Fantasy Ch. 01


In a hotel room in seaside town in front of the beach. it’s windy and cold outside and no one is walking. The sea is agitated and strong.

I take you to the big window facing the sea and move behind you and I put your hands pressing against the window.

from behind I start to take your skirt and then your panties. I start licking your ass and reaching with my hands from between your legs and start playing with your clit.

You lean your ass backwards so that I have more access to your wet pussy. I slide in front of you and I take your pussy inside my mouth and start licking and sucking your wet pussy juices…

I’m licking your sweet pussy slowly… sometimes using just the tip of my tongue and other times I take your entire pussy in my mouth and suck it while tasting your juices in my mouth. I start licking your pussy like I’m doing a french kiss and pretending your clit is your tong.

I take one finger is your pussy and start rubbing from inside and pulling your pussy towards my mouth. I start moving up with my mouth but I leave my curious finger inside your pussy. I’m licking your belly and playing with your bellybutton. I go up and I reach your lovely breasts. I take my finger from your pussy and I hold your breasts in my hands I put my head in the middle, turning to one side and the other, licking and kissing. A blow a small breeze of air in your nipples and they get really hard from this. While playing Malatya Escort with your breasts I start rubbing your pussy by putting my leg in the middle of your legs and moving it against you pussy.

I move even higher and start kissing your neck, playing with your ears with my tongue and finally I reach your lips and kiss you holding you tightly against my body.

With our bodies together you start feeling my penis getting more and more erect. I start moving you the edge of the bed and I move you down and you sit in the bed, while we continue kissing. I lean you backwards until you are laying on the bed. You feel my body pressing more against you now that I’m on top of you. I reach for my penis and I take with one hand and I start rubbing the head of my penis against your pussy, moving up and down between your pussy lips. with that movement I open more and more your pussy while I’m getting your juices in my penis so that it would slide better. I finally take my penis totally inside your pussy in one movement. You open your mouth taking air when my penis gets inside you.

I let my penis stay inside you without any movement, just feeling your pussy wrapped around my penis. I start moving it slowly and with short movements while I resume kissing you.

now I start moving a bit more faster and I stop kissing you to look at your eyes and your face while my penis is going inside and out your slipery and wet Malatya Escort Bayan pussy.

I hold you and without removing my penis I turn you around some that now you are on top of me. You start back and forward and your clit is grinding against my body while my penis is sliding in and out of your pussy. You put your arms on my shoulders and I look into your eyes showing the pleasure in my face. I look down to see that wonderful scene that is happening before my eyes. You lift your back in order to be sitting on top of me and you continue sliding in and out just by moving your hip in and out.

I hold your arms and I lift myself by pushing forward and at the same time you go down until you are laying with you back on the bed. I miss the taste of your lips and kiss you now that your mouth is close you mine again. I start to move inside and out, slowly and with short movements while I enjoy kissing you and exploring your body with my hands. I say move lower to your neck and I start to kiss it and lick it. licking under the ears and also sucking the ears like they were nipples.

I go even lower reaching your breasts and playing with them, licking and sucking.

Then I go quickly down and down, without removing my tongue from your body, until I reach your pussy. I say “hello” to your clit and I start twisting my tongue around it and then going lower to your pussy lips, where some tasty juices Escort Malatya are waiting for me.

I pull you to the edge of the bed and now I’m sitting on the floor and licking your pussy.

I pull your legs higher, holding them at the knees and I start licking your anus. I push the legs a bit more and the anus becomes more accessible.

After a while I turn you around, with your belly on the bed and your knees on the floor and I insert my penis again in to you very slipery pussy. I start going faster inside and out, pushing forward and entering you deeply. after being pinning down against the edge of the bed for a while, I raise you from the floor and you put your knees in the bed, while I’m standing up on the floor. I continue to enter you in a long and fast rhythm but know I can take your hip and pull it against me when going forward and then pushing it out again.

Your breasts are moving back and forward with the movement of your body crashing continuously and against mine.

Things are starting to get really hot, ready to explode! I turn you around and I climb to the bed and I take your legs and I hold them on top of my shoulders. I reinsert my penis in you and this time it slides in so fast like it was sucked inside. I’m looking at your face, full of sweat and pleasure and I have my hands on your thighs, keeping your legs together while I’m going inside you long and hard… almost ready to burst. You start having a violent orgasm quickly followed by me and everything finishes in a big finalie like the final moments of a symphony. I ease myself between your legs and I kiss you and hug you, relaxing beside you.

After a while I propose we take a bath together…

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