Everybody Needs a Hobby


Every guy needs a hobby. Ever since high school, my favorite way to spend my spare time and spare money was photography. I was a shy kid, so I never asked anyone I knew to pose for me. For that matter, I never took any classes either, so the opportunities to shoot people were few and far between.

From the beginning, I had aspirations of making a living shooting pictures. In pursuit of that dream, after high school, I found a couple of amateur events where beginning photographers met with amateur models. The girls would pose, with the agreement that the photographer would send her copies of the pics to use in her portfolio. It worked well, as it gave both sides the opportunity to learn from one another. That’s how I got my start, but the odds of making a living at it weren’t good, so into construction I went.


I make a habit of having a camera with me. You never know when a great shot will present itself. A few years back I was shooting exteriors of a house we’d had just completed in a beach area. It was late spring and the crush of tourists had yet to arrive. I was standing on the boardwalk, back to the ocean, trying to get an artsy shot of the sun glinting off the myriad windows.

Even without tourists, there were more than enough locals walking by, so I had to work to keep them out of the shot. Finding just the right angle, I held the Nikon to my eye and just as I pressed the shutter release, a cute young thing stepped into my shot and struck a pose.

She giggled as I brought the camera down, “So how did it come out?” scooting over to my side to look at the camera back. She pressed her barely-covered breast against my arm, leaning in to get a better look at herself on my camera.

“Pooh, “she said, “I’m out of focus,” wrinkling her little nose.

“Well, “I said, “you did just step into frame as I was taking the shot.” Why, I wondered, was I defending myself and my picture-taking to this bikini-clad intruder?

“Can we try again?” she asked, moving to assume her previous position on the other side of the boardwalk.

As she turned away, I had the opportunity to check out my ‘model’. Her backside was entrancing, a perfect little bubble-butt that bounced with each step. The majority of it was there for the world to see, in a bikini bottom that was not much more than a collection of strings and fabric scraps. Her legs were shapely, not skinny like so many models today. They were firm and well toned. She could very well have been a runner.

For someone I guessed to be 19 or 20, she had a very womanly shape, with defined hips and a narrow waist. Two dimples defined the small of her back and her shoulders broadened to about the width of her hips. From behind, she was perfection as far as I was concerned.

Back across the boardwalk, she turned and struck a pose, one foot in front of the other, knees slightly bent.

She cocked her hip toward the house and raised her arms, pointing toward it. I couldn’t help but stare.

Her legs, as nice from the front as the rear, lead my eyes upward. Her treasure was barely hidden by one of those small fabric scraps, leaving her legs to merge with her hips and blend into her flat, sculpted tummy. A small jewel adorned her navel, glistening in the sun.

Her breasts were perfect for her body, somewhere around a 34 in the mid to full ‘C’ category. These, too, were precariously contained by two scraps of a bright blue fabric connected by strings.

She was obviously just getting started on her tan, as her upper chest and face were still adorned with freckles. She was cute, with a little button nose. and strawberry blonde hair that hung loosely to just beyond her shoulders. But, the key to her true beauty, her deep blue eyes, were hidden behind a pair of sunglasses.

The sound of this young beauty clearing her throat brought me back to the moment. A smile let me know that she had caught me checking her out and she re-cocked her hip, telling me that it was time to get to work.

“Sorry,” I said, trying to regain my footing, “Just envisioning the shot.” She smiled knowingly and posed once more as I brought the camera up to my eye.

I fired off shot after shot as she shifted from pose to pose, pausing between them to let me get the shot. In a matter of minutes, we’d taken a couple dozen shots. A small crowd had stopped to watch us; well her really. They quickly moved along when it became apparent that we were done for the moment.

She skipped across the walkway, slid beside me on the seawall and scooted up close. As she pressed against me, I wanted to say something, but realized that I didn’t know her name. “I’m George, by the way,” I said, twisting to offer my hand.

Taking it with a giggle, she said, “Oh yeah, I’m Brittney. My friends call me Britt.”

Holding her hand a bit longer than needed, I said “Then Britt it is,” looking at my reflection in her glasses.

Pausing for a moment, Britney took her glasses off with her free hand. As our eyes met, I felt Kütahya Escort her grasp tighten as she said under her breath, “For sure.”

Realizing I needed both hands to play back our pictures, I released her hand, but not her gaze. Taking a deep breath, Britt said, “Well, let’s see what we’ve got.”

Scrolling through the photos, I was pleased with the way they’d turned out. It didn’t hurt that the subject matter was spectacular, and I’m not talking about the house. In fact, the depth of field was such that the house was way out of focus in most all the shots, while the true subject was sharp as can be. “Maybe she won’t notice.”I said to myself as we continued. I had forgotten that the latter shots were strictly of her as I had zoomed in, completely taking the house out of the picture.

Britt glanced over at me when she realized that the photo shoot had turned into one of her and not the house. “I guess you’ll have to shoot the house again when you’re less distracted, “She giggled.

“Yeah, I suppose, “blushing a bit. “So how long have you been modeling?” I asked.

Managing to blush and giggle at the same time, Britt slapped me on the leg. “I’ve never modeled; but I have to admit you made me look pretty good here,” she said, pointing to the camera.

“Well, I’m far from being a pro, but you have a natural beauty that makes it easy to take a good photo, “I said, hoping I didn’t come across as too gushy.

Caught in the moment, I hadn’t noticed, her hand was still resting on my thigh. She squeezed it slightly in response to my compliment. Feeling brave, I put my hand on hers and said, “I’m getting a bit hungry; can I buy you lunch in exchange for your services?”

“Services? “She asked, looking at me with one raised eyebrow.

Red cheeked, I responded quickly, “You know, modeling.”

Laughing, she gave me a peck on my blush, stood and said, “I’d love to.” Taking my hand, she pulled me up off the wall. “This way,” she said, “I have to get my bag and towel.”

Keeping her little finger locked around mine, I strolled with her down the boardwalk, conscious of the looks we were getting, ego climbing with each stride. When we reached her spot, she let go, bounced over the wall and jogged to her stuff. Stuffing her towel into the bag, she jogged back toward me. I couldn’t help but flash to the movie ’10’, Bo Derek’s breasts bouncing in cadence with her jogging. Stopping in front of me, she caught me in ‘Dream Mode’ again and had to punch my arm to re-boot me.

Snapped back to reality, I said, “What are we waiting for, I’m hungry!”

Britt laughed at my pathetic attempt at a recovery. “Okay, let me get decent and then we’ll go.”

By decent, she meant digging into her bag and pulling out a pair of denim cut-offs that, thankfully, didn’t cover the bottom of her ass and a cropped t-shirt that managed to cover her shoulders, but that was about it. Brushing sand off her feet, she slipped into some flip-flops, she said, “All dressed, we can go now.”

It was my turn to laugh and take her hand. I said, “Then let’s hit it.” I felt her grip tighten as we made our way to the nearest eatery.

Through lunch, we got further acquainted with each other. Brittney was 19 and had completed her first year at State. After learning her age, I expected her to ask me mine. “Don’t you want to know how old I am? “I asked.

“Doesn’t really matter, “she said, continuing to munch on her salad. “I know you asked me to make sure I was legal.”

I choked on my sandwich. She just smiled and continued eating as I struggled to regain my composure. After the coughing subsided, I managed a sip of water as she asked, “Are you okay?”

Answering would have been easier if she hadn’t been working her bare foot up my leg and into the bottom of the shorts. Panicked, I grabbed her ankle, halting her advance and asked, “Are you trying to kill me?”

Smiling, she wiggled her toes and said, “Not yet.”

Blood headed south and my dick stiffened until it pushed back on Britt’s toes. Her eyes lit up when she felt my response and she pushed harder until I loosened the grip on her ankle. Thank God for table cloths, I thought, as we both slid down in our seats. Britt looked me in the eye as she slid her foot up the length of my cock, the sole of her foot massaging me. Meanwhile, I inconspicuously ran my hand up and down her calf, trying to not make it look like I was jacking off under the table.

It was pretty obvious to me and, I assume, to her, that we weren’t going to be able to keep doing this much longer. Mercifully, she stopped rubbing and let her foot rest on my cock, toes strumming against my lower belly. “So, do we need to go back to the house and let you finish taking your pictures? “she asked, smiling the whole time, knowing the strain I was under.

Trying to go one up on her, I said, “Yeah.In fact, since they haven’t moved in yet, I should get some interior shots. I have the house to myself for the rest of the day.” Kütahya Escort Bayan My not–so-subtle hint wasn’t missed. A smile broke over her face and the foot job resumed for a couple of strokes.

As we stood to leave, I let her remove her foot and discretely stepped behind her to rearrange myself. Turning her head, she caught me in the act. Giggling, she stepped back and ground her butt into my crotch. Putting my hands on her hips, I pushed her toward the door and said, sarcastically, “Thanks; that helped.”

“Glad to be of service, “she replied, giving one last wiggle.

Away from the restaurant, Britt laughed and skipped ahead of me like a little kid. “Hey, “I shouted, “this way. I need to get the rest of my gear if we’re going to shoot inside.”

With my back to her, I started for my truck and didn’t hear her approach. Next thing I knew, she was on my back, piggyback style with her arms around my neck and her legs around my waist. Hooking an arm under each of her knees, I ran my hands up and down the undersides of her calves. Britt cooed in my ear as we made it to my truck.

Letting her down, I unlocked the truck and took my camera bag from behind the seat. “Let me take that, “Britt said, “after all, I am your assistant.” Hefting the full weight of the bag she said, “Holy crap, this thing weighs a ton. What do you have in here?”

“Just a couple of lenses, a couple different flashes, some batteries; that kind of thing. Just like a Boy Scout, always prepared. “I replied.

Handing the bag back, she said, “If it’s all the same to you, I think I’ll stick to just being your model.”

“Sounds like a plan, “I said, slipping the strap over my shoulder.

As we started back to the house, Britt took my free arm, wrapped it around her waist and slipped hers around mine, hand tucked under the waist band of my shorts. We walked along like we’d been together forever.

I couldn’t think of a more pleasant situation; but couldn’t help but wonder why this gorgeous little vixen had latched onto me so quickly. I didn’t know anything about her and she certainly didn’t know anything about me…except that my dick still gets hard. I mean, I’m not all that old, but at nineteen, she could have any of the young studs that hung around at the beach.

Nearing to the house, I said “Britt, I don’t know about you, but this kind of thing never happens to me. I mean, a gorgeous young thing like you could have your pick of anyone.” I paused, then stuttered on, “Don’t get me wrong, this is great. In fact, I’m afraid I’ll wake up any minute and find this was all a dream. Do you get where I’m coming from?”

“George, “she said, pausing to put her thoughts in order, “Actually, you’re not really a stranger to me.” Britt caught my questioning look and continued; “I’ve kind of been stalking you for the last few months.”

“What? “

“Well not stalk, really. I mean I’ve only seen you here at the beach. I’d come down here to study and the house you were building caught my attention. My Dad’s a builder back east, so I’ve been around construction all my life so, I’d walk by, just checking progress. Then, one day, I saw you talking to some of the guys. It didn’t take long to figure out you were the boss. I mean, at first I hoped that it was your house, but… Anyway, something about you just hit me; I can’t put my finger on it.”

Walking a little slower, she continued; “It’s kind of embarrassing to talk about. I really wanted to meet you, but I didn’t know where to start.”

“Well today’s introduction was definitely unique, “I laughed.

“Yeah, well today just kind of happened; you know. Opportunity presented itself and I just went with it. For the last couple weeks, I’ve been coming around, hoping to see you. A couple times, I managed to walk down the sidewalk and hear you talking. Once I heard your voice, I knew I had to meet you somehow.”

I shook my head in disbelief. This kind of thing only happened to other guys, and I’m sure most of them lie about it happening to them. “If you hung around as much as you say, I can’t imagine I didn’t notice you, “my hand caressing her bare waist.

“I don’t usually dress like this, “she said, turning a bit red. “This was really just for you. I kept these clothes in my bag, you know, just in case.

We finally reached the house and released our hold on each other so that I could unlock the front door. “Well I’m honored, that you went to such lengths, “I said. “I hope I don’t disappoint.”

Turning back from the door after getting my bag, Britt was right there, in my face, her mouth on mine. In no hurry to get inside, the kiss lingered, our tongues finding each other. My cock stiffened in response, making its presence known as she ground against me. Breaking the kiss, she looked into my eyes and said, “So far, so good,” giving my bulge a little pat as she walked through the door.

Still afraid that I would wake from a dream, I followed her into the house. Locking the door Escort Kütahya behind me, I found her in the lower guest room, checking out the craftsmanship. She obviously knew what she was looking at. As we continued our tour, she would comment on what she would have done different if it had been her house and constantly commented on how well built the house was.

“Well, “I said, breaking out the camera, “I guess I better get started. This place will look good in my portfolio.”

As I wandered the first floor, taking shots from different angles, Britt would occasionally end up in one of the shots. “Too bad I didn’t know this was going to happen today. I would have brought a nice outfit and I could have been that housewife in the old ads. You know, showing off the appliances and stuff.”

I laughed as she struck another pose to showcase the shower in the bathroom. “Yeah, that would have been fun. I could have built a whole brochure around that kind of theme.”

Turning to take a shot of the bedroom, I heard the shower door open and close. Turning toward the shower, I was presented with a pleasant sight. Two bare breasts were pressed tight to the door, contrasting nipples glaring at me. Her faced was turned, with her cheek against the glass, eyes closed. Britt moaned lightly and I drifted into fantasy. I was in the shower with her, taking her from behind, driving my stiff cock into her tight pussy.

I think I could have come without touching myself if she hadn’t bounded out of the shower, groping me as she ran up the stairs to the next floor.

Gathering my gear, I joined her upstairs. Sadly, she had slipped her bikini top back on, but the kitchen in this modern home never looked any better. Her sweet little ass was perched on the island, legs crossed as her foot wagged back and forth, like she was waiting impatiently for something. Like a moth drawn to a flame, I set my bag down and walked up to her. Stopping a couple feet away, Britt reached out with her bare right foot, trying to reach my crotch. I grabbed her foot with both hands; “Behave, “I said, “I need to get these pictures shot while I still have light.”

Pouting, she said, “yes sir,” in a squeaky little voice. I stepped up and gave her a gentle kiss. I couldn’t read the look in her eyes, but it felt right.

Jumping from the island, Britt looked around and asked endless questions about this and that as I took my shots. A half a dozen times, I asked her to pose so that we could have a size perspective. “Yeah right, “she said “You can’t really use the pictures with me in them to show prospective clients, can you?”

“You’re probably right. I guess they’ll just have to be for my private portfolio, “winking at her as I took another shot.

“Well if it’s going to be a private portfolio, then maybe we should throw in a couple of these. ” Turning her back, Britt slipped her bottoms to the floor and mooned me. I nearly forgot to take the shot as I looked at my idea of heaven on earth.

Bent at the waist, her perfect ass presented two supple hemispheres, longing to be caressed.

That spot where the ass crack starts at the lower back has always held a fascination for me. With previous lovers, I’d been known to linger there for interminable amounts of time, just toying with that spot.

Further down, her little puckered star shone brightly, winking at me. Her perineum, the borderline between ass and pussy, also fascinated me.

And then, of course, there was her pussy; or at least a portion of it. Only her puffy outer lips were visible, glistening with juices that betrayed her arousal. Even with her legs together, a vacancy existed at the top of her thighs that beckoned one to enter.

I assumed that dropping her bikini bottom was an invitation to take things to the next level, so I snapped a couple of shots, set my camera down and went to my knees. Still bent over, with hands grasping her ankles, she watched with anticipation as I crawled to her like a leopard stalking its prey. I could see her shivering , though it was nearly 80 degrees outside.

Reaching her, I began my slow assault on her body. Starting at her ankles, I licked my way up one leg as my fingers mimicked my tongue on the other. Her shivers turned to a small quake when I reached the back of her knees. She emitted a constant little whimper as I moved up the back of her thighs.

I lingered at her ass cheeks, licking ever-enlarging circles until I reached the crevasse separating the two, globes. Continuing further upward, I reached that point where the split between those two luscious mounds stops and blends with her back. I licked and kissed that magical intersection for a while before traveling down the other leg.

Her womanly scent was trying to lure me off course and a slight movement between her legs caught my eye. I watched, entranced, as a drop of her sexual nectar gathered on her now-pouting inner lips and dripped to her leg. Gathering all the restraint I could muster, I continued down her thighs, her whimpers turning to moans.

Reaching her knees, I couldn’t resist a little detour northward to sample her dripping sex. I felt her looking at me as I had my first taste. A small tremor rolled through her pussy, depositing more of her lubrication for the taking.

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