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She was a stirring sight, tied with her hands overhead and crossed, her breasts pulled up tightly by her body’s position. They were firm, beautiful, and perfectly shaped, her nipples defiantly high in their attitude. Her legs were placed wide apart; they were long, shapely, and well toned. The puffy junction of her sex was readily visible for inspection. Her mound was a beautiful work of art in its haughty chiseled perfection.

Everything about her body was alluring. A beautiful face and perfect smile with lavish blond hair that shimmered with her movements, shapely kissable full lips, and an ass any man would give his hand to touch. But the girl wouldn’t use any of it to please a man, not even her husband.

He had been working on her for nearly twenty minutes running his hands over everything secret and treasured, plundering her most exquisite delicacies without regard for her own concerns or feelings. She hadn’t broken yet, showing no signs of begging to be fucked, but he was a patient practitioner and was confident she would relent eventually and bow to his wish for sex.

He moved the little stool directly in front of her and took his place on it. Her vulva was dewy and the lips of her vagina fully pouting, betraying there desperate need for the warm gentle human touch. He could smell the heat in her, and the spicy sharp scent told him her orgasm would be earth shattering.

He dipped the tip of his hot tongue slowly into the crevice of her valley, searching for her sensitive clit. She gasped when he found it, and rolled her lower body up against his face unintentionally. She shivered as his tongue probed her most sensitive areas, and moaned sweetly into the air.

It was filthy, what he was doing! But my God how wonderful it felt, she thought. She wondered if he knew how his tongue made her emotions surge within her or how the intensity of her sensations set her mind reeling in her body.

He began to lash at her clit using his tongue like a whip, each delicate stroke leaving behind it a covering cloak of warm tingling wetness. His fingers began to softly tease her tight anal opening, producing an array of wild spasmodic lurches in her body as he lightly probed and teased her.

What he was doing to her body was wonderful; she loved the sensation of his hands on her. She was hot now, needing him to fuck her to orgasm, but what he wanted was wrong. He wanted her to speak to him like a common whore, her his wife, the woman he was supposed to love. She couldn’t do it; wouldn’t do it.

Lynn was a stubborn bitch, and would need to beg for it before being allowed to come, he thought. He lightly bit the ridges of her vulva as he made his way back to her cunt opening, his lips suckling one, and then the other, teasing them with his teeth and searching her vaginal cavern with his fingers as he went. There were muted cooing sounds emanating from her mouth now as her body consolidated its control over her mood.

She moaned as his finger slipped slowly into her anal cavity, and he clamped his mouth over her clit, lashing at it as if he were beating a prisoner with a whip, albeit a satin whip. She moaned again, a deep intense resonating sound, moved by his intrusion. For an instant she forgot the struggle and was joyful at the sensations his hands and tongue produced in her.

“Do you approve my lovely?” he asked.

“You filthy animal, I won‘t beg you,” she replied. That’s what her mouth said, but her heated sex was telling him something all together different.

“You’ll beg, you’ll plead, and you’ll cry out for it before I’m finished,” he told her.

He stood then, Kütahya Escort freeing his broad massive cock placing its monstrous head against the moist crevice of her swollen cunt, moving it slowly up and down the entire length of her hot sex as his mouth sought her own. Her kiss was soft and sweet, contrasting the harsh desire her body showed in its steaming need for sexual release.

She shivered when the monster slithered over her clit, returning his kiss passionately, moaning into his mouth as she did so. His hand moved to her breast, massaging its firmness, playing at the hard little nipple. His motions elicited a sharp gasp as he tweaked the budding nub. Then he covered it with his mouth, gently raking his teeth over its length, lightly biting it as he went.

“Oh Wayne, God, please,” she whimpered. She wasn’t sure how much longer she could take his abuse. Her lust was brazen in her head, making her see sinful wicked things in her mind’s eye, and it was his fault. Images of her fucking and sucking several men at once as her husband looked on. She couldn’t believe the wickedness of her own mind.

God, it was making her so crazy, his constant suggestions in her ear, his beautiful tongue bathing her body with its warmth and wetness, those hands roaming everywhere touching everything driving her mind into a heated frenzy.

He placed the head of his cock against the lips of her sopping cunt, easing an inch and a half into her body and resting there. He continued to kiss her, and then withdrew his hot attentive member just to torment her. Her kiss was more frantic this time, as she boldly forced her tongue into his mouth, probing him wildly with her hot tiny member. Her lower body was thrusting outward as she kissed him, desperately searching for his sleek hardness.

“Please Wayne, put it in baby,” she begged. His teasing of her body was making her mad with wicked lust. Her body ached and burned from the intense need raging inside her, it flowed through her like a molten stream of hot lava.

“You know what needs to be done to end this. Lynn. Only you can end the frustration and agony, as only you can raise the denial that creates It.,” he told her.

“I won’t damn you, I won’t!” she screamed. But even as she spoke, she knew she would. She knew she would eat his come, fuck anybody he wanted, do anything he asked, just to feel him move inside her and end her body’s longing.

The sensation of his hands and mouth on her body raised an energy field that swirled around her, touching her, caressing her, and warming her with a tingle all over. She both hated and loved him at this instant, he was so brutal and arrogant with his abilities, and always so sweetly correct in his assumptions.

He moved his face to her ear and whispered, “I feel your passion like a summer storm raging through your body, feel its lust surge within you like a tidal wave. You want it; don’t deny it, dear. Your gaping sex weeps like a broken hearted lover, and you tremble so at my touch.”

“Yes, you fucking bastard, I want it. Want your hard cock inside my body fucking my brains out!”

He moved behind her kneeling, wiggling his tongue into her tight little ass flicking its tip across her anal slit, teasing her. She protested his action at first, but after he began to seriously probe her with his slick hot tongue, she was soon thrusting backward on his mouth seeking the pleasure he offered her.

He placed two fingers of one hand into her seeping cunt and wiggled them against the tender walls of her passage before he began to fuck them in and out of her. She used his fingers as if they were a cock not caring how she looked or sounded Kütahya Escort Bayan as she sought her blissful end.

How could something so sick feel so wonderful, she wondered to herself as his tongue in her ass shot lightening bolts of pleasure to her hot mound? Where it struck her clit exploding against her body in a shower of sweet tingling sparks. It was so delicious.

She was dripping hot fiery fluid now and the sounds issuing from her mouth told Wayne she was nearly delirious with wanting. He hand fucked her faster until she began to quiver, moaning continually now on the edge of her come, then he stopped.

“You sick fucking bastard!” she screamed. “I hate you, I hate you!”

She was consumed with lust, with a need for her orgasm. She hated what he was doing to her because she knew he would break her will, and use her however he wanted. He would make her beg and plead, speaking dark sick things in his ears, leaving her no dignity and without pride.

“You love me, Lynn, and desperately want me to fill your body with hard cock, isn’t that so, Lynn?” he asked her.

“Yes, yes, Wayne, please,” she sobbed, her tears rolling freely down her cheeks. Yes, the evil bastard was right. In spite of his actions she loved him, and she wanted him but not under his conditions.

They had been married five years now, and when first married she wouldn’t even touch his cock, wouldn’t look at him naked, and wouldn’t curse at all.

She had been raised a strict Baptist, and any form of lewd behavior in or out of the bedroom was regarded as sin, and everything was lewd. He tried everything in those early days to raise a passion in her, and everything failed.

Finally in sheer desperation he placed two chains securely into the overhead ceiling rafters, secured her there and ate her out. There was hell to pay afterward, but she had come, big time. That was the beginning of what he liked to refer to as Lynn’s treatment.

He had loved her from the first moment he laid eyes on her, and still did. She was the most beautiful unassuming woman he had ever known. And he was going to insure that their relationship succeeded, in life as well as in the bedroom.

She was making progress: at least she cursed now when she vented. That alone had been a major breakthrough that elated him. She would work past the prudish conservative sexual behavior she had assimilated in her Christian upbringing and become both a sensitive and passionate lover and wife.

He began to antagonize both her cunt and ass again, and she moaned when his fingers began to gently lick at the walls of her vagina. He brought her to the point of her release one more time and halted.

“You fucking heathen scum bastard!” she shouted at him, as she tried to rip herself free of her restraints, bruising her wrist with the force of her movements. She hated the way he tormented her, his hands and tongue inciting lust all over her body, stirring deep, wicked, sinful passions in her like a raging flood, then stopping cold as she was about to explode.

“Fuck you Wayne,” she screamed again, as she tugged against her wrist restraints.

He kneeled in front of her now; making groups of quick rapid short licks at her clit strategically timed, so as to prevent her from going off inadvertently. Then came another brief pause, and then an even more strenuous application. After a rather long pause he began to exhale his hot breath slowly, directly on her swollen cunt, and she nearly pissed herself as she melted inside.

Oh God, he knew exactly how to use his tongue on a woman’s body. It was heavenly, the bastard. She wanted to weep, scream, Escort Kütahya come, but he wouldn’t allow it until like some sick demented pervert she accommodated his dark twisted urges. He was such a beast, such a strong beautiful beast!

He then rapidly lapped at her cunt, like a dog drinking water, she began thrusting so forcefully at his tongue she nearly knocked him off balance, then he stopped again.

“You sick freak, fuck you!” she screamed. “You’re no man you can‘t even get your wife off bastard, you’re an animal,” she aimed her insults directly at his ego, but failed to get a rise from him.

“If I don’t hear what pleases me, I’ll leave your silly ass hanging there until you piss yourself. But then I just might go to bed and come back tomorrow,” he told her, his voice flaring now with his impatience.

“Oh, God, no, Wayne, please don’t.”

She knew he was capable of such an act. She would be left simmering in her own twisted lust, without ever coming to culmination, her cunt gaping open, fluids running freely down her legs. Oh, God, no!

He stood in front of her and kissed her, and she was hungry for the touch of his tongue, sucking it into her mouth instantly. His hand went to her mons gently squeezing her soft sex then dropping to softly stroke her inner thighs. She was whimpering into his mouth as his hands roamed her body freely, devouring the soft satin skin at his fingertips. Heating her with the gentle trail of sensuous feelings on her baby smooth body.

“Oh, God, yes, baby! I need it, Wayne, do it, please!”

He began working his broad massive cock part way into her sopping wet cunt. She cried out as she felt it enter her. She placed her face against his neck and nuzzled him as she whimpered, and after only a few strokes he withdrew.

“Ok,” she sobbed. “You win.”

“I love you Lynn,” he told her softly.

“I’ll do anything for you Wayne, if you’ll fuck me right now. I’ll do another man while you watch; I’ll even eat pussy. You can fuck my ass if you like, I’ll even talk dirty to you, or swallow your cum… anything… Wayne.”

He unhooked the wrist restraints and lowered her arms, then removed the bar between her legs. He led her to the bed, seated her on the edge, and knelt between her legs. She found his mouth and all but raped it with her hot little tongue.

“Please, Wayne, make love to me,” she begged him. “You make me with your tormenting but I love you,” she told him.

He licked at her heated sex lightly at first but progressively became much more animated with his tongue, until she squeezed up into a tight ball around his neck and exploded against him in orgasm. Her voice filled his ears with joy as she finally attained the release she had so desperately needed. She erupted into the most sensational explosion of human sexuality he had ever witnessed. She became a wild untamed animal on his face as she raped his mouth, ripping half the hair on his head out by the roots.

Her orgasm exploded against her clit in one large fireball bathing her in warmth. The sensation then began rushing madly to her nipples, where the heated flames of lust licked her flesh with a gorgeous tingling touch. The warmth spread to her anus, tingled around its opening as the flames spread over her, filling her with heat everywhere. Then slowly a wave of relief swept over her body, extinguishing the flames, cooling her passion, taming the raving beast between her legs with its gentleness.

“Oh, God, Wayne, I love you,” she told him as she looked up into his face, her eyes peaceful at last.

“I love you, too, Lynn. Now I want you on all fours in the middle of the bed, I’m going to fuck you like a dog.”

She pulled him to her face and whispered in his ear, “I want you to fuck me like some great animal breeding his bitch, wildly, savagely, do you hear me, Wayne?” She ask him as she looked directly into his eyes and smiled softly.

And he did!



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