panties. She groaned aloud with pleasure. She rubbed more firmly, squeezing her nipple hard at the same time, she began to buck against her fingers, her firm, round ass leaving the bed as she thrust her crotch against her own hand. Her pussy was getting very wet now and she reached over to the nightstand for her trusty vibrator, she fumbled around and just as she located it a loud crash startled her. She leapt out of bed, and rushed out to the landing. She could hear rustling and other strange noises coming from her lounge. She crept down the stairs and tiptoed up to the front room. She peered through the door and couldn’t believe her eyes, Santa was standing in front of her fireplace dusting soot from his red suit…

She stood with her mouth open unable to believe what she was witnessing, she was in shock, but not so shocked that she didn’t notice how handsome he was. His beard was neatly groomed showing his strong jawline, his shoulders were broad and powerful and his eyes were piercing blue. Santa was buff! Nothing like the Santa’s she had seen in the movies. She continued to watch as he took off his jacket to remove more soot from the back, he had nothing on underneath and she could see the full glory of his toned muscular body. She felt he nipples harden, oh my, she thought, I want to fuck Santa! The naughtiness of this thought made her giggle…

The sound alerted Santa to her presence, he turned, a look of surprise on his face. His piercing eyes fixed on her and they stood looking at each other for a second. She noted that Santa’s gaze lingered a little Sakarya Escort on her breasts, her nipples clearly visible through her thin t-shirt.

“Hello little girl.” He said, his voice deep and masculine.

“Hi.” She replied coyly.

“I am here because I have heard that you are a very naughty girl.” He said with a twinkle in his eye.

She looked at him speechless as he unfastened his belt, his trousers falling to the floor, revealing his huge cock.

Her mind flooded with questions, was this really Santa? Should she scream? Run away? Call the police? But one thought kept pushing to the forefront of brain, I want to suck that amazing cock!

She moved cautiously towards him until she was close enough to touch him, she dropped to her knees, face to face with his mighty appendage, she took it in her mouth and began to move slowly up and down his shaft.

“Oh yes!” He groaned with pleasure.

His enjoyment, spurred her on, she began to move faster taking it deep into her throat. She cupped his balls with one hand and used the other to stroke his throbbing tool. She loved sucking cock, and Santa’s cock was perfect! His groans became louder and she knew he was close, she gathered speed ramming his prick into her throat, willing him to come for her, she felt him tense, hard as a rock he shot his seed into her, she lapped it up hungrily sucking every drop out of him, devouring it, unwilling to waste any of his precious cum. It was delicious, and she swore she could taste a hint of gingerbread.

She remained on her knees looking up at him, he looked down at her eyes filled with lust.

“You are a very naughty girl.” He smiled, lifting her up and setting her down gently on the sofa. He knelt on the floor between her legs and ran his strong hands up her thighs, it made her shiver with anticipation. He pulled her panties down to her ankles and removed them from one leg, then he began to kiss her calf, working his way up to her knee, his fingers caressing her soft skin, he Sakarya Escort Bayan continued up her inner thigh, soft kisses making her tingle. He reached the top of her thigh and she could feel his warm breath on her damp pussy, she raised her pelvis, pushing herself closer to his face desperate to get some well needed attention on her neglected clit. She felt his lips move across her, and then he withdrew, starting the process again on her other leg.

“No!” She groaned, the anticipation becoming to much for her. He ignored her protest and continued his journey up her leg, finally reaching her now sopping slit. The first touch of his tongue sent her into orbit, he licked her firmly and deeply, his tongue working her into a frenzy, she reached for her nipples squeezing them caressing her breasts, lifting her t-shirt to allow better access and all the time Santa worked tirelessly on her quivering pussy, his beard massaging her lips as his tongue worked her inside and out, she had never felt anything like this and she grabbed the back of his head pulling him into her as she bucked hard against him, a huge orgasm ripping through her like a tornado…

She lay back on the sofa, enjoying the aftershocks of her orgasm, Santa leaned over her, his cock hard and ready for action again. She opened her legs wider to allow him better access to her pussy, eager to feel that cock inside her. He moved closer rubbing the head of his penis against her soft lips, easing his girth inside her, her eyes opened wide as she felt him penetrate her, she thrust her hips towards him, taking him deeper and deeper. She could feel herself stretched to the limit, full of Santa’s big cock, she loved it. Once he was all the way inside, he slowly withdrew, then filled her again, she was very wet and as her pussy adapted to his size, he picked up the pace, thrusting into her more and more quickly. His strong arms pulled her towards him kissing her mouth and neck. She kissed him back, hard, their tongues wrestled, neither willing to submit Escort Sakarya to the other. His pace continued to quicken, she ran her fingernails down his back, grabbing his firm ass and pulling it towards her. She began to climax, it was long and intense, waves of pleasure sweeping through her, she was lost in her own world, crying out “Fuck me Santa, Fuck me!”…

Emma lay there, her body on fire, helpless as Santa rolled her on to her knees, his magical tongue licking her tight little asshole, she purred with pleasure as his tongue explored her tingling bud.

“Oh Santa please take my ass.” She implored.

“You are a very naughty girl.” He chuckled.

She heard the soft jingle of a bell and then felt cool lube spread across her behind, it made her tingle, then she felt Santa’s finger slowly sliding into her, she thrust backwards taking him up to the knuckle, she was so excited, she could hardly wait to feel his huge cock stretching her to the limit. Santa’s continued to work his fingers and lube until she was ready to take him. She felt the head of his tool pressed up against her puckered bud, he paused at her entrance before slowly penetrating her, she gasped as she felt his thickness, it took her a second to accommodate him, then she forced herself back against him until she had his full length inside her.

“Yes Santa, yes Santa, yes, yes, yes, fuck my tight little ass!” She screamed at him. Santa picked up the pace, fucking her ass hard and fast, she reached between her legs and began to strum her clit furiously. She knew she was going to cum again, she could feel he was close, his huge cock tightly clamped by her hungry ass. She came harder than she had every cum before, her body almost unable to cope with the waves of pleasure, Santa rolled her onto her back just in time for him to shoot his cum all over her bare stomach, she smiled at him before passing out on the sofa.

She woke the next morning alone in her bed. Had it all been a dream? She lifted the covers and looked at herself, she was wearing the t-shirt and panties that she had worn to bed last night. It must have been a dream, but it had felt so real! She headed for the bathroom, still unsure what had really happened, but certain of one thing, there was definitely the lingering taste of gingerbread in her mouth.

Merry Christmas!

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