Especially For Yule Ch. 1


It’s really sexy,” Jan spoke quietly to herself as she watched the video. “But it’s just not that well filmed.” Jan continued to watch herself on the tv screen. “It needs a close-up right there!” She pointed to the screen as it showed her squeezing her left nipple with the thumb and index finger of her right hand. “Then scan down and close up of this.”

She watched as her left hand was rubbing over her clitoris and spreading the juices of her wet pussy onto it. Then it should back away and get a full view of me climaxing…, yes now…, I can see me…, oooh, yes…, I can tell that I’m cumming. Wow!” Jan suddenly noticed that she was again rubbing her, again wet, pussy while she watched the video.

“Not bad…” Jan muttered as she came, both on and off the screen. “But, it could be so much better…, if someone else was working the camera instead of it being on a tri-pod.” Jan had decided on the perfect Christmas gift for Mike. They had been married for so long that it was a difficult task every year. She wanted this year to be extra special because it had been such a wonderful year. Well she knew that he always enjoyed seeing her masturbate, and loved watching erotic video’s, so what else?

She had decided to make this video for him. Jan rewound the tape and played it again, this time scrutinizing it even more. She couldn’t help but admire her own body. Jan wasn’t vain, more like proud. At forty six her 36C breasts still stood out nicely. Full, well shaped, with large nipples that hardened so well when stimulated. She was 5’7″ and at 140 pounds, her ass and legs were the perfect foundation for those wonderful breasts. Over the years Jan had let her hair grow very long, then at times had cut it shorter than she could now believe. She had even colored it a couple of times, but now, it was just over her shoulders and the brunette/auburn color seemed to shine as the natural curliness created shadows from the lighting in the room. Jan’s beautiful green eyes could light up, darken, and actually twinkle depending on her mood.

As she watched the screen she noticed that now they were closed…, as she was climaxing… “It just isn’t perfect.” Jan spoke to herself again after watching for the second time. “I need some help with this.” The sound of the garage door opening startled Jan. She quickly ejected the tape and turned the recorder off. Placing the tape in it’s box, she quickly stashed it in the cabinet out of sight just as Mike walked through the door.

“Hi hon, what’re you doing home?” Mike spoke as he walked through the kitchen toward the living room. “Wow! Did I interrupt something?” Mike had stopped in his tracks and was looking at Jan, still sitting in front of the TV with her robe partially opened, exposing her breasts and the thick pubic hair at her groin.

“No…, not anything…, I was just…, checking channels…” Jan stopped, realizing she wasn’t making any sense. She also quickly, almost guiltily, closed the robe around herself.

“Awe.., you didn’t have to do that.” Mike gave his best pouting look and continued. “You looked so sexy.” Mike thought a second, then continued. “Really, what are you doing home? I thought you’d still be at the meeting you mentioned. If I’d known, I’d been home hours ago.”

“Oh, the meeting canceled, and I was just messing around, ’till you got home,” Jan was beginning to get her composure back and stood up as she spoke. “And, I’m sure ready to mess around now that you are home,” Jan walked seductively toward Mike, opening her robe as she got to him, then putting her arms up around his neck, kissed him passionately on the lips.

Mike was 6’2″, 200 or so pounds, in good shape for fifty one, and his blue eyes really looked good with his nearly white hair. Mike’s hair had always been sandy-blond, but in the last several years had been turning a really nice shade of white. As the two explored each other’s mouths with their tongues, Mike reached down inside the robe and felt how hard Jan’s nipples were.

“She’s really turned on,” Mike thought to himself as he gently squeezed both of the hard knobs. “And man! Is she ever wet,” Mike had let his right hand leave Jan’s left nipple and slide down her soft stomach to her soaking pussy. “Damn, what did I do to deserve this welcome-home?” Mike started to rub the juices from Jan up and over her clitoris. The two continued their kiss and Mike continued his explorations of his beautiful wife’s body. “Just what…, or who do I need to thank for this?” Mike spoke as the their lips finally separated.

“Oh, I’ll never tell.” Jan grinned sexily, reached down and took hold of Mike’s hand as she backed away, then turned and Sakarya Escort pulled him towards their bedroom.

“But right now, I need you!” Mike followed with no protest. Jan let her robe fall from her shoulders to the floor in one slight movement, then proceeded to help Mike undress. When his shirt was unbuttoned and removed, Jan leaned closer and took one of his nipples into her mouth. She always loved to suck and bite on his small nipples. It fascinated her how they would harden, just as a woman’s does, and how he seemed to like it as much as she liked having her own sucked. As she continued to suck one, then the other, kissing across his hairy chest back and forth, she reached down and undid Mike’s belt and let his jeans drop to the floor.

Mike stepped out of the jeans and Jan began kissing her way down his abdomen, licking the soft blond hairs, as she headed towards his groin. Using both hands, Jan slid his jockey shorts down his legs, and took his now hard cock into her mouth. Jan, after removing his underwear, reached one hand under his scrotum and massaged his large testicles. With her other hand she reached back up and began to squeeze his nipple again. Mike looked down at Jan’s pretty hair, placed both hands on her head being careful not to interfere with her expert movements on his cock. Jan continued to suck up and down the length of Mike’s cock. She soon had Mike about ready to explode in her mouth and she wanted to feel and taste him. “Wait…, just a sec hon.” Mike gently lifted Jan’s head, pulling her mouth away from his throbbing cock. “I really want to cum inside you,” Mike whispered as he helped Jan to her feet.

Then he guided her to the bed and directed her to her knees on the edge of the bed in a doggy style position. Jan was so hot that she couldn’t and wouldn’t protest. She’d be able to taste his cum shooting into her mouth another time. Right now her needs, like Mike’s, were urgent and she just wanted to feel his magnificent cock sliding into her well-lubricated pussy. Mike moved closer to the edge of the bed and placed his cock under Jan’s pussy. Holding his cock with his left hand, he rubbed the side of it against her clitoris. With his other hand Mike felt the wet warmness of his wife’s pussy. Mike inserted a finger, and with a turn, easily found Jan’s special spot that was so familiar to him after all of these wonderful years.

Still making his cock rub her clitoris, Mike began to also jack his own cock off with his left hand. The feeling of her clitoris being rubbed, knowing that Mike was jacking himself off, and the extreme pleasure of his finger on her g-spot had Jan cumming in seconds. Just when she felt the orgasm begin to subside, Mike re-ignited her passion by inserting his cock, replacing his fingers, into her hot pussy. Mike put his hands on each side of her pretty ass and began a steady thrusting into Jan. Jan reached under herself and, finding her sensitive clitoris, began to manipulate it with her fingers much the way she would manipulate a small penis. As she felt Mike increase his pace, she also increased her pace of (jacking off) her clitoris. “I’m gonna cum,” Mike’s voice was extra husky as he continued to thrust faster. “OOOH! OOH, YEA!” Mike groaned as he thrust into Jan and held still.

“That’s sooo gooood, mmmm, yea, ooh.” Jan continued to moan and slowed down on her, now too sensitive clitoris, “That’s so good…, hold it in me a little longer…, oh it feels wonderful.” Jan now let her hand completely leave her clitoris and reached further back and found the wet base of Mike’s cock still buried deeply into her pussy. “Welcome home.” Jan squeezed Mike’s cock as she spoke. “Welcome home lover.”

With these words Jan could no longer support her weight with one arm and let herself fall to the bed on her stomach. This caused Mike’s cock to slip out of her drenched pussy. Jan was too spent to move and with her eyes still shut, her hand was still under herself and she could feel their juices running out of her satisfied, and sensitive pussy. “I guess I need to clean up…,” Jan, without moving, said in a dreamily way.

“Not really, not at all…,” Mike spoke as he stared at Jan’s wet pussy. “You look good to me…, in fact good enough to eat.” With that Mike slowly leaned forward onto the bed and began to lick the combination of his and Jan’s cum from her thighs. At first Jan protested that she was too sensitive, but it soon felt too wonerful to stop him Mike moved slowly closer and closer ’till he was finally sucking the cum out of Jan’s pussy.

After he had swallowed every drop of the delicious juice he moved on up to Jan’s tight anus. Using his Sakarya Escort Bayan strong tongue to start penetrating her hole, Mike reached up under Jan and used his hands to massage both of Jan’s tits. In no time Jan, regaining strength, was pushing her ass up and onto Mike’s tongue. And, in no time, Jan was again cumming. When Jan was so exhausted that Mike no longer felt any movement, he helped her into her usual sleeping position, then slid under the covers beside her. In seconds, the two exhausted lovers were asleep.

When Jan’s eyes opened she was facing the bookshelf with the clock beside the bed. She sleepily noticed that it was 5:45. She thought of the great sex before falling asleep…, had it just been an hour or so ago…, had it been overnight? It was dark in the room. Much darker than 5:45 in the evening…, but…, could she have slept so soundly that many hours? Jan reached behind her for Mike. The bed was empty except for her. Still groggy and confused, Jan got out of bed and went to the bathroom. The bathroom clock read 5:48. Had she totally passed out last evening? Or was it, maybe, cloudy? “Well good morning Sleeping Beauty.”

Mike, noticing Jan enter the study, had turned around to greet his wife. “I wondered if you’d ever wake up.”

“Then it’s.., it’s morning?” Jan’s quizzical look made Mike laugh.

“You really aren’t sure…, are you?” Mike continued to chuckle as he went on. “Yea, it’s morning…, and you slept three days.”

Jan gave Mike a smile. “Sure, and politicians are honest.” Jan looked more seriously at Mike as she continued. “I really can’t believe I zonked like that. But then, I really can’t believe how good you were.” Jan walked over to where Mike was sitting in front of the computer and put her arms around his neck and kissed his head. “Thanks sweetie. It was really great.”

“Oh, my pleasure…, in fact REALLY, my pleasure!” Mike leaned into Jan and felt her firm tits through her robe while squeezing her into him closer. “What’re you doing?” Jan was now looking at the monitor and noticed the e-mail on the screen.

“Just reading our reader’s responses.” Mike and Jan wrote erotic stories and put them on the web for others to enjoy. They enjoyed sharing their adventures and fantasies with others. “Oh. That’s from Susan. How did she like the last one?” Jan was reading the letter as she spoke. “She was very complimentary, as usual.” Mike started to explain the letter, then realized that Jan was reading it anyway. “She’s always so sweet.”

Susan had e-mailed after the second story that Mike and Jan had posted saying she really enjoyed them. Since, she had made a point of responding to every one. Susan had let Mike and Jan know that she and her husband had actually attempted to duplicate a lot of the scenarios from the stories and really looked forward to each new one. Over time, she was more than one of the couple’s respondents…, she had become a friend. “Susan! yes of course…, maybe…, perhaps?” Jan thought to herself as she finished reading her internet friend’s letter. Then out loud she asked. “Do you have to go to the conference again today?” “Yea, it’s all week.” Mike looked up at Jan as he spoke. “And Friday it finishes up, but it will last on into the evening. Why? would you rather I skip?” “No, it’s fine, and I know you enjoy visiting with the other writers, I just wanted to know.” Jan rubbed Mike’s shoulders as she spoke. “Are you ready for breakfast?” “Really, yes I’m starved.” Jan went to the kitchen as Mike began turning the computer off. “Leave it on Hon, I’m going to check my mail after breakfast,” Jan spoke nonchalantly but her mind was forming a plan.

When Mike had left, Jan returned to the study and went to her screen-name. “Well, this is an omen.” Jan spoke out loud as she saw her buddy list and noticed that Susan was on-line. Jan sent Susan an instant message asking if she had time to talk. Jan wasn’t the typist that Mike was and had installed the capability of verbal communication. She had talked several times with Susan who also had that ability with her computer. The friends had never given, or asked for, real addresses or phone numbers, mostly because it hadn’t been necessary with modern technology.

Even though Mike and Jan had agreed long ago to maintain a little anonymity with the readers, she would have had no problem with Susan having more information about them. After this long Susan was more than one of their readers, she was indeed a friend. “Jan, are you there?” The voice startled Jan a little and she hesitated before answering. “Oh. yea, hi Susan. You’re up awfully early this morning. I was surprised to Escort Sakarya see you on the buddy list.” ” Well, Greg’s out of town this week, on a business trip, and I really don’t sleep well without him… By the way, loved your last story.” Susan changed the subject. “Yea, didn’t Mike do a great job? It’s one of my favorites too.” Jan paused a moment then went right to the point.

“Susan, I’ve got an idea that I need your opinion on.” “Sure, what?” Susan didn’t hesitate to help. “Well, I’ve decided on Mike’s Christmas gift, but it just isn’t working the way I’d like.” “What is it?” Susan asked innocently. “Well, I’m going to make him a private video…, of me.” “You mean private, as in PRIVATE?” Susan’s voice let Jan know she had gotten the meaning. “Yea, of me masturbating.” “Cool, you know, that’s not a bad idea for Greg too. You don’t mind if I copy you, do you?” Jan relaxed now that she had it out and Susan was ok with it. Susan always had a very open and understanding manner about her. “The problem Susan, is it just isn’t that good when the camera’s on a tri-pod.” “Yea, tell me about it. We’ve done a couple of home movies ourselves, and the technical stuff sucks.”

Susan thought a second then continued, “Hey, you film me and I’ll film you.” Jan couldn’t believe what she had just heard. How easy Susan made it. What Jan might have fumbled around about was now right out in the open, almost as if Susan had read her mind. “Well, you read my mind. That’s exactly what I was thinking when I contacted you. Now though, how are we going to accomplish this? You live outside Atlanta don’t you?” Jan asked then added. “And we live in Florida.” “Well, we could meet halfway…” Susan said without hesitation, then added. “And don’t you guys have a motorhome?”

“Good idea!” Jan thought for a moment then continued. “Yea, I could drive the motorhome to, say Dalton, we could meet there, do a little Christmas shopping, then do the filming in the motorhome.” “Sounds good to me Jan. How about Friday? Greg’s not getting back ’till Saturday.” “Great, then Friday it is. I’ll meet you at the outlet mall around noon. Just look for our Itasca motorhome. I’ll park where it’s easily visible from the entrance.” “See you then, and looking forward to really meeting you Jan.” “Yea me too Susan. See ya Friday.” As Jan drove north on I-75 she suddenly had a little apprehension. She had never met anyone for anything sexual without Mike. But this wasn’t just anyone, it was her, no, their friend Susan. And it really wasn’t sexual…, it was a gift for Mike. “Sexual!” Jan spoke outloud to herself as she drove. “I hadn’t even thought about that…, it will be sexual.” Jan’s mind started to wonder about how this was going to occur. She would be naked, masturbating, in front of another woman.

“Yea…, and is Mike ever going to get horny, especially when he realizes that Susan was there, and filming.” Jan began to feel a familiar tingle. The thought of Mike watching the film, and knowing how hot he’d get, made her warm all over. The miles went by easily as Jan day-dreamed of her and Mike’s sexual escapades. Susan was excited as she pulled onto the interstate and headed south. She had taken extra care that morning with her hair and make-up. But she kept wondering if it had been for the film that she knew Greg would love…, or was it for Jan, who she wanted to make certain liked her. As Susan drove, some old familiar thoughts that had resurfaced this week, went through her mind. She thought of high school and Karen, her best friend.

She remembered the sleep-over when she and Karen had experimented with each other. As she thought again of how Karen’s hands had felt on her small tits, Susan reached under her blouse and squeezed her nipple with her fingers. Driving with one hand Susan remembered how wonderful Karen’s mouth had felt on her tits. As her mind continued with her memory of Karen slowly and tentatively kissing down her belly to her pussy, Susan allowed her own hand to leave her long, erect nipple and slip down into her slacks and feel her own soft pubic hair. Susan rubbed her clitoris and thought of Karen’s mouth sucking it so long ago. Susan then thought of the taste of Karen’s hot pussy, how wet and delicious it had been, and she had been amazed at how much she enjoyed licking her friend. A loud horn, sounding almost like it was inside her small car, suddenly blasted. Susan, quickly regained her senses, realized she’d wandered across the line in her lane and was nearly side-swiped by a truck.

“Got to pay attention to driving” Susan muttered, then “and what I’m doing today.” Then her mind wandered again, “What am I doing today…, what do I want to happen?” Susan contemplated her question a moment then, “I’m making a sexy film for my wonderful husband to enjoy…, and I’ll meet and be with a wonderful friend. That’s all, and from their stories and my conversations with Jan, that’s all it’ll be. Jan just wouldn’t be interested.”

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