Entry 23: The Wait Is Over Ch. 03


Chapter 3: The Apartment

The walk to the apartment goes much faster this time, but as we enter the lift and the doors slowly shut behind us I can’t resist a quick passionate kiss to help keep our fires burning. I move over to you and reach my arms up and around your neck, pulling you in close. Your hands massage their way down my back, lifting and slipping under my skirt to caress my ass, spreading the cheeks ever so slightly and sliding your fingers down the warm crevice. I’m pressed against the lift walls as you stroke my soft lips with the tips of your fingers, gently pulling and prying them apart. I can feel your cock growing for me as you slide your tongue around my mouth. The lift shudders to a stop and I push you away, satisfied I’ve added to both our desires.

When we reach your apartment you fumble with the card in the door, trying to open it as quickly as possible but only making it take longer; it’s a turn on to see you want me so badly. As we enter, as my eyes adjust to the low light I survey the room. There is a very inviting king-sized bed on one side of the room; a massive bathroom, with a large spa bath, lies on the other. Between the two are floor–to-ceiling windows looking out at the bright lights of the city below.

I put down my hand-bag and walk to the window, staring out, transfixed by the bright lights. I hear you softly approach and stand behind me; you slide your hands over my wrists, up my arms and over my shoulders. They snake down the front of my shirt, slowly tracing a path across the tops of my breasts to finally cup them; my heart rate quickens as you give each a firm squeeze as if you’re testing the ripeness of fruit.

“I’m going to take my time with you baby, you’ll be my little toy for now.”

You brush the hair away from my neck and kiss it gently as you lay out the rules of our impending game.

I remain silent and still as you move to unbutton my shirt very slowly. I lean back into you, resting my head on your collar -bone as you pull my shirtsleeves down over my arms and toss the shirt towards the bed behind you. You turn my face up to yours for another heated kiss, your tongue delving into my mouth, whilst you guide my hands up above my head onto the window pane. Left with only lace between you and my warm breasts you lean me forward as you unclasp my bra, moving my arms out one at a time and replacing them on the glass. I’m left naked from the waist up; I moan quietly leaning further to the glass, resting my forehead against the cool window. I twist my neck to look back at you from under my arm; unsure what to expect but enjoying the slow sensual lead up. You’re standing, stroking the bulge in your jeans, watching me silhouetted against the window.

You step closer and stroke Sakarya Escort the length of my back, light fingers tracing their way from the nape of my neck down my spine to the top of my skirt. A shiver passes through me; my nipples harden. You reach around to un-zip my skirt and let it fall around my feet, bending down to help me step out of it. As you stand, you run your hands up my thighs and over my ass to rest on my hips. All this touching is driving me insane; I can feel the heat from my lips as they swell and the squelch of juice as my pussy gasps for attention.

“Don’t move,” you whisper and I feel you step away. I remain, naked, hands up against the panes of glass looking at the streets below.

I know you’ve returned when I feel your hands on my hips, your warm, hard cock pressed against my skin; I want to wrap my hand around it but I remain leaning on the glass waiting for the next silent instruction. You run your lips across my shoulders and stop at the nape of my neck to bite at it softly. Your hand reaches around to caress my breasts, twisting and pulling at the nipples. I can feel your chest against my back and your cock twitching against my ass. I wonder how long this can go on before you give me what I want, what I need; I know you want it too. You pull away and scoop my hair up from my back and place it over my shoulder to hang over my breasts.

The sudden shock of cold fluid trickling down my back makes me arch forward, my ass jutting out towards you reflexively. I feel it run slowly down my spine.

“Move your feet apart, baby,” you whisper in my ear.

I shift my position and you add more liquid. I can feel it slipping down my back towards my ass, spilling down between my cheeks. It slides across my puckered hole and along my pussy lips, dripping to the floor. I can’t believe how these simple movements are turning me on so much. I suck in my breath and for the first time realise what the liquid is. The unmistakable aroma of my favourite play time addition fills my nostrils: Baby Oil!

You pour it across both my shoulders; it spills down my back and breasts. You turn me around to face you, pulling my hands down and clasping them behind my back. I lean my head against the glass and push my hips forward so as not to ruin the streams of oil flowing down my body. You watch as the oil snakes its way down my chest, threading in-between my breasts, pooling in my navel and running down my pussy to my thighs. You add more oil and watch the cascade. I lower my eyes to your cock and watch it twitch as the oil cascades down my body.

“Are you enjoying the show?” I ask softly, not wanting your attention to be drawn away from my body. I love the feeling of your eyes on me.

“Are you?” Sakarya Escort Bayan you whisper as you close the distance between us and press your body against mine.

I answer with a low moan as your cock slides between my thighs and presses up onto the lips of my pussy, parting them slightly. If I tilted my pelvis slightly I could easily slide you inside me but I hold off, trying to remain in control of my body. You slip your tongue into my mouth and push me against the glass. Gentle thrusts of your cock between my thighs coat it with a mixture of oil and juice from my pussy. It drives me wild as I feel your cock slide past the hard bud of my swollen clit. You rub the baby oil around my breasts, pinching the nipples and pulling at them, making me moan again against your lips. As our bodies slide against each other my breasts coat your chest in oil, and your hands work the oil into the cheeks of my ass as you squeeze them. You move your hands lower, gripping my thighs as best you can and lift me off my feet, wrapping my legs around your hips and pressing me against the glass. You bring me down, impaling me hard and fast on your engorged cock.

“Mmmm, yesss!” I moan. My slick pussy allows you to slide in to the very base of your cock in one thrust. You leave me impaled, balls-deep on your cock as I adjust to the size and shape of you within me.

Only seconds pass before you gently move in and out of my pussy. Holding me against the cold glass, our oily bodies shining in the lights, you pump your cock into my begging pussy. It wants to be fucked harder and faster but I have no control as you hold me. I need you to push me over the edge.

“Fuck me, baby, harder please!” I beg. The slow build up to this final release makes me desperate. I wonder if you planned that all along.

Your response is to pull me away from the glass, walk with me to the bed and lay down on top of me, never letting your cock fall from my pussy. Pushing up further you force my thighs higher until my knees are inches from my face; you continue to pump your cock into me. I claw at your oily back, find your lips and kiss you deeply as you fuck me harder. Flashes of white light dance in my half-closed eyes as I start to feel the heat rise from the pit of my stomach. I can hear the squish of the oily, juicy mess we’ve made as you thrust your cock deep into my womb. You grind the base of your cock onto my clit, bringing me closer to the edge as I grab your ass, trying to push you harder into me with every stroke. I’m thrashing underneath you as my orgasm builds, but you begin to slow your thrusts down, trying to prolong your own impending climax. My need to cum is urgent, I won’t hold back. I need it now.

I push you off me and roll Escort Sakarya you onto your back. Climbing above you I grab your slick cock with one hand and aim it at the entrance to my pussy; now it’s my turn to take charge. We lock eyes as I slide myself down on your cock and rock back and forth to make sure you’re completely inside me, grinding my clit against the base. Your eyes tell me you’re trying your best to contain yourself but I don’t care. I lean back, my hands behind me on your thighs as I rise up on my knees, curl my feet underneath and push up until just the head of your cock is trapped inside my pussy. I squat over your cock and thrust myself heavily down onto your throbbing tool; throwing back my head as a loud ‘yessssss’ escapes my lips. It’s your turn to be fucked!

“Baby, you are going to make me cum if you do that one more time,” you beg as I rise up again. I can feel the heat expanding across my belly, up my chest and into my face as an earth shattering orgasm approaches.

“I want your cum, I want you to fill me, I want to feel you squirt your cream in my pussy and I can’t hold myself back. I’m so close to cumming. I want to hear you cum, you moan; I want to watch your face as I fuck you and blow your load in my pussy.”

The words come tumbling out of my mouth, they sound foreign to my ears. I’ve never said things like this before!

I’m about to push myself down onto your cock again but you push your hips up to meet my pussy instead. You drive your cock into me from below as you grab onto my hips to hold me steady. I use one hand to frantically flick my clit and the other reaches up to push, squeeze and knead my breast as I get closer to the edge again. The heat is growing more intense and builds back into one hot ball in my stomach as you pound your cock into my hot snatch.

I hear myself moaning, I can feel myself pushing down hard to meet your thrusts. You’re yelling something about cumming and my eyes snap open as I look down into your face. You’re gritting your teeth as you watch me play with my tits and pussy; pumping into me faster. Your breathing is as erratic as mine and I watch your face contort as you grunt through your orgasm; the first jets of sperm splashing against the walls of my pussy. The white hot fire-ball explodes inside me as I feel my own orgasm flood through my body. Warmth spreads to my arms, legs and face. I feel myself squirt my juice onto your stomach and thighs as stream after stream of your cum enters my body only to be forced out by the ferociousness of my own convulsions.

As we fall beside each other on the bed, breathless, I touch my pussy and the warm fresh cum spilling from it. I move my wet fingers lower and trace the outline of my puckered ass, biting my lip at the naughtiness of the act. You turn to me, resting on your elbow as you watch me.

“Not satisfied?” you ask with a fake look of distress on your face.

“Not nearly,” I state matter-of-factly as I give you a wink and lift my fingers to your mouth for you to taste our sticky mess…

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