Exciting Ch. 1


Labour in Indonesia is cheap. Many people comes from the villages into the cities, and having no sufficient education, the men usually work in constructions, while the women work as housemaids and staying in the employers’ house.

In my house, there was a new maid. The previous one did not return after enjoying her “holiday.” However, if the old one was old, this new one – Rani – looks very young, maybe still in her teens.

Both my parents work, and with the irregular classes I have in the university, I also have irregular hours at home. One day I went to the campus early in the morning, but the class turned out to be cancelled. Since there is nothing going in the campus that early in the morning I returned home.

When I enter the house, there is no one in sight. I went straight to the kitchen to get something to drink. My kitchen has two doors, one connecting to the living room and another to the backyard. Just as I entered the kitchen, through the other opened door I saw Rani came out of the maid’s bathroom with a medium towel wrapped around her body. I was quite shocked, but didn’t fail to notice the shapely body and the firm breasts with the nipple showing through the thin towel. She is more shocked than me, blushed and ran to her bedroom. I forget about the drink and went to my bedroom to jack off.

The following days I started to watch her every move, and now and then I got a glimpse of her inner body here and there. I became obsessed and slowly my decision was made.

Several Kütahya Escort days after that, the same thing happened, but this time I followed her to her bedroom and hold the door before she can close it. She smiled a shameful smile while looking at her toes, but do nothing. I entered the room, closed the door behind me, and for a minute or two just stand there looking at her with my heart thumping crazily.

* * * * *

“Rani, how old are you anyway?” I ask.

With a whisper she answer, “I’m eighteen.” I almost can’t believe it. She’s eighteen, but looks much younger than that.

I sit on her bed and said, “Come, sit here beside me.” She hesitated a moment, but while still looking to the floor she sit beside me. I reached for her chin and make her look at me. She smile and quickly look down again. I lift her face again, and this time I do not wait, but kiss her lips softly. I can tell she is quite surprised by her sharp intake of breath, but after a while she sigh and seems to enjoy my hungry kisses.

I stop kissing her and slowly open the towel that hide her young body. With a small voice she say, “Ah, I’m ashamed. Please don’t,” but do nothing to stop me unwrapping the towel. That words only make me more aroused, “Don’t be ashamed. I will also open my clothes,” and continue kissing her cheek, nose and eyes.

I throw the towel to the floor, and … WOW! Her body has not yet fully developed, but the contour is already very shapely, and her breasts are very Kütahya Escort Bayan firm with the small nipple pointing upwards. I push her lying on the bed and start kissing her again while my hands moving all over her body. My prick screaming to be let out, feeling the small but hard titties, the softness of her pelvis, the firm young buttocks. Her breath starting to stacatto and she squirmed every time I squeeze her sensitive parts.

I lick her neck, suck each of her breasts, trailing wet kisses on her belly and thighs and finally put my mouth in her cunt. “Aaaaahh…..hhhh…..hhhhh…….,” her body squirmed and she arch her back when I start sucking at her clit. Only after several minutes her body shook and she moaned haltingly experiencing her first orgasm. After that she lay with eyes closed and her breath like a runner.

I quickly get up and throw my clothes all over the room. Naked I hug her again, and kiss her lips with my tongue tasting her lips, teeth and tongue. I massage her breasts alternately while I rub my prick on her stomach. Her breath quicken and she start kissing me back. I grab my prick and rubbing it on her cunt lips. She become more excited, and without realizing it, start moving her body erotically.

I push my prick into her, and her face start to squirm. She is indeed a virgin, and I know that I hurt her. However, her first come and her second arousal have lubricated her cunt quite well, and bit-by-bit I can feel my prick enter her super-tight Escort Kütahya cunt, until something stopped me. I push, and she yell, “Oooo…….oh!” and I’m fully inside. For a few moments I stop moving and enjoying the tightness that grip my prick. Her tenseness start to subside, and I start pumping. Obviously it still hurt her, but I can tell she also start enjoying my in-and-out movement, although she is very tight. She started to moan, “Emmmh….. ooogghh…… oohahhh……”

Knowing that the hurt has gone and she has start enjoying my strokes, I got to my knees without taking my prick out of her, and continue my strokes while I also licking, sucking and biting her firm breasts. She moaned harder and start to gyrate her hips. What a hot cunt she is! I got more excited and jamming my cock full-force into her. Once again she arched her back and start moaning loudly, “Aaaarrrggh……,” and her body convulsed and shook and suddenly the sound of my prick in her is like when you step on a pool of water. She is having her second orgasm! Gradually her movement and moan subsided, and she lay under me with her eyes closed and her mouth agape. Trickles of sweat all over her sweet face.

I am still hard and deep in her, and I suspend my movement a while, letting her enjoy the aftermath of an orgasm. Her eyes still closed and face full of pleasure, her lips started to form a smile. How beautiful!

I started to move my hips again, and she purred with delight feeling my shaft moving between her vagina wall. Soon she warmed up and start to move her hips unconsciously, and thus giving me more pleasure.

Finally we both climaxed in unison my semen spurted on the bottom of her vagina, and that send her into an ecstasy. I lay exhausted on top of her and we both fall asleep.

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